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How to work properly a corner grinder (corner grinding)

The operation of an angle grinding machine (corner grinding, in prosta of corner grinding), requires certain knowledge, skills and compliance with safety regulations.

With the help of corner grinder, the surfaces are cleaned, cut, and polished materials of different origin, and also the edges of the working tool. You need to use the device taking into account the class, such as the processed material and the type of operation. Correctly cut metal and perform a specific type of operation will help knowledge of the appointment of nozzles. They are chosen and set depending on the task. Information about the work that can be performed by a corner grinder is provided by the manufacturer, and it is also indicated on the disks (circles), together with the technical characteristics. In most cases, it may also indicate on the packaging of goods.

The correct position of the tool

Cutting corner grinding should be safe, so there are some requirements for the position of the tool in space:

  • The corner grinding machine should be conveniently and tightly held with two hands.
  • A stable position should be taken so that with large loads or when hit, it is possible to hold the equipment in the hands.
  • The corner grinder should be taken in such a way that the cut area is not in front of the operator, but on the side. When the cutting circle is seized, the rotating cutting tool will be away.

In the video you will learn how to cut it correctly: from yourself or to yourself:

How to cut a pipe with a corner grinder

For cutting pipes, it is recommended to use cutting circles with a thickness of not more than 1 mm with a corner grinder, otherwise it is harder to cut, and there will also be too many sparks and flying hot particles.

  • The pipe is fixed in a vise or fixed in another way. In this case, the cut part should glow. It is not allowed to have a workpiece between the two supports and carry out a cut in the middle, t. to. jamming the cutting blade will occur (due to sagging the pipe).
  • Using a strip of paper and painting tape, marking is applied. The ends of the tape should converge as accurately as possible. Homemade craftsmen recommend lowering the pipe into the liquid at the required angle, and then, along the border of dry and wet, mark the fishing line for the cutting trimmer.
  • The incision should be performed from the upper part of the pipe, gradually lowering the corner grinder below. The cutting disk should pass along the very edge of the glued strip.

A large diameter pipe is cut a little different, since the working part of the circle does not allow you to do this at a time. The wall is cut chosenly, and the pipe is rotated with the right side.

Rules for the use of corner grinder in the processing of various materials

Thanks to the versatility of use, the angular grinder was widely used both at a construction site and in everyday life. She firmly entered the sphere of activity of professionals and just artisans. With its help, you can process almost all known materials, as well as successfully carry out installation and locksmiths. Consider the main spheres of use angular grinder.

Work with wood

When working with wood, an angular grinder equipped with a petal or a plaque of an emery disk will become an excellent assistant for grinding and polishing even planes. Changing the size of the granularity of the emery, you can perform a wide range of operations to align the wooden surface. It is very convenient to remove the old paint with an angular grinder. When grinding a tree, a corner grinder, it is vital to use a respirator that protects the breathing organs from dust.

corner, grinding, sharpen, circle

The main rule of security. It is strictly forbidden to cut, drill or milling wood using corner grinders. High revolutions of the working tool, multiplied by the tendency of wood to cracking, create very dangerous factors. Numerous tragic cases of visual confirmation.

Log grinding is performed by corner grinder quickly and efficiently

Work with ceramic tiles

Often corner grinding is used when working with ceramic tiles. Of course, the main tool for professional tile is manual tile cutter. But the corner grinder is also necessary, with its help small cuts on the tile are made, the edge is aligned, unwanted sharp corners are smoothed out.

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Using modern nozzles with diamond spraying, you can cut ceramic products with high accuracy, while avoiding chips or cracks.

Sometimes professionals prefer cutting a corner grinder, since manual tile cutter gives chips along the cut line. This is especially relevant when the front surface of the tile is not glossy, but a tuberous (for example, in a bathroom where it is customary to lay a tile that has an anti.slip property to the floor).

Helps out a corner grinder and if you need to make a small amount of work. For example, put a tile apron above the table in the kitchen. Such a task can be possible for any person. Corner grinder with a diamond disk will help save on buying expensive tiles.

Tile fitting with a corner grinder is done in one movement

Sharpening of the chain saw

Sharpening of the chain of the chainsaw. an operation requiring certain skills. A person without experience can rather spoil the chain than to sharpen it correctly. Evasion from the angle of sharpening leads to the fact that the chain turns the chainship of the chainsaw during operation, produces arcuate cuts and jams in the thickness of the wood.

When sharpening a chain saw, the angular grinder must be fixed

Starting to sharpen the chain using a corner grinder, it must be clearly understood that the main thing is to withstand the same angle of sharpening at all links. To do this, either the angular grinder itself, or the chain is stiffly fixed using special clamps or clamps. The thickness of the sharpening disk should be equal to the inner diameter of the circumference of the tooth of the chainsaw (3-5 mm).

