lawn mower Husqvarna what gasoline to fill

Husqvarna what gas to fill

If you do not know how to start the STIHL chainsaw 180 “in the cold”, it is worth strictly following the recommendations and requirements of the manufacturer, following the algorithm:

  • Switch on the ignition (for information on how to set the ignition on the STIHL 180 chain saw, see the instruction manual).
  • Set the control lever at its lowest point (the carburetor choke will thus shut off the air from the filter, the throttle will be fully open and the fuel mixture can be enriched).
  • Pull the starter knob, this should be done several times before the first burst passes. This will signal that the mixture has gone directly into the cylinder and your machine is ready to start.
  • You can now move the lever up a notch and keep the choke in the same position and open the choke.
  • All you have to do is pull the starter. The STIHL MS 180 chain saw will now be working at higher rpm.

If you need to set the choke to idle, simply squeeze the throttle trigger and immediately release it. The unit will then bring the revolutions back to normal.

Fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

Trimmers for grass, which are equipped with a two-stroke motor, do not have a separate system designed for the supply of oil for the lubrication of moving parts. For this reason, such units should not be filled with pure gasoline, but with a mixture of fuel and engine oil. The latter must be specially formulated for two-stroke engines. Using automobile engine fluid will lead to premature engine failure.

Preparation of Fuel Mixture for Dual-Roll Engines

Gasoline for a petrol mower with a two-stroke engine should be of AI-92 grade. When using Ai-95 you may observe overheating of the engine and rough running of the unit. Gasoline and oil should be mixed in the proportion 50:1, where 50 is fuel and 1 is oil. In other words 20 ml of oil per 1 litre of fuel.

lawn, mower, husqvarna, gasoline, fill

If the motor is worn or the tool is running with a high load, the ratio is 25:1. If there is too little lubricant, the cylinder walls and piston surface will burr. Then the piston ring will be destroyed and the engine will seize up as a result. Too much is not that critical, but it can lead to fouling. The piston ring will get corked in the process, which will reduce the power of the unit.

Proportion of oil and gasoline for the fuel mixture

How much oil to add to gasoline?

Types of oils used to dilute in gasoline

Chainsaws do not have oil pumps, so a fuel mixture alone cannot be used. Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions that come with each product. There is a lot of information on the Internet, it is not difficult to find.

If there is no grease, the saw will break down in a short time. It is recommended to do preventive maintenance of the unit, pour properly diluted fuel, in this case the tool will function for many years.

If you take, for example, a chain saw “Husqvarna”, then unleaded gasoline with the first additive of grade 92 is suitable. If the composition has a greenish tint, it indicates that the product is of the “Premium” class. AI-92 is the optimal product that can be suitable for such a device. On average, professionals advise adding from twenty to 50 ml of machine oil per liter. If the power of the unit is one and a half kilowatts, then only 25-27 ml of oil will be required.

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How to dilute machine oil and gasoline, in what proportions? This question arises for all users. To begin with, you should stock up on containers:

The process of mixing oil and gasoline is technologically uncomplicated. It is important to observe safety precautions in order not to accumulate static electricity, not a drop of water will get into fuel.

Types of oils used for dilution in gasoline

What proportions should be done? The engines are mostly two-stroke, so the mixture is usually 1:50. Chainsaws made in Russia function with products of such brands:

For foreign analogues it is allowed to use two liters of gasoline per 80 grams of oil. Foreign saws are fuel-efficient, with oil proportions ranging from 40 to 49 fractions.

Oil shades can vary considerably, and this should be taken into account during use. For example, HP company produces machine oil of reddish tint. If the composition has a greenish (sometimes blue) tint, it is a sure sign that the product is a synthetic premium. Quality of such compositions is high, but the cost is also rather high.

Husqvarna oils

Lubricants increase the life of the engine and indirect parts, ensures long operation without failure.

Husqvarna multigrade oil is one of the best for garden and construction equipment. Protects the motor immediately at start-up and instantly lubricates far-flung structural parts. Characterized by soft texture, anti-corrosive properties, works in a wide temperature range and at high revolutions.

Husqvarna oils benefits

  • Suitable for use with low-quality gasoline;
  • contribute to economical fuel consumption;
  • thick oil film protects engine from wear and corrosion
  • Reduces fouling of pistons, cylinders;
  • High viscosity makes it easy for the oil to get to the parts that heat up;
  • Special additives prevent deposits in the crankcase;
  • lower maintenance costs;
  • low volatility, resistance to oxidation processes;
  • environmentally friendly and biodegradable components.

