How to use a mowing for grass. How much time can a trimmer mowed for grass

Rules for the care and maintenance of a trimmer for grass for grass

Hand braids will help to cope with any vegetation without overstrain, but a careless attitude can quickly disable any tool, including the highest quality. The proper care of the trimmer will extend its service life and save the money of the owner, who will not need to pay for maintenance and repair of the apparatus. Such simple actions are possible even for people with minimal technical knowledge. How to care for this garden tool. in all details in the material further.

Half.cutters are divided into two main groups: gasoline and electric. The first type works on liquid fuel (pure gasoline or its mixture with lubricants), the second. on electricity, from the network or battery.

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Hand braids of gasoline group

The principle of action of motorcycles. a fuel is poured into its fuel tank before starting work, which enters the engine in small portions, where it burns out, and the resulting hot gas pushes the pistons in the cylinders. As a result, the motor crankshaft rotates, this movement is transmitted to the spindle of the working head, where there is a coil with a fishing line or a nozzle (a knife with two or several blades).

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Externally, the lawn mower looks like this. the engine and cutting part are located at the opposite ends of the long rod and are connected using a hard or flexible shaft. Above the mount for the coil/nozzle is a gearbox, the task of which is to transfer the spindle less revolutions per unit of time than the crankshaft of the motor performs. Buttons and control levers are located on a handle associated with a flexible cable engine.

Features of control-a starter is used to launch in the gas troops, for adjusting the revolutions-a gas trigger that opens or covers the carburetor damper, which is why more or less fuel enters the motor. You can stop the work by pressing the “stop” button, which opens the chain.

On a note! Most often, a trimmer head, on which there are a fishing line for a trimmer, knives or wheels, is attached to the rifle rifle. From the side, from the side of the mower, the cutting element is fenced with a protective casing.

Hand braids of an electric group

Electric trimmers for the grass are arranged similarly, only they do not require a fuel tank, and the control buttons on the handle are much less. The engine can be on top, like a lawn mower, or from below right above the head. In the latter version, there is no gearbox. here the drive and cutting nozzle are directly connected. The rods of electrimmers are solid or collapsible, and in some models, telescopic for convenient and quick adjustment of the length.

When powering from the mains, the mitch is included in the outlet or extension cord (cable leaves from the engine). Battery models work from batteries that are inserted into special nests.

Choosing a trimmer for the grass for giving. My experience

The coil of my “Alpina” exploded right under my feet when I mowed weeds by the fence. When searching for this spare part, I came across options for 1500-1800 (it was three years ago). Well, very expensive, as it seemed to me. Then a colleague told me that he had recently bought a powerful trimmer for Baikal 4500 grass for only 4900 (. The price for everything is very tempting.

I immediately called this company, but the manager upset me, saying that the same “Baikal” is no longer. However, he offered me a lawn mower of the Chinese Safun brand with a capacity of 2.5 kW for 4000. Getting stuck, in a word. And besides, I was pleased to buy a mitch for the price of two coils for a trimmer for Alpina grass. Among other things, I really wanted to check how long the cheap Chinese model will work and how much the engine power corresponds to the description in the description.

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A trimmer for the grass that my colleague acquired, with a weight of slightly more than 5 kg and the engine volume 52 cm³ has a declared power of 5.5 kW. Just some kind of miracle! In the kit. two knives and a reel with a fishing line. The recommended fishing thickness is 2.4 mm, which seemed strange to me, because the engine power is twice as much as that of the Chinese Safun offered to me, and the recommended fishing line for a trimmer is thinner. “Baikal” we slightly shared the weeds in the far corner of the site. He cuts the grass well, but after half an hour of work I got the feeling that Safun copes with a similar task better, and this with the declared power of 2.5 kW.

trimmer for the grass “Baikal”, the declared capacity. 5.5 kW. Photo by the author when the ordered Safun was brought to the office, my other colleague became interested in my purchase. He had recently broken an electric trimmer for grass, which was fixed in the workshop in a couple of thousand, but after the repair he broke again, and finally. I told him about my trimmer purchased for mere pennies, he thought a little and acquired a similar, but more expensive-Procraft T-4350 for 6000. I was not too lazy and came to his cottage, helped to assemble the device, at the same time and tried to mow.

