How to work with a strip saw. Settings of wood tape saw

Recommendations for the operation and maintenance of tape saws

This article was written to help you better understand the strip sawing and get the greatest return on your tape.saw installation (sawmill).

The technology for using narrow tapes in sawing is relatively young. It has been used on sawmills for more than 15 years, and even less on installations of the second row, although in furniture production ribbon saws were used for a very long time.

Technology, both in the production of the belt canvas itself and in the production of tape.saw installations, goes forward quite quickly, allowing users to achieve all the best and best results.


Three distinctive features are characteristic of strip saws. They are made only of special varieties of instrumental steel, which provides high indicators of strength and wear resistance of teeth. Russian manufacturers usually use steel and B2F categories, foreign companies prefer the C75 series. In any case, the hardness of the material should be at least 45 HRS.

The width of the cutting of the canvas of the tape saw is much already already than that of disk analogues. As mentioned above, this is a fundamental factor in the processing of valuable wood and business wood.

Saws can easily cope with blanks of any length and diameter. At the same time, a properly sharpened strip saw provides high production productivity.

It must be clarified that the reliability of closed saws is explained by the heterogeneity of the material that is used to make the canvas.

In particular, the body of a saw instrument is usually made of spring steel, which has incredible resistance to stretching and dynamic loads. Varieties of steel with a high molfram and cobalt go to the manufacture of the cutting edge. Individual parts of the canvas are welded to each other with high.frequency currents. Tools made using this technology can be used to saw metal.

Forms of the cutting part and angle of sharpening

At the first stage, the type of tape saw is determined. The main indicator is the shape of the teeth. Depending on this parameter, they are divided into dividing, carpentry or designed for sawing logs. The original geometry and the angle of wiring are determined by the manufacturer. This data is recommended to be recognized at the stage of purchasing components. They are needed to determine the parameters of the machine.

For solid types of wood, the value of the front angle should be minimal. This provides optimal contact of the processing material with metal. If you plan to process soft varieties. to increase the processing speed, you can use models with a large value of the front angle.

The determining parameters for independent updating the cutting edge are:

  • The step of the tooth. This is the distance between the cutting elements of the structure. Frequent values ​​- 19, 22 and 25 mm;
  • tooth height. The value from its base to the top;
  • injection. The main meaning that you need to know for the formation of a cutting plane. For carpentry models, it is 35 °. In dividing saws, the angle is from 18 ° to 22 °. In structures for processing the beam-10 °.15 °;
  • divorce. Determines the deviation of the tooth from the common plane of the canvas.
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After performing work on the machine, these characteristics should ideally remain unchanged. For each model, the manufacturer determines the maximum deviation value. If it is achieved during operation, it is necessary to purchase a new model.

In order to eliminate resonance in some types of cutting tools, a variable step of the location of the teeth is made. This does not affect manual sharpening, but requires a thorough installation of parameters during automated.

Types of strip saws

Such equipment is divided into manual, semi.automatic and automatic. In addition, there are three types of tape saw on wood:

  • Toer. A model with teeth is widely used for processing wood and metal, and it also cut mineral wool, foam concrete and even food. meat, fish.
  • Erystrous friction saw. Its metal tape is also equipped with teeth, but they pursue the goal of strengthening the release of heat during friction and thereby increasing the performance of all equipment.
  • Electrician ribbon saw. Its use is advisable in one case and it concerns the processing of blanks, the thickness of which exceeds 15 mm. Ordinary round saws of electrical action cannot cope with them because of a large beating, significant diameter and step, and therefore use a strip unit.

A variety of canvases can be used on the same device. both special and for specific types of blanks. The scope of the cutting tool depends on the step of the teeth, that is, their size, the hardness of the edges, their geometry and wiring. For example, for processing large blanks, a canvas with large zazubins is selected, and increased hardness of the teeth is required to cut products from tool steel. Their backs are enhanced if the process is accompanied by strong vibration and shock exposure.

TOP-10 best wood ribbon saw

The most demand is the tools for processing wood. There are saws with amateur and semi.professional capabilities in the ranking of the best.


The compact machine is designed for direct and inclined saws of wood and operates at a speed of 360 and 480 revolutions per minute. Shows good stability, the legs of the tool can be fixed on the floor.

Zubble ZPL-305

A 750 W stationary machine deepens into wooden blanks by 170 mm. The device can be switched between the two speeds, the table is tilted to 45 °, which allows you to make a cut at an angle.

Jet HVBS-56M

A universal tape saw for wood and metal works at several saw speeds and has low vibration. It is equipped with reliable grip for fixing the part, supports a quick shift in the canvas. Supporting legs can be adjusted for a more even installation on the surface.

Triod BSM-115/230

The belt saw of the semi.professional class is suitable for processing wood, plastics and soft metals. Can perform a cut vertically, in a straight plane and at an angle, the cut is neat and even.

Encor Corvette-35

The strip saw is suitable for direct sawing and figure cut of wood and plastic parts. Supports two speeds, if necessary, the table can be tilted in different directions.

Stop Block for Miter Saw (No T-Track Required)

Important! The machine provides for the connection of the vacuum cleaner right during operation to remove chips and sawdust.

Jet JBS-12

Swiss saw on wood and plastic processes blanks at two operating speeds. It is equipped with a pipe for dust removal, a handle is provided for adjusting the tension of the canvas. Can perform a cut at an angle of 45 °, has a low noise level.

Metabo Bas 261 Precision

A German saw with a capacity of 400 watts works with minimal vibration and provides an even and clear cut. The kit is supplied with parallel and angular stops, adapters for the vacuum cleaner. Device from the category of budgets, but can perform a cut up to 103 mm.

