How to use the electric grass trimmer

Cordless grass trimmer: how to choose and is it worth choosing at all

Let’s find out how to choose a cordless trimmer for grass and what to pay attention to when buying it.

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Grass in the countryside is a never-ending and endless theme. It is necessary to mow this grass every summer, and not only once and not from time to time, but it is desirable to do it regularly. With what to mow. everyone decides for himself, the choice is quite large. But most options are still designed for physically strong, healthy people. those whose capabilities are limited by age or disability, the choice is much less.

Filling your lawnmower with gasoline and oil

Before you mow with a petrol bar mower you need to fill it up with petrol. Gasoline and oil are used as fuel. But you have to take into account that it is necessary to mix petrol with oil only for two-stroke engines. Four-stroke motors run on pure gasoline, as their design has a separate capacity. the oil sump. In the design of 2-stroke gasoline trimmers there is no oil sump, so it is only necessary to fill the tank with gasoline and oil.

It is recommended to use AI-92 gasoline. In order not to make a mistake in the choice, you need to read the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Often most manufacturers recommend using AI-92 fuel, and only some recommend using AI-95.

Gasoline must be diluted with petroleum in the ratio of 1 to 25. That means you need to add 40 ml of two-stroke oil to 1 liter of gasoline. However, here also not everything is so unambiguous. The proportion of 1 to 25 is universal, but there are different values for each model of tool. These values are also given in the manufacturer’s instructions. For more information on how to correctly dilute gasoline and oil in a lawnmower, see here. After diluting gasoline with oil, you should fill a full tank and get to work.

What is a grass trimmer and its purpose

Let’s find out in more detail what grass trimmers are, what they are, and what they are. A grass trimmer is a tool you use to cut through green vegetation with soft stems and even dry cuttings. If the lawnmower moves on the ground, the grass trimmer is fixed to the operator with straps. Grass trimmer is a universal name for petrol and electric mowers. Many people mistakenly believe that this is the name of the electric grass trimmers, although they come in electric, gasoline and battery-powered.

The type of cutting tool under consideration is used for the following tasks:

  • Keeping the grass at the same level on the lawn or plot
  • Mowing vegetation near fences, hedges, paths, etc.п.
  • Removing overgrowth and dead wood
  • Cutting vegetation of all kinds
  • Cultivating green pond shores

Grass trimmers cost less than lawnmowers. However, this is not the only advantage, as lawnmowers and electric mowers have an increased degree of maneuverability, which allows you to mow the grass on the plot in any hard to reach places.

The work of the grass cutting tool is to perform the following actions:

  • The operator secures the tool with special straps
  • The motor is started. The starting method depends on the type of drive unit. electric or petrol-powered. Electric ones are started by pressing a button, and petrol ones are put into operation by means of the hand starter
  • Torque from the motor is transmitted to the working body. the spindle or shaft, to which the head with a fishing line or a cutting steel disc is attached
  • The torque is transmitted from the motor to the mower by means of a rigid or flexible shaft
  • The rotation of the filament drum or the blade disc results in the grass being cut or chopped

The main structural elements of the devices in question are

  • The drive mechanism. in other words, the engine, which can be electric or gasoline
  • The boom is the rigid base that connects the motor to the working part of the tool
  • Handles. the design of the tool uses two handles, one of which is a gas pedal button
  • Rigid shaft. transfers torque from engine to ejector
  • blade guard. serves not only to protect the operator’s legs from the cutting blades but also for precise cutting of the grass
  • Belt attachment. ensures reliable fixation of the tool on the operator’s shoulders

Gasoline units have an additional fuel tank, while electric units operate from the mains, so their tank is the mains cord. Knowing what a trimmer for grass is, what they are, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, it remains to understand the question of how to choose lawn mowers and electric mowers for grass. We will pay special attention to this question, because the tool is not bought for a season, and not only the order in the homestead depends on its abilities and performance, but also the safety of the operator.

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Lawn Mower Gasoline Mower Design

The weight of the entire unit is about 8 kg, which is hard enough to hold on your hands. That’s why the scythe itself comes with an unloading backpack strap with protective padding and adjusters.

Grass cutter designed for mowing grass and small shrubs in household plots.

