Makita ls1040 replacing the blade. Makita ls 1040f crosscut saw

Cut-off saw Makita LS1040 buy online

Cut-off saw Makita LS1040 is easy to use and has a high degree of safety. Combines power, performance and ease of use for angled cuts, including a wide range of woodworking operations. The cutting disc can be in different positions in relation to the workpiece through a swiveling mechanism. Systems that lock out accidental start and provide immediate braking help the operator have full control in an emergency. Work area illumination by fluorescent lamp allows you to work in a lack of light.

The manufacturer has the right to change equipment and specifications without notice. In order to avoid misunderstandings, please contact the manager for more information;

Makita LS1040 crosscut saw is a reliable professional model, which multifunctionality is explained by a successful combination of a cantilever saw and a small sawing table in one tool. Working with wood, plastic, laminate, aluminum workpieces involves precise longitudinal and transverse sawing and notching of rectangular grooves. Automatic speed control keeps speed constant during operation and soft start technology provides a smooth start to the saw.

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Makita LS1040 parts diagram part 1

On this page you can buy genuine Makita LS1040 cut-off saw parts. gear, shaft, spindle, flange, protective cover, gear case, motor housing, gear, armature (rotor), stator, carbon graphite brushes, brush holder, bearing, shock absorber, button. Crosscut saw parts Makita LS1040 have photos, price, description, reviews. To select to order and buy parts Makita LS1040. Choose the part that corresponds to the part number in the parts list next to the diagram and click on the name of the part.

Click on a part name in the list

1 Handle shell2 Bearing 6202DDW3 U-washer 154 Spindle retainer5 Fan 806 Anchor LS1040 and Anchor equivalent7 Insulating pad8 Bearing 6000LLB9 Shroud10 Stator LS104011 Self-tapping screw 4×1812 Fixing plate cable13 Power cable 1,0-2-2,514 Cable protection 9.3-9015 Label16 Self-tapping screw 4×1817 Screw M6x6018 Trip button19 Brush holder cap 6,5×1820 Carbon brushes CB-15321 Motor housing LS104022 Button LS1040 TG70B23 Compression spring 324 Trip lever25 Switch lever26 Cam27 Self-tapping screw 5×6528 Compression spring 929 Bolt M8x7530 Rubber bushing 6 31 Self-tapping screw 4×1832 Back stop33 Pinion LS104034 Bearing shell35 Bearing 620336 Bearing cage 6437 Spindle38 Flange39 Flange 5340 Flange screw M8x2041 Centre plate42 Centre plate43 Hexagon socket screw M8x2044 Alignment spring 3645 Sliding cover plate Washer 547 M5x1248 Hexagon screw M649 Screw M5x1650 Makita Label51 Saw blade housing96 Spacer ring 16900 Stop plate901 Locking pin 8902 Swivel spring 8903 Shaft 8904 Cap905 Locking lever906 Screw M4x10907 Screw M4x10
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Original Makita part. For models: LS1040; LS1040F. Parameters: Length 300 mm/ Width 157 mm/ Height 22.5 mm/ Made of plastic/ Weight 0.116 kg.

6202DW NSK/ Included with Makita power tools. Parameters: Outer diameter 35 mm/ Inner diameter 15 mm/ Height 11 mm/ Rubberized side wall.

Original Makita spare part. For models: 5008MG; LH1040; LH1040F; LS1040; LS1040F. Parameters:.

Original Makita spare part. For models: LS1040; LH1040F; LS1030; LS1040; LS1040F. Features:.

Original Makita part. For models: LS1040; LS1040F. Parameters: Inner diameter mm/ Outer diameter mm/ Overall height mm.

Original Makita spare part. For: Makita LH1040; LH1040F; LS1040; LS1040F. Parameters: Power 1650 W / Length (dimension) 184 mm / Diameter of the cage 53.5 mm / cage length 50 mm / Diameter of the collector 36.5 mm / Front bearing seat 15 mm / rear bearing seat 10 mm / Bearing spacing 144 mm / Number of teeth 9 pcs / Tooth inclination left.

Original Makita part. For Models: 2702; 2704; KP312S; LH1040; LH1040F; LS1040; LS1040F. Parameters: Outer diameter 33 mm/ Inner diameter 10 mm/ Thickness 5.5 mm.

Makita Original Replacement Part. For models: LS1040; LS1040F. Parameters: Outer diameter mm/ Inner diameter mm/ Height mm.

Makita Original Spare Part. For models: LS1040; LS1040F. Parameters: Motor power 1650 W/ Outer diameter 95 mm/ Inner diameter 55 mm/ Charging frame length 50 mm/ Outer diameter cut 79 mm/ Center distance between mounting holes 82.5 mm/ Number of leads 5 pcs/ Weight 1.398 kg.

