How to wind the line on the reel of the Patriot grass trimmer

It’s not unusual for gardeners and landscapers to have to care for their lawns when they have a large garden or acreage. In such cases, you simply can not do without the usual hand-held grass mower or trimmer for the grass. The first one is slowly receding into the background, and there are fewer and fewer people who use it. Grass trimmer works automatically and does not require much effort. You don’t need any special skills to use it, either.

Before you tuck the line into the grass trimmer reel, measure 5 m off the reel (this is how much line is on average installed on trimmers). Then fold it exactly in half to find the middle. The obtained center should be inserted in the special slot, which is located on the reel. Then wind up the line in the direction of the arrow on the head.

How to rewind your Stihl trimmer.

From the above it follows that the process of changing the line itself is not difficult. Having carried out such a manipulation as winding line on the grass trimmer reel several times, you will bring this process to automatism. The only thing is to constantly monitor the condition of the line to avoid its breakage at the time of work on the site, when a spare skein may not be at hand.

Now you know how to tuck the line into the grass trimmer reel, and you can do it yourself without much effort!

The fishing line comes out

If the line comes out when mowing, this is another indication that the spring in the bobbin is loose or has been lost due to careless disassembly of the head. As a result, the filament will not hold and will pop out when you rotate it.

How to wind fishing line onto the brushcutter or grass trimmer head

This video shows in detail how to wind fishing line on the grass trimmer or brushcutter reel. Filling the mowing line.

Choosing the thickness

In addition, special attention should be paid to the thickness of the consumable. For mowing young grass, a thread with a diameter in the range of one and a half millimeters is suitable

The larger the diameter of the thread, the drier and rougher the weeds it can handle.

One thing is important when choosing a line in terms of thickness

It is important not only to assess the capabilities of the material, but also to take into account the features of your grass trimmer. It is absolutely necessary to check the user manual that comes with the tool, and find information about the requirements for the cutting element

Using the wrong thread can cause the tool to malfunction. Using too thick a thread will overload the engine of the device. And the use of too thin thread will increase the wear and tear of the torque mechanism at times.

That’s why the choice of consumable material should be approached with no less responsibility than its filling in the grass trimmer. Once you have found and bought the right line, let’s start looking at how to reel it in.

Preparing to spool a fishing line

Before the winding process, it is necessary to remove the spool with fishing line from the body. Depending on the manufacturer, power and type (electric or gasoline), there are three design types of trimmers:

These models have a blade option. You can remove the spool on these models by pressing the two recessed buttons on the bottom of the spool. To install the trimmer blade, you need to align the hole of the bobbin and the rod, and then insert a device in the form of a steel pin (screwdriver, iron bar). After fixing the coil, the body can be easily unscrewed by hand in a clockwise direction.

Many owners and professionals note the ease of operation and threading a single mast. Depending on the manufacturer, the length of the refilled line can vary from 2 to 5 meters. The end of the line is inserted into the head in a special technological groove or hole, and is wound in the opposite direction to the working rotation of the bobbin. On most of the spool on the outside of the body there are marks in the form of arrows that indicate the direction of movement of the trimmer reel for grass.

After winding, you need to leave the free end 15-30 cm to increase the centrifugal force, which is the determining factor when retrieving trimmer line in automatic and semi-automatic spools. The left end is put through the working hole of the spool and the head is assembled.

Trimmer head with two tendrils

After removing the bobbin from the bobbin case, determine the number of winding spools (1 or 2). There is no fundamental difference between single- and double-groove spools, but if you thread carelessly into a double-groove, it will cause operational problems. Because of the possibility of intertwining of adjacent lines the tool may fail to retrieve new wires after the wires have worn out.

Regardless of number of spools, use line length from 1.5 to 3 meters. Reeling must be performed in the opposite direction to the rotation of the head, because winding during the motion will not allow the line to be extracted from the reel. After the line is threaded into the reel of the grass trimmer the loose ends (15-30 cm) are threaded into the special holes. Reassemble the head in the reverse order of disassembly and check for proper functioning. Do not worry if the ends of the two tendrils differ greatly in size, because when starting the grass trimmer, the blade mounted on the protection will cut the excess.

Grass trimmer head with automatic line threading

Some models on the market have a spool with an automatic winding mechanism. The owner only needs to correctly tuck and fix the ends in the head, and the winding operation will be performed by the tool itself when it is turned on in working mode. It is almost impossible to wind the line incorrectly in the grass trimmer with such a head, as the spool independently determines the position of the tendrils. The advantages of the automatic grass trimmer head include the simplicity of filling the line, and the disadvantages. frequent breakdowns of the mechanism due to the complexity of design and high cost.

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Grass trimmer. a necessary and useful tool for a country site and private home. Many people own and actively use it, but not everyone knows how to replace the line in the trimmer, especially, at first.

