Lawn mower with grass catcher box which is better

Rating of electric mowers 2022

You do not know where to buy the best electric lawn mower? We have compiled a rating of electric lawnmowers 2022, following which, you can easily pick up a suitable model and will not be disappointed in its use.

What is attractive about the electric lawnmower and what model to choose for the country site, a large household plot or the adjacent area to the prestigious office center? The advantages of electric models over gasoline and gas by users in 2022 are. I was happy with it (the priorities are ranked in descending order):

  • low weight and easy operation due to its compactness;
  • more affordable. whereas the minimum of gasoline models is 10-11 thousand, and gas models.16-20 thousand. );
  • lower noise level than in alternative equipment;
  • lower maintenance costs (no need to arrange a storage facility for fuel, buy gasoline or gas);
  • environmental friendliness;
  • easy operation.

Champion LM5127BS

Satisfied as an elephant. Not as heavy as many other gasoline-powered. Mows everything! I have 30 acres of land. No problems. On bush and uneven ground. Recommended.

  • Mowing width / height: 50 cm / 25-75 mm
  • Engine manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
  • Weight: 20.6 kg
  • 125 cc³, 3 L gasoline four-stroke engine.с.
  • Grass ejection to the side
  • Mulching:
  • Tank at 0.8 л
  • Noise level 96 dB

STIGA Combi 36 E

  • Mows well
  • Easy assembly
  • The manoeuvrable
  • Compact
  • Roomy plastic container
  • Handy handle
  • Motor noise is not too loud

The perfect electric tool for a medium-sized lawn. Manoeuvrable, good leaning against fences and bushes, easy to handle in dense grass. Good build quality and nice appearance

  • Mowing width / height: 34 cm / 25. 75 mm
  • Mowing area: 400 m²
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Electric motor (1400 watts) from mains cable
  • Grass discharge into rigid grass catcher box. back
  • Mulching
  • Noise level 90 dB

Which is better??

In any case, to decide how to choose a lawn mower with a grass catcher box for the buyer can not anyone, in addition, perhaps the cleaning itself will not be of particular importance to him, but, pay attention to it still worth. Everyone has long known, the best lawn mower with a grass catcher box is the one that fully meets the needs of the customer, allows you to use its power to the maximum and does not create difficulties in the process of operation. over, when some buyers do not know what the best lawn mower with a grass catcher box, they choose mulching option. this is a separate topic, which will be discussed in detail in other articles.

Using our recommendations, everyone will be able to choose a lawn mower with a grass collector of such a format that its use was as simple as possible, the mowing of the lawn is pleasant, not at all troublesome and fast. Do not be put off by productive mowing and maximum comfort, not only from contemplating a nice lawn, but also from working on its formation. Let the lawn always be aesthetic, and the equipment is functional, durable and economical.

Review of lawnmower models for uneven terrain

The best lawn mower for high grass is the one with which you can tidy up your lawn. Manufacturers of garden equipment have thought of special tools for these purposes. The top models are optimal according to the reviews of users and experts, not bad performers.

DAEWOO Power Products DLM 5500 SVE

Self-propelled model with electric starter, gasoline four-stroke engine. Fuel tank capacity of 2 liters. You can install a mulching nozzle. There is a central mowing height adjustment, the number of levels. 7. Infinitely variable speed control. Grass is discharged into the hopper, to the side, to the rear. Height-adjustable folding handle. 4 wheels. Steel deck and body.

power. 7 l. с.;

mowing width. 54 cm;

The mowing height is 25-75 mm;

soft grass catcher. volume 70 l;

weight. 38.9 kg.

Huter GLM-5.0S

Self-propelled, four-wheel push lawnmower, rear drive. Central mowing height adjustment with 5 levels. Gasoline four-stroke engine. Fuel tank for 1.5 л. Height adjustable folding handle. Grass is discharged into the grass catcher box, to the rear. Grass deck and body material. steel, wheel disks. plastic.

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power. 5 l. с.;

Mowing width: 46 cm;

cutting height. 25-75 mm;

rigid grass catcher box. volume 50 l;

Push Manual Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher | Grass Cutter for Garden| Review

weight 27.14 kg.

Champion LM5347BS

Self-propelled device with gasoline four-stroke motor. mulching, central cutting height adjustment with 8 levels. 600ml fuel tank. Height-adjustable folding handle. Grass discharge: into hopper, to the side, to the rear. Deck and housing in steel, rims in plastic.

power. 6 l. с.;

cutting width. 53 cm;

Mowing height is 20-80 mm;

Soft grass catcher box. volume 70 litres;

Noise level. 98 dB;

weight 42 kg.

