Huter grass trimmer line filler

Gasoline grass trimmer GGT-2900S (2.9 kW, 52cm3, disk:40TR, backpack belt, collapsible boom) Huter


Gasoline grass trimmer GGT-2900S Huter. Is an excellent tool for mowing grass and a modern version of the hand-held grass trimmer. Trimming grass, especially if it is tall, is very convenient. As a rule, site owners give priority to gasoline models, because not every dacha has electricity, and wires create an additional inconvenience.

Technical characteristics:

Engine type Air-cooled, two-stroke gasoline engine
Fuel type Gasoline AI-92 oil for 2T engines
Rated power, watts 2900
Rated engine power, l.с. 3.9
Volume, cm3 52
Revs, rpm 9500
Type of blade head “Easy Load”, with a non-disassembly line filler
Cutting blade type 40TR peoriated, multitooth, carbide-tipped
Type of rod Solid
Ignition type Electronic
Vibration damping system Yes
Width of blade bevel, mm 255 mm
Cutting width of line, mm 460 mm
Fuel tank capacity, l 1.2
For tall grass Yes
Noise level, dB 96
Brand Huter
Brand Country Germany


Reel with quick, non-disassembly line filling “Easy Load”;

Safety system:

Protective cover protects against bouncing rocks and other small debris to the side of the user. The throttle trigger lock avoids accidental pulling of the trigger and rotation of the cutting tool when the engine is running. Grass trimmer’s anti-vibration system increases trimmer comfort.

Note! Fuel mixture should be prepared from at least 92 octane gasoline and special oil. You should use high quality oil suitable for air-cooled two-stroke engines. Do not use oil intended for water-cooled 2-stroke engines (for boat engines)! The oil manufacturer’s recommendations for the ratio are as follows. If the ratio is not specified, 1:40 is used.

How to remove the spool and change the line

Trimmer owners, mainly beginners, get confused, bordering on panic, when it becomes necessary to change cutting tools or line in the reel. very often when users try to unscrew the mowing head they simply wreck it without realizing that it has been unscrewed in the opposite direction. To prevent this from happening in the event that a tool change is necessary, it is recommended that you read the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Before tucking the line into the spool, switch off the brushcutter engine or de-energize the electric grass trimmer to avoid injury from unintentional starting of the cutting attachment.
  • Unscrew the head unit mounted on the gearbox shaft. To do this, secure the shaft by aligning the holes in the washer and axle and inserting a metal rod or screwdriver.
  • Unscrew the nozzle. You should know that the thread on the shaft is left-handed. Therefore, turn the grass trimmer reel to the right, that is, in a clockwise direction.
  • Disassemble the mowing head. The head cover is most often secured with clips. To remove it you need to push these locks into the body by pushing the edges of the cover. In the event that your trimmer has a semi-automatic mowing head, which has a button on the bottom, then the disassembly of the nozzle must be carried out carefully, since you can lose the spring, which sometimes flies out when you remove the cover.
  • Cut the necessary amount of fishing line. It is usually 5 meters long. Use a cord with the diameter indicated in the instruction manual of the tool. It is not recommended to exceed the maximum line diameter as this will put more strain on the engine and increase gasoline consumption.
  • Find the center of the cord by folding it in half. You get a loop.
  • There are special grooves (there may be holes) inside the reel. Insert the line loop into this slot.
  • Wind the line on the spool, turning it counterclockwise. Make sure the cords are wound as evenly as possible and the tension of the spools should be correct. When you have finished winding, leave about 20 cm of loose line ends and secure them in the slots on the sides of the spool.
  • Assemble the mowing head. Before finally assembling the nozzle, do not forget to insert the spring and the washer (if available). Place the coil in the housing and thread the ends of the cord through the holes or eyelets.
  • Replace the cover and fasten it with the latches.
  • Screw the cord back onto the reducer shaft, also securing it with a screwdriver. Screw the grass trimmer reel to the left (counterclockwise). arrows).
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The line is not extended automatically

If the line does not lengthen when lightly striking the grass trimmer reel on the ground, the following causes may be.