This manual will show you how to change the line step by step. Looking ahead, there are two ways to tuck the line into the trimmer bobbin. There is no fundamental difference. the difference is that in the first case will be filled with one line, folded in half, and in the second such lines will be two segments.

On small electric trimmers with a bottom-mounted motor (when the motor is on the ground), the spool usually has two keys on the sides. Press down on them and detach one half of the spool body from the other, which remains on the trimmer. Together with the first half, the inner part, on which the line itself is wound, is removed. When syntaxing, be careful: there is a spring inside that can fly out and get lost.

On electric and gasoline trimmers with a curved boom (on such trimmers is not yet possible to place a knife) you need to wrap the body of the reel with one hand, and the second hand you should start turning counterclockwise, lambasting it. It is the one that attaches the spool to the trim strip. After unscrewing the lamb, carefully remove the entire coil, trying not to lose the spring inside.

On electric and gasoline trimmers with a straight rod and reducer at the end (we can also install a knife in addition to the mowing line), we look for a hole under the spool, put a screwdriver in it, for example, twist until the spool is deeper, and the spool is blocked. Now turn the entire spool clockwise (since the thread is left) and remove it from the grass trimmer. Then we disassemble the spool. It can be assembled with the snaps or it can be twisted with the lamb. If the reel is snapped together, we push down on the sides of the base of the snaps so that they bend back and release one half of the body of the reel from the other. The lamb is simply twisted. There can also be a third type of connection between the two halves of such a spool: with it, you need to grab the bottom part with one hand and the other. upper and start turning them in opposite directions. When decoding such a reel, you should also make sure that the spring inside is not lost.

How to wind the fishing line on a garden grass trimmer reel

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Grass trimmer. a necessary and useful tool for the suburban area and private home. Many people own and actively use it, but not everyone knows how to replace the line in the trimmer, especially at first. In this manual, we’ll walk you through the entire replacement process step-by-step. You can disassemble the bobbin in place, reel it in and put it back. Change the fishing line successfully. 12. If necessary, the position of the standard handle can be adjusted to the height of the rod. How to Wind a Strip onto a Gardena Grass Trimmer. The mowing line feed in the grass trimmer reel is controlled in semi-automatic mode. This saves a considerable amount of cord when mowing low-lying meadows. The main features of this amateur electric braiding include To wind the fishing line on a gasoline or electric grass trimmer, you do not need to have any special skills. First, it is important to determine a suitable consumable, and then choose the best method. Fill the fishing line into the spool of the device can be done in two different ways. Filling the fishing line into the spool of the grass trimmer is a relatively simple procedure, provided you follow a certain algorithm of actions. When you need to determine how many meters of consumable material is enough, wind it on the bobbin so that the coil does not exceed the diameter of the sides. Having decided on the length of the cord, follow the following instructions The fishing line is wound onto the bobbin, which is hidden in the body of the trimmer head. To get to it, you need to disassemble the element. The body has locking latches on the body, and when you press them, the body cover can be easily removed. We have described how to wind the line into the reel of the grass trimmer with two tendrils. This is the most common option. But there are also other ways. Instructions for installing a fishing line on the grass trimmer spool in different ways. The principle of operation of the grass trimmer head and how to remove it from the lawnmower. This consumable in the process of use wears out, so how to wind the grass trimmer spool, we will consider in detail in the material. What you need to know about line on the grass trimmer. The fishing line is called the consumable material, which consists of nylon, and serves as a cutting device. Through this equipment the grass is mowed, which is ensured by the rotation of the head of the tool with high frequency. How to wind the fishing line on the Bosch ART 23 SL grass trimmer. Unwind the roll of fishing line on a flat, dry place and cut off half of it. Measure 3 to 4 meters of fishing line from the reel. In any case, at the end of reeling the coils of fishing line should be on the body of the spool, without slipping off the spool. Step 5. winding line on a reel. How to install the line on the grass trimmer, depends on the design of the spool. Consider the option when the body of the spool has one outlet for the fishing line. In this case, the end of the line is clamped in a crevice in the spool, and then wind the line, trying to put the coils very tightly. Step by step annotation, how to wind the line on the spool trimmer for grass With the advent of spring you often spend your time in the country house or homestead. Firmly. Wind the fishing line tightly Now you can put it all on the grass trimmer, the Bosch ART 23 SL grass trimmer as. How to put a fishing line on a grass trimmer |How to correctly. A grass trimmer will protect you from such difficulties as grass and weeds. This tool effortlessly trims and mows grass in difficult areas, where an ordinary lawnmower can’t do it. Changing a fishing line in a reel for the first time is not without controversy. The process is in fact quite simple. The main thing is to know the procedure. Let’s see how to insert a fishing line into a grass trimmer with FUBAG example. For models from other manufacturers, the instruction will also be relevant. How to choose fishing line. length, diameter, restrictions. For any electric or gasoline grass trimmer you can use lines from different manufacturers. Nevertheless, it is still best to use the same brand consumable material as the tool. We recommend to buy fishing line here. It is believed that in this case it is not necessary to change the line. On more powerful grass trimmers, you can put a thicker line. Before inserting the fishing line into the grass trimmer, read our step-by-step instructions. How to wind the line on a grass trimmer reel. Before changing the filament, unplug the grass trimmer (switch off the engine on the brushcutter). Here’s how to do it: On a trimmer with a bent bar, unscrew the wing nut and remove the mowing head. On a straight-boom trimmer, insert a screwdriver or Allen key in the hole under the spool. Secure the key and unscrew the spool. Remove the top cover. There are two options: push in the catches (if there are any) or just unscrew the cover. How to remove the head from the grass trimmer and change the line in the reel. What can be used instead of a fishing line? Causes and solutions for cord problems. It is important to know which direction the line is wound on the spool. If you look closely, you can find an arrow or inscription on the bobbin with an arrow indicating in which direction to wind it. There are times when there is no arrow on the spool. In such a situation, you can look at the arrow drawn on the mowing head and wind the cord in the opposite direction. Winding must be done gently, coil to coil, with maximum thread tension. 2 Winding the line on the grass trimmer. 2.1 Grass trimmer reel with one tendril. 2.2 Trimmer head with two clamps. 2.3 Grass trimmer head with automatic line threading. Preparing to wind the line. Remove the line and the filament spool from the case before beginning the spooling process. Depending on manufacturer, power, and type (electric or gasoline), there are three trimmer designs: Compact trimmers for grass with electric motor. Electric trimmer reel. This type of tool has a bottom-mounted motor and head, which in turn has two side buttons for removing the bobbin. the grass trimmer head is not overloaded when suspended. be overloaded. Disposal. The trimmer cord that has been threaded into the reel can. pull back. 1. Remove the spool with cord. t as described in 4. section. TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE Replacing the coil with a cortex. home. 2. Hold the plastic ring. z. on cord reel. t. between your thumb and forefinger. of the trimmer cord loops and completely unwind the. rewind). 6. Put the plastic ring back on. z. on the coil with the feed. house. t. 7. Push cord reel back in place. t as described. paragraph 4. The following sections of this manual are for the purpose of this manual. Changing the filament spool. auto-feed grass trimmer: how to wind the line into the detachable spool. Some models of trimmers have a spool with automatic line feed. The owner only needs to secure the ends in the head, after turning on the equipment, the mechanism will do all the winding manipulation by itself. This should be known! To understand more clearly how to wind the line on the grass trimmer reel, see the following The nuances of replacing the line in a trimmer. Choosing a line, it is necessary to be guided by the type of motor.

