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What is the difference between a trimmer for grass from a lawn mower

Each owner of a personal plot dreams of a beautiful, even, well.groomed lawn. This can be achieved using various tools. A large assortment of species is presented on the market, which is why the choice often causes difficulty. We’ll figure out the difference between the trimmer and the benzocosa and decide what is better to choose.

lawn mower. a tool that uses a gasoline engine. The design provides a bar and the lower cutting part. It is considered a serious device and often has a high cost. The bar varies in appearance. Can be curved or straight. The length and shape of its handle also differs.

Reference. Short bar increases the load on the back and hands of the mower. Working with the tool becomes inconvenient, and the owner himself quickly gets tired.

lawn, mower, benzotrimmer, which, better, trimmer
  • Mobility. Gasoline work involves the lack of wires. There is no need to connect the device to the mains. The independence of the equipment makes it convenient, you can process the lawn in any area of ​​the site.
  • Power. Copes even with dense thickets.
  • Performance. A large territory can be treated for a long time.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting a significant weight of equipment. This negatively affects the convenience of using the lawn mower. It must be constantly refueling, and the exhaust gases from the fuel are harmful and smells unpleasant. It is worth remembering that this look creates a lot of noise.

Gasoline trimmer for grass: Choose wisely

We decided to find out how to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass? Fine! We just wanted to tell. One of the main advantages of motorcycles (as a trimmer for grass is sometimes called) is autonomy. Unlike an electric trimmer for grass, it is not tied to a socket. Can be mowed in the country, or you can. in a clean field. Professional models are intended not only for grass. they will cope with bushes, young trees and other hard vegetation. One of the best professional devices is produced by the Japanese company Caiman.

lawn, mower, benzotrimmer, which, better, trimmer

We decided to find out how to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass? Fine! We just wanted to tell.

One of the main advantages of motorcycles (as a trimmer for grass is sometimes called) is autonomy. Unlike an electric trimmer for grass, it is not tied to a socket. Can be mowed in the country, or you can. in a clean field. Professional models are intended not only for grass. they will cope with bushes, young trees and other hard vegetation. One of the best professional devices is produced by the Japanese company Caiman.

Types of trimmers and tips for their choice

Once a well-groomed lawn symbolized the status and condition of its owner. The presence of a green site before the estate could afford only rich people. Today the lawn is available to everyone, but the fashion remains for it. It is quite simple to care for the lawn. it is enough to eliminate excess vegetation from the site. For this, a special garden technique has been created. a trimmer for grass.

Trammers for grass for grass are different, so before buying it is important to familiarize yourself with their varieties. Before telling how the motokos from others differs, let’s talk a little about terminology.

Criteria for choosing a gasoline braid for grass

This kind of unit is simply necessary on a land plot to pump the grass with it, and in some cases. bushes and young trees. It is very logical that the lawn mowers are seasoned with gasoline, as a rule, with an octane number. 92. But it is better to carefully study the instructions for gas-coculsals before pouring any liquid into it.

When choosing a trimmer for grass, it is important to take into account the main indicators that will be more priority:

Power. If we talk about unprofessional braids, then their maximum power is not more than 1.8 liters.with. This is enough to dig a small area in the country or near the house. As for professional braids, their power starts from 2 liters.with.

View of the engine. Basic mushrooms with a 2-stroke engine are mainly sold, but recently units have appeared with 4 strokes. They differ in their noiselessness and reliability, a negative moment can be called a great weight, and that they are more expensive.

Type of cutting element. The lawn mower has cutting elements: a fishing line for a trimmer. to mow grass and a metal or plastic knife with several cutting blades. With their help, you can perform work of greater complexity and mow not only grass and weeds, but even young animals.

The weight of the device. The weight of the braid for grass is mainly from 4 to 8 kg, and this is very decent. The mass of the braid directly depends on the power. the more powerful the braid for the grass, the more it weighs. A medium-sized lawn mower has a mass of 6-7 kg.

If the choice came to the design with a large mass, then it is important that together with the unit, the kit includes a belt that correctly distribute the weight of the structure, for more comfortable use.

Such a factor as the size of the deck is directly related to the speed of mowing. The larger the size, the faster the work will be done.

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For trimmers with a curved bar, it is enough to periodically change the fishing line for the trimmer, and in the unit with the served gearbox every year you need to add consistent lubricant. Air filter in a gasoline device needs to be removed, blown and put back for further use.