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Makita 2107FK

A high.performance saw with a capacity of 710 watts operates at two speeds and carries up to 120 mm. It is mainly designed to process wood up to 12 cm thick, but copes well with sheet metal.

Advice! The strip saw is especially well suited for home.made furniture workshops.

Jet JWBS-10

Inexpensive strip saw with a capacity of 600 watts belongs to an amateur category and allows you to process wood to a depth of 100 mm. The tension of the canvas can be adjusted, a special lever is also provided for quick weakening before cleaning for storage.

Metabo Bas 318 Precision

One of the best saws for tape sawmill supports two speeds and demonstrates a very smooth movement of the canvas without jerking. It practically does not vibrate and does not make noise, is equipped with a box for collecting sawdust during operation, additional stops and LED backlight.

Inspection of the details of the mechanism

Before starting work, it is necessary to inspect the nodes of the sawmill.

The lifting mechanism moves the up-down frame using the transmission driven by an electric motor. The control panel is located in an electric cabinet mounted in the upper jumper of the bed, a grounding connection is required. The frame of the tape.cutting machine consists of two beams interconnected. On the ends there are saw pulleys:

The scheme of the frame of the ribbon saw of the sawmill is equipped with a sawing device containing a spring-screw mechanism.

There is a tank with a lubricant-coolest composition on the casing of saw pulleys.

Tape sawmills”. Work and device:

2.1 main nodes and parts of tape sawmill:

  • A bed that moves along the rail guides in a horizontal direction;
  • Frame saw;
  • The mechanism lifting the saw frame;
  • Electric cabinet;
  • Log clamp;
  • Mobile slider of the driven pulley;
  • The leading pulley;
  • The pulley of the led;
  • Wedge.rephid transmission;
  • Rail guides of tape sawmills;
  • A mechanism pulling the strip saw;
  • Installation connector of the strip saw;
  • Pulley pulley pulley
  • Tank for co.chehm
  • The guide saws are motionless
  • The guide saws are mobile

Stanno of the tape sawmill has p. figurative shape and soles with rollers of moving the saw frame along the rails and felt brushes, which are cleaned of guide from sawdust. The lift of the saw frame is carried out by two sliders located on the racks of the bed. The movement is carried out by a bilateral, synchronously connected chain transmission, driven by an electric motor, through a gearbox.

The frame has two channels, which are located in parallel and interconnected. The leading saw pulp is motionlessly fixed at one end of the frame, which has the possibility of longitudinal movement. The saw of the tape sawmill is pulled by the spring-screw mechanism, the spring damps the thermal expansion of the saw tape. In the manufacture of tape sawmill, a 35 centimeter.width tension is rated. The risks on the tensioner and the puck are equal to the tension force of 525 kilograms. In the front beam of the tape sawmill and on the slider of the driven pulley there are two locks for the picking and installing saw tape. On the brackets of the frame located in the middle of the frame, two guides of the strip saw (mobile and motionless) are installed, which are equipped with support rollers and the adjustment system and the bar. Twisting the moment is transmitted from the engine engine to the leading pulley. wedge.rephid transmission. Backet for coolant is fixed on top of the protection of saw pulleys. The supply of fluid is regulated by the taps located on the tank. The tape sawmill control panel is located on the upper jumper of the machine.

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Directed collapsible from 3 sections, which is convenient during transportation. Below are supporting plates into which anchor bolts are screwed. Top guides of the strip sawmill of the log of logs. The log on rail guides is fixed with four screw clamps and an emphasis that provides 90 degrees.

Types of strip saws

Depending on the plane of placing the cutting canvas in the saw zone, all tape saws are classified as vertical or horizontal.

  • Vertical tape saws. This type of easel equipment can be bought in Penza and called column tape saws. They differ in that the movement of the canvas in the working area occurs vertically relative to the guide surface (table). This version of the equipment is used for the manufacture of a beam, curved saw, black sawing of logs.G
  • Horizontal strip saws. Usually have high power, which allows more solid materials. The saw canvas in this type of machine tools is located parallel to the plane of the desktop. Such machines allow you to get thinner products, they are often used for the manufacture of boards, veneer, shields, sheets.

Well, and dismemberment, where without her =)

First of all, you need to remove the “shoe”. We twist the hexagon bolts and pull out the bar. The most difficult thing was to remove the rubber casing from the front.It differs from a soft and pleasant insert on the handle. The material is quite hard, something between solid rubber and soft plastic. These are small “antennae”

Just tightly get into these grooves

Next, just unscrew all the screws and divide the case into 2 halves. No boards, button and engine.

TW P2; Tracksaw basics, splinterguard trim

The gearbox is aluminum.

over, they obviously did not spare the lubricants. they threw it with a hill and collected =)

The gearbox did not disassemble, otherwise I would have gotten the floor of the house, so that you have a photo from the network.

Well, here’s another more detailed scheme

Replacing brushes is very simple. I just have to disassemble the case.

I got a little. forgot to remove the size of the bearing and saw it only while writing a review. Father squeezed the saw immediately after filming the material (for him and begged for him), so I can only attach a photo with part of the marking, maybe someone identifies.

Seats with damping pillows. for the first time I see this, maybe I just did not pay attention.

It seems I haven’t forgotten anything else. It also became interesting what is the gear ratio of the gearbox. About 5 engine speeds account for one maximum piston stroke. This turns out at maximum 5100 vibrations the motor rotates at a speed of about 25,000 revolutions per minute. For those who want to watch the process of cutting various materials, I made a small video selection, practice after 2:00.

I do not paint the pros and cons of the posts.18, I just test the goods and show you the results, draw the conclusions yourself =)

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