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Ways to use mowed lawn grass

When suburban homeowners discovered the beauty of green lawns, garden equipment manufacturers rushed to offer a variety of lawn mower and trimmer options. But good tools are not enough. as a result of regular lawn care, a decent amount of mowed lawn grass is formed. And as a consequence. the need to dispose of it.

After mowing the lawn there is always a lot of grass left over If you are faced with the question of where to dispose of the grass after mowing, there are several quite effective ways to use this material. Lawn cuttings are valuable material for the gardener, so there’s no need to throw them away. In this article, we will tell you about the options for using lawn grass in gardening.

Lawnmower: 7 useful features that will make your life much easier

Mowing the grass will be much more pleasant, if the mower is equipped with some additional functions. And what exactly they are, we’re about to tell you.

One of the most popular elements of landscape design, which some time ago won the hearts of gardeners and our suburban areas, is a lawn with short-cut green grass. To make the grass pavement befit the status of the owner and serve as a decoration, it is necessary to constantly take care of it: watering, fertilizing, and can’t do without a lawn mower.

Mowing the grass is much more enjoyable when your grass mower is packed with extra features. And we are going to tell you exactly what they are.

Popular Patterns

Companies supplying the modern lawnmower market are located in different countries.

The brand name should not be the main criterion when choosing a unit, because some Chinese devices can also be distinguished by excellent quality.

Mowers of the well-known brands Makita, Hyundai, Stiga, Bosch, VIKING are very popular. The following models are recognized as the best of today.

Grass Clippings Clog Mower. Late Season Veggie Harvest

  • Makita PLM4621 self-propelled lawnmower is equipped with a device for mulching. Mowing width is 46 cm, height. from 2 to 7,5 cm. The machine weighs 32.5 kg.
  • The Hyundai L4310 non-self-propelled petrol mower has a mulching head. There is a central cutting height adjustment. The collection volume is 45 liters. Lawn mowing width 42 cm and height 2,5-7,5 cm. Fuel tank holds 1 liter of gasoline.
  • Self-propelled electric mower Stiga Combi 48 ES has an adjustable handle and folding handle. It has a steel body, a blade of grass, excellent manoeuvrability, large wheels (18 cm at the front and 24 cm at the back) and a large grass catcher box (up to 60 l).
  • The AL-KO 119617 Highline 46/5 SP-A has 7 mowing levels. Lawn height is adjustable from 3 to 8 cm. The device weighs 32 kg. The very robust housing ensures the longevity of the machine. The mower has an incredible impact resistance. It is possible to mulch. With an auxiliary accessory, you can grind herbs into a fertiliser for the soil.
  • The Bosch ARM 37 does not have a grass chopping device. The rigid grass catcher box has a capacity of 40 l. There is a central cutting height adjustment from 2 to 7 cm. Cutting width is 37 cm.
lawn, mower, does, collect
  • The Austrian VIKING MB 248 gasoline mower is compact and easy to maneuver. The housing is made of steel. Large soft fabric bag has a capacity of 45 liters. Weighs 28kg.

Basic requirements for lawn mowers

What a lawn mower for uneven terrain should look like and what aspects should be taken into account? The first and most important thing to take into account: You have to handle wild vegetation with a powerful mower. If there is a mixture of bushes and grass on the plot, it is better to take a lawn mower from 1500W, with a metal blade-disc as a cutting element. It can cope even with difficult tasks and will not require frequent sharpening.

For uneven areas, the need for quality grass mowing becomes a serious problem. If you have to regularly negotiate bumps, gradients and hills, it’s best to choose models with gearchanging and wheel drive from the start. The optimal choice would be technique with which you can mow the lawn surface or wild vegetation at different speeds, they should be from 4 front and 1 rear. Starting is more convenient with an electric starter, it is also found on gasoline models.

Lawn mower wont pick up the grass properly. Simple fix

Another important requirement for rough terrain is a mower with large wheels that can provide ease in turning and maneuvering.

In addition, you should pay attention to the location of the engine. in powerful models it is located on top, in others it is hidden in the body. The harder the terrain, the heavier the mower must be.

