Is it possible to saw cast iron with an angle grinder

Is it possible to cut a cast iron pipe with an angle grinder. Cutting cast iron: angle grinder, pipe cutters, gas: equipment and features

The most simple and accessible method. Disadvantages: cutting is only in a straight line. Let’s say to cut the pipe. you can, but to cut some parts, it will be very difficult, however, in everyday life this method is used mainly for the installation of sanitary and heating equipment. It is worth noting that this is a fire hazardous method. Additional face and eye protection is required.

When cutting cast iron with an angle grinder, it is worth paying special attention to the cutting discs. Nowadays cutting discs on a bakelite sheath are rather popular, they are more durable and elastic than expendables on a ceramic sheath.

How to Cut a Cast Iron Pipe with an angle grinder video

What to cut a cast iron pipe by yourself?

Is it normal to cut a cast iron bathtub with an angle grinder??

Tube cutting. Most of all this article is devoted to cutting metal pipes and only at the end of the considered commands: plastic pipe cutting, metal plastic pipe cutting and polypropylene pipe cutting. The pipe, as well as other rolled metal products, is produced by the factory of a certain length. This length is given by the technological features of industrial equipment and in a similar landscape the pipe comes to build, and then in trade. When working with pipes, bars and other types of rolled metal products, one of the main operations is the pipe cutting. Why cut a pipe?? To be able to buy a piece of pipe of the right size as a result of cutting the pipe, and only then use it for its intended purpose. This operation is called cutting pipe to size. When cutting pipes to size you set a certain size, ordinarily the length of the pipe. To perform the cutting of pipes to size, you measure with a tape measure the appropriate length of pipe from the straight pipe country and make the necessary markings. Later, when cutting pipe to size, you direct the cutting tool to the place designated after the marking. Tools for cutting pipes you will like more obedient or electronic and have a variety of cutting surfaces. When you cut the pipe not only need to get a piece of pipe of the right size, but do not spoil the pipe. There is a problem to do the pipe cutting at right angles or cut the pipe under the back corners, extending from 90 degrees. There is a demand: What to cut the pipe. The response to this demand has been familiar for a long time and has several options.

Occasionally come across broken frames from lathes. to buy all fabulous, transport to the house. all the more. Like a machine tool it can not be restored, but I need to cut a piece of about 800 mm long and 300. 500 mm wide from their characteristics to build a sharpening machine (those cut the bed perpendicularly). autogenome do it denied, because cast iron does not play without a special cutter and a special powder, which requires, of course, no one and did not notice for. too fabulous to do it with an angle grinder. Obedient saws fall away Maybe something can be simply poured on the leading, that during autogenom work it in. reacts with the oxide, lowering the melting point? It won’t be written off by the flame? Option is certainly more real. to make the deepest cuts with an angle grinder, and then put under the bed hydraulic jacks and they try to raise the bed like a time from below the cut you. combining with hammer blows on the unnecessary part. maybe there will be a crack? It’s really? be fly splinters? How deep is the sawing?? 10. 20 mm kerf is enough. do not just approach? Your option?

Pipe Cutter

This is a special device for cutting pipes of different materials. A distinction is made between manual (mechanical) and electric tools. Both are suitable for diameters from 15-360 mm.

First the carbide disc is put on the machine. The removable element has a number of advantages over the classic abrasive. For example, 4 times faster cutting speed, no sparks, and no need to add any substances to the cutting zone. A diamond coating is applied on top of the cutting edge, prolonging the life of the products. Examples of pipe cutters for cast iron pipe. Exact Pipecut portable products for diameters smaller than 360 mm.

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Alas, it is rare that a home pipe can be easily cut with a pipe cutter. It can be difficult to access the tool, or the place of cutting is bent so that the device cannot grasp it. This is why it is worth considering other options.