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ProCraft T-4350 lawn mower. Photo by the author

The declared power of the ProCraft T-4350 lawn mower engine is 4.35 kW, but when it was possible to survive the difference with my own, I did not feel. Gasoline and fishing line consumption. The engine works quieter than Safun. In the first season of operation, this trimmer was dedicated to 100 acres in total. The engine started stably on cold and hot. The motor resource of the mowing is usually not indicated in the description. I could not find this information about my trimmer Safun. I had to evaluate it by the number of mowing per season. The mower worked out three seasons. I regularly open a summer area of ​​36 acres. To date, the “mileage” of the mower has amounted to 9-10 hectares.

Powerful Safun cuts fishing line and grass and weeds. Photo by the author

Next, I want to share the experience of operating a trimmer for grass, small errors and breakdowns that I have encountered over the past three years.

Rating of the best models of self.propelled gasoline lawners

In the market of garden technicians, you can find a large selection of gasoline lawn mowers, but not all of them can regularly solve their problems in any operational and weather conditions. We included the rating of self.propelled units, which received the highest ratings among users in Europe and America. Our top of the best gasoline lawn mowers includes:

    5th place-Makita PLM 4621. The advantages of this model include a reliable engine, a system of smooth lightweight launch, a shock.resistant metal case. The assembly of the unit includes a soft grass collector designed for 60 l of vegetation. The device of the braid allows you to install a mulching knife on it, which is delivered on sale complete with equipment. Among the minuses of the lawn mower, a high noise level and the need to use only Makita branded engine oil are distinguished;

Each gasoline lawn mower from our rating is released by reliability, endurance and maneuverability. Thanks to these advantages, all models are widely used in different areas, regardless of the type of relief and vegetation.

Choose a suitable nozzle

In addition to its product, the manufacturer usually provides several mills (usually 3).

  • To work with soft grass as a cutting element, a fishing line for a trimmer is used, wound on a drum. Speed ​​of 9,000 revolutions per minute allows you to quickly process even a large lawn.
  • For more rough grass and thickets, one of the metal knives can be used, which differ among themselves by the number of cutting teeth.
  • For mowing thick shoots, reeds, young shrubs, a disk with 40 or 80 teeth is designed. Corn, dry weeds with thick stems, you can mow three- and four-lobed milling.
  • And in order to put beveled grass in the rolls, a knife with 8 blades is used and a special crest is attached to the braid itself.
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And now more about how to install a cutter. The place of fastening of the cutter is called a gearbox. On it, first you need to fix the figure washer using a hexagonal key.

Then put on a knife, combining the holes in it with a protrusion of the puck. After that, you need to install the upper figure washer on the shaft and tighten everything with a nut.

Here you should pay attention to the fact that the thread on the shaft is left, so you need to tighten the nut (like screwing the mowing head) counterclockwise.

To squeeze the nut to the stop will help the key, which is also in the delivery kit. You can replace the cutter by doing all the operations in the reverse order.

So that there are no breakdowns

Basically, the breakdown of the lawn mowers are associated with their improper operation. The most common reason is to get into the working node of foreign objects, such as stones, sticks, etc.P. The reason for the breakdown may be the operation of the lawn mower in the rain. Firstly, moisture contributes to the formation of corrosion, and secondly, when it enters the engine, it can lead to current defeat. Work is prohibited during a thunderstorm. Due to possible voltage jumps in the network when lightning strike, the equipment can burn, and you can’t forget about their own safety here.

Be careful: do not use a high.pressure cleaner or hose connected to the tool source. The main danger is all the same water. It is recommended to clean an electric lawn mower, but again, having previously disconnected from the network.

