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Choosing a circular saw for home and country: all the most important things for a successful purchase

Today’s construction tool market offers a very wide range of handheld circular saws. Models may differ in design, technical characteristics, performance and cost. This publication will tell about the types and varieties of this tool, give recommendations on choosing the optimal circular saw for the home, presents a rating of the most popular models.

The circular saw is a very popular tool with home craftsmen and professional builders. And this is not surprising, because this tool allows you to cut large volumes of wood, sheets of chipboard relatively quickly and almost without physical effort of the operator. Fibreboard. OSB. Fibreboard. plywood and other. By changing the discs and “playing with” the speed you can cope with cutting plastic, slate, metal, and artificial stone. Cuts can be made longitudinally, crosswise and diagonally to the base plane of the material.

Important! The only thing this tool can’t do is make curved cuts.

The modern “circular saw” is a technically complex tool consisting of several mandatory elements:

  • Body (frame) with the controls placed on it (handles for easy holding by operator for manual operation);
  • Power unit. The engine can be electric or gasoline;
  • Cutting disc;
  • Guide pad;
  • Protective cover;
  • Lubrication and ventilation system.

Despite some design differences, all circular saws without exception use the principle of torque transfer from the shaft of the power unit to the cutting disc.

Best circular saws rating

Category Location Name Rating
The best compact circular saws 1 DOLD DP-0,55 MF 9.6 / 10
2 Dremel DSM20-3/4 9.0 / 10
3 Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit 8.9 / 10
The best circular saws for disc diameter up to 190 mm 1 Makita HS7601 9.7 / 10
2 Bosch GKS 190 9.5 / 10
3 Metabo KS 55 FS 9.4 / 10
4 DeWALT DWE560B 9.1 / 10
The best circular saws for large-diameter discs 1 Makita 5143R 9.7 / 10
2 Makita HS0600 9.4 / 10
3 PATRIOT CS 255 8.2 / 10
Best cordless circular saws 1 DeWALT DCS576N 9.6 / 10
2 Bosch GKS 18V-57 G 5.0Ah x2 Box 9.4 / 10
3 Metabo KS 18 LTX 57 3.5Ah x1 LiHD 9.3 / 10


The circular saw from the “Chinese-Russian” manufacturer has unexpectedly taken the first place in this rating, although it seems that it has a lot of famous competitors. In practice, however, most brand name saws under small discs (aka rotary cutters) are battery-powered, so when choosing a chain saw here we’re actually going through only amateur models.

Well, in terms of price/performance ratio this is a good circular saw. Of course, the manufacturer has not particularly bothered with ergonomics, but it is comfortable enough in the work, and the power of 550-watt motor for discs with a diameter of 85 mm is enough. Cutting depths of up to 25 mm are possible.

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Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide for speed regulation. That’s why you should have a vacuum cleaner ready to go when working with light and fine wood shavings, otherwise the cooling fan of the high-speed motor collector will scatter dust all around.

Diold has a worm gearbox, which is preferable to a belt gearbox in the budget segment. The main thing is not to forget about high-quality lubrication and not to overload the saw, so the worm and the pinion driven by it will not be damaged.

The perfect helper “for the money”. The mini-circular saw came in handy for many repairs and was definitely worth its money.

The Dremel DSM20-3/4

Continuing our top picks for best circular saws the Dremel DSM20-3/4. At first and second glance the “Dremel” is not bad: the eye does not cling to the assembly flaws, the saw body sits well in the hand, the spindle lock is conveniently located, and the equipment in the standard case is good. 710 watt motor puts spindle at 17 thousand rpm, so 77 mm discs will cut through quickly, but.

These very “buts” of this saw came out a bit too much, that’s why we cut the rating with it decently. A powerful motor is good, but it gives a strong jerk when you turn it on. Due to above mentioned high rpm the “toothless” discs are dusting mercilessly, and the standard dust extraction here can only be called “kind of is, kind of is not”. without vacuum cleaner the dust flew anywhere, except the nozzle, and with a vacuum cleaner this “baby” is uncomfortable to use. It is better not to work with wood at home, for example. you’ll get a lot of dust in every crevice and it will certainly not be a pleasure to clean it.

Depth of cut adjustment (up to 21,5 mm on standard disks). with flag on the right side. Because of this it’s inconvenient to work with a smooth plunge along the way. you have to intercept so that just the depth of the current setting on the scale next to the flag will not be visible. Besides this flag itself is weak, and if you press it hard, the depth set by it can be knocked down to a greater side.

As a result the final opinion about this saw is spoiled. Dremel dremel turns out better, and it is not without reason that the name of this company has become speaking for engravers, but the circular saw will have to be adjusted after the purchase.

manual, circular, which, choose

Main criteria for electric circular saws

Guided by the basic criteria by which the saws are distinguished, you can choose the most suitable option for specific purposes.


To date, it is customary to divide all circular saws into three conventional groups:

The higher the power, the more torque the device develops. This, accordingly, allows you to work with a disk of a larger diameter and to saw more massive workpieces. For the same density and thickness of the material to be processed, a more powerful motor will provide better stability and longer continuous work time of the circular saw.