Engine oils for 2 and 4-stroke engines

  • snow blowers;
  • The advantages of Husqvarna chainsaw and chain saw oils;
  • lawnmowers;
  • trimmers;
  • blowers;
  • Husqvarna chain saws and chain saws;
  • lawn and garden tractors, etc.

Available in summer oils and universal options for year-round use.

HP Husqvarna 1 liter API SG 2-stroke oil is the top seller in Russia. Its improved formula is adapted for use in harsh Russian latitudes with poor-quality gasoline. Synthetic additives protect engine from wear, deposits and corrosion, compatible with all 2-stroke machines.

Please note! How to tell the difference between Husqvarna oil and counterfeit:

  • HP two-stroke oil is sold in 1 liter only, price. from 799 rubles.
  • Top of bottle has laser engraving in black or yellow.
  • On the side there is an oil level indicator strip, notched in 100 ml increments.
  • The production date includes not only the day, month, year, but also the time of manufacture.
  • Instructions on the back fully in Russian. There is information on certification, precautions, storage conditions, factory and importer in
  • In addition to the logo and barcode there is a part number printed like # 5878085-12.
  • Marked “Made in Sweden”, no other official manufacturer.
  • The dial at the bottom of the bottle: in the center of the circle the year is marked, and the arrow points to the month.
  • Test ring for opening, H (Husqvarna) logo engraved on lid, with protective aluminum foil underneath.

Husqvarna chain oils

To prevent wear and tear, a special low-viscosity oil is used to lubricate the chain and protect the bar. Effective in cold and wet conditions. Easily washed off with soap and detergents.

Oil for air filter

Impregnates the filter and collects dust particles before they get into the engine, thereby increasing engine life and durability. Removes soap and is biodegradable.

See the complete catalog of engine oils in our authorized Husqvarna store.

lawn, mower, husqvarna, gasoline, fill
  • Free same day delivery in Moscow.
  • Self-delivery.year. Moscow, metro station Tulskaya, ul. 27/29 Pavlovskaya.
  • Shipment by transport company to any region

To buy Husqvarna oil, place your order online or call for a consultation.

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Gasoline grass trimmers with two-stroke engine

Motor trimmers equipped with a two-stroke engine has no separate oil supply system for lubrication of moving parts. That’s why they need to fill not pure gasoline, but its mixture with engine oil. And remember, it must be a special oil designed for two-stroke engines. Use of automobile engine oil can damage the tool.

Grass trimmers with a two-stroke motor should be filled with gasoline AI-92. Of course, it can also work with gasoline of a higher octane number. But if you use gasoline AI-95 the engine will overheat and run rough.

Mix oil and gasoline in the correct proportions. If there is too little grease, the piston surface and cylinder walls will get scuffed, then the piston ring will collapse and the engine will jam. Too much oil is not so critical, but will also have unpleasant consequences. The piston will get sooty and the piston ring will get stuck, which will lead to loss of power.

The gasoline and oil proportions are usually found in the owner’s manual. According to the 50:1 ratio prescribed by most manufacturers, which is 50 parts of fuel and one part of oil. It is therefore necessary to use 20 ml of oil for one liter of fuel. If the engine is worn out or the tool is working with a heavy load, you can bring the amount of oil to 25:1, pouring 40 ml per liter of gasoline.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of the Husqvarna 128 R. the lawn mower can last a long time. It is enough just to observe the rules of operation, timely change of parts. The manufacturer has detailed safety rules in the manual.

lawn, mower, husqvarna, gasoline, fill

You should read the manual carefully before you get started so that you don’t get into any trouble later. Many users have a positive feedback on the tool, generally satisfied with the purchase, note the long service life of the device. Despite the disadvantages, the grass trimmer will be a good assistant in carrying out household chores

Lawn mower fuel pump check

  • Low fuel consumption during operation.
  • Low weight, easy to carry on your shoulders. This allows the machine to be used even by women.
  • The presence of 2 types of cutting tools, interchangeable depending on the height of the grass.
  • The ability to fix a small defect right on the site.
  • The lawnmower is not tied to an electricity socket, giving more freedom of movement.
  • The ability to mow grass in hard-to-reach places.
  • Grasshopper is easy to start.
  • A quality tool that can last a long time if used properly.
  • Stress on the spine over a long period of use.
  • The tank has a small capacity, you have to fill up the fuel frequently.
  • The unit is noisy enough, the manufacturer recommends using special headphones.
  • Odor when using.
  • Model is sensitive to fuel quality.