As it is known, the grass can be mowed in different ways. folding it into swaths or simply by mowing. And there are different kinds of grass. soft or coarse, with thick stems, brushwood.

Getting ready to work

If this is your first time mowing the lawn, take a few minutes to understand how to properly mow grass with a trimmer with a fishing line. Walk along the lawn and remove any rocks, sticks, or large debris.

Turn on the grass trimmer and hold it so that the handle is tight against your hip. Make sure the head is at a comfortable height for trimming. Go to one edge of the plot and start cutting the grass.

As you’re trying to make a straight cut, keep the head parallel to the ground and make short sweeping motions. It’s a good idea to start with a higher cutting height to be able to adjust it to your ideal cutting height.

How to correctly mow grass with a line trimmer

A domestic grass trimmer is the easiest tool to use and very effective at the same time. It couldn’t be easier. just plug it in and go. But there are still some nuances that you need to know in order for the grass trimmer to work long and productively.

Preparing the area. Carefully check the mowing area and remove all foreign objects like stones, glass, wire, etc.д. An object like this can suddenly fly out from under the line while you’re working, causing injury.

Installing the cutting system. There are low-power grass trimmers that can only work with a fishing line, mowing soft and succulent grass. they do not need to have a cutting system installed. But some models of trimmers, where the motor has 1 kW and more power, can also work with a knife. If there are tough weeds or even small bush growth on the site, you need to unscrew the nut of the working attachment and install the cutting blade. Then use a wrench to tighten the nut.

It is very important when working with a trimmer wear protective goggles, because even if you have cleaned the area of debris, plant stems and grass can fly into your eyes. The same stems, grass and twigs can also injure your hands, so it is advisable to wear gloves as well

Parkside Electric Grass Trimmer PRT 550 A3 Unboxing Testing

Electric grass trimmer simply plugged in, but the battery-powered need to charge a few hours before work. Then, if there is a shoulder mount, hang it on the shoulder, if there is a shoulder mount. on both shoulders. Comfortably grasp the grass trimmer by the handles : the D-shaped handle should be firmly grasped in the palm of your hand, and the garden grass trimmer with a bicycle handle (U-shaped) take firmly with two hands. Hold the grass trimmer above the grass, so the line spool or the blade is parallel to the ground. Turning on the starter.

The correct way to mow. The cutting mechanism rotates counterclockwise. So, in order for the cut grass to fall onto the already mowed area, easily, with simple movements, sweep the trimmer in front of you, from right to left. To remove grass cuttings you need to go the other way, from left to right. If the area is flat and large, divide it into imaginary squares and mow along the outside of the square. If it’s on a slope, start at the bottom and cut across the lawn in one lane. Reaching the edge, you need to go back and mow in the same direction, parallel. If there are a lot of trees on the site, mow only with a fishing line, otherwise you can cut the trunk of the tree with a knife. In a garden like this it is best to mow around the perimeter, around the tree in a circle.

Finishing the job. Turning off the engine and taking the straps off your shoulders is not the end of the job. Carefully clean the shaft and blade of grass. Then fold the grass trimmer, if it is telescopic or collapsible, and hide it until the next mowing.

How to mow with a grass trimmer with a knife

Have you ever wondered? How to mow with a trimmer. No? That’s an interesting question. Let’s get this straight.

What is a grass trimmer (lawnmower)?

A grass trimmer is the most versatile tool you’ve ever had at your disposal. Powerful grass trimmers, which are popularly called trimmers, can not only level the edges of your lawn. They can be equipped with metal blades for removing weeds, reeds, bushes and even small trees.

As powerful grass trimmers cut larger and tougher plants than conventional electric grass trimmers or curved shaft grass trimmers. Handling and safety precautions will be, just as special.

So, how to mow correctly and safely with a trimmer:

Protective equipment when using a brushcutter or trimmer

Tip: This article does not replace the safety precautions in the Instruction Manual. Always read the product manual before use and follow safety procedures.

