Lawn mower or grass trimmer which is better

Varieties of trimmers / mowers

Let’s go from simple to more complex, and the simplest are low-power electric trimmers for grass, which can be conditionally divided into two subgroups:

As a rule, the power of such trimmers ranges from 350-450 W to 1-1.2 kW. There are more powerful models up to 2 kW, but, as a rule, when it is necessary to process large areas, a person buys a gasoline brushcutter, so electric counterparts with a capacity of 1.5-2.2 kW is less common. Appointment of low-power electric trimmers care for hard-to-reach areas adjacent areas. These are areas around trees, bushes, along fences, where it is inconvenient to work with a lawnmower.

Often low-power electric grass trimmers mowers are equipped with a spool of fishing line, nylon cord. Its two ends protrude from the closed spool housing to the outside, and are the cutting elements. Rarely, and only on the more powerful models, is it possible to install steel blades instead of nylon cord. The disadvantages of a fishing line as a cutting element are its high wear and tear. It is designed only for mowing lawn grass and not too thick stems of weeds. If it hits a thicker bush branch or a curb corner, the line is immediately cut off.

As for the battery models, their only difference and advantage is the possibility of autonomous operation in places where there is no regular power supply. But do not forget that one battery charge is enough for 30-120 minutes, depending on its capacity and engine power. But no harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Gasoline grass trimmers or brushcutters are equipped with internal combustion engines with a working volume of up to 46-48 cm 3 and a power of 1.2 3 horsepower. grass trimmers benzo fully autonomous, which is their great advantage, but they can not be used indoors (winter gardens, greenhouses), as a result of their work produces exhaust. They are very powerful and can be fitted with either a brushcord (nylon cord), steel blades or steel discs to cut thick bushes or even young growth.

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Lawnmower: the lawnmower cart on wheels

They have a metal blade that rotates at the bottom. The features of this device are reflected in the name: this technique is ideal for the care of large and flat GAZON. You’ll spend a lot less effort just pushing the cart around the yard instead of carrying the grass trimmer on your shoulders.

The metal blade is also more solid and durable than the blade of line. It is not necessary to constantly monitor its length and buy a new one, but it is enough to occasionally sharpen it. Lawn mowers have another big advantage: The height adjustment. It takes a lot of experience to mow evenly with a trimmer.

“Carts” are expensive, but if you do not need a powerful unit for large areas, it is quite suitable a simple model such as Bosch Rotak 32. Read more at Yulmart. So, let us summarize the pros and cons of lawnmowers on wheels.


Easy to use Minimal effort Always smooth lawns No consumables No grass clippings


Not suitable for areas with poor topography It is difficult to mow near trees and fence posts

Grass trimmer differs from lawnmower

Consumers, visiting stores, wonder about the difference between a lawnmower and a grass trimmer. The first tool has a powerful gasoline internal combustion engine that can run for quite a long time. Professional trimmers are very expensive, so they are not available to every user. They are of high quality and low noise level.

Consumption of fuel and lubricants is quite low. The machines are simple in design, rugged, reliable and robust. In short, brushcutters are machines designed to work under a wide range of stresses. This applies to tough tall grass, shrubs and weeds, as well as young tree shoots.

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The grass trimmer is designed for gentle use. Grass trimmers are normally used for mowing lawns. Thus, the difference between the grass trimmer and the brushcutter is that the latter is designed to handle large areas. Such equipment usually has a large number of cutting elements. Not only the brushcutter is equipped with a spool of fishing line. On brushcutters are installed and metal blades, which consist of sharpening blades. This equipment can be supplemented with cutting discs, which have a large number of teeth. As an example, you can highlight the Sadko GTR-2200 Sadko trimmer model, which is equipped with an eight-blade disc and a fishing line.

Type of drive

If you are going to buy a trimmer for grass, first answer the question: do you need a device with a gasoline or electric engine?

Gasoline engine provides full autonomy. You can mow even on the neighboring field. nothing limits you. Except, of course, weight, and it is not a little gasoline models. And sometimes it is not easy to prepare such a device for work. The engines can be four-stroke or two-stroke: the latter must be filled with a mixture of oil and gasoline. Fuel, of course, will need to be filled in any case, but in the countryside you want to breathe not that fragrance, and flowers and freshly cut grass.

By the way, the exhaust and the characteristic crackling noise from the engine of such a grass trimmer also trouble the idyll, so it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But not only grass, but also plants with thick stems can be mowed.


