Interior disassembly tool. Where to buy a tool for removing car upholstery?

Interior trim removers

Interior trim jacks buy at the best price in the online store AVTOTOOL You do not know what to pick up, choose, order what to present or buy Interior trim jacks, our experts will help you choose the best option at a low price and good quality. Here you can always find relevant information, descriptions, characteristics, compare similar products Car trim removers. You can also read our customer reviews of the interior trim removers, which will help you decide and make the right purchase choice. There are also periodic promotions on a wide range of interior trim panel removers, which will obviously help you save money on your purchase. Remove interior trimmers in Kiev, Kharkov, Sumy, Nikolaev, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, Poltava, Lviv, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Krivoy Rog, Mariupol, Chernigov, Ternopil, Kirovograd, Zhitomir, Odessa, as well as from any city just order a salon trimmer with delivery in Ukraine. We are constantly renovating and expanding our product range and closely monitor to ensure that our customers buy goods at the best in Ukraine and receive only the highest quality products Interior trim removers

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China 11 pr upholstery puller set., G02581 GEKO Specialized upholstery puller set.

China Alloid. Plastic trim panel lifter, set, 11 pcs.(С-1012) ТМ Alloid tool. you.

China Set of high quality car interior panels and trim panel removers Alloid C-4073 includes.

Taiwan For plastic upholstery fasteners. Place the tool under the edge of the door panel and insert into the fasteners.

How to choose tools for removing trims, clips and pistons?

When choosing specifically a tool to remove the trim, focus on the following specifications:

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If you are selecting a set of car trim removers, examine the contents and check each of the items against the above criteria. In doing so, assess the set set. not always a large number of items will allow to perform a variety of tasks. It is not the quantity, but their functional purpose that matters.

Decking tool for demounting car’s interior plastic and my kolhoz in car’s soundproofing

I probably won’t tell you anything new, but for someone this tool will be quite useful. Today I will tell you about a set of 4 plastic tire clips, which facilitate the removal of any element in the cabin of your car. And also tell you about my vision of deshumkuksi elements kolhoznomu and cheap. This item was ordered by me in March and in all time has proved only on the best side. Now the price of the lot has gone up, but the paid shipping has disappeared. Ever since I owned an autovaz, I prefer to carry a suitcase of tools with which I can almost completely overhaul any car. But the mounts are compact and easily fit in the basement in the trunk. There is also a lighter, an axe and gloves. On the left hand side, by the way, the booster box. In total there are 4 blades in the kit, the longest is 20,5 cm in length and the shortest is 12,5 cm. The form of each designed for certain types of work, but no one exclude a savvy. The first mount completely lives up to its name and allows you to mess around with clips. The second is similar to the first, but does not have a split “spout” at one end. The third allows you to get into small openings between the elements, while the fourth is an ordinary flat trowel. If we talk about the quality of workmanship and overall durability of the plastic, it’s all at a pretty high level. I used them not knowing how to disassemble this or that element in my car, and thus stuck them where they should not. In the end, the original shape was completely intact. If you like to pick your car as much as I do, then I definitely recommend to buy this set of mounts.

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With you were dizzy Jewish hands and a small review of useful tools for every motorist. Thank you for watching.

Return time

Returns are available within 14 days of receipt (for goods of proper quality).

Return shipping is by arrangement.

Rules for exchange and return of goods: Exchange and return of goods of proper quality The seller guarantees that the buyer within 14 days from the date of purchase can refuse the goods of proper quality, if: the goods were not put into operation and have the trade form, is in the package with all labels, and there are documents for the purchase of goods; the product is not in the list of products of proper quality, not subject to return and exchange. The buyer has the right to exchange the goods of proper quality for another offer of this product, or for another product of identical value, or for another product with a surcharge or a refund of the price difference. The exchange and return of goods of improper quality If the buyer discovers any defects in the goods after they have been purchased, the buyer may demand a replacement from the seller. The exchange must be made within 7 days from the date of the claim. If an examination of the compliance of the goods with the specified norms is appointed, the exchange must be made within 20 days. Invalid technical complex goods are replaced by goods of the same brand or by a similar goods of another brand with a recalculation of the price. The refund is made by canceling the purchase contract and returning the amount of money equal to the value of the goods. Money-back Refund The period of money-back depends on the type of payment you initially chose. For cash payments the refund is made at the cash desk not later than 10 days after the customer filed a refund claim. The cost of goods is credited to the customer’s card, if cashless payment was used, immediately after the receipt of the request from the buyer. When using electronic payment systems, the refund is made to the electronic account within 10 calendar days.

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Where to buy quality tools?

If you are going to buy equipment for an automobile repair shop, we recommend that you buy a complete set of pullers. Following this recommendation, you will not get into an awkward situation where you do not have the tools you need to solve the customer’s problem.

You can buy quality tools for working with the car at the online store ToolsClub. Wide assortment of our production allows you to choose and buy all necessary tools. You are guaranteed to be pleased with the affordable and high quality products! In order to buy a tool for disassembly of the interior, add, your chosen, the product in the “shopping cart” and place an order!

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