In what proportions to mix oil and gasoline for chainsaws?

What mix oil to use! What ratio should I run in different saws!

Chainsaw. first launch: assembly, proportions of oil and gasoline, care and storage

How to prepare a chainsaw for the first launch? How to prepare the correct fuel mixture and quickly change the headset? In this article, we will answer these and many other questions, as well as give some tips on maintenance and storage of a chainsaw.

A popular model will help to describe the main stages of tool assembly Fubag fps 56 chainsaws with a running engine for 2.5 kW.

Like most analogues, the chainsaws are delivered in disassembled form: case, separately tire and saw set. In addition to the main parts, the kit includes: a set of tools, a container for a gasoline mixture, a tire cover, a tire emphasis, a sawing file and reliable protective glasses.

How to mix fuel for chainsaw

Everything is clear with the kit. let’s move on to the assembly:

We shift the protective casing towards the front handle to make sure that the chain brake is turned off.

Weaken the nuts and remove the chain casing.

Install the cutting link (for the fubag fps 56 chainsaw it is included).

Turn the chain on the chain wheel, and at the same time install the tire on the saw housing.

We check whether the direction of rotation of the saw chain is installed correctly.

Install the casing of the chain on the main file of the saw and manually tighten the nuts.

We adjust the tension of the circuit, turning the tension screw until the connecting link touches the lower side of the guide.

eight. Raise the end of the tire and finally tighten the nuts.

nine. Manually check the uniformity of rotation and the degree of tension of the saw.

If the chainsaw has a gas stiff system, such as the FPS 37 saw model, then the assembly process will take no more than a minute. For this you need:

one. Put the tire and chain on the hairpins of the chainsaws in the correct way (cutting teeth should be directed in the direction of movement). 2. Install the lid. To properly install the lid adjust the position. pins on it so that they enter the holes of the tire.

proportions, gasoline, chainsaws

Put the screw emphasis and tighten a little until the tire and the chain do not dangle, but there was some freedom to adjust the chain stretch. 4. Adjust the chain stretch with rotation of the wheel.

Put out the emphasis and tighten the lid, ensuring reliable fixation of the equipment.

It is not necessary to pull the chain to the stop, because soon it can stretch out again. The chain should have a small supply, sag slightly. It’s not difficult to check with your hand. Ideally, if it lends itself to a millimeter from the tire.

Running in a new chainsaw or the importance of this event

During the grinding of parts, the formation of working clearances between the cylinder and piston rings occurs. Even at the stage of the, an increase in compression in the cylinder occurs, which positively affects the operation of the internal combustion engine, and the power of the tool. The procedure allows you to increase the operational resource of a two.stroke engine, and if you do not pay attention to this process, then the engine can jam the chainsaw during the first operation.

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In addition to reducing the service life of ICE parts in the absence of, the motor will work much worse, and instead of the amount of horsepower declared by the manufacturer, the tool will issue 2 times less. Any new chainsaw is needed to run, regardless of who is its manufacturer. You still need to run up the chainsaws in which the engine overhaul was produced, but we’ll talk about this separately. Not only the ICE of the new chainsaw needs a grinding, but also a saw set. a chain and tire.

Many newcomers are wondering whether the chainsaw is needed. And sometimes a simple answer is not enough for a person to understand how important it is to carry out the instrument running. To understand the importance of, you need to know what is happening when the engine starts:

  • After the chainsaw motor is started, the fuel mixture burns in the cylinder, causing heating the cylinder, piston and other structural parts.
  • When heated, the details are expanded, as a result of which the coefficient of friction increases.
  • The larger the friction coefficient, the more strongly the heating of the parts occurs. In the case of critical temperatures, the occurrence of the melting effect of the piston will be observed, which will immediately lead to jamming of the internal combustion engine.
  • To exclude such a process, you need to run the chainsaw. It is a procedure when the tool engine operates without load or with short.term average loads.

Among the owners of the instrument there are various opinions about how to run a chainsaw correctly. Some masters recommend the procedure exclusively by idling of the engine, while others, on the contrary, believe that the tool should be given not only at XX, but also under a moderate load. Having sorted out the question of whether the instrument is needed, let’s move on to clarifying the features of the correct execution of the procedure.

The consequences of improper dosage

Many chainsaw users do not pay due attention to the proportion. 50 grams more or less. is it all the same? And in vain: often the cause of the malfunctions of the saw is operation with an incorrectly prepared fuel mixture. over, you can make a mistake or intentionally violate the ratio both in large and less.

If there are a lot of oils.

Among the owners of the chainsaws there is an opinion “the engine cannot spoil the oil”. But it is not in vain that they come up with the necessary parameters of the finished mixture. An excess of oil can also harm and cause inconvenience. After all, despite the improved indicators of combustion without a trace, part of the hydrocarbons still turns into soot and soot. With a low concentration, there are few of them, but if you enrich the mixture with oil twice as against the norm, then the clinic will turn out. This is especially dangerous for cheap mineral oils that do not have a “flushing” effect.

Also, with a high degree of probability, you will find oil in an air filter during a carburetor overflow. The candle will also be in Nagar. it will need to be cleaned, washed and dried. Also, pairs of unfinished oil will settle in a muffler, and with intensive work they will burn out, forming a cable of soot and sparks.

After such a refueling, almost all the insides of the saw will have to be thoroughly cleaned and washed. The most fun “surprise” will be the “dying” of piston rings. but this is in the case of systematic abuse of oil overflows and work under a large load.

or little

“Greed” in the preparation of the fuel mixture ruined more than one piston. This is where it is really better to “overdo” than “unnecessary”. After all, if in the first case you are threatened with a thorough “washing” of the unit, then in the second you will have to change the CPG, and this is generally unprofitable at many saws, and for others there is very decent money.

