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Angle grinder itself. a tool multidirectional, it is suitable for cutting, grinding, stripping of metal products, workpieces made of stone, brick, concrete. The absence of wires makes it more mobile, allowing you to perform construction and repair work in hard-to-reach places, such as roofs, scaffolding, or on sites without power grids.

In the review of the best cordless angle grinder collected models of different classes and price categories, with different characteristics and equipment. This confirms that a good tool is not always expensive and high-powered, reliable and high-quality angle grinder can be inexpensive and have minimal parameters.

Makita DGA504RF, 18 V, 125 mm

makita, metabo, angle, grinder, better

The Makita cordless angle grinder offers maximum comfort and safety during use. Its functionality includes load-dependent speed support, which conserves the life of the unit and prevents burning the edges of the material being sawn through. Soft start without jerk when you turn it on and speed control light indication. In case of a disk blockage, the brushless angle grinder immediately cuts the power to the motor, thereby guaranteeing the safety of the operator. Also, according to user reviews, it is the best angle grinder in terms of compactness and weight. Its ergonomic housing is tapered at the grip points, and its gear mass is compensated by the battery. Complete with carrying case and universal battery charger.

  • overload protection;
  • automatic speed control;
  • ergonomic design;
  • Battery and charger included;
  • Quality and reliability;
  • handy case.

Bosch GWS 18-125 V-LI 4,0Ah x1, box, 18 V, 125 mm

Contrary to the widespread opinion that the corded tool is more productive, the Bosch professional cordless angle grinder is not inferior to it in any respect. Its reliable brush motor spins the blade at up to 10,000 rpm, so you can grind and cut any material at high speed. The 4 Ah battery lasts up to several hours of intensive work, and the compact body provides maneuverability. According to user reviews, the angle grinder proves to be excellent in works on dismantling structures, suitable for automotive repair, construction and high-rise work. The owners of the angle grinder did not find any design flaws, but, in their opinion, the price of the tool is overpriced.

  • Cutting speed is comparable to corded analogues;
  • fast charging;
  • can be completed with a higher-capacity battery;
  • optimal when working for a long time;
  • compactness;
  • soft button.

DeWALT DCG406N, 18 V, 125 mm

One of the best cordless angle grinder rating was a novelty from the American brand DeWALT. In the wide list of its advantages, first place is occupied by perfect reliability, for which the professional tool is valued. The gearbox and motor of the angle grinder are made with great strength and therefore tolerate prolonged excessive loads. The ingenious design of the dust extraction system prevents chips and abrasives from penetrating into the housing, and the electronics block the rotation of the blade in abnormal situations. Also, many owners noticed the unusual configuration of the start button. in their opinion, such a decision made the operation of the angle grinder safer.

  • power;
  • small dimensions and weight;
  • convenient start button;
  • reliable motor;
  • elaborate system of protection against dust;
  • the electronic engine brake;
  • disc locking without key.

AEG BEWS 18-125BLPX-0 box, 18 V, 125 mm

In terms of reliability, AEG angle grinders are ahead of most manufacturers. The cordless angle grinder range is no exception, with powerful and productive 18 V devices. The BEWS with the high-tech motor from the PROFLUX series is also remarkable for the fastest tool speed in its class, which makes it possible to tackle any conventional work much faster. Numerous electronic assistants are responsible for the safety of the entire device. The AEG PROLITHIUMIUMION function protects the battery in case of overload, the CORETEK maintains speed, and the electronic stop system switches the power off and immediately stops the blade.

  • Maintaining speed under load;
  • keyless nut;
  • easy tool change;
  • long life;
  • safety systems.

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick 3.5Ah x1 box, 18 V, 125 mm

one of the few professional angle grinders you can buy at an affordable price, and the battery and quick charger are included. The manufacturer did not skimp on the safety features. the angle grinder is equipped with a starting current limiter, a brake and an electronic motor protection. According to user reviews, the angle grinder is very convenient, it is easy to hold with one hand and work in tight spaces. Tool change and tilt adjustment of the hood are keyless and time-saving. Universal battery pack, allows you to supplement the basic set of angle grinder with higher-capacity batteries. up to 8 Ah.

