How to use the jigsaw for wood

What affects the accuracy of the cut

For a smooth cut, it is necessary to choose an electric jigsaw suitable for the material to be cut. Here are the things you need to take into account.

  • Machine power. The higher it is, the less effort is required to cut. Reduces vibration, reduces the risk of the saw blade bending and moving sideways.
  • RPM or RPM. For hard metal, for example, steel, choose low values, for soft wood. high.
  • Saw length. The wider the workpiece, the longer the blade should be. The discrepancy between these dimensions provokes vibration, the peak mode of the device. The joint is often broken. uneven edges and chips are formed, its width increases.
  • blade thickness. Determines its hardness. The thicker the element, the better it keeps perpendicular to the workpiece, the better the quality of the cut, the lower the risk of “going sideways.
  • Jigsaw width. The wider the part, the easier it is to keep the cutting direction. Wide blades are used for straight cuts, narrow ones are used for curved cuts.
  • Tooth pitch. Adapted to the type of material. For example, a pitch of up to 1 mm is for metal, in the range of 2-3 mm for furniture boards, laminate or parquet, in the range of 3-6 mm. for rough treatment of wood.

Blade material can be different. This affects its stiffness, strength and sharpness of the teeth. Saw blades are available in different qualities for use in metal, wood, ceramics, plastic.

Sawing process

In order to get to work, it is necessary to make preliminary arrangements and preparations:

  • gloves;
  • Safety glasses;
  • machine oil;
  • the material to be processed;
  • clamps that guide a tape measure;
  • construction pencil;
  • the jigsaw itself.

The sawing process is carried out as follows:

  • Strengthening the base material. The starting material in our example is wood. Prepared sample of wood and the guide, the role of which can play the role of an ordinary flat rail, should be placed between the two clamps. The sample is placed on some elevation, so that the jigsaw can not be in the process of cutting. After that, using a tape measure, it is necessary to accurately measure the desired width of the product to be obtained, and with a pencil to draw the line of the cut. Then position the guide at the desired distance from the mowing line and secure it with clamps. The jigsaw is placed in the direction of the marked mowing line and the guide rail is also secured with the jigsaw clamp. Tighten it well but do not overdo it. Do the same on the other side.
  • Sawing. Switch on the jigsaw and start working. Proper use of the tool does not involve pressing too hard, which can cause rapid heating of the product and breakage. It is also not advisable to use the same saw blade for a long time, as it dulls very quickly. If the material to be cut is very hard wood, you can pre-lubricate the surface with machine oil. The saw blade will glide better, the cut will be smoother, and the jigsaw will last longer.
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The most frequent breakages and methods of their prevention

Quality jigsaws have a long service life. But even the best models can fail suddenly. Breakage of such parts of the tool occurs most often:

  • Start button. Basically, such a design element stops working when metal dust gets into the housing. To fix the problem, a simple cleaning with a special vacuum cleaner is needed. With prolonged use of the electric jigsaw, the button fails as the mechanism wears out.
  • Mechanical connections. Most often the stem is damaged. This element is most affected by mechanical loads. The fixing device, which is connected to the rod, often fails. Dust entering the enclosure when cutting various materials is to blame. But if the tool has a quality body, these problems almost never arise.
  • Motor. Stopping the electric driving mechanism can occur when the stator or rotor burns out. It is also sometimes a problem due to wear on the shaft notch. In order for the electric device to work long enough, you should always consider its power before setting certain tasks.

The electric driven jigsaw is designed for cutting various sheet materials. Depending on their purpose, jigsaws can be

The differences lie in the technical characteristics and functionality of the tools.

Before you learn how to use your jigsaw, you need to know how it works. The tool consists of:

What Can You Do With a Jigsaw? A Lot! | WOODWORKING BASICS

  • Aluminium case.
  • The electric motor. A powerful tool will be able to cut thicker and stronger material.
  • Gear cover.
  • Buttons for regulating the pendulum stroke. The pendulum mechanism enables precise cutting of materials with low density (soft wood, plywood, foam plastic).
  • Shrouds and brackets that make the jigsaw safe to use.
  • A support roller to guide the saw.
  • Chip deflation regulator.
  • A regulator for the number of saw strokes, which determines the speed of the saw blade.
  • the plate tilt regulator. It allows you to cut wood at angles of 15, 30, 45 and 90 degrees.
  • The laser guide. Allows you to stick to the outlined mowing line for cutting.
  • The quick-action chuck that serves as a saw.
  • A battery that allows you to cut with the jigsaw for a short period of time without plugging in.
jigsaw, wood

Learning to work on a stationary device is not the easiest task. But if you are determined to start making something with your own hands, it is necessary to get acquainted with the device of the technique:

  • In order to control the process and create the right direction the tool is equipped with a base plate.
  • To start sawing, it is necessary to install a special saw with fine teeth. Depending on the application, it can be exchanged.
  • Cutting with an electric jigsaw is possible, thanks to the fact that the device is equipped with a motor.