Hyundai L 5300S

Self-propelled model, rear wheel drive. Can be fitted with mulching nozzle, wash deck. Gasoline four-stroke engine. Central cutting height adjustment in 6 steps. Grass is discharged into the grass catcher box, to the side, to the rear. fuel tank capacity of 1 litre. Folding handle. 4 wheels. Casing and deck made of steel; rims, plastic.

Power. 4,83 liters. с.;

cutting width. 53 cm;

Mowing height. 25-75 mm;

soft grass catcher box. volume 65 l;

noise level. 98dB

weight. 38.3 kg.

DDE LM 51-60 D

Self-propelled, four-wheel, rear-wheel drive mower. Recommended mowing area. 1800 m 2. Knife rotates at up to 3060 rpm;. speed up to 150 rpm./minute. Central adjustable cutting height, number of levels. 7. Equipped with mulching function. Gasoline four-stroke engine. Grass is discharged into hopper, to the side, to the rear. Deck can be washed. Height-adjustable folding handle. Deck and body material. steel, wheel discs. plastic. There are floating (swarming) wheels, facilitating the use of lawnmower on uneven terrain.

Powerful. 6 liters. с.;

mowing width. 51 cm;

mowing height. 25-75 mm;

soft grass catcher box. volume 60 l;

weight. 40.5 kg.

What is mulching and why do I need it?

In simple terms, mulching is the reuse of grass clippings. Grass inside the mower is ground into a fine mass (mulch) by knives. Grass is delivered to the roots as fertilizer via the nozzle on the lawnmower.

The benefits are obvious. Water is retained in the soil, where it retains beneficial bacteria and regulates the temperature of the soil. The mulch seals the ground and prevents the weeds from germinating.

lawn, mower, grass, catcher, which

During mulching, the grass is ground up inside the mower with special blades

Best Lawn Mowers Rating

Location Model
1. Bosch ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201) Prices Overview
2. AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE Prices Overview
3. Makita ELM3320 Prices Overview
4. Champion LM4627 Prices Review
5. Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus Prices Overview
6. GARDENA PowerMax 1100/32 Prices Overview
7. Champion LM5131 Prices Overview
8. Huter GLM-5.0S Prices Review
9. DAEWOO Power Products DLM 48SP Prices Review
10. PATRIOT PT 1634E Prices Overview

Before you buy a lawn mower, it is important to know some of its parameters.

Mowing area

Here, first of all, you need to consider the topography of the mowed lawn. This includes the type of grass, knolls, potholes on the site and the presence of buildings. But the average requirements are still there.

If the area to be mowed reaches 200 sq. м., An electric lawn mower with a power of 1-1.3 kW or 1.2-1.5 kW, with grass width from 34 to 26 cm. For areas from 200 sqm to 400 sqm. м., You can use a petrol unit with a power rating of 3.5-5 л.с. Mowing width in this case is 45 cm.

For larger plots over 15 acres, a larger mower is needed. Gasoline lawnmowers, the power of which reaches 7 liters, will cope here.с. Mowing width already varies in the range of 57 cm.

Engine type and power

Manufacturers produce self-propelled and non-self-propelled mowers. Non-self-propelled, there is no drive, and the operator pushes the unit in front of him. Because of this, such mowers are equipped with a small and low-powered engine.

Each self-propelled modification has its own type of drive:

  • Rear. High-mounted, easy to operate.
  • Front. Maneuverable, but able to work only on flat areas.
  • Full. Universal mowers that can work on areas of different terrain.

Electric lawnmowers have a motor power from 0.75 to 2 kW. For gasoline-powered ones, the power starts at 3 liters.с. and can get up to 6 litres.с.

Depending on the model, the mowers also have different weights. The lightest mowers are mechanical. The weight ranges from 7.9 to 9.1 kg. Next are cordless units. from 12 to 19 kg. Then the electric mowers with a weight of 12-30 kg., and the heaviest are petrol mowers. They can weigh up to 50 kg.

Grass discharge and mulching

Some lawnmowers are sold without a grass catcher box. In some cases it’s convenient. you don’t have to stop and release the bag during work. But this process takes time after mowing. Still, the grass needs to be removed.

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Lawn mowers with a mulching system have it easy. Technology spreads the grass clippings in shredded form. At the same time, the soil is fertilised and there is sufficient water in the soil.

