Kynburn grass grinder how to get there from Nikolaev

Holidays on the Kynbournskaya spit: reviews and impressions of the entertainment

Most tourists choose Kinburn primarily because of beach holidays. Judging by the many rave reviews, it is just great in these places! It is still sparse (you can walk along the sea for a couple of hours and not meet a soul), the water is clean, the entrance to the sea is gentle.

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Beach recreation on Kinburn will suit those who do not like a lot of noisy cafes and crowded beaches

No less popular entertainment. extreme driving on the dunes and quicksand. True, you can not ride everywhere. the place is reserved.

The best transport for traveling on the Kynbournskoy spit

In addition, on the Kynbournes spit come for:

  • productive photo-hunting. In the frame for just a day you can “catch” the blue jellyfish or a pair of cranes, a quiet salt lake or endless steppes;
  • inspiring hikes;
  • fishing for gobies and stingrays;
  • catching mussels, shrimp, crayfish;
  • evening meditation. the sunsets here are simply indescribable;
  • Windsurfing and kayaking.

You can go snorkeling on the spit. If you are lucky, you will even see actinids. little sea predators that look like exotic flowers with tentacles.

Approximately from May another kind of leisure is available. in the wooded part of the peninsula mushrooms appear. Especially a lot of butter mushrooms and porcini.

You can diversify your leisure by walking through the groves and forests

Kynbournskaya Spit for grass how to get there, Ochakov Kynbournskaya Spit for grass

Ochakov Kynbournskaya Spit for grass, Kynbournskaya Spit for grass how to get there. We ask everyone who wants to get to us to coordinate the time and the route.

The best way to get to Ochakov Kinburn Spit \ kinburn is the sea. Phone for reservations 38-067-5129627 (Irina), 38-067-5157273 (Vadim)

On this phone number you will not only order your room, but also get information on how to get to us the best and easiest way to the tourist complex “Steep Scree. Kinburn spit for grass how to get there

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Ochakov Kinburn Spit for grass From Moscow

  • By plane to Odessa. Plane arrives at 2 p.m. Odessa around 14-00. From Odessa to Ochakov you can take a cab or a minibus. Then by boat to Kinburn Spit for grass (45 min.).
  • By train to Nikolaev. The train comes at 9 am. Not far from G.Д. You can get to the railway station (10 minutes by minibus) and the bus station. From there you can get to Ochakov in 1 hour by minibus. Then by boat to Kinburn Spit for grass (45 min.)

Ochakov Kinburn Spit for grass From Kiev

  • Train to Nikolaev. The train arrives at 6 a.m. Not far from the G.Д. There is a bus station (10 minutes by shuttle bus). From there you can get to Ochakov in 1 hour by minibus. Then take a boat to Kinburn Spit for grass (45 min.)
  • You can go by car to Ochakov via Nikolaev (540 km).) Leave the car at the parking lot (20 grn / day) directly at the pier, then take a boat to Kynbournskaya spit for grass (45 min.)
  • You can get there by car to the.Geroiskoe (through Nikolaev, Kherson, Tsuryupinsk, Zburievka, Zabarino). This is the place where the paved road ends (from Kiev, 650 km.) Car can be left on a parking place (20 grn/day), then by transport of the base to get to the place of the base.
  • If you have a four-wheel drive car, you can, using the tips on the phone, yourself to get to the base (about 20 km through the woods, lakes, sands). Journey on a spit will take about an hour.
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Ochakov Kinburn Spit for grass From Odessa

  • By car or by shuttle bus to Zburyevka town) Car can be parked in the parking lot of the car. Ochakov. Paid moorage right at the pier. Further by boat to Kinburn (45 min).
  • On your car (if it is four-wheel drive), through Nikolaev, Kherson, Tsuryupinsk, Bare quay, Zburyevka, Geroyskoe you can get straight to the base, passing 290 km of asphalt, another 20 km on the Kynburn‘s Spit.

From the Crimea, Kharkov, Melitopol, Donetsk

Can be reached by car through Tsyurupinsk, Goluya Wharf, Zburyevka, Geroyske. In Geroyskoe (the place where the road ends), leave your car under protection, and then on our cross-country vehicles to get to the base.

Description of the natural area on the spit

The peninsula is situated in the south of Ukraine, and its area is about 18 thousand hectares. hectares. Dnepro-Bugsky estuary, Yagorlytsky bay and the Black Sea bathe Kinburn.

The beaches here are sandy, with a gently sloping entrance to the sea. both quite “wild” and equipped, with cafes and other attractions.