RYOBI R18AG-0, 18 V, 115 mm, RYOBI ONE 18V

Inexpensive cordless angle grinder on the parameters do not catch up with network analogues, but thanks to autonomy range of tasks that it can do is very wide. The tool consumes battery power economically and is indispensable when there is no centralized electricity supply. angle grinder can saw wood, cut metal, clean weld seams and perform other types of profile work. The body of the angle grinder is ergonomic and allows you to operate it with one hand. Also, for ease of operation, there are three sockets in the front for installing an additional handle, and the gearbox can be rotated 180 degrees.

  • low weight;
  • three-position additional handle;
  • price-performance ratio;
  • low price;
  • manufacturing quality.

greenworks G24AG 0, 24 V, 115 mm, greenworks 24V

The popular cordless angle grinder is very popular because of its good price-performance ratio. Powerful motor coupled with a 24 V battery pack enables the delicate instrument to cut not only thin iron, but also rebar and even wall concrete. According to the reviews of owners of the angle grinder is also suitable for cleaning and alignment of seams from welding, sanding wood and other materials. Compact body fits comfortably in your hand, and the weight of the battery compensates for the weight of the front. Of the disadvantages, users have identified the heating of the gearbox under load and a tight start button.

  • justified cost;
  • operating voltage of 24 V;
  • smooth speed dial;
  • The housing is thin in the catching points;
  • sturdy gearbox.

PATRIOT AG 125UES, 18 V, 125 mm

Compact angle grinder designed with a single PATRIOT brand battery platform, which includes three different battery models. Their capacity is 1.5 2 and 4 A / h, which allows owners to independently complete the grinder based on their own needs. Weaker versions are suitable for short-term, auxiliary applications where the required operating time is less than 20-30 minutes. For longer work, the most powerful battery in the UES line is the best choice, which will power the angle grinder for 3-4 hours.

  • brushless motor;
  • tool diameter of 125 mm;
  • the hood is adjustable without a wrench;
  • robust gearbox;
  • high protection against dust;
  • low noise and vibration level;
  • build quality.
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Worx WX803.9 0 box, 20 V, 125 mm, Worx PowerShare

A good battery-powered angle grinder, despite its simple design, stands out for its performance. Powerful 20V battery (2 or 4 Ah) with electronic deep discharge protection. It allows the use of 125 mm tooling when cutting, thereby increasing the speed and depth of cut. Slim body is ergonomic and fits snugly in the hand. Gearbox of angle grinder is made of aluminium alloy for better heat dissipation. And a state-of-the-art brushless motor saves battery power. In confirmation of high quality, the manufacturer provides an extended 3-year warranty on its tools.

  • economical brushless motor;
  • high power;
  • 36 months manufacturer’s warranty;
  • low noise level;
  • anti-vibration side handle;
  • shatterproof housing.

Einhell TE-AG 18 Li 0 box, 18 V, 115 mm

The German brand Einhell calls its products “an extremely profitable purchase with an excellent price-quality ratio”. And this assertion is supported by numerous positive customer feedbacks. The company uses only its own technical know-how, so their tools are recognized and are in high demand worldwide. Angle grinder TE-AG in addition to futuristic design, is remarkable for the lightest housing. only 1.21 kg, excellent technical characteristics and intelligent electronics for longer service life. And the only downside of the angle grinder users called early operation of the overload protection.