Variant 1. Blockage has occurred, t.е. Cord is jammed between coils. this problem usually occurs if the user has wound the line unevenly, with overlapping coils, or with insufficient tension on the line spool. If the mowing head rotates at high speed, centrifugal force causes the filament to be drawn in, which may result in a catch between the filament rolls. To correct the problem it is necessary to disassemble the spool on the trimmer and rewind the cord correctly, i.e. with even turns and good tension.

Variant 2. ends are too short and stick out of the head. The line may not come out when it hits the ground if the line ends sticking out of the head are not long enough (short). In this case, the centrifugal force is not enough to pull the line. Therefore, you need to stop the machine (turn off the engine or unplug the electric grass trimmer) and pull the line manually by pre-pressing the button.

Variant 3. the line is soldered inside the mowing head. This causes the spool to freeze and does not spin when the button is pressed. Mainly, it happens for several reasons: poor quality of the cord, overheating of the reel during prolonged operation of the machine, striking of the line against hard objects.

  • In the first case, third-party cords may be made of poor quality, low-melting-point materials that cannot withstand the mechanical and thermal loads. Therefore, preference should be given to “with the original line” fishing lines.
  • But if you bought some lines of unknown quality and they solder while working, you can follow the example of some users who, after threading the line into the reel, moisten it with either silicone grease (from a spray bottle) or mineral oil. This procedure much lessens the chance of the line becoming solder to each other.
  • Also, the line may meld if it hits a hard object (a rock, a fence, a dry branch, etc.) while mowing.д.). This causes it to stretch out a bit and pull back into the head at a high rate. The friction heats the cord and the coils stick together. The only thing you can do to correct this problem is to open the grass trimmer reel and rewind the line.

Testimonial: trimmer head Huter. One of the serious pitfalls of Huter trimmers.

Semi-automatic head with a fishing line for trimmers Huter ETH-1200 is supplied with a wound round fishing line thickness of 2 mm and a length of 5m.Head weight 320g.Head has a bobbin with a fishing line and two metal holes through which the ends of the line are output, which mows the grass when you quickly turn the head of the trimmer for grass.Designed for electric trimmers Huter Get-1200SL.

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When you cut the grass, the ends of the line wear out and their length decreases.Consequently, the cutting radius becomes smaller.Restore the length of the line ends can be restored by lightly striking the button located in the center of the head, with the grass trimmer head gaining momentum.

After which the two ends of the fishing line will be fed, and the excess of the line will be cut off as the grass trimmer blade rotates.

huter, grass, trimmer, line

Sooner or later the line either breaks at the root and has to be refilled, or you run out of line and have to wind a new one.

In short, it is necessary to remove the cover of the head and pull the fishing line bobbin out of the body.Here begins the most interesting part.The similar situation is described in Ivan Andreevich Krylov’s fable “The monkey and the glasses”:)

The thing is, the Huter trimmer head has a unique design.I haven’t seen one of these from any other company.Opening it to reload the line is not for the faint-hearted.

How to replace trimmer nylon string | brush cutter nylon wire replacement |trimmer wire replacement

There is no description of how to do it.The inscription on the back of the head in English “press to open” did not help.Pressed, tried to turn the body in both directions.Nothing helped.

Finally realized that my brains are not enough for the first non-destructive opening of it, resigned myself to this and began to look for knowledgeable people.Helped a cheerful and friendly saleswoman in my town store selling power tools and accessories. Antonina, who showed me how to do it. Thanks to her for that!

As time went by, I of course, forgot this unique experience.Going to Antonina again was no longer convenient.I had to use my brain and sort out the problem in detail.The Internet suggested a way to uproot the grass trimmer head cap.Which was totally unsatisfying.

How to Refill Trimmer Line : Lawn Care & Power Tools

From the video I found, I understood the mechanism of the head.It turned out that the cover is fastened by four holders in the sockets of the body and fixed by a latch.Having squeezed it with an appropriate flat-blade screwdriver and having turned the housing clockwise, you can easily remove the cover and pull out the bobbin with the rest of the fishing line.

Filling the line is standard and is described in detail in the description of the trimmer for grass.Also not simple, but understandable.