Original Makita spare part. Features: Thread diameter 4 mm/ Thread length 17 mm.

Makita Original Spare Part. For models: 2012NB, 1100, 2414NB, 2412N, 2414, 2702, 2702, 2704, 2704, 3612, 3612C, 4101R, 4101RH, 4131, 4157KB, 4326, 4327, 4328, 4329, 4340CT, 4340FCT, 4340T, 4341CT, 4341FCT, 4341T, 4351CT, 4351FCT, 5103R, 5104S, 5143R, 5603R, 5604R, 5703R, 5704R, 5705R, 5903R, 6305, 6408, 6821, 6823, 6824, 6824N, 6825, 6826, 6826N, 6827, 6904VH, 6905H, 6950, 6951, 6953, 7104L, 800, 9005B, 9015B, 9031, 9032, 9046, 9067, 9067S, 9069, 9069S, 9403, 9404, 9524NB, 9562, 9562C, 9562CH, 9562CR, 9562CV, 9562CVH, 9562CVR, 9564, 9564CV, 9564H, 9565, 9565C, 9565CLR, 9565CR, 9565CVL, 9565CVR, 9565H, 9566C, 9566CR, 9566CV, 9566CVR, 9903, 9910, 9911, 9920, BO4901, BO5030, BO5031, BO5041, BO6030, BO6040, DS4010, DS4011, GA7010C, GA9010C, GD0800C, GD0810C, GV5010, HK0500, HM1100, HM1100C, HM1130C HM1140C, HM1303, HM1303B, HM1304, HM1304B, HM1500, HM1500B, HM1800, HP1030, HP1300S, HP2050, HP2050F, HP2051, HR2051F, HR2070, HR2070F, HR2071F, HR1830, HR2010, HR2020, HR2400, HR2410, HR2410, HR2430, HR2431, HR2432, HR2440, HR2440F, HR2450, HR2450F, HR2450FT, HR2450T, HR4000C, HR5001C, HS6100, HS7100, HS7101, JN1601 JR3000V, JR3000VT, JR3020, JR303030, JR303030T, JR3050T, JR3060T, JR3070CT, JS1300, JV0600, KP0800, KP0810, KP0810C, LC1230, LF1000, LH1040, LH1040F, LS0714, LS0714F, LS0714FL, LS0714L, LS1013, LS1013F, LS1013L, LS1016, LS1016L LS1040, LS1040F, LS1214, LS1214F, LS1214L, LS1216, LS1216L, N5900B, PW5000C, PW5000CH, RP0910, RP1110C, RP1800F, RP1801F, SA7000C, SG1250, UC3020A, SP6000, TW0200, TW0350, TW1000, UC3520A, UC4020A, UT1305, UT2204, 2708, 4112HS, 420S, 420S, 5103R, 5104S, 5143R, 9047, 9047S, 9049, 9049S, 9057S, 9059, 9059S, 9077, 9077S, 9079, 9079S, HM0860C, HM1202C, HM1242C, HM1801, HM1810, HR3000C, HR3550C, HR4500C, KP312S, RP2300FC, RP2301FC, UM401D, UM401D. Specifications: 20 mm between the centers of the fixing holes / Overall dimensions: 12 x 28 x 8 mm.

Operating instructions

Makita sliding compound mitre saws require that you operate your power tool safely. The manufacturer explains in detail in the owner’s manual how to avoid electric shock and fire hazards or other emergencies in the workplace.

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Design of the mitre saw

Trimming saw recommendations for use:

  • For your own safety it is necessary to keep the working area tidy at all times and to keep all other foreign objects out of the way and away from auxiliary tools, Allen keys and other objects.
  • There is no need to exert any force on the saw, it is much more efficient and safe to operate the machine at the speeds it is designed for.
  • Only use the circular saw blades recommended by the manufacturer according to the material to be cut.
  • If you need to transport your Makita crosscut saw, you should use the manufacturer’s recommendations for carrying the tool, installing the auxiliary plate, and mounting the saw on the table in the owner’s manual.
  • To be successful, owners must learn how to position the Makita crosscut saw, fix the work piece, depending on the type of work to be done.
  • When operating the Makita LH 1040 table saw, you must learn how to operate the table saw in different modes: push cut, angle cut, aluminum profile cut, compound cut, repetitive lengths, etc.д.in circular sawing mode.