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How to wind a fishing line on the grass trimmer

To wind the line on the weed trimmer it is necessary to take apart the spool. The reel can be assembled with snaps or twisted thumbscrew. Grass trimmer reel on latches, open it by pushing on the sides to release the latches. You just need to unscrew the wing bolts. The third type of coil, consisting of two parts (without wingtips and latches), then you need to rotate the cover and the grass trimmer coil body in opposite directions.

Unwind 3 4 m of fishing line, pass the line through the hole in the reel so that each side of the line is exposed equally. Wind both tendrils of the fishing line simultaneously in one direction, opposite to the direction of rotation of the spool on the trimmer. Leave some line not wound, fix the ends in special grooves, and if they are not, hold them with fingers. Thread both ends through the holes on the outer casing of the reel. Assemble the spool and fasten it to the trimmer.

and availability of fishing line for grass trimmer can be found here. link

This article describes how to choose a trimmer for the grass, what brand and model. There are also some recommendations on how to use the trimmer for grass.

The line in the gasoline trimmer usually runs out when there is no time for proper winding, and you don’t want to deal with the issue of line winding when cutting the grass at all. To understand the winding technique of line on your grass trimmer at the worst possible moment. We recommend to watch our video about how to wind the line correctly.

See how not to fall for trimmers trimmer tricks? An inattentive customer may not pay attention to important details and buy a vague fluid, not the brand oil. As a result your tool can be damaged or out of order forever. This video shows the three main differences between the original STIHL oil.

How to Disassemble the Reel of the Patriot Grass Trimmer

Since the choice of trimmer for grass, we looked in the previous article, now we will tell you how to correctly fill the trimmer for grass fishing line, and what better to choose based on the criteria of work.

Обзор катушки для триммера (Быстрая заправка)

After you have purchased a grass trimmer and started to use it intensively, at some point there will be a question of replacing the line, as it is the most wearing element in the tool, the intense use of trimmer for grass will lead to frequent replacement of consumables.