How to cut a pipe cleanly with an angle grinder

When working with construction or plumbing tasks, you need to know how to cut a pipe evenly with an angle grinder. In this article we’ll consider quick and easy ways to cut the pipe with an angle grinder to get the perfect result.

possible, cast, iron, angle

How to cut cast iron using a reciprocating saw

Cut the pipe at 45 and 90 degrees

If you need to cut the pipe at an angle of 45 degrees, which is often required when laying water, heating pipes.

Often steel, cast iron pipes are used, which have a cylindrical shape. Rectangular or profiled pipes are used in installation work.

However, it is necessary to properly cut the pipe with an angle grinder, so that it can then be easily connected. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully mark the pipe.

Some masters try to mark the place of the cut with a tape measure, but we warn you that the result will most likely turn out negative. And for a positive result, consider the following recommendation of professionals.

Take a sheet of paper or cardboard, preferably A4, fold it diagonally and wrap it around the pipe, where an even cut is planned. The edges of the paper must absolutely coincide with each other. And the side of the paper closest to the end of the pipe was perpendicular to the axis. After that, in a circle, mark the line for the trimmer of the cut.

Fastest Way to Cut Cast Iron Pipe

If you need to cut exactly at an angle of 90 degrees, then solve the problem quickly, again using paper or masking tape. Wrap it around the pipe so that the ends coincide. Make a level marking and saw off.

Masters are advised to use an angle piece when cutting profile pipe. To do this, take turns putting the angle piece to the sides, and with smooth motions turn and make marks. After the action, secure the pipe and cut. Prepare yourself a template, which will come in handy in the future and save time. It is better to perform the action with an angle grinder, so the cut will be smoother.

When working with cast iron pipe, keep in mind that it is a fragile material. So let’s introduce a way to cut this kind of metal without damage.

Before you begin, make marks for the cut, as in the work with steel pipes. Lay a wooden bar for support. Go around the circumference of the pipe with an angle grinder, making small cuts. Then take a chisel, put it in the groove and hit it hard with a hammer. Keep in mind that for cutting cast iron pipes use cutting discs on a bakelite base.

If you do not have at hand an angle grinder to cut cast iron sewer pipe or other purposes, use a hacksaw for metal, chisels or special pipe cutters.

Cutting a gas pipe is a dangerous action, so it’s best to trust professionals. But if you are confident in your abilities, then for cutting metal take an angle grinder, welder, hacksaw, gas welder.

  • Before working, turn off the riser with the gas supply. After that, let the rest of the gas out of the pipe. To do this, light the gas in the burners and wait for it to go out.
  • After the actions performed, cut. Using the method of welding, the metal base is burned when exposed to high temperatures. The result is quick and efficient. But remember, cutting or rooting gas pipes again requires experience.

Ways to cut large diameter pipe

For cutting large diameter pipes, e.g. sewer pipes, there are a number of reliable tools. Next, let’s look at some of them in detail:

  • Angle grinder is inexpensive and affordable option, but is not considered the safest way to work with such materials. If you decide to use this method, be careful and use protective equipment.
  • Rolling machine (pipe cutter) is such a tool adapted for such manipulations. The device is attached and the material removal begins. The clamping force is adjusted using mechanical devices. It is important to note that machine models differ in shape, so before using it, consider the size ratio with the pipe.
  • Gas cutting is the most popular choice for cutting larger diameter pipes, sheet metal. The cut is made by the action of a high intensity flame, the metal melts and exits the cut zone with a stream of gas. This method is comfortable and efficient.

A fast way to cut a pipe lengthwise is with an angle grinder:

  • Pay close attention to markings.
  • Use for such a case a painting thread, which is widespread in the marking of the walls.
  • Before you begin, fix the pipe and with small movements, carefully saw the pipe.
  • It is best to not rush, but gently and slowly work on parts of the pipe so the cutting wheel does not jump off the marking lines. Be aware of safety rules.
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Thin-wall pipes are made of nonferrous metals: aluminum, copper. Perform such work delicately, as there is a high probability of material deformation. Use fillers for cutting, such as sand. The action can be carried out with an angle grinder, a special machine.

