Husqvarna 236 stalls when the throttle is depressed

What to do if the chain saw does not decelerate?

The opposite of the previous situation is when the gasoline tool very quickly goes to high power and does not reduce it. In this case it can be observed that neither with a screw on the housing nor with carburettor cleaning it can be eliminated in any way. It would seem that what else is needed, the saw works, produces power as in the manual. But the trouble is that in this case you need ten times more fuel than usual.

The following steps may help:

  • checking the throttle cable;
  • Inspection of the return spring, which may have simply come off;
  • sealing the rear flap, which must be very tightly closed.

Usually one of these things can make a lot of sense.

Another technical problem is a situation when the chainsaw picks up its own speed, the reason for which is usually more than one. In this case, as well as under load, the saw may start to stall sporadically, not allowing you to fully use it for its intended purpose

The leading causes of this may be:

  • clogged carburetor or fuel and air filter;
  • Disruption of the integrity of the hose that supplies fuel;
  • Depressurization of the leading pipe from the carburetor to the engine cylinder;
  • And again, one of the screws (usually the H screw) of the carburetor system is misaligned.

That is why the easiest thing to do at home is to clean the carburetor and filters, both air and fuel. It is important to keep correct adjustment of L and H screw elements. Some advise to remove the fuel filter from the construction altogether, but it is not a solution, because the carburetor will not last so long.

That is why before you start you just need to see if it is blocked, if there are no kinks in the hose through which the fuel comes and then you can take more drastic steps.

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As you can see, there are a lot of problems, but an excellent panacea for each of them is a timely diagnosis that can answer many questions about the technical failure of the device before they appear.

It is not uncommon for owners of chainsaws to face their breakdown, and it does not matter at all what model of this kind of equipment, as the nature of the breakdown is almost all the same. Well, here’s a chainsaw stalled and what next? Undoubtedly, you can take the technique to a specialized service, which for a fee will repair your iron friend. But as they say: why pay more??

After all, you can disassemble the tool and repair it yourself, because the breakage may be insignificant, but at the service office you will pay a lot. But of course, in order to bring your tool back to life yourself, you should be able to understand the causes of its failure and troubleshooting. So let’s learn! In this article you’ll find answers to questions about situations when the tool simply stops after you’ve pressed the gas directly. So, let’s proceed.

Checking the chainsaw’s main systems

If your chainsaw refuses to work properly, you need to make sure that all the conditions required for its normal operation are met:

Then we need to consistently test the functioning of all its elements. First you need to perform a check of the fuel tank. If the cause is not the volume or quality of the fuel, the probable cause of the malfunction could be the spark plugs. The gap on the spark plug should not exceed 0.5 millimeters. If it is too small, it means that there is too much carbon build-up on the spark plugs. In this case, you should remove the plugs, clean them, then install them in place and try to start the chainsaw. In addition, it is advisable from time to time to replace the spark plugs completely with new ones, even if they are in good condition.

Husqvarna chainsaw won’t stay running.

Then check the condition of the fuel filter and carburetor. Self-cleaning the fuel filter is an easy task, but the repair of the carburetor is best left to professionals.

What are the breakdowns in the chain lubrication system:

In the first case, first inspect the channels through which the oil flows to the bar, and clean them. Jamming them is a fairly common occurrence.

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In case of significant oil leakage (slight oil leakage is normal in all gasoline saws) you should check the tightness of the oil pump pipes and fittings. Tubing can fall off and even crack. Tubes leakage is eliminated by their replacement or caulking with sealing material.

As for the oil pumps, then at different models of chain saws they can be different designs, and the drive is also carried out differently (as a rule, the drive is performed by a driving sprocket or a special gear on the crankshaft). If the problem is with the oil pump, then most often it is not necessary to replace the entire assembly, it will be enough to replace its moving part (plunger), it most often fails due to ingress of large amounts of dirt and sawdust.

The most serious damage is a crack on the oil pump body. In that case it must be completely replaced.

husqvarna, throttle

What to do if the chainsaw stops when you press the gas

One of the most common questions about the operation of this device: why does the chainsaw stall when you press the gas and what to do to solve the problem? In such a situation, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • check the fuel filter;
  • check the fuel hoses for leaks;
  • Perform a check of the muffler;
  • try to increase the rpm a little;
  • Check the condition of the rubber seals on the crankshaft.

Chinese models

Adjusting the carburetor of a Chinese chainsaw, for example, Carver, is done in much the same way as the factory models. There are the same three basic adjustment screws L, H, T. Sometimes these models have the ability to adjust idling speed. But as a rule, workers of specialized services and owners of such saws say that it is not always possible to adjust the quality of a Chinese chainsaw immediately.

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For the classic Chinese models the screw L should be 1.5 turns off from the maximum value. Screw H needs to be backed off one turn from maximum. The idle speed is adjusted the same way.

So, adjusting the chainsaw carburetor yourself is not a very complicated process and can in most cases be done by a self-taught person.

Adjusting the carburetor on a Husqvarna chainsaw

Why does the chain saw stall when you accelerate??

Hi! If you find yourself on this page, chances are that your chainsaw stops when you press the gas and you want to know why this happens and what to do about it. Well, I will try to help you with this problem by examining the most common causes of such a mishap, as well as methods for fixing them.

To begin with, I’ll write right away for first-time users, many chainsaws require you to warm up the engine at idle for about one minute to work. The saw may stall when adding gas while the engine is cold.

So, if a heated chainsaw can idle but stops under load, it means that:

  • The carburetor is incorrectly installed or clogged a common case;
  • It lacks air, whose consumption rises sharply with increasing speed this means that the air filter is dirty (a rare case, since the filter gets dirty gradually, so the user notices the loss of power first)
  • It lacks fuel, the consumption of which also increases with increasing rpm this means that the fuel filter is dirty (also a rare case)
  • Well, the most unpleasant case, if there is excessive friction between the piston and the cylinder wall, due to the lack of oil in the fuel mixture after such a chainsaw, you are likely to fly into the repair of the piston group, as the piston and the cylinder walls are formed damages that prevent the work of the saw.

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