IceWM is a window manager for the X Window System graphical it may still be preferable to manually editing the menu configuration file. This manual page documents briefly the IceWM window manager and programs around it. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. The IceWM window options configuration file is used to configure settings for individual Full details for this file are explained in the “IceWM Manual”.

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IceWM: Preferences

Changing the border thickness or the status bar height in the default. June 5, at It may be necessary to point the player to maual correct device, i.

The Ubuntu Wikiand the Ubuntu Forums. You may also want to check out another guide on the Debian User Forums for more help. Found I could run the programs not listed by using the CLI. In your distribution, installation can be a bit different, or maybe not all third party configuration utilities are available, icew, I think this guide can help anyone who tries to install, configure and use IceWM.

If you have an Nvidia or ATI card, you can install their drivers now. Another possibility is to install icemc, which is in the repos. This is how it works: Icewmbg IceWM actually has background support, but it has mabual be configure manually. To change that, find this one: I found your manhal with the intent to install the programs onto the menu.


A new Shuttle with Celeron 1. Open ROX-Filer as described earlier, click on the eyeball to see hidden files, click on. Notify me of new comments via email. If you prefer to do it yourself, then do the following, Warning! There are some examples in the file. June 6, at 2: My heavy hitter is Gnome. Now, you can probably figure out the other options.

A screen will open showing you the printers that have been found, with an icon to click for an assistant to add a new printer. Gdm seems a bit heavy for an IceWM system, so why not use Slim? March 15, at The command-line CLI tool Ceni from the aptosid developers is a wrapper that is very efficient for setting up a connection: Now, login to icewm:.

Thank you and happy new year. How can I watch movies? If you have low RAM 1GB and less ocewm, antiX users recommend one of the following for a lighter and faster experience than that offerred by the default browser Firefox-esr. The syntax of the lines here is: FWIW, here is my configuration:. Layer can be one of the following strings or a number from zero 0 to fifteen Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

The movie DVD I put in did not work. The easiest method is to just treat it as a storage device by using a USB card reader.


icewm(1) – Linux man page

June 6, at 9: You are commenting using your Twitter account. As you may suspect, this is where your keyboard shortcuts go.

How do I password protect logout using something like gksudo? Another thing is that a WM, unlike a DE, needs you to login as icfwm before you can shutdown or reboot the system. Then simply click on the Thunar window.

If you receive any kind of error messages during the update, check antiX forums at https: Just passing along help in good faith.

icewm-session(1) — icewm — Debian unstable — Debian Manpages

There are a number kcewm methods of managing software in antiX, the most common of which are the command-line application Apt and the graphical user interface for it known as Synaptic. July 3, at 9: To boot straight into X you need to create a. Basic Configuration How do I set up a wireless connection? Have a look at the excellent iDesk configuration webpage for further help. Alternatively, use the lock option in Exit.