The power of the tool can vary from 200 to 900 watts. Much depends on what material you are going to saw.

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In addition to the standard equipment, many devices are equipped with lighting, quality protection, the function of blowing out the chips or muffled sound. All these add-ons are unnecessary, but they make the job much easier.

How to work with an electric jigsaw

With a modern tool. an electric jigsaw. you can easily perform straight and curved cuts in a variety of sheet materials. Wood, plastic, metal. anything is possible. Naturally, within the technical specifications of the tool.

Using an electric jigsaw, you can neatly cut corners at the table or perform shape cutting of a steel sheet.

Based on the density of materials to be cut and the technical capabilities of jigsaws, it is possible to highlight some features of their use.

Some peculiarities of the process

Initially it is necessary to choose the right saw

for jigsaw. The variety of saws allows you to choose the variant that will suit both the material of the initial workpiece, and the final desired result.

In general, the jigsaw can be with a pendulum and with a normal stroke. In the second option, for an even cut, the blade must move clearly vertically, cutting the material in an upward motion. Due to the high speed created, the blade wears down more slowly.

How to Use a Jigsaw

When working with a tool of the pendulum stroke, the principle is essentially the same, only the preferred material for processing. soft wood or plastic, with steel can be difficult.

To make a straight cut, it is necessary to choose a wide blade, it is better if the jigsaw in this case will have a function “Soft Start”, which will avoid sudden movements at the initial stage. If it is necessary to saw a round hole, you must first drill the original version, inside which the necessary saw is inserted. The cut itself is made according to the marking. If the initial variant cannot be sawed, then it is necessary to plunge-cutting method

For this purpose the jigsaw is bent at an angle before touching the material, it makes it possible to make a through hole, and then according to the marking to make the already necessary.

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Sawing on the edge of the workpiece is permitted, but you must make sure that it was originally flat, without it the jigsaw will cut crookedly. If the edge is uneven, then it can be corrected only by correct marking.

There is a risk of chipping when cutting thin sheets of wood. To prevent this, the sheet should be positioned facing downwards

The names speak for themselves. In the first case, the panels are installed vertically, the beam mounted on the rails acts as a bracket. The ability to swivel it to a right angle allows you to cut material in any plane. The horizontal variant assumes the presence of a table for sawing, the mechanism itself and the carriage that provides the movement of the saw along.

How to choose?

Before you go to the store for the purchase of a jigsaw, so that later not to be disappointed in it (in the overpaid money or in the purchased low-quality product), you should first determine your needs.

If the tool is needed for certain one-time work, it is preferable to settle for inexpensive models of compact electric jigsaws that are easy to use. And not to worry about the low-quality mechanism of a cheap mechanical jigsaw, for one-time small works are quite suitable and manual models.

If the jigsaw is bought for regular work on a small scale, then it is worth paying attention to the more powerful electric models, which tend to be more reliable.

In terms of reliability, the most durable models are those whose frame is made of stronger metal (steel, titanium), while models with an aluminum frame are considered by consumers to be more vulnerable.

An equally important factor affecting service life is the clamping device, which can be presented:

The service life of drum clamps, unlike nuts, is considerably longer. It should be noted that modern models of electric jigsaws are endowed with special locks for the blade, which allow it to be easily installed, completely excluding the breakage during fixation (if the nut, for example, is too tightened, the blade can break).

Trimming jigsaw

Today many people want to decorate their interiors with nice little things, like carved elements. Very popular products made of wood with beautiful ornaments and patterns. Wood always decorates the house, creates comfort, and most importantly, is a natural material. Woodcarving is a very pleasant and interesting activity, which can be mastered by everyone, if you carefully study the process and prepare yourself for the work.

How to use a Jigsaw. Basics

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