If you use the crown for a long time, it gets full of earth, grass and dirt.To make my job better, I cleaned the dirt out of the housing and the outer parts of the head.

It is very easy to assemble the head.You need to:- tuck the ends of the line into the corresponding holes in the case:

In the photo on the bobbin you can see, among other things, slots for attaching a fishing line of size 1.6 to 2.6mm. For electric trimmers Huter Get-1200S is recommended a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm, which is firmly fixed in the slots for the fishing line 2.4mm.

Next:. align the holders with the appropriate slots in the cover of the housing. simply by pressing on the back of the housing with the bobbin with the fishing line inserted. to snap the latch of the cover retainer. Turn the housing counterclockwise.

Gave me great satisfaction after I finally managed to take off the cap:)Feel of victory over unruly and hostile to you Nature:)Like taming the horses Clodt on Anichkov Bridge in St. Petersburg.

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To buy or not to buy such a head for trimmers?Only if there is a desire to fight with it when replacing a fishing line.In addition, the weight of this head is 15g above the weight of similar heads from trimmers Patriot.How much it matters. I do not know.

The plastic is fine, it has not crumbled yet.But, people complain about its fragility. If you hit the ground carelessly, it can crumble.

Actually the thread in the trimmer head is standard left-hand thread M10x1.25 LH.Accordingly, you can buy a standard 2-mm line head with the same thread, for example, from the Patriot grass trimmer.

There are a lot of mowing heads on the market, offered at different by different manufacturers.From the most democratic to absolutely exorbitant for automatic heads.You can choose the most suitable for you.

trimmer erletrichesky for grass Huter GET-1500B. REVIEW.

This year, it was decided to prikupiv prikupit gasoline trimmer help, electric trimmer for grass Huter GET-1500B. Gasoline certainly is mobile and comfortable in large areas mowing, but on the ease of maintenance, of course, can not compete with the electric.

The main requirements when choosing an electric trimmer for grass were:- top location of the engine;- power not less than 1000W;- the ability to work with the line and disk (knife);- drive type direct shaft, but not a rope.

Motor type electrical, synchronous, brushDisposition of the engine on topThe voltage 220-230V 50Hz nominal power 1500WRPM 8000rpm type of cutting element bladeDimension of the forest 2.4 mmBoom type straight, collapsibleBicycle handle typeCutting width with blade 255 mmCutting width with line 420 mm

Huter GET-1500B: Top boom. 1 pc.Bottom boom. 1 pc.Cutting disk. 1 pc.Reel with fishing line.1 pc.Protective cover. 1 pc.Shoulder strap. 1 pc.Mounting kit.1 pc.Handle. 2 pcs.Tool set. 1 pc.Operating manual.1 pc.

huter, grass, trimmer, line

Assembly and adjustment of electric trimmer Huter GET-1500B.

Here we do everything according to the instruction, because everything is clear, available and in pictures.

I want to note: on the one hand the possibility of disassembling the boom. a plus, but on the other hand a huge disadvantage due to the fact that it reduces the margin of safety and may give additional vibration during operation.

One more comment on the safety factor of the plastic base of the blade holder. The plastic is very thin here, and on a good speed a larger diameter line just might take off this shearer along with the plastic base.

Huter GET-1500B. a very powerful machine 2 liters.с. and can easily compete with petrol trimmers, so do not neglect safety equipment and safety precautions.

Replacing a Weed Eater String (String Trimmer Line) | The Home Depot

With a power of 1.A 5 kW grass trimmer mows all kinds of grass, I think it’s already clear. What is really lacking in comparison with the petrol, it is the ability to adjust the speed or soft start in the electric version for a finer mowing in hard-to-reach places. By the way, the model GET-1700B has a soft start function.

The noise level is certainly lower than that of gasoline grass trimmer, but given the power noise is still not small (I advise protective headphones).

As a result, Huter GET-1500B I am fully satisfied with the power, but for greater reliability and ease of use, in my opinion, requires a number of improvements.Namely: reinforcing the boom coupling, replacing and relocating the trigger to a more convenient location on the handle, and reinforcing the attachment base of the cutting blade.

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