It is imperative to make sure that the cutting element is sufficiently resistant to collision with hard objects and obstacles. As for grass discharge, it’s more convenient to use a lawn mower model with a grass catcher box or side discharge. The mulching mowers also shred the particles which get inside and turn them into a processed fertiliser.

Mulching, discarding, or mowing with the grass catcher box?

Grass that is mowed with a lawnmower can be mulched, collected in the grass catcher box, or tossed aside. Some mowers can operate in any of these three modes, but as a rule, these are heavy and professional mowers, especially since the presence of all three modes significantly affects the price. And not always all three options are necessary. So which to choose?

Mulching.If you refer to official sources: mulching is the surface coating of the soil with mulch (German Mulch) to protect and improve its properties. Mulching is one of the most effective ways to keep plants healthy. In lawn mowers, the mulching system allows you to mow and fertilize your lawn at the same time. Mulching finely chops the grass cuttings and pumps them right into the bed of the growing grass, and thus nutrients, mainly nitrogen, are returned to the lawn. The main advantage of mulching is that the grass cuttings do not remain on the surface of the lawn and no additional equipment is needed for removing them. But don’t forget, if you use mulching, you’ll have to aerate your lawn more often than you would normally do (pierce the turf).

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Mowing with a grass catcher box.The use of grass cuttings has been in demand for many years. Depending on the model, the grass catcher box is mounted on the back or side of the mower. The advantages of grass catchers are obvious: the cut grass is removed and does not remain on the lawn. The disadvantages of grass collectors include the extra work you have to do to empty them and dispose of the grass clippings. The collected grass is also good to use for compost and fertilize fruit trees.

Side discharge.It is the oldest method. the grass cuttings are thrown on the side of the deck onto the lawn. This system is the simplest and least expensive. But with this kind of mowing grass left on the lawn spoils its appearance and if the grass is wet or very high will be thrown lumps, if they are not removed, under them the new, young grass may rot or turn yellow. This method is more suitable for mowing the grass around the area, if you are sure that there are no foreign objects that can damage your lawnmower.

Operating errors of cordless lawn mowers

Important! Compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions is important not only for the safety of the tool, but also for the life and health of the user!

Error 1. It is not right to correlate the power of the tool with its task

A sure way to ruin your technique. use a low-powered mower or trimmer to mow overgrown grass or brush up on last year’s dead grass. So before you buy a tool, find out what kind of task it is supposed to cope with. And if you bought a low-powered mower, don’t try to mow an overgrown meadow with it.

A low-powered mower will not cope with overgrown grass. Choose a model for the task at hand

lawn, mower, does, collect

It is very important to consider from the very beginning what kind of load the tool is designed for. For example, if we talk about Kärcher lawn equipment, then grass trimmers and mowers with a battery voltage of 18V will suit perfectly for keeping a small cottage lawn in a tidy condition. For higher output, 36 V mowers are used. But due to its specifics, battery-powered equipment still provides less power compared to electric or gasoline-powered, and it will not work to mow overgrown meadows. But it is much more convenient to keep in order even a large lawn in your suburban property.

lawn, mower, does, collect

Mistake 2. Mow a littered lawn

You are tempted to mow the grass quickly, without preparation, or in the evening, in the dark? Well, there are few reasons to refuse to inspect and clean the area from foreign objects There is a chance that all will end well, but if you are unlucky, it may not just tear the line on the trimmer or break the mower. If a stone flies out from under a knife or line, there’s no telling what trajectory it will take or who will be injured.

Make sure there are no foreign objects on the surface to be mowed

How to mow properly The mowed area must be clean. remove stones, sticks and other objects that can damage the mechanism of the tools or, when flying out, cause harm to the health of others. But what about decorative items or trees in the garden that are so difficult to mow without striking? In this case, for example, some models of Kärcher cordless trimmers have a special hinged limiter clamp.

The folding bar on Kärcher trimmers protects flowers and trees from accidental cutting and prevents damage to the line

You simply place it over the open section of the line, hold it against an obstacle and mow. The grass will be cut exactly to its edge.

