Husqvarna 135 chainsaw carburetor adjustment

Husqvarna chainsaw (Husqvarna) 137.carburetor adjustment.

The best advice I can give you is to ask the professionals! Believe me for a very little money experts will adjust the carburetor, check the overall condition of the saw. But if it is still necessary to carry out adjustment of the carburetor on the saw Husqvarna 137 by yourself, then I will try to describe this process in detail. Also at the end of the post I added a video on how to adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw at idle speed.

detailed instructions on how to adjust the chainsaw carburetor here: How to adjust your chainsaw carburetor step-by-step!

Chain for chain saw

The advantage of these chainsaw models are standard chainsaw chains. Practically any chain of a bar length (40 centimeters in general case) with a groove width of 1 m is suitable.3 millimeters, chain pitch depending on the model. For those starting at 1 3/8 which is true for the 135 model, for counterparts starting at 4 0.325.

Any saw chain can be used in any case, just keep an eye on its tensioning. To adjust the chain tension, use the adjusting screw and the rule that the chain should not sag on the bar, sit fairly firmly, but at the same time should not interfere with the rotation of the sprocket, when off, the chain should easily scroll on the bar chain saw by hand.

Important feature of the adjustment of the chain in the process of work is slightly stretched, so you should periodically monitor its tensioning. The correct setting is 1/4 turn of the adjusting screw.

What you need to repair Husqvarna with your own hands

To carry out independent repair of Husqvarna saw, it is necessary to have some specific tools, which can be purchased in specialized stores or make them yourself. The first thing you may need:

  • Piston stopper. needed to limit piston stroke through the spark plug hole. Used to unscrew the flywheel nut and clutch (if necessary, it can be replaced with a starter cord with knots tied to it);

Tip: When repairing any gasoline tools, it is convenient to use a medical clamp and tweezers. You will also need to have a set of sockets, a slotted screwdriver and a set of Torx wrenches.

Adjusting and tuning the Husqvarna 137 carburetor

In the diagram above you can see three screws for adjustment. Each has a different purpose: The T screw is needed to adjust the idle speed. The L screw is for low speed adjustment. Screw H regulates high revs.

To change the settings: First of all, turn the L screw to get the highest rpm at idle. Once we’ve found them, we need to turn this screw a quarter turn against the clock hand. If the chain keeps turning in this position, turn the screw T to stop the chain. Then warm the engine at full throttle for about 10-15 seconds and turn the screw H a quarter counterclockwise. Wait 10 seconds and listen, the engine should sound like a 4-stroke. If you hear a squealing noise, mixture is lean (turn the screw out), if there is a smoke, mixture is enriched (turn the screw in).

After adjusting the low and high RPM set the idle speed with the screw T. This is done as follows: 1.Engine should be running 2.Turn the screw T clockwise until the chain starts to rotate. 3.Turn the screw to the other side until the chain stops.

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If the carburetor is properly adjusted your chain saw revs up quickly and sounds like a 4-stroke engine.

Remember that you need a tachometer and experience to properly adjust your chainsaw carburetor. That’s why it’s best to call in a specialized service!

Buy Husqvarna 137 carburetor and other parts

A video on adjusting the chainsaw at idle:

Another video on repairing a Husqvarna carburetor in English.

Husqvarna (Husqvarna) 240 chain saw: features, specifications, adjustment

Swedish Husqvarna chainsaws are available on the market in professional and consumer class models. Outstanding performance, durability, versatility make the tools of this manufacturer in demand on the world market. Reliability and durability is also ensured by the quality assembly of chainsaws, parts made of forged steel and durable plastic.

husqvarna, chainsaw, carburetor, adjustment

HOW TO SET THE CARBUITOR On A CHOPPER. The structure of the carburetor chainsaw

You don’t have to be a professional technician to adjust your chainsaw carburetor. However, you still need to learn some aspects of carburetor operation, concerning the process of preparing the fuel mixture.

The vast majority of chainsaws are equipped with Chinese-made Walbro carburetors. They are simple in their construction, if not primitive. There is a monobloc through-hole type body. Inside the hole there is a diffuser. a narrowing of the passage with a fuel injection channel. There are two sides of the flaps: the smaller one is a throttle valve, it regulates the amount of fuel mixture to be supplied to the cylinder. The larger flap, the air flap, serves to limit air flow during a cold start.