From inexpensive models can recommend Huter GGT-2500T. At a cost of about 10,000 it has a fairly powerful engine 3.3 liters.с., The necessary tools and capacity for mixing gasoline and oil.

The electric motor is noticeably quieter. It does not need to be refueled, you just plug it in. By the way, there are also cordless models, but they are quite expensive. Economy-class electric trimmers are not as powerful, so thick stems can be a problem. No exhaust fumes or crackling noise: enjoy your work.


One of the reliable and popular models. STIHL FSE 60. Not the cheapest, but with a powerful enough engine, shoulder strap included and many authorized service stations throughout Russia.

General criteria for choosing brushcutters

2-stroke or 4-stroke engine?

The vast majority of brushcutters are equipped with a 2-stroke engine that delivers plenty of power and performance. Its advantage is its relatively small weight and size compared to a 4-stroke. It is important to have the right oil and gasoline in the same tank. Adding too much oil will make the engine smell, and if you add too little, the piston group will wear out faster.

The 4-stroke engines are much simpler: oil and gasoline are poured into different reservoirs, so you can’t make a mistake with the dosage. Also, with the same power, a 4-stroke consumes less fuel than a 2-stroke. It’s worth noting, though, that if you mow infrequently, you won’t notice any difference in fuel consumption. Only few brushcutters are equipped with a 4-stroke engine. Plus, these devices are quite expensive. If the price is right, but you need power and performance, try the Makita EM4351UH with its 2 L 4-stroke engine.с.

What capacity should I get??

For gasoline trimmers power ranges from 0.85 6.1 liters. с. Of course, devices with high power are extremely rare, they are heavy and used mainly for mowing virgin. In most cases, such a lawnmower is not needed in the home.

For mowing the grass in the garden and vegetable garden, the 1 2 liters. с. Most of the models in our list have this kind of power. They are capable of working with both a line and a circular blade. Also note that small in power trimmers for grass and weigh a little, so they can work for quite a long time.

Among other things, the power of a brushcutter influences the thickness of the line you can use with it. Here are the average indicators of the dependence of the thickness of the line on the power of the unit:

  • 1.3 to 1.6mm fits 0.85 to 1 litre brushcutters. с.
  • 2 to 2,4 mm is good for 1 1,3L models. с.
  • 2.7 to 4 mm fits 1.5 6 l trimmers.с.

Note that you should not install thinner lines, for example 1.6 mm, on a 2 liter brushcutter. с.It will run out quickly and you will not get the results you need.

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Cutting width

The cutting width is determined by the size of the deck (guards) that limits the reach of the line or blade. The wider the mowing width, the faster you can pass overgrown areas. The cutting width is between 35 and 55 cm. Some models have a larger cutting width only because the deck is wider and smaller. This is not always a good thing, because the smaller the deck, the more likely it is that the grass and debris will fly into the operator. The optimum cutting width is 40 cm to 45 cm. For larger areas, the 55 cm mowing width is the right choice.

Additional features

When deciding which brushcutter to buy, pay attention to additional features:

  • Protection against overheating. When critical temperature is reached, the motor shuts down to prevent failure. This function is convenient when mowing during warm weather (we recommend to do it in the morning or evening, when it is not so hot).
  • Handle adjustment. While most brushcutters are equipped with adjustable bars, some models do not have adjustable bars. This option is worth checking with your dealer. The handle adjustment allows you to adjust the brushcutter to your height.
  • Semi-automatic line feed. During mowing, the line is gradually consumed by contact with grass and hard objects. To extend it out of the spool to the desired length on some models, simply push the spool to the ground. This way you don’t have to unplug the device and bend down to pull out the fishing line.

The difference between brushcutter and grass trimmer

Buy a brushcutter is not difficult, a wide range of models of different design, quality and price of the device today just filled all the shelves stores.

The fashion for neatly mowed lawns came to us from the west and continues to spread with great speed. But it is quite difficult to maintain the lawn with manual labor. For this purpose, mechanized methods are used: lawn mower, lawn trimmer.

Due to the high demand for terrain and cleanliness of lawns, they have not caught on in the same way as brushcutters and trimmers for grass. With these devices the bulk of the population maintains its plot in exemplary order throughout the warm period of the year.

Buy a brushcutter is not difficult, a large range of models of different design, quality and price of the device today just flooded all the shelves of stores. Today, the most popular lawnmower is a gasoline lawnmower, which allows you to perform a full range of works in standalone mode. It is low-maintenance, fuel-efficient and extremely hardwearing.Reviews among all users are extremely positive. The only inconvenience that all large-sized brushcutters have is the inability to clean the grass under the branches of low trees, near fences and under bushes.