Mistake 3. Mowing while it’s raining

The conventional wisdom “Mow the grass while it dews” says you should mow in the dew or after a rain. Not to defy centuries of experience! But if you follow this recommendation, you could lose your tool or harm your health. How to use electric and cordless grass trimmers and lawn mowers when it is raining is prohibited. If water ever gets inside the powerpack, there’s a risk of a short circuit or an electric shock. For mowing wet grass, cordless grass trimmers and mowers can be used, but due to its sticking to the knives and the spindle, the load on them will increase. Wet grass is also harder and more dangerous to walk on; it takes longer to clean your tools and clothes. Wet grass cuttings are not evenly distributed; they tend to roll in piles. If they are not removed immediately after mowing, gaps may appear in the lawn.

Grass cuttings do not cut evenly on wet grass, it dries out and turns yellow

Mistake 4. Work when vibration occurs

Why? Exercise patience and pretend it is meant to be. It’s okay, it vibrates and stops But no kidding. if you ignore the vibration that suddenly appears, you can wait for serious damage to the working nodes. How to mow correctly Every time before mowing you need to inspect the tool. It is important to check the condition of the mower blade: It must be sharpened and firmly fixed. On a trimmer, check the balance of the lower parts and the length of the line “tendrils”. they should be the same.

Kärcher cordless trimmers have an automatic line extension system that ensures a constant working width

Problems can also result from debris in the moving parts. If you understand that you can not determine the cause of such “behavior” of the tool, do not play the role of Samodelkin. contact a service center. This is especially important if the machine is still under warranty. Kärcher gardening equipment has a 5-year warranty, if you buy it at Kärcher Centers or in the official online store.

Mistake 5. Mowing with an overfilled grass box

If the mower is equipped with a grass catcher box, it has to be cleaned periodically. When it is full, it looks like you can walk a couple of meters more without dragging your feet. No harm, no foul play, just more lawn that has become clogged.

How to use mowers with a grass catcher box correctly, it is necessary to clean the container of grass from the grass in time to prevent breakdown of the equipment. It is very convenient when the tool is equipped with an indicator of the level of filling of the grass catcher.

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Kärcher cordless mowers have a fill level indicator in the grass catcher box and will help you clean it in time

Problems may only arise from the volume. If the capacity is too small, you have to stop work often. If it is too large, it is physically difficult to empty. Judiciously estimate your forces and abilities of your household members. and take into account what will be the area to be treated. For example, in Kärcher’s line of cordless lawnmowers, the grass catcher box capacity varies from 35 to 55 liters, depending on the model. All machines are equipped with a 2-in-1 mowing system in which the cuttings are collected in the grass catcher box, or a mulching kit included with the machine can be used to distribute the cuttings over the lawn as a natural fertiliser.

Shredded grass that has dried out makes an excellent fertilizer

Mistake 6. Violate the rules for storing and operating the battery

  • if the battery is stored wet or in a room with high humidity;
  • charging with units that are not suitable for the specific battery model
  • transport or store in contact with metal objects;
  • drop your equipment.

The right way Yes, indeed, not so long ago, cordless tools were not so much the solution to problems, but the problem itself. Failed quickly, weighed a lot But this is a thing of the past, and now cordless technology is a completely new solution. Power packs have optimum performance without compromising other important qualities. In all Kärcher gardening products, the batteries are fully compatible with any Kärcher brand products of the same voltage class (18 V or 36 V), no matter whether they are domestic or professional products. You can buy one or more additional batteries for one tool and mow all day long without interruption.

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Kärcher batteries are protected against direct water jets and have a shockproof housing. They also have an LCD display that clearly shows the remaining charge level. In winter, the battery pack can only be stored in dry conditions at a minimum of 14°C.20°C. If it is not used for more than 21 days, it automatically activates storage mode. This feature protects the battery cells from rapid aging and extends battery life (only Kärcher batteries currently have this “sleep mode”). During the season, you can safely use the machine with a residual charge, but after long periods of storage, the battery must be fully charged.

Kärcher quick charger and universal battery pack

Choosing the right mower. Mowing conditions

Mowing ornamental lawns in areas without obstacles is better to do self-propelled petrol lawn mowers with grass catcher box. And the wider the mowing width and the grass catcher box, the better.