To summarize, we emphasize that cutting metal pipes is a difficult process, but every willing craftsman can strengthen it. Using the advice of professionals, you can easily cope with the cut of pipes of various sizes and materials.

Also do not forget to treat edges of pipes after the cut with file or emery paper. And the most basic thing that should be remembered, starting such actions, is the safety technique. Getting to work, wear a special suit (jacket), a mask or goggles closed type.

Hands should also be protected from sparks, so use thick gloves.

How to cut a pipe evenly. common options

Precise trimming of pipes only at first glance looks simple. This occupation is enough problematic, especially if you need to perform a cut at a certain angle or a cut of complex configuration. You can do it with your hands, and with the help of a specialized tool.

Much depends on the diameter of the product, wall thickness, the material from which the tube is made, and of course the tool itself.

possible, cast, iron, angle

What tools are available

The pipe cutting tool, like most existing tools, is handheld and electric. In both of these niches in turn there are specialized professional and applied amateur tools (learn here how to thread a pipe at home).

Basic safety instructions

Before you use an angle grinder to cut wood, you need to learn the safety rules. The basic of these rules are as follows:

  • Be sure to use personal protective equipment (protective plastic goggles, fabric gloves), work in overalls.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use discs that are defective.
  • It is recommended to hold the angle grinder firmly with 2 hands.
  • Constantly make sure that the electric cord is not near the rotating disc.
  • Angle grinder only after a complete stop cutting element.
  • Do not remove the blade guard.
  • Do not work while intoxicated.

Do not use accessories that are not designed for work with the angle grinder. The cutting attachment for a circular circular saw should not be used for the following objective reasons:

  • The angle grinder has a higher rotation speed than the circular saw. The disc is designed for lower speed, so at high speed it, cracked, can fly apart. Flying splinters can be harmful to health.
  • The wood has a more ductile texture and knotty inclusions that cause the teeth to enter the material unevenly. If the disc jams, the tool can break free and cause dangerous injuries.
  • Overheating of the equipment and possible failure due to irregular loads.

How to cut a cast iron pipe with your hands

The most difficult step in replacing the old pipe is to dismantle the cast iron pipe, which has served its time. Earlier in the construction of communications were used pipes made of cast iron, the connection of which was carried out with cement mortar, sulfur or aluminum. Pipelines assembled with the use of the last two substances, lend themselves to destruction with great difficulty, so you need to prepare for a long dismantling work. And about the technology of their implementation will tell you this article.

Laying a new sewer often begins with the dismantling of the old one

General course of work

At first it may seem that the dismantling of obsolete communications. a trifle, because to break is not to build. However, just the right, qualified approach is needed here, because otherwise it is easy to damage the riser that connects several apartments at once. And this is a real disaster, the consequence of which will need to replace the total and, of course, infinite indignation of the neighbors.

Dismantle cast iron pipe should be carefully, following this sequence:

  • Turning off the water supply to the apartment.
  • Disconnecting with an adjustable wrench water supply hose to the cistern from the toilet bowl.
  • Dismantling the toilet bowl (you need to unscrew the bolts that fasten it to the floor).
  • Freeing the bathroom from foreign objects and equipment that can interfere with the replacement of the pipeline (bidet, sink, washing machine, etc.). п.).
  • Dismantling the old sewage system.

How to cut a cast iron riser?

Due to the fact that cast iron is characterized by high fragility, the pipes that are at some distance from the riser, can easily be broken with a hammer.

Destruction of joints with a burner

If the joints of cast iron piping is bound with sulfur, it greatly complicates the task of dismantling.

However, we have some tips about how to disassemble the cast iron sewage pipes in this case. Like any chemical substance, sulfur is destroyed by certain influences, namely by prolonged heating with open flame. High temperatures make it viscous and malleable, making it easy to remove the substance from the surface.

To dismantle sulfur piping systems prepare a hammer and chisel as well as a gas torch for heating. By the way, the torch can be replaced by a blowtorch.