In addition to the sea, there are other water bodies. Tourists are especially attracted by the salt lakes, from which salt has been extracted for centuries. These lakes are painted a bright pink color. you can see it even from the satellite!

The organic pink pigment is given by special algae that lives here in great numbers.

Kynburne spit for grass

Kynburne grass scythe incredibly beautiful paradise, which is washed by the waters of the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the Black Sea (Yagorlytsky Bay). This popular tourist attraction in Ukraine is located in the Mykolayiv region near the resort town of Ochakov. The length of the Kosi reaches 40 kilometers, and its width is 10 kilometers. Here everyone can perfectly and unforgettably spend their free time away from everyday worries. Today, the area of 18,000 hectares, which is an integral part of the Black Sea Reserve, is home to more than 70 species of rare birds, 60 species of animals and 500 species of rare plants. The magnificent flora and fauna of Kinburnskaya kosa captivates. It’s a place where you’ll want to go again and again.

Sometimes it seems that nature itself is reverently guarding this place from prying eyes. It is not easy to get here, but the time spent on the road is worth it. This place is completely different from the usual for us resort places in Ukraine, here everything is very different, cozy and calm.

Legends and stories of the Kynburn‘s Spit:

Kynburnskaya Spit for grass is a beautiful and at the same time mysterious place, shrouded in legends and unbelievable stories. About this magical place mentioned by historians and writers. Who would have thought that the famous lines from our childhood. written by Pushkin here on Kynburnskaya spit. Today, everyone can touch the oak tree which the author wrote about. In this region there are legends about the Scythian gold and beautiful Amazons. The Greeks, who had lived on the peninsula for some time, have also left their mark on the history of Kos. According to historical data, they were successfully engaged in trade in this region, leaving behind a lot of legends and secrets. It is also known that the Kos inhabited the Turks and Tatars, who, in turn, too, left here a piece of their culture and history.

There are over 150 unique freshwater and saltwater lakes on Kinburn Spit. Here you can watch the unbelievable spectacle of fish spawning. Just imagine if you stand on the lake and see how dense shoals of fish move smoothly one after another from one lake to another, and so on until they reach the sea.

There are several lakes on the spit rich in healing mud and salt, which the locals use for their needs. In the past, despite the tiresome and dangerous road, the Chumaks used to come here for the whitewash gold. Today, you can see huge chunks of salt. over 20 kilos.

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For fishing enthusiasts this is a heavenly place. There are gobies, crabs, mussels, mullet, shrimps and many others. So when you come here on vacation don’t forget to take the necessary equipment.

Tips for tourists: I recommend to take the products, a couple of stores are of course, but the choice is not very high and very expensive. A small first aid kit should also be collected in advance, just in case. Walking on the spit be very careful, watch your step, there are a lot of poisonous snakes and spiders. And most importantly, be sure to stock up on mosquito repellent.

How to get to Kinburnskaya Spit: First you need to get to the city of Nikolaev, by train or bus as you prefer. Then you can get a bus or marshrootka ticket to Ochakov. Ochakov, the price is about 50 hryvnia. As a side note! You can book a ticket for a bus from your city directly to Ochakov. I know for sure that there are direct flights from almost all regional centers of Ukraine, so take this information for yourself. When you arrive in Ochakov, you need to get on the boat Ochakov Kinburnskaya Spit for grass from the pier 333-L. The ticket price is about 80 hryvnia. I can’t tell you the exact schedule, but the boat runs three times a day. Since Kinburn spit for grass in recent years has become a popular tourist attraction in Nikolaev region, for the development of tourism in the region, from g. In Mykolaiv region there is a plan to launch a boat that will take you directly to the spit. But these are only plans, and time will tell how it will be in reality.

Where to stay on the spit: you can live in a tent, rent a room from the locals, stay at the recreation center or in a camping.

Rest center “Kinburn House” Hotel Pelikan Rest center “Tavriya” Guest house “Blossoming Olive” Hotel “Aroma”

Tourist attractions on Kynburnskaya Spit: Peninsula Berezan’; Mud and salt lakes; Relict groves. Volyzhyn forest, a mysterious Kovalevskaya Saga; tract “Commandant”; Ruins of the fortress Kinburn.

Kynburnskaya spit for grass

Kynburn‘s Grass Spit is one of the favorite vacation spots for residents of the southern regions of Ukraine. Wonderful nature and rich history of this place invite you to spend a weekend here.

