How to use the dexter handheld tile cutter

How to use the tile cutter: user’s manual

Repair is often associated with laying ceramic tiles. in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The main task is to accurately glue it to the wall or floor to get an even surface, without dips and pits. To do this you will need a spirit level, and a tile cutter, with which you need to cut the tiles to exactly the right size.

An overview of an inexpensive tile cutter for professional use. I Electric tile cutter Dexter.

The tile cutter is the generalized name of construction tools for straight, curved or even shaped tile cutting. The classification of the variety of these tools is based on the type of drive. So, tile cutters can be:

A manual tile cutter consists of a base. the base, a carriage with a roller and a handle. It resembles an ordinary glass cutter in principle. the cutting roller cuts the glaze of the tile. At this moment it is clamped in the body like pliers. After the cut of the glaze is made, the tile is broken along the glaze. To obtain a smoother and neater cut, guides are used, which are set the field of clamping the tiles. Sometimes a handheld tabletop tile cutter can be used to make circular holes.

Electric tile cutter. a device equipped with an electric drive, which drives a diamond cutting disc. The principle of operation of this variant of the tile cutter is similar to a circular saw. the ceramic tile is moved along the guide to get an even and neat cut. One of the varieties of mechanized tile cutters is a belt cutter, equipped with a diamond band. To cool the tiles, water is supplied to the cutting area, which also flushes away the cutting products.

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In order to properly cut ceramic tiles, you need to know how to properly use a tile cutter.

The need for a tile cutter

In rare cases, laying tiles can do without cutting the material, much more often professionals and home masters have a tile cutter, which they can use at any time. If you are already engaged in similar repair work, or only plan to refurbish the surface with tiles, then you should choose the most appropriate model and learn how to use the tile cutter.

dexter, handheld, tile, cutter

As you know, ceramic glazed tiles are made of fired clay, and on top it is covered with glaze. The production technology is very simple: the clay is given a certain shape, dried to fix the volume, and then the glaze is applied to the surface. In the manufacturing process, the product is fired under the influence of high temperatures, due to which it acquires strength, aesthetic appearance and durability. In finished form, the tile is not subject to bending and deformation, but it remains fragile and splits easily. These qualities lead to the choice of cutting method.

The organization of the workplace

It is desirable to process tiles in the room, where there is good lighting, and also there is enough space for laying the workpieces with devices. Also a properly secured workbench should be taken care of.It should have a metal base that is protected from cuts.

By the moment of immediate processing all unnecessary supplies and workpieces are removed from the table. Even a small detail, getting under the roller, can cause injury or damage the material.Another important issue. how to use a handheld tile cutter to leave less dirt? This nuance is also thought out before the start of work activities.

dexter, handheld, tile, cutter

During the cutting process, after each operation, splinters should be removed to a special on the workbench.In some models it is already included in the basic design. But you should do it carefully, so as not to hurt yourself. It is not advisable to dust during the work, but it is desirable to get rid of large debris at once, so they do not become a nuisance.

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How to use a handheld tile cutter?

Keep the base surface clean and remove any visible debris in good time.

Accuracy and quality of breaking directly depends on the continuity of the trace left by the roller, its evenness and smoothness. A quality tool and its roller cutter should work very carefully, not to break and not to chip the workpiece. if the tile is not from the cheap, then this point is very important.

Обзор на плиткореза Dexter 600

How to work with an electric tile cutter?

After studying all these steps in detail, you can easily learn how to work with a tile cutter.

Using a tile cutter

Unlike with handheld tile cutters, wire cutters are required to cut curved elements. For example, you can’t do without them if you need to correctly adjust wall tiles in size for laying around faucets, door jambs or floor tiles for placement around the base of the toilet. They can also be used to cut small strips from the edges of the tiles along the groove previously made with a hand-held tile cutter or glass cutter.

dexter, handheld, tile, cutter

After the line for the break trimmer has been made, you can start using the cutters. They need to bite off small fragments, making sure that no unnecessary cracks are formed. When cutting with the tool, burrs and irregularities are possible, so the edges of the tile are well sanded when the work is finished.

dexter, handheld, tile, cutter

How to use the electric tile cutter?

Having studied in detail all these stages of work, you can easily learn how to work with a tile trimmer.

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How to cut tiles

For a beginner it is advisable to practice on a broken or defective tile.

A groove of sufficient depth should be cut in one pass. If you try again, it is impossible to install the roller in exactly the same position, you will get two grooves and the tile will break crooked.

Is it possible to cut porcelain tiles with a manual tile cutter

Porcelain tile is a durable material, so for its cutting you should use a unit that has special characteristics. If there is a large amount of work to be done, an electric tile cutter is preferable. However, you can also use a manual device, but it is important to take into account some subtleties:

  • To cut such material the tool made of strong steel and equipped with a quality cutter is suitable. Most often, such manual models belong to the category of professional. A simple model will not do for such cutting.
  • Even with an expensive model of manual tile cutter, it is quite difficult to perform a cut of porcelain tiles. Therefore, you should use the device only if there is a minimum amount of work.
  • Only straight cuts in material up to 15 mm thick can be made with the handheld unit.

After learning the process of cutting ceramic tiles with a tile cutter, even a novice worker will be able to perform the work qualitatively. It is only necessary to follow the sequence and safety rules.

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