The price of Husqvarna 128 R in online stores ranges from 10 750 to 13 490. The stores often provide delivery service. The buyer can look for an inexpensive option in another city. But it is worth remembering that the delivery can be charged.

Review of the best models

Each of the units of the Husqvarna company has its own positive characteristics and a variety of opportunities because of the ability to change attachments. The most popular trimmers today can be called the following range.

Husqvarna 122C grass trimmer

This home model is most often used when caring for the lawn. It is able to work small areas. Supplied with bent hose, loop handle, spool of fishing line. It has a two-stroke motor with 0.8 liter power. с. Weight of the machine is 4.4 kg, but its tank holds 0.5 liter of fuel.

Husqvarna 125R lawn mower

It is a mobile, robust and quite powerful piece of equipment. With a mid-level power unit, the unit can handle an area of 20 acres. The low weight of the lawnmower makes it easy to use and transport. Shoulder straps help reduce strain on the user’s spine. The functionality of the tool is provided by 2 cutting elements, namely, a trimmer line for soft grass and a knife for dry and old bushes. The machine has an engine capacity of 1, 1 L. с. Weighing in at 5 kilograms, the tank holds 400 milliliters of fuel.

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Husqvarna 128R Grass Trimmer

The model is considered the best for regular use. The machine works on a flexible shaft and is therefore robust. Auxiliary spring is a guarantee of fast startup. Equipped with a belt facilitates the operator’s work, as well as distributing the load evenly over the back. After completion of work, the ignition switch is able to return to the starting position, so the grass trimmer is always ready for a new start. The gas tank of this model has a capacity of 0.4 liters of fuel. Weighs 5 kg and has a capacity of 1.1 L. с.

Husqvarna 133R Lawn Mower

This model is great for frequent high intensity use. The machine is lightweight, has a rugged design and does not overheat internal components. The grass trimmer comes with a sturdy cover, a pump that pumps fuel, a straight hose, a bicycle handle, and a pair of cutting elements. The unit is characterized by a two-stroke engine with an output of 1, 22 l. с. This lawn mower weighs 5.8 kg with a capacity of the tank of 1 liter.

Husqvarna 135R grass trimmer

Husqvarna 135R grass trimmer is a versatile model that is used in private households. It can be used for small to medium sized areas. The unit is able to operate without interruption for a long period of time. The Smart Start system pumps the fuel mixture, so starting the grass trimmer is quick and easy. X-Torq increases torque and reduces emissions. The product is equipped with a belt equipment, grass trimmer head, knife, instruction manual. Grass trimmer engine features power of 1, 4 kW. Grass trimmer tank holds 0.6 liters.

Popular self-propelled and manual models, description and price

No matter what model gasoline lawnmower, which seized the sympathy of buyers or users, did it due to some features or special features that distinguish it from the nearest competitors profitably. But in this section we won’t associate Husqvarna mowers with rival manufacturers, but we will tell you how models under the Husqvarna brand differ from each other

But in this section we will not associate Husqvarna mowers with rival products, but we will tell you how models under the Husqvarna brand differ from each other.

lawn, mower, husqvarna, gasoline, fill

How to Choose the Right Fuel for Your Mower


The Husqvarna 128 R has a two-stroke engine with 0.8 kW of power. The rotation speed is 8 000 rpm. Device volume is 28 cubic cm. The engine is built with E-Tech 2 technology, which greatly reduces harmful exhaust emissions. And it still delivers the power you need. Smart Start” system makes it possible to start the trimmer quickly, even if you haven’t used it for a while. Cutting parts of the machine. trimmer line and knife. Cutting width is 45 cm. Cutting parts are covered with a special blade guard for safety. The guard can become clogged with small grass, and must be cleaned. Sound pressure during operation of the device is 100 dB. The manufacturer recommends wearing special headphones when using. Detailed characteristics of the machine are presented in the table.

The boom height is 1,446 mm. The rod cannot be disassembled, nor can it be adjusted for a person’s height. But it is possible to adjust the handle, by which the gardener holds the mower. Diameter of the rod is 25.4 mm. Fuel consumption is 507 g/kWh.

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