Construction of a Walbro carburetor: 1. fuel inlet fitting; 2. diaphragm pump pulse channel; 3. inlet valve; 4. fuel pump diaphragm; 5. outlet valve; 6. filter screen; 7. air damper; 8. throttle valve; 9. fuel channel; 10. idle stroke adjustment screw; 11. needle; 12. idle stroke nozzles; 13. control membrane; 14. fuel chamber; 15. main nozzle; 16. diffuser; 17. main adjusting screw

All the magic of fuel treatment takes place in the hidden channels and the diaphragm pump chamber. Turning the choke a bit widens the channel through which fuel is injected in the mixing chamber and increases the fuel volume. The carburettor has two sort of valves: one for low speed and one for high speed. When you change the position of the throttle, the fuel flow changes proportionally between these two valves.

The need for such a device is that the mixture quality should be different when idling and under load. In this case, the channel through which fuel is fed to the mixer at idle rpm is not completely blocked when the engine accelerates and vice versa. the channel of maximum rpm is a little blown at idle rpm.

Reparație Husqvarna 135 xtorq/ fixing chainsaw Husqvarna 135

The work of adjusting or repairing the carburetor on Husqvarna chain saws can be done without any experience. In order to do everything correctly, you need to follow the algorithm and have a minimum set of tools. You should also evaluate your strength beforehand and not take any chances if you don’t understand the machine at all. Believe me, sometimes it is better to pay a small sum of money to the master than to spoil the tool by adjusting it yourself.

(Husqvarna) refers to amateur non-professional versions. Its low weight (4.6 kg without chain and guide bar) and motor power (1.6 kW) make it very popular with customers. 2 tire lengths of 13″ and 15″ are applicable for this model. Their pitch is 0.325″ and maximum end radius is 10T. With proper use and timely maintenance it will last for many years. Noise emission of 98-108 dB in operation.

Husqvarna 135 chain saw review

The Husqvarna 135 chain saw is a household tool, indispensable in private households. When creating this chainsaw, the manufacturer has taken into account the wishes of its customers who were using the earlier models, collecting in one chainsaw all the best from the previous modifications. Purpose of Husqvarna 135 household chainsaw cutting logs, boards. Tree trimming and t. д.

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The Husqvarna 135 chain saw is lightweight (4.4 kg). Without accessories) and compact size. 2.04L carbureted, two-stroke engine. с. The X-Torq system reduces fuel consumption by 20% and lowers the chain saw’s emissions (70% fewer toxins). Two-stage air filtration to extend the life of the removable filters. Smart Start easy start system was installed to make it easier to start the power tool in all weathers. The chainsaw is started by means of an inertia starter, the throttle control is semi-automatic. Unit is equipped with Zama EL 41 universal improved carburetor, electronic ignition. Vibration damping system reduces vibrations produced during operation. Chain lubrication is automatic.

Important! The manufacturer recommends a 40 cm long saw bar and a 56 link chain.

To protect the owner of the equipment during operation against accidental chain jumping, chain breakage, the manufacturer has provided a chain catcher and a chain brake. Chain tensioner is on the side of the machine.

Technical features

Type: chainsaw
Design: manual
Power, watts: 1500 watt
Number of speeds: 1
Chain pitch: 3/8-inch
Tire length, cm: 40 cm
Engine capacity, cu. cf: 40.9 cc. see
Fuel tank capacity: 0.37 л
Oil tank capacity: 0.25 л
Features and functions: anti-vibration, chain brake
Noise level: 114 dB
Weight: 4.4 kg (without bar and chain)
Chain brake: there is
Width of bar slot: 1.3 mm
Anti-vibration: is



  • power tools;
  • low weight;
  • two-stage air purification;
  • improved Zama EL 41 carburetor;
  • Use of the X-Torq motor;
  • easy to start chain saw;
  • The damping anti-vibration system;
  • semi-automatic throttle control;
  • automatic supply of chain lubrication;
  • high power (2 liters. с.);
  • maintainability;
  • hand protection;
  • eco-friendliness;
  • chain brake;
  • reliability;
  • Endurance;
  • easy to get parts.