Best grinders (angle grinder) rating, comparison

We tell you what angle grinder is better to buy for home, cottage, garage, construction or industrial work. Our editorial staff has prepared a rating of bolsters in 2022, based on the opinions of experts and reviews of real buyers. The best angle grinder with 125 mm wheel is Bosch GWS 9-125 S 900 W for price/performance ratio. The ratio of power angle grinder in 900 W, the reliability of the motor and quality gear box allows the angle grinder to occupy a leading position. The Makita M9003 1050 Watt with reliable Japanese motor is the best angle grinder with a 150 mm disc. Good and reliable model, showed itself perfectly at the construction site in the hands of welders when cutting fittings and grinding weld seams.

angle grinder (angle grinder). universal power tool, widely used in construction and finishing works. Today it cuts, deburrs and polishes metal, angle grinder is used for processing wood, stone, bricks and other hard materials. Even a roofer cannot do without the angle grinder. Angle grinder disc 120/125 mm are used in the garage, home repair shop and auxiliary economy, for construction, metal cutting use grinders with a circle diameter of 230 mm. When choosing an angle grinder, you need to consider the power, the maximum size of the equipment, and weight of the tool, and when looking for a professional angle grinder, pay attention to the presence of additional features that will facilitate the work and reduce the risk of injury.

Metabo or Makita: which power tool is better??

Externally, cordless tools Metabo and Makita are a bit similar. the body is dark green, ergonomic proportions, trademark with the Latin inscription. But there is a difference. The main differences between the brands are in the product range and warranty period. To intelligently choose an angle grinder or electric screwdriver, read this article.

In stores can be an angle grinder from different manufacturers. Russian tools are not bad, but there are more and more inexpensive Chinese models. But there are also companies that you can trust without fearing for the quality of products:

  • DeWALT. A firm that comes from the United States. Founded back in 1922, and has since gained many fans. In the range of DeWALT there are angle grinders of different capacities, designs and configurations.
  • Metabo. A German company that does the right thing, although it may not be entirely profitable. The production is concentrated in Germany, which slightly increases the price tag, but allows the buyer to be assured of quality.
  • Bosch. Another German company with a history of more than 100 years. It was founded in 1886. Bosch products are characterized by a long service life.
  • Makita. Japanese company that has been producing tools since 1915. Production facilities of the company are also available in Europe: Germany, England, Romania.

To make the right choice of angle grinder, you must first decide on the goals, types of work performed, frequency of tool use and budget. Angle grinders sorted by device type, manufacturer, size and capacity will facilitate your choice. In addition to technical characteristics, the rating also contains the initial of each of the presented models.

Bosch. angle grinder, which meet all European standards 100%

Bosch is a distinguished German manufacturer. It is one of those companies that have presented to the world the so-called “excellent German quality” technique. Bosch angle grinders fully meet the world’s concept of meticulousness and thoroughness of the Germans. Their assembly is perfect, everything is taken into account down to the smallest wire and screw, everything works and is designed for long life.

Among the developments are expensive models, allowing you to work with the highest comfort and very high quality. There are budget angle grinders, with a smaller set of additional features, for example, without the speed controller. Such a machine works only at one maximum rotation speed, but all its other indicators (power, durability) are at the highest level. So you can save money and get a great professional appliance with good performance for a small price. The more so that the inconvenience of the lack of speed regulator does not arise except when grinding or cutting very thin sheets of metal. And install it can be their own hands.

  • Variety of price range has both very expensive and very cheap practical models, without the electronic “bells and whistles;
  • The high quality of materials and assembly, which meets European standards;
  • Effective security systems and protection mechanisms;
  • Functionality and power of solid professional tools.

The disadvantages of users in their reviews include the fact that some models are often overpriced. You can find similar to the characteristics of angle grinder, with excellent quality, which will cost 10-20% cheaper than the Bosch.

Rating angle grinder 2021

Budget “angle grinder”. It will be useful for those who need a tool or two once a month. The side handle can be set in three positions. Grinder blade is covered by a protective hood.

Angle grinder with armored winding. Will not clog with dust or used abrasive material. Peppered pattern on side handle for better grip.

Proven model. Powerful motor, spindle lock, superlative, dust protection system, overheat protection. Easy replacement of carbon brushes.

“Angle grinder with adjustable gearbox for working in hard-to-reach places. Additional handle on either side.