Kynbournskaya Spit for grass preserved its pristine nature. This place holds many secrets of the ancient civilizations that inhabited the peninsula. The uniqueness of the spit for grass is that on one side it is washed by the fresh waters of the Dnieper, and on the other side by the salty waters of the Black Sea. Kynburn spit is called a pharmacy in the open air. On the wide meadows grow a lot of medicinal grasses. One of the local natural wonders is considered Volyzhyn forest.

Also on Kinburn there are species that are rare for Ukraine. Pink pelicans love the peninsula. They soar gracefully in the air over the spit. It is best to come here in late spring. In May, near the village Pokrovka, an entire field of wild orchids blooms.

On the spit there are several saline lakes with therapeutic mud. Also on the banks of the lakes one can find medicinal white clay. The salubrious effect of the lakes of Kinburn is on a par with the Dead Sea. Here they also produce iodized salt. Some crystals can grow up to 12 kilograms.

Read about rest on the Kynbournskaya Spit in 2017 in the article by Yuri Perebaev.

You can get to Kinburn by water or land.

By water you can take the “Raquette” (the carrier “Nibulon”). Departure from Nikolaev. It will take you about 1.5 hours on the river Southern Bug, across the Dnieper-Bug estuary and a pier on the edge of the Kynburnskaya spit for grass.

You can get to the town of Ochakov (Mykolayiv region, Kharkiv region, Ukraine) and to the sea through the Dnepro-Bug estuary.) and there by boats to Kinburnskaya spit.

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“Good taxi guide” community of like-minded people Author: Yuri Sergeyev

From Kherson you should go as far as the Novaya Zburievka village, where you will see a sign to the Geroysky village. But the road there is very bad. The closer to Geroyskoe, the worse the road is. The average speed is 10 km/h.

It’s important that on Kinburn’s spit is almost impossible to drive with ordinary passenger car, you need all-wheel drive, because you can easily get bogged down in the sands, losing speed.

That’s why it is better to take a cab and a guide. Otherwise, a nice trip to Kinburn will be a real test for your car.

The road to the sea

It took 15 minutes standard for a vacation on this coast. The way passed through a picturesque steppe, quiet salt lakes, which are so fond of birds.

It was a little bit necessary to walk through the water her ankle-deep.

The entrance to the sea is sandy, and for a long time it is shallow. Here I first saw such jellyfish: blue, sometimes even blue cornerotes reached half a meter in diameter! Locals say they have been there since July. Except jellyfishes, there was a dolphin, already dead, thrown out by the sea.

By the way, in spite of the fact that the September sun shone to me, I have thoroughly burnt only for 4 hours. So it is quite real to get an autumn tan on the spit. And the bathing season here sometimes begins in May.

How to get from the Iron Port

It’s easier to get to the spit from nearby resorts, such as Iron Port. Despite the fact that geographically Tendra is almost adjacent to Iron Port, this route is strictly closed to travelers. The western coast of the village is a closed part of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, and passage from this side is only allowed to gamekeepers and scientists.

From the Iron Port you can get to Tendra only by water. Local travel agencies offer relatively inexpensive one-day tours to the spit. But we will have to wait for the full group.

Tendra is always full of wonderful sunsets

If you don’t want to wait. rent a boat or a yacht on your own, be sure to negotiate with the captain the exact time and place where he will take you. Since on the island, cell phone service is very poor and it will not be easy to reach.

The sea trip from Ironport to Tendra Spit will take about 70 km and 2-3 hours. The price is negotiable.

What to do on Kinburn’s Spit?

Do you remember that we told you about the pink lakes in Ukraine? ? So there is one of them, which is located right on Kynburn‘s spit, near the village Geroyske. Except him on the territory of the Kynburn‘s spit there are 150 more salty lakes of different scales.

Kynbournskaya spit for grass. the place is not spoilt by the abundance of tourists, so if you want you can easily find a deserted beach. Thanks to the lack of water attractions and industrial facilities, the water here is simply azure.

Do you know what bairdwatching is?? This is an amateur bird watching and a full-fledged hobby for thousands of people. Kynbourne spit for grass. an ideal place to “poberdvotritsya”. there are about 300 species of birds. In 2001 there was even a record number of pink pelicans in Eastern Europe.

Near the village Pokrovka located one of Europe’s largest wild orchid habitats. They are, by the way, included in the Red Book of Ukraine.

No guarantee, but dolphins do regularly come to the shores of Kinburnskaya Spit for grass, so the chances are very good.

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