Wheels, handle and housing

The body of the lawnmower can be made of aluminum, plastic or in a steel version. Specialists do not advise to buy a lawnmower with wheels, made entirely of plastic. If the unit is operated frequently, they will fail quickly.

about wheels. Narrow wheels. On wet ground will leave deep traces. Yes, and drag a laden unit hard. Wide wheels. With a larger diameter, allow the mower to move more easily and handle bumps and holes better.

Most lawn mowers come with folding handles. This is convenient for transportation and storage, as it takes up little space.

Top 4 best models in the price/quality ratio

Presented equipment can boast a decent quality of performance, wide functionality and high power at an affordable price.

Rating of the best lawn mowers for value for money.

How to Attach EGO Mower Accessories

Champion LM4627

Champion LM4627 lawn mower, made on the basis of rugged steel housing, comfortable and easy to operate, the model provides a perfect mowing and effective collection of grass.

Enlarged wheels with bearings and rear wheel drive system provides easier steering and reduces operator’s workload.

lawn, mower, grass, catcher, which

Height adjustable cutting system makes it quick and easy to set the desired cutting length.

Large and light synthetic collection tank makes it possible to work without interruption for long periods of time.

High-strength cutting element made of a high-strength alloy.

the blade has special flaps for powerful vortex flow to collect the cuttings.

  • equipment type. self-propelled, with rear drive;
  • 460 mm / 25-75 mm cutting width/height
  • Grass container/grass bag capacity. 60 l;
  • grass ejection system. lateral/reverse;
  • engine. 4-stroke, 3.5 l. с., 139 cc. cm;
  • noise level. 96 dB;
  • fuel tank. 1 l;
  • handle. folding type, adjustable;
  • unit weight. 32 kg.
lawn, mower, grass, catcher, which

Carver LMG-3653DMS

Carver LMG-3653DMS lawnmower boasts small size and weight, the model is easy to use, when moving, easy to maintain.

The equipment is delivered partially disassembled, which makes it easy to transport.

The machine has three cutting modes, grass catcher box filling indication, self-cleaning system Auto Wash, self-propelled moving unit Auto Motive.

In addition, the mower is equipped with a system of shredding vegetation, adjustable cutting height, comfortable folding handle.

Robust steel deck guarantees reliable construction.

  • type of equipment. self-propelled, with rear drive;
  • Mowing width/height 530 mm/25-75 mm;
  • Grass box/grass bag capacity. 65 l;
  • Grass discharge system. side/rear;
  • engine. 4-stroke, 4,9 l. с., 173 cc. cm;
  • sound level. 98 dB;
  • fuel tank. 1 l;
  • handle. folding type, adjustable;
  • device weight. 40,7 kg.

Champion LM5131

Champion LM5131 rotary model, equipped with a four-stroke petrol motor of high power, will provide excellent maneuverability, passability, quality mowing and collecting grass on the site.

Four plastic wheels and a rotary blade drive the 173cc engine. see.

The self-propelled device has a side and rear grass discharge into a soft grass catcher with a rigid top panel.

With a mowing width of 51 cm and a cutting height adjustable at seven levels, the machine makes it possible to quickly and efficiently mow medium-sized lawns.

The mulching function ensures fertilization of the soil with nutrients.

  • equipment type. self-propelled, rear-wheel drive;
  • Mowing width/height 510 mm/25-75 mm;
  • Grass box/grass bag capacity of 60 l;
  • Grass ejection system. side/rear;
  • engine. 4-stroke, 4.1 liters. с., 173cc. cm
  • Noise level 98 dB;
  • fuel tank. 1 l;
  • handle. folding, adjustable
  • 35 kg weight.

PATRIOT PT 47 LS (2017)

Self-propelled model PATRIOT PT 47 LS (2017), equipped with large wheels and a large grass catcher box, guarantees a perfect result, pleasing to the eye.

Lawn mower is equipped with a powerful gasoline engine with a capacity of 139cc. see.

this feature enables high quality, fast mowing without loss of output.

Capacious fuel tank allows you to treat an area of up to 1.6 sq. km.

The user can adjust the mowing height from 30 to 70 mm if desired.

The mulching system makes it easy to add nutrients to the soil. Integrated silencer reduces engine noise to a minimum.