Metal gear housing, ergonomic handle, double insulation, reinforced power cord.

angle grinder with protection against restarting in the event of power failure. Soft start reduces start-up jerk.

For grinding and cutting (straight and crosswise) metal pipes, angles, T-profiles, channels, rebar. Speed adjustable in six steps.

Angle grinder with original Marathon motor. Its torque is 50% more powerful than a standard Metabo motor. Rotation speed is adjusted by turning the wheel at the base.

Professional angle grinder with keyless tool change. The X-LOCK system allows you to fit accessories in one movement.

Lightweight “angle grinder” with labyrinth seal. Suitable for metal, concrete and stone work.

Grinding wheel diameter: 125 mm, max. Speed: 12,000 rpm, 710 watts, packed in: carton

Spindle lock if disk jams

Warranty 12 months.

Grinding wheel diameter: 125 mm, max. RPM: 12000 rpm, 1050 W, packed in: carton

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Spindle stop if the disc jams

Guarantee 60 months.

Grinding wheel diameter: 125 mm, max. Speed: 12000 rpm, 900 W, packed in: carton

Spindle lock if the disc jams

Guarantee 60 months.

Circle diameter: 125 mm, max. RPM: 11000 rpm, 720 W, packed in: carton

Locking the spindle when the disc jams

Guarantee 12 months.

Diameter wheel: 125 mm, Max. Speed: 11000 rpm, 650 W, Packed in: carton

Spindle lock if the disc jams

Guarantee 36 months.

Diameter of wheel: 230 mm, Max. Speed: 6500 rpm, 2400 W, packed in: carton

Spindle stop if the disc jams

Guarantee 12 months.

Spindle diameter: 230 mm, Max. RPM: 6600 rpm, 2000W, packed in: carton

Spindle stop if the disc jams

Guarantee 12 months.

Circle diameter: 125 mm, max. Speed: 12000 rpm, 710W, packed in: carton

Spindle stop if the disc jams

Guarantee 12 months.

Diameter of wheel: 125 mm, max. RPM: 11500 rpm, 850 W, packed in: carton

Spindle stop if the disc jams

Guarantee 36 months.

Circle diameter: 125 mm, Max. RPMs: 11000 RPM, 1200W, Packed in: carton

Spindle lock in case of a jammed disc

Electronic speed adjustment: 6500 rpm

Guarantee of 60 months.

Diameter of wheel: 125 mm, max. Speed: 11000 rpm, 840 W, Packed in: carton

Spindle lock if the disc jams

Guarantee 12 months.

Diameter: 125 mm, max. Speed: 12000 rpm, 950 W, packed in: carton

Spindle stop if the disk jams

Electronic speed adjustment

Guarantee 60 sec.

Diameter: 125 mm, max. RPM: 11000 rpm, 1100 W, packed in: carton

Spindle lock if the disc jams

Guarantee 12 months.

Diameter wheel: 125 mm, Max. Speed: 11000 rpm, 660 W, packed in: carton

Spindle stop if the disc jams

Guarantee 36 months.

Diameter: 125 mm, max. RPM: 11000 rpm, 720 W, packed in: carton

Spindle stop if the disc jams

Guarantee 12 months.

Spindle stop for disc jamming, Diameter: 230 mm, Max. Speed: 6600 rpm, 2000W, packed in: carton

Spindle lock if the disc jams

Guarantee 12 months.

Circle diameter: 125 mm, Max. Speed: 9000 rpm, Battery voltage: 18 V, Li-Ion, Packed in: carton

Spindle lock in case of jammed discs

Guarantee 36 months.

Diameter of wheel: 125 mm, Max. Speed: 11000 rpm, 900 W, packed in: carton

Spindle stop if the disc jams

Guarantee 36 months.

Grinding wheel diameter: 125 mm, max. RPM: 11800 rpm, 900 W, packed in: carton

Spindle lock if the disc jams

Guarantee 36 months.

Circle diameter: 125 mm, Max. Speed: 11500 rpm, 750 W, packed in: carton

Spindle jam lock

Guarantee 36 months.