Makita LS 1040 mitre saw: advantages

  • Rigid construction for accurately sawing wood, plastics and thin-walled aluminum profiles
  • Circle cut to the left (0-45°)
  • Swivel ruler provides convenient bar support
  • Electric motor brake system
  • Saw can be swivelled horizontally to 52° right and 45° left
  • LS1040N replacement
Power consumption for continuous operation 1650 W
Speed range 4.600 min.1
Disc seat diameter Ø 30 mm
Circle diameter Ø 255 mm
Noise level: sound pressure 91 dB(A)
Noise level: sound power 101 dB(A)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 530 x 476 x 532 mm
Weight according to EPTA 12.4 kg
Sawing depth:


On sale there are a number of models of the same cost, purpose and performance of other brands. In the list of circular sawing imports, the most famous are crosscut saws Elitech PT 1825KU, Jet JSMS-10L 10000826M and the development of the Russian brand Kalibr Master.

No doubt, Makita LS1040 machine is worthy in all respects and the price is within reason. The only problem in five incomplete years of perfect service was the brake, which failed almost immediately after the end of the warranty repair. The collector started to spark under load, rubbed the brushes and all was well. If I have to buy a new saw, I’d look for a model with soft start. This one rips off the ground like a sport bike. Slavik

I respect Makita saws for their cleanliness and precision of cut. Quality of the saw blade of model 1040 after 4 years of use. If I had found a brand analogue, I would buy it without hesitation, and so I had to put a Kraton disk, nothing too, but for some time when precision sawing aluminum profiles I did not feel quite comfortable. When starting the engine began to appear uncharacteristic hum, it seems it is time to look at the condition of the bearings. Did not find any flaws in everything else, except for too noisy operation. Doesn’t feel like 101dB as advertised by the manufacturer. Gleb Borisovich

Makita LS1040 mitre saw

Electronic engine brake. Enlarged disc diameter. Protection against accidental start. Depth of diagonal cut is 95 mm. Easy replacement of brushes.

LS1040 without backlight, and LS1040F with backlight. The LS1040N differs from the LS1040 in that it takes into account the new safety standards of IEC/EN/AS/NZS 62841

The information in the model description is for reference only. Always check with the manager of the online store before buying the product specifications and equipmentMakita 2022 catalog. New products, top sellers and the latest Makita models.

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The Japanese brand Makita has long ago firmly established its place among the top producers of construction electric tools, and it seems it has no plans to lose this position. LS1040 crosscut saw is an example of quality professional, although expensive equipment.


Weight of the tool is enough for one person to carry it. 12.4 kg. Thanks to the rigid construction and powerful 1650 W motor it cuts wood, plastic, polycarbonate and aluminum profiles longitudinally or crosswise.

Working head can be tilted to the left side, allowing a vertical cut of up to 45º. By turning horizontally left/right the 45/52º angle can be changed accordingly.

Aluminum work table has a swivel ruler for easier marking and more accurate sawing. For working with long workpieces, extensions are included. But there is no way to increase the width of the working area. No pulling system. For this reason the maximum cutting width is limited to 135 and 67 mm at 90 and 45º angles. The cutting depth is much better, here it is 93 and 95 mm with a disc diameter of 260 mm.

Operator protection

Electronic engine brake ensures the saw stops automatically, increasing operator safety, while a spindle lock allows easy saw blade replacement. Automatic start protection with locking trigger.


For comfortable work organization, dust, shavings and sawdust are vacuumed in a dust bag or with a vacuum cleaner. And in low light conditions, a LED lamp with an adjustable neck will come in handy, but to have it in the kit, you need to buy LS1040 with index F.

Since the tool is designed for heavy loads, the manufacturer also took care of easy replacement of the motor brushes, the fastest wearing part of the motor. There is no need to take the saw to a workshop, the brushes are simply removed from the special compartment and replaced with new ones.

For all the pleasure to be called Makita LS1040 you have to pay a little-not a little-about €320, which does not look cheap against the background of lesser-known models, but having the broaching system. But if it is not necessary, the purchase of LS1040 can be considered a capital investment, which is guaranteed to pay dividends.


In the same price group there are crosscut saws of other brands similar in their application. In the list of suggestions of models Kalibr Master PTE-2100/305PRm 00000050316, Jet JSMS-10L 10000826M and Metabo KGS 254 M 602540000. In terms of cost savings, availability and cost of services preferred models of domestic brands.

I have been using Japanese Makita one and a half watt saw for over 2 years. The main work. installing doors and interior doors. The tool worked for its cost almost in half a year, I have no problems with the repair. The drive is in excellent condition and has not been changed throughout the job. The backlight turned off, the cause of the fuse, soldered for a larger nominal. everything restored. Leonid Kirillovich

Bought a Makita trimmer to reassemble oak flooring in an old country house. Great machine, petrified from time oak boards forties cuts without a load, the engine is not heated, vibration is almost not felt. Sawed down an old forged nail because of negligence, no marks on the disk. The light failed on the second day, worked with a headlamp, so even more convenient. A friend bought a Makita LS1040F with soft start, it turns out that in low-end models have such tricks. Generally speaking, I recommend. Edick

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