The condition of the fuel filter must be checked about once a year. He is in the tank, and after purging it is installed in place. From time to time it is required to clean the muffler if there is no sparking in it.

The engines that work on a mixture of oil and gasoline, after the end of the work, you need to drain the fuel from the tank, start the unit and wait until the remnants of the mixture are developed. With engines that work on pure gasoline, such actions are not performed.

And of course, any equipment after use must be cleaned. The cutting tool is subject to cleaning, in which the remains of grass accumulate, as well as the cupid of the cylinder cooling and the ventilation holes of the engine.

A braid for grass or a trimmer for grass. which is better

It would seem to compare a device designed to facilitate manual labor, with its predecessor. the task is ungrateful. However, the usual braid for grass, or Lithuania, perfectly familiar to our ancestors, is still a lot of fans who are in no hurry to change it to a modern trimmer for grass. When a braid braid is better than a trimmer for grass?

We wrote about all the features of choosing a trimmer for grass working on gasoline. The usual peasant braid for grass has an indisputable advantage over this tool. no fuel is required, only skillful hands. There is no vibration, a characteristic loud sound, which often wakes up in the morning, if the communal services in the city or neighbors in the country decided to shave the grass on the site. There is no smell of gasoline. And in comparison with an electric trimmer, the wires for which are often a big problem, a braid for grass is generally a very mobile and independent tool.

In addition, many consider working with a trimmer much more dirty. Indeed, small beveled grass simply scatters in different directions, special clothing is required, which then is unlikely to be removed, protection for the eyes and face, headphones are desirable to work more comfortably. There are no such problems with a scythe.

The braid, of course, needs to be beaten off, Nature, monitor the state of the blade. Minus. However, the trimmer for the grass needs to be careful, it also has to be cleaned after the end of work, to monitor the state of the blades. In this regard, according to users’ reviews, both tools go approximately on equal terms.

The plus of a gasoline trimmer for grass is that it is convenient for them to work on a site with various obstacles. trees, flower beds, borders. However, in the open space, a spacious lawn, for example, an ordinary braid braid is much faster, of course, in skillful and experienced hands. There are small braids for grass, which are also used in areas with obstacles, but still a trimmer for grass in this case is more convenient, we recognize.

As for the experience of working with a trimmer and a scythe. disputes about what is more complicated do not stop. Yes, dexterity for working with a scythe is simply necessary, but it will also not work perfectly to control the trimmer the first time. Perhaps that is why the owners of the sites who sang perfectly wave the scythe and rightfully proud of their skill, go to the gasoline version are in no hurry. They just enjoy the process when mowing goes even, and work is arguing.

There is even an expression: “The lawn mower is for the household, and manual. for the soul”.

An ordinary trimmer for grass does not take high grass, with which a braid for grass copes perfectly, a special metal mill is required. However, it is the modern version of the tool that allows you to remove the grass almost to zero, to create the most smooth and short.haired lawn. In addition, it is difficult to cope with delayed weeds that have remained from last year with an ordinary braid. However, with the help of a trimmer for grass, too.

We state: a trimmer for grass is easier to use, less physical effort and costs are made. However, you should not rush to get rid of great.grandfather’s braids for grass. often it turns out to be an effective and very convenient tool for cleaning grass from the site.

What is the difference between a lawmaker and a trimmer for grass

Lawn mowers from a trimmer for grass are distinguished by purpose, performed functions and adaptability to loads.

Trimmer for grass. a technique for mowing grass and low bushes. Often it is easier and more compact motorcosa, characterized by low power and performance. It is equipped with a reel or bobbin with a fishing line for cutting grass. Outwardly differs in the presence of one handle for holding. The difference between a lawn mower and a trimmer is also that the latter is not adapted for long.term operation.

A lawn mower is a more powerful device adapted for grass, hard vegetation, shrubs, thin branches of trees. It is equipped with fishing line and discs. In most cases, it is larger, more powerful and heavier than a trimmer for grass, is able to operate at full capacity up to 8 hours a day and is equipped with two handles.

Which is better than a lawn mower or electric coser

In order to figure out what is better, a lawn mower or an electric cost, consider the main advantages and cons of the tools and highlight the differences.