Mowing decorative lawns in areas with many obstacles in the form of beds, trees, bushes and others is better to do non-self-propelled petrol lawnmower or Lawn mowers with swan wheels

Conclusion: A lawn trimmer should only be used on flat land without stones, tree stumps or hummocks. Otherwise it is possible to damage the blade at best and the engine at worst.

Mowing on rough terrain, on areas with uneven terrain, where there is no need for quality mowing and in places that are difficult to access, is performed by a hand-held gasoline or wheel trimmer.

Electric and battery-powered grass trimmers should only be used correctly for cutting grass in hard-to-reach places or where care is needed, such as at curbs, watering points or near flowers.

The grass trimmer can also be used for haymaking or for mowing garden weeds and weeds. But we will get to this in another article.

Conclusion: When it comes to mowing ornamental lawns, the grass trimmer is the second tool after the lawnmower for cutting the grass, in places where a regular lawnmower cannot handle. You can use the smallest gasoline MTD Smart BC26 (blade and flail included) or the electric MTD EB1000B straight shaft trimmer (blade and flail included).

Mowing the lawn according to the rules

How to properly mow the lawn? How often should it be done?

How much wisdom can there be in mowing a lawn?? Mow and mow your lawn. And there is nothing complicated about it. In fact, nothing really complicated, you just need to know a few things and nuances.

  • Mow or mow the lawn regularly! How regularly you can mow your lawn depends on many factors, such as watering, type and variety of grass, weather conditions, etc.п. You should start mowing your lawn as soon as it begins to grow. Usually from March to October (could also be from April to September). Everything depends on the weather conditions. Mow the lawn when the height of the grass on it has reached 10-15 cm., Not higher. Overgrown grass (above 15-20 cm).) It is recommended to mow twice, first to a height of 10 cm., And then a second time to the right height. This is also the right way to mow lawns when, for example, you return from vacation, and the grass has overgrown. Mow the lawn at least once a week. If the grass is growing slowly, check its growth and then mow once every two weeks. Clover turf can be mowed 1-2 times a month. Moorland lawn needs to be mowed once a season. Mow parterre lawn every 3-4 days.
  • The height of the mowing is a very important factor that directly affects the good health of the lawn. In the first spring cuttings do not try to mow too low, the best height is 5-6 cm. In the last autumn mowing, when the grass has slowed its growth, mow it at a level no higher than 3-4 cm. If the grass has suddenly overgrown after the last mowing, do not be lazy and mow it again to the right height. Do not let the grass go higher than 3-4 cm for the winter. If the summer is hot and dry, do not mow the lawn too low. preferably 5 to 6 cm in height. Lawns with longer grass evaporate less moisture. The same applies when you go away and there is no one to mow and water the lawn. By the way, if you are going on a trip, and the weather promises to be hot and no rain, mow the lawn “throw”, that is, do not collect grass in the grass box, and leave it on the lawn. This will keep the lawn from burning out and from excessive moisture evaporation. If the lawn has a function to mow in “mulch mode” (finely chop the grass and throw it on the lawn), this is even better. Please note that a mulch may only be used if it is regularly mowed and if the weight of the grass is not heavy. Only then mulch will do good, not harm. If your lawn is newly sown, the first cut should always be at least 8-10 cm, i.e. the very tips of the grass should be mown so that the grass which has grown from seed starts to bush and spread. If you have an automatic irrigation system, you can mow your lawn to a height of 3-4 cm, even on the hottest days. If you want to repair your lawn, the best height is 2-2.5 cm. The same height is also necessary before scarifying and before combing the lawn.
  • There are rules of mowing the lawn on certain lines and directions. But usually mow the lawn as it is convenient or as the owners like it. Some want and mow so that the stripes are lengthwise, while some only need to be crosswise. The very aesthetes mow concentric circles, herringbone and different figures. In my opinion, you should do it the way you like. Simply by using the lines on the lawn, it can be visually elongated or, conversely, enlarged. In general, it is still recommended to periodically change the direction of mowing in order to improve the quality of work. But still, such mowing lines and patterns as on European soccer fields can only be achieved using high-quality machinery with a movable roller at the back. The sides of the light have no influence on the growth quality of the grass, so it doesn’t matter at all how the grass grows. Unless of course you have a “parterre”. Here it is recommended to mow it, following all mowing lines and directions.
  • What’s the best weather for mowing lawns?? Better mowing is only possible in dry weather when the grass is dry. And you spend a lot less time.
  • Lawnmower. There are a lot of lawn mowers. The best lawn mower for a large lawn is a self-propelled machine with a gasoline engine. It doesn’t need to be pushed or pulled, and can be managed by young or old alike. It has no electrical wire to get tangled in. These lawn mowers from quality manufacturers will last for decades. It is better to choose a mower with a rear drive, they are more convenient, because the rear wheels are loaded the most during the operation (grass catcher box). Your financial investment will be well worth it. You will enjoy mowing. And if you have a small lawn, just a few acres, then you can get by with a good electric lawn mower from the same good manufacturer.
  • Lawn trimmer. It is used to mow areas that are hard to reach for wide “muzzle” mowers (curbs, corners, areas of irregular and narrow shapes, areas near plants and under trees, places near fences and fences). They also come in a variety of power, gasoline and battery-powered short ones that are easy to mow with one hand. If you have a lot of places that are hard to reach for a mower and you do not like to cut the grass with a hand scissor, then you need a tool like this. This grass mower will also be useful if you haven’t mowed for some time, and your grass can’t be mowed anymore. As a rule, you have to mow difficult passages with a trimmer first and then a lawn mower to collect the cuttings with the trimmer. If you mow very tall grass and then want to trim it with a mower, mow at a height of not less than 10 cm so as not to cut the lawn to the ground, pick up the cut grass with a rake, and pass the mower at the desired height. If you have no experience with such a tool, you should be very careful. You can damage leaves and trunks with a fishing line, which can chop or damage a tree with a trunk 1 cm thick, not to mention all other plants, if you work at high speed. And it is imperative that you strictly follow all. safety rules, which are detailed in the instructions for the use of such a mower.
  • Periodically pay attention to the tips of the grass clippings. If they are “shaggy”, torn and dry out after a while after mowing, it’s time to sharpen the lawnmower blades. The lawn should be mowed with well-sharpened blades.
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Knowing all these simple “wisdoms”, you can take on the job yourself, without the involvement of professionals. The more so that the relaxed walking on the grass combined with a useful activity, of course, will raise your mood and charge you for the whole day on some Sunday morning!

