Magnetic pad drilling machine. Features of operation and tool selection

Studying magnetic drilling machine

Drill with an electromagnetic foot specifically designed to perform work in the most inaccessible places, for drilling assemblies and parts, a variety of metal structures. Device with electromagnetic foot is indispensable if it is necessary to make a hole not only in the vertical plane, but also in the horizontal plane, at an angle, any angle, etc.п.

In our company you can buy magnetic foot drill at a bargain price and use it when carrying out installation works, assembling various metal constructions and the need to make installation, drilling holes in the most remote places, when performing work in extreme, field conditions. And if it is not possible to safely attach a large unit, ultra-compact electromagnetic tools of similar design can be used

Safety precautions when working with a magnetic base machine

The equipment comes with several additional belts. They are needed to strengthen the attachment, if there is no certainty that the part is securely magnetized. Basic safety rules when working with a machine on a magnetic base

  • Consider the area of the part on which the machine will be installed, the area of the part should not be less than the area of the magnet at the base;
  • The thickness of the part must be at least 6 mm;
  • It is important to watch out for vibration, as it can move the workpiece from the magnetic base;
  • It is forbidden for the operator to approach the tool while under the influence of alcohol.
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Before working, the machine must necessarily be inspected and make sure that all parts are functioning properly.

How to choose a magnetic drilling machine

Maximum rotation speed of the drill and motor power. Professional models have electric motors with a wattage of 1800 W or more. Speed of rotation is adjustable and can reach 480 rpm.

Maximum diameter of holes to be made. Can cut up to 110 mm and more.

Possibility of fastening to pipes. Most models are designed for installation on a flat metal surface. Requires special pipe adapter on some machines.

Cooling oil in the cutting area. When drilling with machines without this function, you have to use a spray can to apply a special compound to the metal and drill bit contact area.

Power supply method. Mains-powered models are comparatively lighter and can work continuously for long periods. Cordless machines are a little heavier, but can be used in hard-to-reach places, where it is difficult or impossible to pull through the wire.

In Moscow you can buy a magnetic drilling machine in the online store Tul Impex.

Magnetic drilling machine (drill) Vector MS-36. availability

Light and inexpensive domestic model of the drill with magnetic base. MFSC system implemented, ensuring a reliable fixation of the machine to an uneven metal surface. Built-in magnetic force control mechanism.

Reduced overall height of the machine for work in places with limited space. There is a design of supplying coolant-lubricating fluid in the cutting zone. Reliable operation is ensured by a special rotor winding and overload protection mechanism.

Advantages of use in the home workshop

A small magnetic machine is indispensable in the home workshop. Its technical characteristics allow you to perform a wide variety of work: turning, drilling, boring, countersinking, threading.

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For use in the home it is the perfect tool. Its compact design with sufficient power and versatility is a major advantage.


Drilling Ø, mm 40
spindle cone Weldon 19
Spindle reversing no
Max. rotational speeds 350
Power. kW 1.05
Voltage 220В
Weight, kg 10

Drilling machine on a magnetic base VECTOR MS-36. the smallest of the model range, the drilling machine MS-36 has the following advantages:

What to consider when choosing a magnetic drilling machine

Since drilling machines equipped with a magnetic base must be extremely mobile, their main feature is their weight. That’s why modern manufacturers equip these machines with lightweight collector-type motors.

The power of the electric motor, which is installed on the magnetic drilling machine as a drive, can range from 0.6-3 kW. Most models of these machines are equipped with electric motors, the shaft speed of which does not exceed 1100 rpm. This is explained by the fact that at higher tool speeds it is almost impossible to ensure efficient tool cooling. The only exception is Japanese-made machines where tapered drills made of tungsten carbide steel are used as cutting tools.

Budget models of drilling machines with magnetic base are equipped with motors, providing the speed in the range of 250-600 rpm. These rotational speeds are quite enough to efficiently drill holes with a diameter of 18-38 mm.

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  • wide range of applications;
  • small size, compactness;
  • mobility;
  • standard power supply network;
  • reliable magnetic fastening design;
  • sturdy housing;
  • excellent resistance to damage;
  • low weight;
  • ease of use;
  • multifunctionality;
  • automatic cooling;
  • reliable electronic system;
  • optimal rigidity;
  • Adjusting the spindle speed;
  • easy transportation;
  • Constant RPM control function;
  • works in any position.
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Magnetic drilling machines are the model of the future, they are already being actively developed and improved today. High power level, maximum safety, reliability and versatility ensure smooth operation and comfortable operation.

New models come out every year. from the world’s leading companies. All state-of-the-art machines with excellent machining results, revised cooling system, new safety features.

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