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Conclusion: saving is meaningless. In the absence of a sufficient amount of oil, the piston begins to rub hard along the cylinder, since at high temperature gasoline is too fluid to perform the lubrication function.

Sad result: bully on the piston, a diluted saw engine. In the event that the owner is in mind in time, he will find that the piston and the cylinder are cast with a beautiful blue. How much such will serve, no master will give a guarantee.

What gasoline is suitable for the tool

There are different opinions among sawmills about the use of appropriate gasoline. Some recommend filling the AI-92 brand fuel, others say that fuel should be used with an octane number AI-95.

Now it’s time to put all the dots over “and”. All chainsaws operate on gasoline with octane number from 90 to 95. However, it is recommended to give preference to the combustible brand AI-92. The exception is cases when the manufacturer gives a recommendation about which gasoline is better to use.

Interesting to know! To obtain AI-95 gasoline, most manufacturers use additives mixed with AI-92.

The most important requirement when using fuel is that it should be clean, and without pollution.

The risks of the use of fuel and oil surrogates

The structural features of the ICE of the chainsaws of the domestic and imported assortment exclude the use of more affordable biofuel and gas condensate gasoline substitutes. The working characteristics of such fuel at the moment are far from perfection.

In the total volume of sales of motor oils, falsified lubricants according to various information are from 8 to 15%. Only an experienced specialist can distinguish original products from a fake.

To exclude possible risks of early failure of the saw, it is recommended to purchase expenditure materials at company retail outlets and representatives of dealerships.

For all external similarities, it is forbidden to use for the preparation of the working fuel mixture of oil for two.stroke internal combustion engines of mopeds and light motorcycles. The application of unnecessary lubricants may initiate the refusal of service services from warranty obligations.

The risks of the use of fuel and oil surrogates

In the technical documentation on the chainsaws of any manufacturer, you can find a warning that refueling the engine with biofuel and gas condensate surrogate is prohibited. This is due to the unstable characteristics of such fuel that can significantly damage the engine and reduce its resource. If you pour such a mixture into a chainsaw, then this will remove the manufacturer’s guarantee.

proportions, gasoline, chainsaws

In addition, there is a risk of buying low-quality motor oil, the market of which is 10-12% according to some estimates. In order not to buy low.quality oil, it is recommended to use only verified stores, preferably approved by the manufacturer of the chainsaw.

Popular brands of oil chains


The Germans traditionally offer several solutions:

Inexpensive for a branded product, but very effective. There will be no problems with him before.15 degrees. Sets in containers 1 and 5 liters. Retains the properties of three years, so when acquiring it, you need to consider how tightly you will use the saw.

The name hints at the environmental friendliness of the lubrication. Plant origin makes the goods completely safe for forests and reservoirs. Biodegradable lubricants at the peak of popularity in Europe, although in Russia they are reluctant to lay out money for them so far.

Professional oil for real harsh lumberjacks from countries with a harsh climate. Although forests are cut down from these mainly in Russia and Finland. The formula of the components allows you to work with.25, and the high price makes its use in household saws meaningless.

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The Swedes did not stand aside from the “chain” lubricants. This segment proposes two options:

A universal decision, both for lovers who value their efforts and tools, and among professionals who are maximum speed and wear resistance vital. The biodegradation is present without fail.

budget decision for amateur sector. Positioned as oil with reduced consumption. In practice, it almost does not differ from competitors in the speed of devastation of the tank.

Other manufacturers

Oil is produced by many companies that make chainsaws. Their products are less popular than STIHL or Husqvarna, but is also in demand among owners of gasoline units.

Mineral grease from Italians Oleo-Mac.

Adhesive lubricant, which the manufacturer of the same name recommends for his benzo tool.

Submitting to the world fashion for ecology, the Japanese company Makita decided to keep up with not to lag in.

If you have a saw that you do not want to lose, do not lie in an oil tank for working out from a car engine. Although this fluid still has lubricating properties, but there is practically no adhesion. Everything around will be in working out. In addition, small particles of metal that were gained in the development during its location inside a 4-stroke ICE act on a chain, asterisk and a tire like an abrasive.

For an expensive tool, it is better to take quality consumables. For inexpensive. still high.quality, if the saw is not bought for a single work. Oil for a chain and engine is a way to both extend the life of a chainsaw, and quickly “kill” it.

Why do you need to mix oil and gasoline for gas station refueling?

No mechanism can fully work if its moving parts are poorly lubricated. And “bad” in this situation does not mean “weak”.

With a lack of a lubricant component in fuel, all the moving parts of the motor: crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, bearings; Cylinders that do not move anywhere, but participate in the process of friction-they will rotate with a greater load, wear out quickly due to too strong washing, covered with scratches, bulletin, jam. After some time, disproportionate mixing will lead to failure of the saw, followed by an expensive access to a repair specialist. the cost of correction of the engine may amount to 80% of the purchase price of the tool itself.

Exceeding the amount of lubrication leads to problems of a different kind. Due to the different coefficient of the combustion of excess oil, they do not have time to burn out, they form on the piston, candle, in the final window of the cylinder Nar. A large number of residual products complicates the movement of exhaust gases, which leads to power loss, then to breakdown.

Gene, Ulyanovsk:

“I want to share an important observation. It will be useful for owners of chainsaws from the USSR. Ural or friendship. It was previously believed that for one liter of gasoline for such saws you need 50 grams of oil, and even 60 grams when running around. Now the oils are better, so you can safely pour 20 grams per liter! This observation greatly facilitated the operation of the chainsaw, and relieved the oversupply of the oil. I recommend to everyone who has such “old men”, try such a proportion for their tools ”.

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