Design and usage

The introduction of the Husqvarna two hundred 40 chainsaw is not limited to the standard firewood-gathering functions. You can simply use it to clear a huge area of shrubs and old trees, shape the crowns of ornamental plants in the garden, use it in construction to cut boards. Sufficient power and bar length to cut wood both lengthwise and crosswise.

Traditional brand design is mixed in this model with the highest technical features and usability. Household Husqvarna 200 40 is a professional saw, but its performance is not much different from professional tools. Manufacturers have provided in this saw such necessary functions as easy start, double air cleaning, vibration reduction. Ergonomic control levers and handle make for greater comfort at work, reduces the strain on the operator. The main parts of the mechanism are placed in such a way as to speed up and simplify access to them in case of repair.

If you follow the instruction manual and often carry out preventive inspections of the chainsaw, repairs can almost always be avoided. But even in case of breakage the tool will not cause you significant inconvenience. unique spare parts can be simply purchased and exchanged. Detailed structure Husqvarna chain saws

Chainsaw “Husqvarna 240”, technical properties of which you can see below. is equipment that follows the Husqvarna 236 mowing line. If we compare between these two variations, it should be emphasized that the latter has a higher power, slightly longer tire and has an engine that saves fuel up to 25%.

Chainsaw “Huskvarna 240”, the repair of which is required not so often, is an environmentally non-hazardous inventory, which is very important for some consumers. The amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere is reduced and the number of cuts on one fuel for refueling is increased. Quite often, the products of the Swedish company mentioned above are compared to the manufacturer of chainsaws STIHL. As an advantage of the first, it should be emphasized that to simplify the start is available primer. But, as practice indicates, it does not have a significant impact on the process of starting the equipment.

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Reviews of the model

But this list of consumers is not considered complete. They like the presence of the brake lever in the model, it attracts both the ergonomic design, small exhaust volume, and the presence of a chain tensioner.

This model costs thirteen thousand. and has an air-cleaning system that reduces filter wear. The engine in the device is fairly reliable and powerful, it contributes to economical consumption of fuel, reducing the amount of harmful emissions. The chainsaw needs to be warmed up during start-up. As the cool tool is started, you should let it run for 30 seconds. Then you can use and release the throttle lever. This will prepare the tool for work.

Chainsaw “Husqvarna 240″ described in this section, the technical properties of which are exciting for you, has a bar 40 cm, and a capacity of two liters. From. Engine has 38.2 cc of power and a fuel tank. 0.3 liters. 0.2 liters of oil can be put in the tank. Before purchasing this equipment, you should consider that it belongs to the household class and weighs 4.7 kg. The number of connections in the equipment is 56, the width of the slot. 1.3 mm, but the noise level is 100.7 dB.

There are many problems that can be solved by adjusting the carburetor. Adjusting the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw is necessary in case of such malfunctions as:

хускварна 135

  • Increased idle speed;
  • strong smokiness when the tool is running;
  • difficulty starting a cold or hot engine
  • Lack of traction and low maximum rpm.

This is by no means a complete list of problems that a Husqvarna carburetor tune-up can solve. In some cases, adjustment of the quality and quantity of the fuel mixture is carried out after engine overhaul or in the course of planned maintenance of the chainsaw.

The manufacturer Husqvarna AB recommends adjusting the carburetor before and after running-in the saw.

How to adjust

The tool needs adjustment before and during operation. You can do it yourself, guided by the manual and the technological card. Depending on the complexity of the breakdown, the chainsaw repair is carried out at home or in a specialized workshop.

To extend the engine life and increase the productivity of the tool, you need to fuel it with a properly prepared fuel mixture. It consists of 20 parts A-95 gasoline and 1 part high-quality engine oil. Do not store fuel more than one month, t. к. it loses its characteristics.

the tensioning of the chain should be checked as soon as it is installed and after every month of operation.

To do this, you need to use a template that determines the degree of slack in the cutter. The chain is tightened with a screw so that it is held tightly, without sagging, freely scrolling by hand on the bar when it is off. To achieve the desired result make ¼ turn to one side or the other.

How To Actually Tune A Chainsaw!

The initial adjustment of the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw is made at the factory. It is designed for summertime operation with the recommended fuel. Carry out the following adjustments before switching to winter fuel and if the engine performance is deteriorating (heavy soot, low rpm, stopping during the cut). If you can not achieve the desired result, it is necessary to clean the hose, flaps and replace the fuel filter.

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