  • Rear-mounted, self-propelled equipment type;
  • Mowing width/height 460 mm/30-75 mm
  • Grass container/grass bag capacity of 60 liters;
  • grass ejection system. side/rear;
  • engine. 4-stroke, 4.5 l. с., 139 cu. see;
  • noise level. 98 dB;
  • fuel tank. 1 l;
  • handle. folding, adjustable;
  • 35 kg weight.
  • affordable price tag;
  • ease of assembly;
  • high power;
  • ease of use;
  • low noise level;
  • Large high-travel wheels.
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Top 4 best powerful models

Hyundai LE 4600S Drive

Powerful self-propelled mower from a reliable and popular manufacturer, designed especially for large areas with a lawn area of up to 2,000 sq. m.м.

If necessary, you can easily find spare parts for repair, the body is plastic, the handle is height-adjustable and foldable.

The blades mow 46 cm of ground simultaneously in one pass, with a handy height switch lever.

The user can choose among seven variants, from 3 to 7 cm.

The cuttings are channelled to the rear into the soft grass catcher box, which can hold up to 60 liters of grass. That allows you to work without stopping for a long time.

Plastic material prevents the lawnmower from overheating in the sun, even in hot summer conditions.

Technical features:

  • Self-propelled mower;
  • for plots up to 1,000-2,000 sqm.м.;
  • mowing width of 46 cm, height. 30-75 mm;
  • soft grass catcher box with 60 liters capacity
  • electric motor with 1800 watts power.
  • Really powerful, with a good and wide grass grip;
  • roomy grass catcher box;
  • available spare parts;
  • self-propelled operation.

AL-KO 113103 Silver 46.4 E Comfort

For plots up to 900 sq.м. We recommend that you look closely at this model from a quality manufacturer of household equipment.

With its 1,6 kW electric motor and 46 cm wide mowing width, this lawnmower will mow your lawn quickly and will not hesitate to fight with small debris and weeds.

It is possible to adjust the optimal mowing height independently, for this purpose there is a lever on the body with seven levels (from 35 to 75 mm).

The housing is made of hard-wearing plastic, but it is still heavy. nearly 30 kg have an impact on manoeuvrability, so narrow areas are difficult to handle.

Soft grassbag fastened at the back, ejection directly into it. Bag capacity up to 65 liters.

Technical specifications:

  • wheeled mower;
  • for sites up to 900 square meters in size.м.;
  • mowing width 46 cm, height 35-75 mm.
  • 65 liter soft grass catcher box;
  • 1600 watt electric motor.
  • capacious grass catcher box;
  • Seven levels of mowing height;
  • 46 cm working width;
  • the grass catcher box has a fullness indicator.

GARDENA PowerMax 1800/42

The robustness and build quality of this model commands respect.

Users note that the mower is able to work for a long time and easily serves more than one season.

The blades are easy to sharpen, cover a 42 cm swath of grass and are adjustable on five levels to let you choose the height of cut you want.

The handle is ergonomic, non-slip and vibration-free. The height of the folding mower is adjustable to three different heights, so that it can be set at any height to suit the operator.

The 1.8 kW engine is quick to start and has overheat protection.

Weight of the model is just under 15 kg, but the device is still maneuverable and easy to control.

Lawn mower can handle even slightly uneven terrain. Mowed grass is thrown back into the 45-litre hard grass catcher box.

Technical specifications:

  • wheeled lawnmower;
  • For lawns up to 800 sq. km.м.
  • Mowing width 42 cm, height 20-60 mm.
  • 45 liter hard grass catcher box;
  • 1800 W electric motor.


Let’s round out our ranking with a quality model from STIHL, which is designed for areas up to 600 sq.м.

The electric motor has overheat protection, the power is 1500 watts, starts quickly and can run non-stop for a long time.

The 55-litre grass catcher box also contributes to the absence of interruptions.

The mower is non-self-propelled, with a comfortable handle and folding handle.

blades grip a strip of grass 41 cm wide, for selecting the height of cut there is a lever with six levels, from 25 to 75 mm.

Lawn mower weighs 19 kg and is less maneuverable than lighter models, but is fairly easy to handle. Grass ejection only in the back.


  • wheeled non-self-propelled mower;
  • for areas of 600 square meters.м.;
  • cutting width 41 cm, height 25-75 mm;
  • rigid grass bag with a capacity of 55 liters;
  • 1500 watt electric motor.
  • bright, plastic, does not heat up;
  • Stable and controllable;
  • Sharp blades, not afraid of small debris;
  • Good volume of the grass bag.

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