Turning speed of cutting wheel

This parameter is one of the most important in determining device performance. Higher rotation power means higher productivity. However, the higher rotation speed of the cutting wheel greatly increases its temperature, which is unacceptable when processing some materials. For example, wood starts to burn and polymers go to the liquid phase, which causes the saw blade to melt.

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Tip! When selecting a circular saw for machining different materials give preference to devices with a tool speed regulator.

manual, circular, which, choose

Disc type and diameter

According to professionals, the diameter of the cutting wheel is the most important parameter for any circular saw. In order to spin a large blade and maintain the RPM needed for a “clean cut” under load, you need higher torque and therefore a more powerful propulsion system. In other words, power and diameter of the tool are strongly correlated. This is what pushed the manufacturers to adjust the capacity of the unit to the optimal diameter of the wheel, which can vary from 125 to 250 mm. The performance of the saw is also influenced by the type of cutting tool used. As standard, most models come with a universal blade that allows you to cut wood and its derivatives, plastics and asbestos cement blocks with comparable quality. Depending on their function, saw blades are available in various shapes and numbers of “teeth”, with abrasive coatings, etc.

(Eng. Subs) Circular saws FOR beginners!

Cutting depth

This parameter is directly related to the power of the power pack, the rotation speed and the diameter of the tool. Proceeding from this, the manufacturers equip manualcircular saws” with power plants of a strictly defined power and diameter of the saw blade, through a combination of which the tool maintains a certain cutting depth.

manual, circular, which, choose
  • With domestic power tools, this figure varies between 40 and 50 mm. Suitable for cutting of sheet materials.
  • The semi-professional devices have a cutting depth of 50-60 mm.
  • Professional tools allow you to process workpieces with a thickness of 65-140 mm.
manual, circular, which, choose

Mass dimensions of a circular saw “tell” about the size of the equipment and therefore about other interrelated characteristics: power and productivity. In addition, the weight of the device depends on the material of the body and soleplate. For most professional models, steel is used as the body material. Household and semi-professional sawblades are usually made of heat-resistant and impact-resistant polymers.

It should be understood that to work with heavier devices requires certain skills and a good physical preparation. Choosing a circular saw for household needs, you should not chase heavy (read powerful) models, which simply can be inconvenient for certain types of work.


Every circular saw, regardless of type, power or weight is a tool with a high risk of injury. The main safety elements of a circular saw are the safety guards. Nevertheless, to increase durability, improve performance and reduce the risk of injury to the operator, power tool manufacturers equip their models with various safety features and systems:

  • “Soft Start”. will reduce the load on the electrical system and eliminate the appearance of a jerk when starting the unit.
  • Overload protection stops power to the motor if the winding temperature rises above a critical value.
  • Electrodynamic brake for 2-3 seconds stops the rotation of the wheel after the operator released the starter button.
  • Clutch prevents “blowback” effect.
  • Accidental start protection with two push buttons that cannot be accidentally pressed at the same time.

Choosing a tool, it is necessary to evaluate the following characteristics:

  • power. the functionality in relation to the materials depends on this indicator, if you need to work with material or tile, it is worth choosing more powerful models;
  • Cutting height. depends on the diameter of the disc, for domestic use will be enough from 2 to 4 cm;
  • weight. the lower the weight, the easier it will be to work and operate the device, but this indicator is directly affected by the power of the device;
  • diameter of the planting hole. in most models it is 15 mm, but there are also saws with a non-standard diameter;
  • availability of additional options. mini-saws are often equipped with lighting, laser marker, dust collector for collecting sawdust or the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner. All of these make using the tool more comfortable and easy.
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Safety rules and techniques for circular saws

A circular saw is a potentially dangerous power tool. Safety rules at work with this device are to prevent mechanical and electric injuries, fires and other damages.

Manufacturer’s recommendations for safe work with circular saws:

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  • Use the saw in conjunction with a special system for chip evacuation;
  • Work only with the use of personal protective equipment (goggles, respirator);
  • Clean the saw with a brush designed for this purpose;
  • the minimum height of the riving knife above the saw blade is 5 mm;
  • Do not change the blade until the machine is completely switched off;
  • keep order in the workplace. Do not allow large amounts of sawdust or dust to accumulate;
  • Requirement for working clothes: they must not be too loose so that they do not get caught in the working mechanism;
  • power of the tool must be adequate to the amount and character of work. For example, you can’t use a low-powered tool to cut a thick log;
  • only use the circular saw in well lit rooms;
  • Keep the cable of the tool away from the working disc.

Damaged and deformed circular saw blades must not be used under any circumstances. Only use discs of the diameter that is prescribed in the tool’s instruction manual is allowed. Also prohibited:

  • Work with wood that contains metal parts. Remove all staples and nails before starting work;
  • to use the saw when sick or even slightly ill;
  • operate the tool with a defective start button;
  • To use a saw with an improperly positioned blade.

In case of failure of one or more components of the tool, you should contact the service center. This is a guarantee that only original spare parts from the manufacturer will be used for repairs.

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