Cordless Grass Trimmer Review 2021 (Bili sa SHOPEE)

To work safely with a brushcutter (trimmer) you will need:

  • Helmet;
  • Earmuffs;
  • Eye protection (a mesh shield or goggles, or better to use both);
  • Long, sturdy pants (your shins are in close proximity to the blade or line, so must be protected);
  • Boots with non-slip soles (preferably with a steel toe);
  • Soft gloves (for protection and vibration absorption);
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Knives for brushcutters (grass trimmer)

When working with a brushcutter we can use a fishing line. However, the real advantage (besides the great motor power) is that it is possible to equip it with metal blades.

Different types of trimmer blades are designed to cut different types of vegetation:

  • Knives with 8 or fewer teeth: grass and weeds;
  • Knives with 9 to 40 teeth: dense weeds and bushes;
  • Saws with more than 40 teeth: small trees and young saplings;

When replacing the blade, be sure to wear gloves.

Each knife is marked with the size (diameter) of the planting hole in the center. This is usually 2.5 cm, but there are different occasions. Therefore, see the instruction manual for exactly what size on your trimmer.

How to use a grass trimmer with a knife correctly

Regardless of which knife you use, always hold it so that it is parallel to the ground. Adjust the straps so that the grass trimmer sits comfortably in this position, with part of the boom behind the handle resting on the shield on your hip.

Knives can only be used on trimmers with a straight shaft. That means the blade rotates counterclockwise. This means it’s best to cut with the left side of the blade and move the grass trimmer head to the left.

If you cut with the right side of the knife (especially the right front side), it can bounce, or as the Americans say kickout. Kickout is a quick jerk or jump of the grass trimmer, like when it hits an obstacle and bounces. It can be unsafe.

Cutting different types of vegetation

In addition to keeping the blade parallel to the ground and cutting thicker vegetation with the left side of the blade, there are a few tips to consider for each type of vegetation you might encounter:

Grass and weeds

To cut tufts of grass and weeds, make sweeping motions back and forth in long arcs, as if you were using a scythe. Hold the grass trimmer so the blade barely hovers above the ground.

Dense brush

Cutting thick, dense bushes starting at the base of the plant is not the easiest way. Instead, start by raising the knife to about waist level, keeping it parallel to the ground. Slowly lower until the blade is just above the ground. Never lift the knife above waist level.

Small trees and saplings

Grass trimmer with saw can be used to cut down trees up to 2.5 cm in diameter. For larger diameter trees, use a chainsaw.

Hold the grass trimmer so that the blade is 5-15 cm above the ground. Hold the knife steady and press the left side of the knife against the right side of the tree. Cut evenly, without pushing.

A lawn mower (grass trimmer) is one of the time-tested tools in landscaping. Its versatility makes it useful for maintenance and work even in the most difficult and inaccessible places.

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How to work correctly with a grass trimmer

Grass trimmer for mowing grass has long replaced a hand-held scythe. It is widely used not only by professionals but also in everyday life. Although the grass trimmer is not a particularly dangerous tool, it may very well cause injury and damage if used carelessly. The operator is at risk of injury due to objects flying out from under the cutting element, electric shock, poorly secured disc can cause injury not only to the grass trimmer operator, but also to surrounding people. There is also a danger of moving cutting parts of the grass trimmer, increased noise and vibration, high temperature of the muffler and exhaust gases.

To avoid personal injury or tool damage, carefully follow the model-specific instruction manual and safety precautions. Firstly, do not begin to work with the trimmer overworked or sick person, while intoxicated and after taking certain medications that weaken your attention. Do not mow with this tool in explosive and fire hazardous areas, in poor lighting conditions, in rainy weather or after rain when the grass is still wet.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke and use open fire during mowing. Do not risk working in bad weather, strong wind, dense fog, cold, etc.п. Be alert to slippery ground while pushing the mower.

Before beginning work, always check that all safety devices are in good condition. When refueling the power tool, only fill one inch below the bottom edge of the filler neck outdoors with the engine turned off and cooled down beforehand. Only start the mower at a distance of at least three meters from where you refuel. If you will be working with an electric trimmer, check that the power cable is intact and well connected.

Before mowing, check the area around your machine for foreign objects that can be thrown by the cutting attachment (e.g. stones, branches). Make sure there are no bystanders or animals within 15 meters of the grass trimmer.