Circle diameter: 125 mm, max. Speed: 10500 rpm, 900 W, Packed in: carrying case

Spindle lock in case of jammed discs

Guarantee 36 months.

Diameter of wheel: 230 mm, max. Speed: 6000 rpm, 2000 W, packed in: carton

Spindle stop if the disc jams

12 Months warranty.

Diameter wheel: 150 mm, max. RPM: 10000 rpm, 1350 watts, Packaged in: box

Spindle lock if the disc jams

Constant speed control

12 Months warranty.

Diameter: 125 mm, max. RPM: 11000 rpm, 1400 W, Packed in: carrying case

Spindle lock in case of a jammed disc

Electronic speed adjustment

Guarantee 12 months.

Diameter of wheel: 230 mm, max. Speed: 6600 rpm, 2200 W, packed in: carton

Spindle deadlock in case of a jammed disc

Guarantee 36 months.

Diameter of wheel: 125 mm, Max. RPM: 12000 rpm, 1200W, packed in: carton

Spindle stop if the disc jams

Electronic speed adjustment

Guarantee 12 months.

Diameter: 230 mm, max. RPM: 6600 rpm, 2000 W, packed in: carton

Spindle lock in case of a jammed disc

Guarantee 12 months.

Какая Болгарка Лучше MAKITA GA9020 или METABO W 2200-230/Инструмент для Дома

Diameter of wheel: 125 mm, Max. Speed: 11000rpm, 720W, packed in: carrying case

Spindle stop if the disc jams

12 Months warranty.

Diameter of the wheel: 125 mm, max. Speed: 11000 rpm, 900 W, Packed in: box

Spindle lock in case of a jammed disk

Warranty: 36 months.

Diameter of wheel: 125 mm, max. Speed: 11000 rpm, 950 W, Packed in: carrying case

Locking the spindle when the disk jams

Guarantee 12 months.

product comparison

In order to get an idea of how manufacturers are positioned in the market and what features their products offer, let’s look at each manufacturer we are comparing separately.


The Bosch Corporation has been around for more than 120 years and today you can buy Bosch products almost anywhere in the world. Bosch pioneered many technologies that are now widely used by many other manufacturers. It is worth noting that Bosch was the first in the world to produce such types of power tools as a peorator, jigsaw, cordless peorator, vario-sander, etc. Every year the manufacturer releases to the market its products, which are sure to introduce some innovations. For your convenience, Bosch has clearly divided the variety into two categories: for professionals and for hobbyists. At the same time, professional products differ from household products with greater durability and increased functionality, and, of course, have a higher price. Nowadays, these two categories from Bosch are quite easy to distinguish by the color scheme of the housing household green, and professional blue. If we compare Bosch products with products of two other manufacturers we can say that Bosch is more expensive than Makita, but less expensive than Metabo; in quality and durability Bosch exceeds Makita, but is inferior to Metabo.


Production manufacturer Metabo a real German quality, and the guarantee of this is the fact that the assembly is carried out mainly in Germany. Most experts are of the opinion that Metabo is somewhat superior to its Makita and Bosch counterparts in terms of reliability, and that is why its price is always higher than the competition. It is worth noting that the Metabo company has in its possession nearly five hundred patents in the manufacture of power tools, and all innovations are aimed at implementing the principle of reliability and durability of products above all. Metabo uses high-strength components and parts in its production. Those who buy Metabo know that they do not compromise, but buy the best and that is why they never regret the money they spend. Professionals say that the products of this company are unbreakable, and once you have tried Metabo products, you will never change their brand.


The Japanese manufacturer Makita is positioned in the market as the best in terms of value for money. On such parameters as weight and size in many cases it is superior to competitors. Despite the fact that the assembly plant manufacturer Makita scattered around the world, its high quality is not to doubt. At present, there is a tendency to actively increase the part of the power tool market occupied by the manufacturer Makita. And this fact can be easily explained. Thanks to the good quality and relatively low price of this brand is purchased equally well by professionals and amateurs.

Angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita reviews and prices

Angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita M9508, 720 W, 125 mm

Name: VitalyReview: Can’t recommend. Bought this model. Worked for 5 minutes, turned off and did not turn on. Took it to Leroy they say examination is required, they do not have a substitute. Now I have to buy another one. Let’s see what the examination will say, maybe at least the money will return.Advantages: NoDisadvantages: It broke right away

Name: AlexanderReview: My negligence led to the fall of this angle grinder. The gear housing is intact, but the 6201 bearing housing is cracked near the lug. How? Checked the part number listed on the housing, but it is not there, not at all. And in principle there is no zip on this angle grinder. The big gear is pressed on the shaft, no key, as in 9555, 9558, there is no. As a result, went to the shop, the size picked up the body is 9558. It was bored a little to fit in the gear housing. It is cheaper than 9555. It’s 600-700 more expensive. Buy it and do not suffer. ZIP, if necessary, there are in every store. Do not be fooled by the price and advertising from Eugene Belgorod channel on YouTube.Advantages: Price disadvantages: No zip on the tool

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Name: VladimirSketch: Lightweight, handy, a pity that the drive is not included, but in Merlin to purchase, in my case had only to turn around and reach the next shelf :).Sawed off only a couple of legs, but appreciated the lightness, only 1.4 kg and convenience, by the way sawed for the first time :).According to the review, then it is less powerful, a copy of Makita 9558HN, the latter by the way is, if you believe Yandex in Samara 4 891, but you should understand that it is more powerful 120W, number of turns the same. The important thing is that both are made pretty well, in my opinion.

Name: ArthurReview: I was happy with the quality, I do not regret that I bought it.Advantages: Lightweight, handy, inexpensive.Disadvantages: Did not find.

Name: RuslanReview: It worked for a day. Jammed shaft. In the service turned down, said not warranty case. It was used for cutting chinks in aerated concrete, with a connected vacuum cleaner. That’s a red Makita. Don’t buy itDisadvantages: Broke in one day,

angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita GA9050, 2000 W, 230 mm

Review: Worthy product for a pro, despite the 1 year warranty. Parts for makita are always easy to find. Some people want to see the soft start, but it is impossible at this price. So it’s perfect for anyone who appreciates qualityDisadvantages: Price

Name: RuslanReport: Used for sawing claydite. of sand and concrete blocks and plain concrete. Works for many years and is not going to die.Advantages: All on 5 Disadvantages: None

Name: SergeySnap: Bought this angle grinder 23.12, а 27.12 already a gearbox howled a lot. I did not expect that Makita will let me down so. Brought it to repair.Advantages: Comfortable to hold in your hands Disadvantages: Broke after a few days.

Name: MishaReview: In the price range in quality it is the leader. Bought it in another store on Black Friday. As always in Makita quality at the top.Weaknesses: Could use a soft start.

Name: SashaReport: Good angle grinder for home and work in a professional mannerDisadvantages: handy, even I did not expect that such a size grinder can be so light. It is good for cutting stone, concrete, metal. It doesn’t jerk in your hands when you turn it on.Disadvantages: No

Name: Pavel SergeyevichReview: I bought this angle grinder specifically. as a gift. The new owner was very happy with the grinder, he was very satisfied and uses it constantly. The new owner of this angle grinder, the happiness was boundless, he was very satisfied, and uses it constantly.Advantages: powerful, high quality, professionalismDisadvantages: None

Name: Ilgiz Employee of Leroy Merlin Kazan 1Feedback: A good professional angle grinder for all types of work.Advantages: High-quality construction, low cost of repairDisadvantages: None

Name: DmitrySnapback: Hello, I’m doing construction work with this machine almost every day and very pleased with the angle grinder easily copes with the tasks assigned!,

Makita 9555HN angle grinder (angle grinder), 710 W, 125 mm

Name: Natalia Employee of Leroy Merlin Review: Quality and reliable angle grinder. Has been working for a year without problems.Advantages: Fits well in the hand. Handy on/off button.