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When the pipeline is heated with a lamp or burner, sulfur dioxide gas will be released into the surrounding space, which is harmful to health. In addition, open fire is also a hazard. Measures to protect life, health, and the environment are therefore mandatory. Operations on heating sulfur can take several hours, so that the products of combustion are not harmful to the lungs, you need a gas mask, and to prevent accidental ignition of furniture and other interior elements will do protective screen of metal or asbestos.

Possible problems

Dismantle the old pipe should be carried out as far as possible, because it is better to cut the cast iron pipe to the place of its transition to the socket. Then the jointing of a new plastic pipe and a cast iron pipe will take less time and effort. Do not hesitate over how to cut a cast iron pipe, use an angle grinder.

How to saw a cast iron pipe, if you do not have an angle grinder? Take a hacksaw for metal and get to work, but it will naturally increase the duration of disassembly operations.

If attempts to dismantle failed, do not get upset: in stores sold by the transition couplings specifically designed to connect cast iron and polymeric pipes.

possible, cast, iron, angle

Sometimes there can be difficulties when cutting plastic pipes. Try sawing it halfway around its circumference and then applying light pressure or spinning it slightly. the pipe will burst.

If the pipe can not be removed from the riser pipe, and you do not know how to pull the cast iron pipe, make cuts in a circle along the pipe at intervals of about 20 mm, reaching the bell, and then pull it out of the riser.

Before connecting cast iron pipes and polymeric requires cleaning the first ones from sulfur, using the same heating. After removing the sulfur, the pipes are given the opportunity to cool, as a rule, this is several hours. The final step is the installation of a new sewage system. It is best to buy pipes made of modern materials: plastic or metal-plastic.

Cutting cast iron with an angle grinder. Dismantling of cast iron pipe Can cast iron be machined with an angle grinder

Most often the need to cut a cast iron structure arises during the dismantling of obsolete communications. The hope that the work will be finished soon is ruined at once. in the Soviet Union pipes were connected with cement, sulfur and aluminum, so it is incredibly difficult to cut them. But a couple of working techniques are known. About what to cut cast iron and structures from it, you will learn from the material below.

General workflow

At first it may seem that the disassembly of obsolete communications. a trifling matter, because to break is not to build. However, this requires just the right, skilled approach, because otherwise it is easy to damage the riser, connecting several apartments at once. And this is a real disaster, the consequence of which will need to replace the total and, of course, infinite indignation of the neighbors.

Dismantle a cast-iron pipe should be carefully, adhering to the following order:

  • Cutting off the water supply to the apartment.
  • Disconnect using an adjustable wrench hose that supplies water to the cistern, from the toilet bowl.
  • Dismantle the toilet bowl (unscrew the bolts that secure it to the floor).
  • Freeing the bathroom space from extraneous items and equipment that can interfere with the conduct (bidet, sink, washing machine, etc.). п.).
  • Dismantling the old sewage system. Due to the fact that cast iron is characterized by high brittleness, pipes that are some distance from the riser can be easily broken with a hammer.
  • Removal of pipes connected directly to the old riser.
  • Installing the collar on a tee spigot. Beforehand, it is necessary to conduct a thorough cleaning of the socket from old lubricants that prevent high-quality installation of a new sewage system.

What is the best way to saw a cast iron pipe. Dismantling a cast iron pipe. Metal hacksaw

Most often the need to cut a cast iron structure occurs during the dismantling of obsolete communications. The hope for a speedy completion of the work collapses immediately. in the Soviet Union, pipes were joined by cement, sulfur and aluminum, so it is incredibly difficult to cut them. But a couple of working techniques are known. About what to cut cast iron and structures made of it, you will learn from the material below.

As with any metal, the methods of cutting cast iron are divided into thermal and mechanical. The choice of the specific tool depends on the design features. The following is equipment that saws (or cuts) cast iron:

Now it’s worth evaluating the cutting with the named tools with cast iron objects.

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