When starting work, grasp the grass trimmer by the front and rear handles. Hold a stable posture with your feet well away from each other. After the return motion, push forward and pull back into a stable position. Always work at full throttle and do not run the trimmer over grass that has already been cut on the return trip. This will reduce the risk of the material curling around the blade. Hold the grass trimmer head directly over the ground at an angle. Work with the end of the string, without pressing the string against the area to be mowed.

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Make sure that the grass trimmer head does not constantly touch the ground. to avoid skin injuries do not touch the rotating and heated parts of the tool. Before you start collecting the cut grass, turn off the engine and remove the strap. Do not move to another site with the motor on! If you notice any malfunction of the tool, let alone an emergency situation, stop work immediately, stop the engine, inform other workers and the supervisor about the threat.

When you finish the job move the throttle lever to the low rpm position, release the safety bracket, turn off the power, remove the key from the ignition switch or the safety key from the engine, remove the high voltage wire from the spark plug. Afterwards, clean the grass protector of the mower from shredded grass. Never leave the trimmer unattended with the motor running or the power connected. Do not leave the key in the ignition or the safety key in the engine.

And of course professionals and individuals alike should be protected by protective clothing and personal protective equipment. Foot safety is very important. Grass cutter picks up stones, debris, grass clippings that fly away at high speed and can cause injury to humans. Be sure to wear pants and closed shoes. The ideal choice. AVENTADOR boots The boots are very comfortable to wear due to their innovative and high quality materials. Large, anatomically shaped lasts prevent foot fatigue and the anti-slip sole provides stability for the operator.

Protect your hands with special gloves. Choose models that can be worn during the entire work shift. Thus, the 2Hands Air 2100 model for 33 rubles provides reliable protection against mechanical impacts. Seamless nylon gloves with partially coated fingertips with water-based polyurethane have excellent palm and finger sensitivity and are easy to handle. The gloves do not cause fatigue even with prolonged use, fit snugly and do not leave lint. Also in the online store Antalex. You will find a huge selection of gloves. For picking up mowed grass, the 100x “Communal Worker” leather combination gloves are a great choice. They reliably protect your hands from possible mechanical damage, cuts and punctures, and have high wear resistance.

To reduce the sound pressure on the eardrums do not neglect the protective headphones. A great option. 3M OPTIMA (PELTOR) earpieces for 2,083. Wide soundproof rollers are a unique combination of polyurethane foam and glycerin, which allows you to achieve the most optimal fit of soundproof cups to your head. tight, but at the same time, comfortable. The cups have the flattest possible profile to make it easy to use the headphones with other protective equipment (glasses, helmets, etc.). Unique headband design distributes pressure evenly and ensures a snug fit all day long, ensuring a consistent level of noise protection. If you are working with low-noise model of grass trimmer, you can get by with smooth earplugs 3M 1110 vpu with a lanyard for 31

Wear safety glasses to keep your eyes protected from flying grass clippings. At the same time, the goggles should be equipped with an anti-fogging protection. Anyone with even a single experience mowing grass will confirm. already after a few minutes of work with the trimmer, the lenses are covered with sweat. Goggles open 3M safety glasses “2 890” at a cost of 1,150 rubles reliably protect the organs of vision from small flying stones, midges, grass and splashing plant sap, as well as from UV radiation. Model is characterized by optical class 1, you can wear them for an unlimited time. Screens of glasses have a scratch-resistant coating, also it excludes misting.

The most recommended face protection when working on mowing grass and bushes is a set of protective equipment. Protective helmet with face shield СОМЗ-55 КС2К/Л Favorit STEEL is specially designed for face protection when working with high-power gasoline power tools. The goggles consist of a steel mesh with a fine mesh. Package Price. 686 rubles.

Our online store Antalex. For many years supplying organizations and individuals with the full range of personal protective equipment. We are an authorized dealer of the best manufacturers of PPE. Rosomz, 3M, Istok and others. A wide range and low give our customers the opportunity to choose the best protection.

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All necessary information on our products you can receive on Antalex website. or by calling toll-free 8 800 50-50-021. Order personal protective equipment from Antalex. With confidence and pleasure!

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A grass trimmer is required to maintain a beautiful and well-maintained lawn. It refers to gardening equipment. Designed for cutting the grass on the garden plot of a country house. Each model of electric grass trimmer has its own design and functional features, on which the quality of lawn care depends.

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