The grass trimmers have been created precisely for cases where trimming vegetation with a brushcutter is impossible or inconvenient. They are devices that can cut the grass around the perimeter of a flowerbed or along the edge of a lawn, so that all boundaries are kept clean and the grass is cut neatly and evenly. Trimmers differ from each other by many parameters, but the main one is the drive type: electric or gasoline. gasoline grass trimmer. This is a self-contained unit, as it does not require the presence of a fixed network of electricity, and the fuel consumption during its operation is minimal.

trimmer for the grass and lawn mower differ, first of all, their purpose, and then the design and device. Lawn trimmers are the most simple lawn trimmers that can handle soft-stemmed plants. As opposed to brush cutters trimmers for the grass have a less powerful engine, which accounts for their short operating time.

The main purpose of the grass trimmer is to cut the grass in places that are hard to reach for brushcutters or in small areas. The sense of buying a trimmer for the grass will be in the case of the need to cut a small countryside or adjacent to the house territory. We can recommend Zirkashop store for such devices, address: can find both expensive professional tools from Europe and simple Chinese equivalents here.

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The grass brushcutter should be used for mowing grass on a large plot, as it is specially designed for large-scale work over a long period of time. brushcutters are also excellent for mowing brush, grass or vines. Even small trees can be shredded with a brushcutter. the only condition is to check the sharpness of the cutting attachment at regular intervals. The brushcutters have a powerful gasoline internal combustion engine that can run for a very long time.

Buy grass trimmers in Kiev will not be difficult, almost every specialized store has several of the most popular models of trimmers, which are in demand due to their technical characteristics, the positive experience of operation and low affordable price. Professional brushcutters, the of which are not available to every average user, in addition to high quality performance are also characterized by low noise level, low consumption of fuel and lubricants, reliable and simple design, stable and long-lasting work.

What’s the difference between a lawn mower and a grass trimmer?

Neatly trimmed green lawns, even lawns Fashion for a similar design of the household plot came to us from the West. Unfortunately, because of the bumpy terrain necessary for the care of such beauty lawn mowers have not caught on. grass trimmers and brushcutters instantly took their place and are now an indispensable tool of any private home or cottage.

Thinking about buying a modern lawn mower with a motor, you begin to compare different models, looking for the benefits and disadvantages to opt for the best option. On your way you meet both grass trimmers and brushcutters, and this raises questions: What’s the difference between them? and Which device is better? To get the answer, let’s start by talking about each tool individually.

Lawn mower is a tool that uses a gasoline engine. The design includes a boom and a lower cutting part. It is considered a serious device and often has a high cost. The boom varies in appearance. Can be curved or straight. Also different length and shape of the handle.

String Trimmer vs. Push Mower, cutting Thick, Overgrown Ditch!

Help. A short boom increases strain on the back and arms of the mower. It becomes uncomfortable to work with the tool, and the owner quickly gets tired.

  • Mobility. Work on gasoline implies the absence of wires. No need to connect the device to the power grid. The independence of the equipment makes it convenient, you can treat the lawn in any area of the plot.
  • Power. Handles even dense vegetation.
  • Performance. You can work a large area over a long period of time.

Among the disadvantages is the significant weight of the equipment. This negatively affects the usability of lawnmowers. It must be constantly refueled, and the exhaust gases from the fuel are harmful and smell unpleasant. It is worth remembering that this kind of noise creates a lot of.

Are Battery Lawn Mowers and Grass Trimmers Worth It?

Electric or lawn mower, what to choose

What to buy for mowing grass, gasoline trimmer or electric mower, what is better, and how to make a choice in the abundance of proposals. Consider the principle of operation of the grass trimmer, design features, as well as the pros and cons of this garden equipment.

If the grass grows on your garden, sooner or later you will face the decision to buy either petrol or electric grass trimmer.

Garden trimmer for grass serves for mowing grass in relatively small areas, it is indispensable for mowing in hard-to-reach places (around trees, flowerbeds, as well as on uneven terrain).

trimmers for grass are divided into two varieties, electric and gasoline with a combustion engine.

Let’s consider each type of trimmer for grass in order, and try to weigh the pros and cons.

How to Mow the Grass. Scythe vs String Trimmer. Choose the Best Yourself

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