  • Application. Eletric trimmer for the grass is suitable for trimming the lawn with soft grass and cutting weeds in a summer cottage or personal plot. A trimmer for grass with a more powerful gasoline engine is more universal, and is suitable for both a soft lawn and for removing hard grass, ducklings, weeds, shrubs and a young shoot with a thin barrel from a section of hard grass.
  • Autonomy. The operation of the lawn mower is provided by a two.stroke ICE that works on the fuel mixture of gasoline and oil, and starts with a manual starter. The electric trimmer for the grass works from the network, and to start it, you need constant access to the power supply. Therefore, if you work in a place where there is no network at all, or the site is large and it makes no sense to pull the multi.meter wires from the outlet, choose a gasoline model.
  • The weight. Due to the features of the design, the lawn mower even with an empty tank will weigh more an electric tool almost double. Since when working, a trimmer for grass has to keep a canopy all the time, this factor plays a role, especially for girls, adolescents and elderly people.
  • Preparation for work. Electrics are not required, just connect it to the outlet and press the button. This option is especially suitable for those people who have never mowed grass. Benzokos with a 2x-tact engine, firstly, you need primary running-in (how to conduct it, described in detail in the operating instructions). Secondly, it must be refueled every 40-60 minutes with a gasoline mixture, which must be prepared in advance by mixing in a special canister of gasoline and motor oil in the desired proportion.
  • Ease of operation. Ethletric trimmer for grass works much quieter and does not pollute the environment with exhaust gases. But it is worth noting that the models operating from electricity often have the lower location of the engine, this does work with them in rainy or raw weather unsafe. And also the electric motor should not overheat, this must be carefully monitored and not overwhelmed by the trimmer for the grass, otherwise it will quickly break.
  • Service and storage. Electrics are less picky in maintenance. It is only necessary to clean the cutting elements from the remnants of the grass, blow the cooling hole and lubricate the lower gearbox. You will have to tinker with a benzo tool: you need a regular check of spark plugs, cleaning the fuel filter, you need to learn how to prepare high-quality butterbenzine or change the oil in time (if the trimmer for the grass is equipped with a 4-tact engine). Benzotrimmer is stored only in a non-residential room due to the smell of gasoline, and “canned” for the winter.
  • Price. An indisputable plus of an electric trimmer for grass is its relatively low cost, unlike a gasoline counterpart.
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Based on the advantages and disadvantages given, we can conclude what is the difference between benzo- and power tools. Otherwise, it all depends on what goals you will set before the chosen trimmer.

Features of the lawn mower

Gasoline braids for grass and trimmers for grass in some cases have more powerful power units, which allows them to better cope with heavy loads: hard grass, weeds, thickets of bushes, young shoots. The engine power range varies from 600 to 3000 W.

Распаковка Kruger крюгер gtk 52-07. Доставка в Санкт-Петербург на Витебском.

Adapted for the improvement of large areas, non.electrified sites, strongly overgrown and abandoned territories. Some models are equipped with a cutting knife for shrubs and woody branches.

Features of electric cos

Electrics and electrimmers have less weight, low noise during operation and low vibration on the handle. In management, electrical equipment is simple and intuitive even for beginners.

Disadvantages Electros. small performance, low power of an electric engine (from 300 to 1300 W), the need to constantly pull the extension cable.


Most market models are motorcycles, they are endowed with high power and are suitable not only for household, but also professional tasks, for example, haircuts of large territories in size. The most popular among them are gasoline braids for grass, their power is from 1 liter.with. They are able to perform a wide range of work in autonomous mode.

  • Ease of use,
  • High wear resistance,
  • unpretentiousness to the quality of fuel,
  • a convenient belt that helps properly distribute the load on the operator’s back,
  • T-shaped handle, providing a convenient and reliable capture and allows you to hold the tool with two hands.
  • A large selection of nozzles, which greatly facilitates the work.
  • Spit head. Used in cutting young shoots, as well as low and medium.density herbs. A profitable design will not harm young trees and shrubs.
  • Plastic knife. Able to fade sedge and defeat the fallen last year’s grass. It should be treated carefully, because he can easily cut down the young shoots of the shrub and your favorite flowers.
  • Metal knife. There are no barriers on the site for him. If previous nozzles could not cope with the problem, then this work is to match him.

Trimmer for grass, lawn mower and electric coser

Trimmer for grass, electric cos and a lawn mower. agricultural manual motorized tool for mowing grass, which is a type of lawn mower.

This instrument has gained popularity among the wide masses (owners of private houses) due to ease of operation and relatively low cost compared to lawnmands. And this despite the fact that they can be used for a wider range of tasks. They can be used in places in which lawners will be simply useless. For example:

Often, by the concept of a trimmer for grass, people understand manual devices consisting of a bar (elongated part), on one end of which there is a benzo or electric motor, and on the other- a working head with a cutting element, and which are designed to mow grass and small bushes.