Name: StanislavReview: Phenomenal angle grinder, worked with it since March 2014, to date 12.08.2019. She works in the truck service, in the body shop. It can withstand a tremendous amount of stress and volume of metal. Yesterday, even before the grinding of the truck frame from the rust has caught fire, but it did not stop, allowed on a gradually decaying speed with a wild puff of smoke to finish the job, for which I am very grateful to her. Bought a new rotor, stator, brushes today, put it back together and it works like new. But for cleaning, grinding with metal brushes, of course, it is not intended, for this you need to take a more powerful tool.Advantages: Reliability, easy to repair.Disadvantages: There are none.

Name: AlexanderReview: I’ve been using for 5 years this angle grinder is a good thing!Advantages: quality. The length of the power cordDisadvantages: none

Name: ArtemThe feedback: bought this tool back in 2014 in Leroy Merlin Noginsk, the price was 2050 she cut and sanded her tons of metal. great tool.Advantages: not killableDisadvantages: none

Name: AlexanderSee: Not worth the money Disadvantages: It’s not what it used to be. Look closely, this assembly is China, not Romania, as it was before,

angle grinder (angle grinder) brushless cordless Makita 198831-0, 18 V Li-ion 4×3 Ah, 125 mm

Name: VyacheslavReview: I never expected anything like this from Makita! I bought it and I don’t regret it!Brushless angle grinder. With a motor, dustproof and with speed stabilization! No vibration in operation, even if the disc is a little bit of a t.к. SJS II system works great! Double charger that charges in 25 minutes at a time.Charges 3A batteries USB socket for your phone. In case of a disc jam or overload it switches off immediately. The charge indicator is also available on the angle grinder.Advantages: compact, really safe, 4 universal batteries of 3A.,

angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita 9558HNZ, 840 W, 125 mm

Name: AlexanderThe feedback: took for work on the repair of cars, never once failed, on the road through the converter 1.5KW pulls enough.Advantages: light, compact.

Name: AndrezSee: Good angle grinder, but take the Romanian assembly, the experience is Good, if the button would be more convenient, even super would beDisadvantages: It works great in different conditions (dust, etc.).), not very heavy for such power, works for hours without interruption, sanding plywoodDisadvantages: Not convenient button on the., no soft start,

angle grinder (angle grinder) brushless cordless Makita DGA505Z, 18 V Li-ion, 125 mm, without battery

Name: Yuri.Review: There is no reason to buy it. Bought and handed over after opening the package. In the kit has neither charger, nor battery.Advantages: In this package have no advantages.Weaknesses: To make it work will cost more than buying a set with four batteries.

Name: IvanSnapshot: Now in the store it is with battery and charger! And charging is fast, less than 30 minutesDisadvantages: PowerfulDisadvantages: I would like the price lower,

angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita M0921, 2200 W, 230 mm

Name: DavidSnapshot: I bought this product for my daily use ! Never once in the entire time did not fail! Price is justified and the quality is excellent! I recommend everyone who constantly works with such a happy tool ! Happy as a elephant!) Advantages: Powerful, reliable Disadvantages: None,

Makita 9555 HN angle grinder (angle grinder), 710 W, 125 mm

Name: Alexey Novoselov Feedback: Thank you for your work. I ordered an angle grinder Makita, the price was satisfying, delivery even though it was late (the guys brought it to me around 10 pm) but brought it all in kampot with all the documents, also included a grinding disc, it was a pleasant surprise. I thought that the Chinese one came, they brought a Romanian one, I hope it will not let me down.Thank you.

Which is better Metabo or Makita??

When choosing a quality tool, we are not least concerned with the brand. Some of the market leaders are Japanese Makita and German Metabo. “Makita” is popular among professional builders and amateurs alike. As for Metabo, this tool is less well known, but experts have praised it on its merits. Let’s try to compare the products of two competitors to find out which is better. Metabo or Makita.

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