Tools for creating an even lawn edge

Edging trimmer. Make the edge of the lawn smooth, especially if it is adjacent to the flower bed. The problem is non-trivial: soil and grass tend to “slip” in a flower bed. This problem is tried to solve in different ways, for example, fence off the flower bed with plastic straps or decorative fences. The appearance, unfortunately, does not improve, and is not particularly helpful. Often try to cut the edge with a shovel, but the result is an uneven edge, as if “nibbled”. In the meantime, there is a very simple tool that can make a really nice edge without much effort. This device looks like a semicircular blade on a cutter; you can use a regular garden hose laid along the edge of the lawn as a guide to create an even mowing line.

Lawn technology: edging shears

Grass shears have a special design and are needed for edge trimming, cutting grass in corners, along flower beds, walls and in other places where it is difficult or unsafe to work with a mower and trimmer. Mechanical shears, in which the force is created manually, can be equipped with guides to cut the grass evenly to the same length, and a swivel head. it’s handy in tough conditions. For those who find it difficult to work in a bend or squat, there are shears on small wheels and with a long handle, on top of which there are controls.

Lawn technology: mechanical grass shears

Cordless grass shears look like big hair clippers. Their cutting element is made in a similar way. The shear head is 6-10 cm wide, which is enough to cut the edges of the lawn well. Autonomy depending on battery power. 30 to 80 minutes. These shears can also be found in a version with a long handle and wheels. Another plus for the tool. The ability to extend its functionality: the grass cutting head of some models can be replaced with a tool for simple trimming of ornamental shrubs, if necessary.

Lawn care equipment: cordless grass shears

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