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In order not to get confused, and somehow they separate them in the common people, the concepts of an electric trimmer for grass and a gasoline trimmer for grass appeared. Therefore, before moving on to the review of this tool, you should understand the concepts.

Trimmer for grass. a lawn mower operating from electricity or battery, in which the collector engine is located above the working head.

Such devices often have a slight power, and therefore are designed to mow ordinary, soft grass in small areas (around trees, walls, fences and other barriers).

A special fishing line for a trimmer is used as a cutting element.

Elektokos. a lawn mower, which works from electricity or from the battery, while the engine can be located both in the upper part of the bar (on the side opposite from the working head) and in the lower. Using these devices, you can mow ordinary and long.term grass and small shrubs. As a cutting element, a fishing line for a trimmer, 2, 3 or 4-lobed knife is used as a cutting element.

Lawn mowed (lawn mower)-a lawn mower, which is a device with a 2-or 4-stroke engine located in the upper part of the bar.

Only as a cutting element, in addition to fishing line and knife, can a disc saw.

Due to its power, motorcycles can be used for all types of grass, shrubs, as well as to cut the trunks of young trees (indicated in the characteristics of the device).

Based on the above definitions, it is clear why these devices have gained such popularity. Although it is worth noting that the most beloved models among Russian and Ukrainian consumers were motorcycles and electric cos with the upper engine location. In this case, these devices should relate to professional or semi.professional technology, t.e.:

Of course, for the most part, such devices are not chosen from the needs of the consumer, but from their desire (and capabilities) have a tool with a “margin” and “name”. At this stage, it is worth dividing all types of trimmers into professional and domestic, and then consider only household devices.

When choosing a particular model of household trimmers, firstly, you should focus on the size of the site and its neglect. For example, with the size of a medium.sized site:

Лучшая мотокоса для очень высокой травы и кустарника. Купил себе и не пожалел.

  • up to 5 acres. a model with the lower location of the electric motor will cope;
  • from 10 to 15 acres. it is better to use an electric car with an upper location of the electric motor and a minimum of 1 kW, or a motorcycle with a capacity of 1.2 kW.

It is worth indicating that electric trimmers for grass with the lower engine location are less weighty and at the same time well balanced. However, they have small power, and only a fishing line for a trimmer is used as a cutting element in them. Work with such a device occurs only on dry, not wet from dew or rain grass.

Battery models are gradually entering agricultural tools. So special quality is the devices of Ryobi, Bosch, Gardena, Hyndai. Battery trimmers for grass are quiet and do not pollute the air, in addition, there is no need for electric cable.

However, as a lack, such factors as the high cost of the device and its mass can be distinguished. By performance, battery trimmers for grass are quite suitable for domestic use. Their set of batteries is enough for 30-40 minutes of work, while recharging will take about three hours.

Therefore, when buying such devices, it is worth thinking about buying a pair of sets of spare batteries (if this is due to operating conditions).

lawn, mower, benzotrimmer, which, better, trimmer

Household motorcycles are devices with a power of about 2 liters.with., Equipped with a trimmer head with a fishing line and a steel knife. In design, household models are similar to professional, but they have a number of features:

  • Some household models have a curved bar instead of a straight line. Convenience is when working in places.
  • Equipped with handles or bicycle type (more convenient), or D-shaped. The second option involves holding the tool with one hand by the D-shaped handle, and the second by the handle on the bar near the engine.
  • Relatively small cost of a household model.

Also, for most household models, certain devices were developed that facilitate the operation of trimmers and expand their functional capabilities.

So, for example, a cutting mechanism that allows you to carefully cut the edge of the lawn, The cutting head of a trimmer for the grass can be easily rotated by 90 °. This mechanism can also be useful when it is necessary to cut grass under the bushes or in other inaccessible places.

So that during the haircut of grass along the walls, borders and other obstacles, do not damage the knife, trimmers for grass are equipped with a special protective bracket, which maintains the optimal distance from the plane of these obstacles. And to adjust the working height of the device for yourself, a telescopic handle is used.

As when using any equipment, working with a trimmer should occur with the implementation of all safety rules. When working with an electrimmer from the network, you need to connect using a reliable extension cord for external work.

The employee is recommended to work in protective clothing, strong and not conducting electric current (when working with an electrimmer). First of all, it is necessary to protect the organs of vision and hearing, soft tissues, areas with the main arteries (neck, wrists, etc.).

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