Installation of double cylinder compressor on d 245

Zil Bychok, compressor

That’s the end of my compressor repair.Today I took the tube off with my finger and held the air.

I don’t know what’s wrong.I disassembled it by hand.Everything is in place.The rings are in place.Valves are in place.What can be?I’ll put a new one in tomorrow.

Well, that’s it for my compressor repair.Today I took off the tube with my finger and hold the air. I don’t know what’s wrong.I took it apart at the knees.Everything’s in place.The rings are in place.Valves are in place.What can it be??I’ll put a new one in tomorrow.

Even if you remove the rings, you can not hold the air with your finger when the engine is running. The piston moves up too fast and compresses the air sharply.

You have some other reason why you assembled it wrong.

A simple example without piston rings, our diesel D-245 is able to give compression 8-12kg.(I measured it)

For example did not put the discharge valve and (or) its pressure or did not put at all, can not put a suction valve or again not right, and maybe the valve plate not put correctly.

The compressor may be sucking oil but it will pump up to 5 kg at the very least. It’ll still pump.

Overhauling Procedure of BAC Double Cylinder Compressor. BAC Compressors

Take off the suction tube and see if there is vacuum or pressure or both.

I don’t know what’s wrong.Dismantled by hand.

Troubleshooting cooling system of engine d 245

Diagram of the diesel engine liquid cooling system with forced circulation of the coolant from the centrifugal pump is shown on Fig. 1.

The temperature of the coolant in the system is controlled by the temperature gauge which is installed in the rear of the cylinder head.

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You’ve got a coolant overheat sensor in the pump casing

cylinder, compressor

In latest model series vehicles the coolant level control sensor is installed in the expansion tank instead of the coolant level control valve 5.

Do not operate the diesel engine if the coolant warning light illuminates.

Coolant temperature in cooling system should be maintained between 75°. 95° C.

When opening the cap of an expansion tank in case of engine overheating remember that steam can escape from the tank throat, which can cause burns of the face and hands.

For acceleration of diesel engine warming up after start-up and automatic regulation of temperature mode at various loads and ambient air temperatures there is thermostat with solid filler.

Liquid pump, fan and generator are driven from diesel crankshaft pulley by two V-belts.

Lithol-24″ grease in the bearing cavity of the pump housing is included at pump assembly at manufacturing plant and does not require replenishment during all period of diesel engine operation.

Do not change the lubricant until the liquid pump has been disassembled.

Checking the tightness of the diesel engine cooling system and the condition of the radiator plug valves with the DSO-2 indicator

a float is placed in the casing of the device, with the help of which the moment of actuation of valves of expansion tank corks, adjusted for certain pressure, is fixed.

When the cocks 3 and 13 are closed, the pressure in the air tank is created. it is set to 0,15 0,16 MPa with the help of reducer.

removed from the filler neck of the expansion tank cap is fixed on the glass 5. If the stopcock 8 is closed, the air is supplied into the upper cavity of the cup.

The lower cavity of the cup is connected to the indicator by means of the valve 8. pressure acting on the steam valve is recorded by the manometer at the moment of float rising in the indicator.

Then connect the indicator to the lower cavity of the cup, and air is supplied from the air cylinder to the upper cavity and fix the pressure at which the air valve of the cap opens.

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To check the tightness of the cooling system with the device DSO-2, it is necessary to install the nozzle device instead of a cap on the neck of the expansion tank, connected to the crane 3.

With closed cocks 3 and 13 pressure reducer create 0.6 0.7 MPa and open tap 3.

use a stopwatch and pressure gauge to see if the pressure in the cooling system.

Simultaneously with system tightness check it is possible to check cylinder head gasket condition on a running diesel engine.

For this check set the minimum crankshaft speed and watch the gauge readings.

Manometer arrow fluctuations testify to inflow of gases from the cylinders into the cooling system, t.е. on damage of the gasket or the cylinder head itself.

Application and characteristics of the engine MMZ D-245.9

Diesel engine of Minsk engine plant D-245.9 engine was installed on ZIL 5301 “Bychok” before 2005, and also on Ukrainian buses LAZ-695D “Dana. Ecological class of engine is equal to Euro-0.

Dimensions of the engine MMZ D-245.9 (drawing)

Main technical characteristics

Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder arrangement in-line
Order of cylinders 1-3-4-2
Cylinder diameter, mm 110
Piston stroke, mm 125
Working volume, l 4.75
Compression ratio 15.1:1
Rated power, kW (l.с.), not less 100 (136)
Operating power, kW (l).с.) 95,7 (130)
Rated crankshaft speed, rpm 2400
Idle speed, rpm
– maximum, not more 2600
– minimum, not more 800
oil filters full-flow with paper filter element
Fuel system HPF with mechanical regulator
Volume of lubrication system, l 10.8
Type of oil
Fuel pump High pressure with all-mode regulator and piston-type booster pump, control lever and stop lever (turns off fuel supply). as well as with pneumatic smoke limiter (pneumatic corrector)
Fuel filters
– coarse cleaning sump
– fine purification Solid type
Turbocharger variable turbocharger TKR6
Cooling system volume, l 17
Type of coolant Low freezing “TS-40” (up to 40ºC), “TS-65” (up to 65ºC)
Water pump centrifugal with V-belt drive from crankshaft
Fan V-belt drive from the crankshaft
Voltage in electrical system 24 В
Charging generator Weight of engine (dry, without oil and coolant), AC rated power 1.2 kW, rated voltage 14 V or 28 V
Starting device Starter nominal voltage 12 V or 24 V
Batteries 90 А.ч
Minimum startup temperature,°C -50
Air filter Combined: monocyclone (air precleaner) and air cleaner with paper filter elements
Overall dimensions (L x W x H), mm 965.5x676x968
Weight of engine (dry, without oil and coolant), kg 500
Resource before overhaul, m.ч. 8000
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Since 2005 the ZIL 5301 is equipped with an engine that meets Euro 2 environmental standards (MMZ D-245).9 Е2). This engine is equipped with a high pressure fuel pump YZDA 773.1111005-20.06/E/E2 and injectors with catalog numbers 455.1112010-50 or 172.1112010-11.01. Turbocompressor is Belarus TKR6 or Czech Turbo. This modification is also mounted on PAZ-4230 Aurora.

Engine description

D-245 engine D-245 engine is designed as an in-line unit with four cylinders of vertical type. Compared to its predecessor this engine has significant differences in design. The shaft is mounted on five supports instead of three as it was before. Fuel injection in the system is different, which increases the efficiency of the unit. This is achieved by installing a special fuel pump with excellent technical characteristics.

In this version the D-245 unit was popular due to its reliability and efficiency. The model is still in production and in active use to this day. The latest units comply with the modern environmental standard Euro-5.

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