Purpose of this Sloka – This stotra is believed to help us recover stolen or snatched items. The stotra is to be read and then the mantra should. Posted June 5, by meeraghu in Kartivirarjuna Mantra, lyrics, Madhwa Calendar. . For lost items, Karthaveeryarjuna is recommended because, from the. kArtavIrya dvAdashanAma stotram.., Sanskrit text in Unicode Devanagari, other Indian languages, ITRANS and IAST (Roman) encoding as pdf and webpage.

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Laxmanan on October 25, at 9: Am chanting this mantra whenever i can. I can read a bit of English but cant pronounce.

karthaveeryarjuna stotram and mantra – A prayer for recovering stolen things

My husband had bought a gold earring from US. Sir namasthe I have a doubt to clear. Can anyone post full Kaarthaveeryarjuna Strotra, Stuti, Kavacham and other stotras related to Kaarthaveeryarjuna. karthaveryarjuna

I remember once i was advised to chant a sholaka for lost thing. My friend had the same problem, her husband started suspecting her of infidelity and she was very upset.

If possible do sangalpa seva for 3 days. Posted by Premkumar on April 3, at 8: Posted by Premkumar on November 6, at 3: I am really sorry about what happened to your family. It is true he had evil traits also, but handless child grew to the extent of gaining hands by tapas.

Jewellery worth 5 lac has been stolen from my house. My experiences are also similar!!!!!!!!! I doing this only for my younger brother.

  BS EN 10002-1 PDF

Mantra Power

Alas no…it has NOT been found nor returned. I came across your site about reciting the kartavirya sloka which i am doin it almost since 5days now…with full of hopes kept reciting this prayer …however unfortunately i dint get any help from it so for.

Thank you once again. How can take this mantra.

It is the most widely-recited Sanskrit text among devotees of Ganesha in Maharashtra. Posted by Taruna on January 6, at 4: Posted by Premkumar Mallya on June 8, at 9: I have lost three gold earings which i kept in heart shape box i forget were i kept still i did not found it will this mantra help to recover Reply.

A prayer for recovering stolen things

She got karthaveerharjuna back. Please let me know in which category it is written. The lion killed Prasena, the lion was killed by Jambavan. Posted by radhikasatyamurty on March 6, at A part of my family hails from Kerala and have known that Goddess Attukal Bhagawati, whose earthy abode is also at Trivandrum, when recalled lovingly and with deep faith, helps you miraculously find lost objects.

Coz recently my marriage got broke up, but i really love that girl and want her to come back in my life. I am chanting karthaveeryarjuna mantra since few days. Posted by vijay at 7: Posted by meeraghu on December 4, at Posted by meeraghu on October 9, at 9: Please also give the Kaarthaveeeryarjuna Kavacham in Mqntra. I do not know the full sloka but i am chanting only Kartaveeryarjunaya namaha. Posted by soujanya on August 6, at 8: Laxmanan on November 18, at 8: My husband is short tempered, gets angry for silly things and misunderstands.


My friends lost his phone I m a spirtual person I am goin to enchant and see this mantra also for my lost pet Reply. Ghurye notes its emergence in the early nineteenth century, corresponding to the rise of the Ganapati worship in Maharashtra among Brahmins centered in Pune.

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Prayer for Recovering Lost Items | Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu

Pls pray for me as it is for rhe sake my work my honesty. However, there are many mantras for stability of mind so we know the risk and make right decisions. Can it be recited to get reconveyance of land from the govt? Due to any reason, if the devotee fails in austerity, the diety will produce counterproductive results. Am chanting this sloka as many times as I can in a day.

Posted by manjula on November 13, at mantea Please take better care in future. Posted by meeraghu on November 13, at 8: On a sad note, I think a lot of us need to chant this shloka to help recover some pieces of the Air France flight which is lost.

Please Pray the Almighty for recovery of the chain. For ever lasting prosperity and material wealth kaarthaveeryarjuna worship Sri Lakshmi Kubera Yantram. It goes like this.