Check the details for damage and wear

The key to long and quality work of the mowing. compliance with safety rules. The reason for the breakdown of equipment in the vast majority of cases is the human factor, although the low quality of the tool itself cannot be ruled out. In order not to waste time and effort on constant repair of equipment, it is important to immediately choose a quality mower.

Safety precautions during work

Safety precautions when working with motorcycles are to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Do not use trimmers in the rain or with increased humidity.
  • People and animals should be at a distance of at least 15 m from the working device: trimming of grass, small garbage and stones fly out from under the cutting head at high speed and may injure.
  • It is better to put on the grass trimmer to a dense fabric that completely closes the arms and legs.
  • You need to work in protective glasses, gloves, headdress, closed shoes, special headphones or Berushas.
  • The wire of the network trimmer for the grass should be behind the mower.

Important! You can’t stretch your hand or foot to the cutting head!

So, the use of manual vehicles for mowing grass allows you to maintain order on a small area. It is more convenient to use a mower in vast areas. In addition, a trimmer for grass is relevant when harvesting hay and restoring order in the territory: small herbal scraps can be mulched strawberries and other useful plants. You can clearly see the mowing process with this tool on the video.

Operation of a battery mowing

The battery braids have a couple of important advantages over network models. Without a network cord, the device provides practically unlimited mobility, and this is really very important. It is convenient to work with a cable 30 meters long only on a site up to 5 acres. If the area is larger, you will need a large extension cord, which always interferes under the feet.

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It’s easier with a battery model. especially if an elderly person carries out the lawn. However, when choosing a device for grandparents, it is worth considering the more significant weight of the device. Even a small and maneuverable three.wheeled mowel of the initial level with an installed battery weighs about 15 kg.

The operation of the device is limited to the ability of a lithium-ion battery to give energy, and according to this parameter, battery mowers are still inferior to network. The economy class mower is equipped with a 4 A h battery with a voltage of 36 V. The time of non.stop operation of the tool is from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the condition and type of grass on the site.

The time of full charge of the battery is from 2 to 2.5 hours, so the manufacturer recommends using such a mower in areas of up to 5 acres. You can also process a lawn of larger area if you purchase an additional battery.

mowing, grass, much, time, trimmer

The improvement of power sources today is given great attention around the world, so more capacious batteries appear every year and the operating time of equipment is gradually increasing. Advanced models today can serve as a full.fledged alternative to a network mowing with a plot area of ​​8-10 acres. In this case, the wireless mower will also reduce the working hours by about a third.

All recommendations for operating and caring for network braids are suitable for battery devices, but there are also special requirements that must be complied with so that the battery without problems serves during the deadline declared by the manufacturer. For different models, this period is from 2 to 6 years.

  • It is recommended to load the battery only using the original device. If the battery is not used, it must be stored in the room, in a separate box, since tools or other metal objects can close contacts, which leads to fire.
  • In case of violation of storage conditions from the battery case, a liquid can leak, the contact with which should be avoided. A mower with a installed battery is not recommended to leave in the sun. to avoid overheating of the battery.
  • When charging, do not put the charger on a soft surface. These holes are needed for ventilation, they should always be open.

Choose speed

Do not work on the principle of “first gas to failure, and we’ll see there”: choose the correct mode of operation, optimally adjusting the fuel supply and, accordingly, engine speed.

Choose the optimal engine operating mode for trimmer pruning of high and rough grass (if your unit is generally capable of this) you need average revolutions, for the lawn. low. low. And in order to exterminate the young shoot of shrub with the help of motorcycles, complete power will be required. At the same time, we do not forget about paragraph 3: the higher the load, the more often and longer breaks in work are needed.

In this article you learned how much the lawn mower costs, and you were able to familiarize yourself with the aspects of its device and work. It is worth noting that it does not matter which model of the device of this direction you choose for yourself, in any case, your lawn will “sparkle” with cleanliness and order, as this is the main task of the tool.

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mowing, grass, much, time, trimmer

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