Makita angle grinder with variable speed

Rating of the best angle grinders

Expert Cen has selected the 15 best bolsters of 2021-early 2022 with outstanding performance in their class.

Category Location Name Rating Price
The best angle grinders with 115 mm disc diameter 1 DeWALT DWE4150 9.9 / 10 6 600
2 Makita GA4530 9.8 / 10 4 500
3 Hitachi G12SR4 9.7 / 10 4 300
The best angle grinders with a maximum disc diameter of 125 mm 1 Metabo WEV 11-125 QUICK 9.8 / 10 9 600
2 AEG WS 13-125 XE 9.7 / 10 8 000
3 Makita GA5030 9.6 / 10 4 500
4 DeWALT DWE4215 9.6 / 10 9 000
The best angle grinders for disc diameters up to 150 mm 1 Metabo WEF 15-150 Quick 9.8 / 10 21 600
2 Metabo WEVA 15-150 Quick 9.6 / 10 15 000
3 Makita 9566C 9.6 / 10 11 400
The best angle grinder with a maximum disc diameter of 180 mm 1 Metabo WEPBA 19-180 Quick RT 9.8 / 10 20 500
2 Makita GA7040SF01 9.3 / 10 14 100
The best angle grinders for disc diameters up to 230 mm 1 Bosch GWS 26-230 LVI 9.6 / 10 30 200
2 Makita GA9020SF 9.2 / 10 10 500
Best cordless angle grinders 1 Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick 9.6 / 10 15 100


Beloved by many domestic consumers Makita angle grinders manufactured by a company founded in Japan nearly 100 years ago. This company has long been among the world leaders in the construction tool industry. The undoubted advantages of manufactured products are:

  • Always high quality;
  • excellent performance parameters;
  • Strict adherence to the warranty;
  • wide variety of prices;
  • the designers and developers have taken into account the latest trends in customer demand

The Makita angle grinder is rightly considered a multifunctional tool. It can be used for sanding and sawing:

As a result, the Makita angle grinder can be used for both dismantling work and surface cleaning. With their help remove old paint, conduct other types of work. The combination of features makes it an excellent tool for professionals and home craftsmen alike. Like all angle grinders, it is powered by electric current, which is converted into mechanical movement by a motor. The manufacturer has taken care to protect his tools from the unavoidable dust that inevitably occurs during work.

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A special lacquer is used for this purpose, with which the main parts of the electric motor are painted. It prevents dust particles from settling. But besides that, they have labyrinth-type rubber seals. The start button is sealed by a special insulated circuit. What is important, Japanese engineers have managed to create a unique (which received a separate patent) system to prevent backfire.

Only some of the models are equipped with this complex. Where there is such a system, the motor is not subjected to unnecessary overload. As a result, the total running time of the tool increases considerably. To meet this challenge, a spring is used to cushion the jerk. This buffer is made of highly flexible steel.

Makita grinders can be rated at 710-2600 watts. Of course, there is a clear distinction between household and professional models according to this indicator. The power has a direct influence on the cross-section of the working disc and the overall performance. The higher the energy generated by the motor, the more stable the machine, the slower the heating. But the downside of increased power is always increased weight, increased power consumption.

The designers of angle grinders always consider the optimum wheel speed. They are selected in such a way that the linear velocity of the disc at the point of contact with the workpiece surface is approx. 80 m/s. Such a performance can only be sustained by increasing the RPM at the same time as reducing the size of the blade. The same dimensions in the Makita range are represented by the 5 most popular values. from 11,5 to 23 cm. The latest developments of the company have relatively small dimensions, which does not prevent them from demonstrating impressive technical characteristics.

Japanese heavy-duty angle grinders in the professional class have a spindle speed adjustment function. It allows you to safely mount smaller-diameter discs. Also, the speed needs to increase as the cutting head wears away. Also important is that grinding, polishing and surface dressing require less speed than cutting. Unless the disc speed is reduced, the material is liable to ignite.

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What is the speed control for?

The speed regulator on the angle grinder allows it to be used for a wide range of applications. With its variable speed control, the tool can be used for a wide range of tasks, even in the most hard-to-reach areas.

makita, angle, grinder, variable, speed

Spindle speed varies depending on the technical specifications of the angle grinder. The larger the radius, the higher the value of the linear speed of the cutting or grinding wheel. This explains the peculiarity inherent in small angle grinders (115 and 125 mm).). Reflected in its high speed: 12,000 rpm. In most cases, such characteristics are characteristic of low-power angle grinder, designed for household use.

Important! Such a tool cannot be used intensively. A break for cooling of the power element every 5-6 min. work.

On an angle grinder with a 150 mm disc, the speed of the cutting element can range from 2,300 to 9,000 revolutions per minute. At 180 mm. does not exceed 8 000 rpm. Continuous operation time depends on the tool’s intended use. Professional ones can work for hours without stopping, household ones. with short breaks, typical for grinders with smaller disc size.

angle grinder (angle grinder)

The so-called “angle grinder“. is a tool that can be used for:

The “official” name of this tool is the angle grinder. The main working element in the design is an abrasive (grinding) disc. It is made up of abrasive grains. Depending on the material to be machined, a special disc is purchased.

How to choose an angle grinder

If you are in doubt, which angle grinder to buy, what characteristics it should have in order to be the most useful, we recommend to pay attention first of all to the following parameters:

Makita 40V XGT Brushless 5″ Variable Speed Paddle Switch Angle Grinder Review with Electric Brake

  • the maximum permissible size and thickness of the discs: the larger the diameter, the deeper the cut that can be made. However, it is more convenient to perform grinding not too large disc;
  • idle speed of the spindle: the optimal speed is 80 m/s relative to the workpiece at the point of contact with the grinding wheel surface. Depending on the diameter of the latter, the speed changes inversely. Given that, depending on the task at hand, you can use a disc of different diameters, it is better if the angle grinder will be equipped with a function to regulate the number of spindle revolutions;
  • the power of the angle grinder: the higher this indicator, the higher the performance and the lower the probability of tool failure, in particular due to overheating;
  • additional functions: system of start limitation, maintaining constant speed, protection against switching, automatic disk balancing.
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You can buy an angle grinder from famous manufacturers from all over the world in Leroy Merlin online store, where you can choose a model by power consumption, disc diameter, brand name, etc.д. We offer a wide range of models at low prices, and you are sure to find an option that meets your requirements.

makita, angle, grinder, variable, speed

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Comparative table

For easier comparison of all 125 mm angle grinders in our ranking, we have compiled a table with the most important technical characteristics of each model.

Model Power, W Maximum speed, rpm Power cord length, m Weight, kg,
MILITARY AG900VS 900 12 000 2,5 2,2 2 392
Bort BWS-905-R 900 11 000 2 1,8 2 596
Hammer USM 1200 E 1200 2,5 2,2 2 800
Zubr angle grinder-125-1100 TM3 1100 2 2,5 2 904
Sturm! AG9512P 1200 2 2,33 3 159
Bosch GWS 850 CE 850 3 1,9 6 271
AEG WS 13-125 XE 1300 4 2,4 6 495
Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick 1550 4 2,5 8 500
DeWALT DWE4257 1500 10 000 2,5 2,6 8 936
Makita 9565CVK 1400 11 000 2,5 1,8 9 709

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