What kinds of fishing lines are

A commonly encountered type of fishing line that fits on virtually all reel types is cord of circular section. This ordinary line is applicable for mowing succulent grass, but it will be much harder to mow dead wood, and much less she can not cope with shrubs.

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Typically, the cross section, which can mow young grass, does not exceed 1.6 mm. The thicker the thread, the coarser the grass it can overcome.

There is a line with a sharpened facet in the form of a star or a square, such a version is more adapted to mow dry grass just by having a sharp edge, but the disadvantage is its greater wear and tear, and on the strength it concedes round cord.

There are lines with improved aerodynamics with appropriate dents, scales and notches, a similar product makes less noise, but use it only on benzokosa, as the output of such thread from the spool is difficult, use it in most cases with discs, which are inserted segments. The disadvantage of this product is its fragility.

In most cases, gasoline trimmers with an engine capacity of more than 1.5 liters.с. use a cord with an iron rope inside. How to disassemble the reel how to replace a grass trimmer head with a cutting blade video. How. This line is perfect for mowing dry grass and small bushes. How to Disassemble a Grass Trimmer Head How to Disassemble a Grass Trimmer Head. Answer the spool with. The presence of a core, has a positive effect on the durability of this material. The disadvantage of such cord is its price, which is significantly higher than the above-listed opponents.

How to take apart a grass trimmer reel. Replacing the line on the trimmer.

This video shows how to disassemble the coil in the gasoline grass trimmer, as well as how to wind it correctly.

Automatic winding reel for chain saws.

Automatic reel for chain saws. How to disassemble the grass trimmer head press the latches and remove the fishing line spool from the body. Where to Buy.

How to tuck the fishing line into a grass trimmer reel

It will take about 10-15 min to wind the fishing line. What is a grass trimmer reel?? Plastic housing with a cassette inside, which has a special hook for easy winding of the line. The structure of the grass trimmer reel and its main faults. How to remove the spool from the grass trimmer, disassemble it, change the line and put it back. Almost all trimmer reels have a similar fastening principle, a central button-screw that, when pressed, makes it possible to pull the line of the desired length. Here are a few examples of different trimmer reels.

Bobbins trimmers, whose motor is located near the ground, have a different attachment to the axis of rotation, they have two buttons on the spool, located on the sides, which must be squeezed, otherwise the replacement of the thread is no different from other cassettes.

The principle of winding the line correctly is similar in all of the above cases, so let’s look at the standard version with two tendrils for example.

To remove the spool with a fishing line to unscrew the screw, located in the center, but note the thread is left, so you have to turn it clockwise, it is done on purpose, so that during operation it is not opened under the influence of centrifugal force.

Next, using a screwdriver, disassemble the head and remove the spool, on which the line is wound directly. Having measured the required length and folded in half, you need to tuck the line into the spool, eventually bringing its ends opposite each other (for this purpose, there are special slots for fixation).

After that it is necessary to assemble the head in the reverse order, passing the ends of the cord through the two corresponding holes.

If in doubt or not quite clear how to charge the line on the grass trimmer we recommend to see how to wind the line correctly in the lawnmower. In this video, the instructor will open the trimmer head step by step in detail, measure the necessary amount of fishing line, usually two to four meters, and demonstrate the assembly and installation on the trimmer for grass.

TRYING OUT TRIMMER LINE || The Southern Reel Mower

What line to choose for your grass trimmer?

Nylon fishing line. an essential material for garden trimmers. On it depends not only the result of the work, but also the life of the tool. The first thing to take note of is the diameter of the line. You can check this information in the instruction manual supplied with your trimmer. The more powerful the device, the thicker the diameter of the fishing line. Using a wrong diameter line puts more strain on the motor and accelerates wear and tear.

The next important aspect is the cross section. The line can be cut in a circle, polygon or star shape. A round-cut line is universal and suitable for a wide range of applications. The coiled variety is noisier, but it is consumed faster. Square section suitable for mowing plants with stubborn stems, thick weeds. The star-shaped cut means the highest degree of efficiency and processing speed. A line of this kind can quickly handle even dense brushwood. Its only disadvantage is relatively fast wear and tear.

How to wind the line on the grass trimmer spool

Reel – The device inside the working section of the weed trimmer. To determine the desired length of fishing line, wind it inside the spool until the overall level is level with, but not over, the side protrusions. Fold the length of line you have prepared in half. One end should protrude 10-15 cm. Take the second end and bend it in half. Insert the resulting loop into the slit of the spool. Inspect the spool and look for the mark indicating the correct winding direction. Carefully lay the line with each part of it in its groove. Once the main part is threaded into the spool, thread the ends through the holes in the side wall. Then reel can be installed in the reel. Trim the line ends if necessary and install the assembled reel in the grass trimmer.

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