If the corner grinder has a drive speed regulator, then it should be set to a minimum position corresponding to 2.5-3 thousand. rpm. Metal overheating (turning) during sharpening cannot be allowed. this will lead to a vacation and a decrease in strength.

Cutting and cutting metal

The angular grinder in the field of cutting and cutting metal products is widely used. Using discs made specifically for working with metal, with the help of even low.power corner grinding, you can cut steel, aluminum or cast.iron products, as well as leaf iron.

Cutting steel structures with corner grinders is performed by a metal disk

Of all types of metal disks, two most commonly applied in practice can be distinguished:

The first is designed for cutting all types of metal. The second. for processing a metal surface (grinding and polishing). The cut.out circle can also be cut by leaf metal according to certain patterns, cut the specified figures, circles, and so on. The peeling disk perfectly removes rust, cleanses of the old paint, levels any metal surface.

Cutting metal pipes

An indispensable tool was an angular grinder in works related to the installation of heating, drainage and water supply. Wherever there is a need to cut pipes, the use of corner grinding, together with metal disks, gives a practical result, a significant saving of time and increases the efficiency of labor. To cut off the pipe exactly, the cut must be made strictly at right angles.

When cutting the pipe with a corner grinder, it is necessary to protect your hands with gloves

How to cut a gas cylinder

Sometimes in the farm there is a need to cut the old gas cylinder. Since gas cylinders have thick.walled (3 mm) design, they can be used for various household needs.

The cylinder can become a tank for storing water, and a water.bearing tank for a summer shower, and barbecue, and a hearth for a home forge.

For disassembling the score, you will need:

  • Release the balance of gas from the cylinder, completely unscrewing the adjusting valve.
  • Cut the brass valve with a hacksaw. In the process of sawing, the cut place should be abundantly watered with water to prevent the possibility of sparking in the cut.
  • After the crane is cut and a wide hole opened in the upper part of the cylinder, several water buckets should be poured inside the funnel, and it is best to fill it with the entire volume of the cylinder. This procedure will clear the bottom and walls of the cylinder from gas condensate, which is a thick liquid similar to liquid soap. When the spark enters the condensate, a fire occurs. You can cut the walls of the cylinder with a corner grinder only after the procedure for its “wash” with water.
  • Cut the walls of the cylinder.

How you can’t work with a dangerous tool

The distribution of the tool determines that many make errors when applying it. The most common can be called:

  • Work without glasses. Even a small fragment can lead to damage to the eye.
  • Opening areas of the body can be damaged by flying fragments.
  • To install a larger diameter disk, some remove the protective casing.
  • In the direction of cutting.
  • Long work without interruptions cannot be called the right.
  • Working with poorly fixed workpiece.
  • Entering foreign elements into the cutting zone.
  • Strong pressure on the tool.

Some errors can lead to serious consequences. That is why you need to monitor all the above moments.

How to cut it correctly

First of all, you need to take the tool correctly in your hands. Helpers hold a corner grinder with your right hand behind the body. In this case, the circle is located on the left, and the gearbox on the right side of the machine. With the left hand you need to hold the tool for the handle injected into the body. Right position of the handle. up. The protective casing should close the disk and hands, casting sparks from the employee. For the left, the hilt is screwed on the other side of the case, the protective casing is turning and fixed in the right position.

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Tool manufacturers give three main advice on working with a corner grinder: hold hard with your hands, do not be on the cutting line, stop and not run the machine if the disk is jammed.

How and in which direction to cut everyone decides for himself, given the fact that when biting, the corner grinder throws in different directions.

Cut from yourself

This is a very good way, but it is important to observe one condition. cut from yourself, sparks under the feet. In this case, when biting the disk, the angular grinder throws off, so it is not able to harm health. In this case, a drawn fishing line for a cutting trimmer is clearly visible, moreover, the probability of doing something wrong is very small. The disadvantage of this method. sparks fly into trousers and under the feet.

Cut on yourself

There are many supporters of this method. It is only important not to forget that when conducting a corner grinder, sparkles must fly in the other direction. This minimizes the risk of biting disk. Although he always remains. Therefore, when moving the tool, you must definitely leave the cutting line.

Safety precautions

Before the work has begun, the corner grinder is required to prepare: choose a nozzle and fix it on a spindle. If the disk is selected, then the important rule should be taken into account: the smaller the diameter of the disk, the greater the speed of rotation it can withstand. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the parameters of the angular grinder. If the disk is selected incorrectly, then in the process it can be destroyed, moreover, this will lead to the wear of the mechanisms of the corner grinder.

Disks with traces of deformation, wear, or in the presence of cracks are immediately rejected and dismantled from the corner grinder, it is forbidden to use them. After fixing the disk, on the spindle it is necessary to check the correctness of its rotation when idling. To do this, turn on the corner grinder and give rotation at full power for 1-2 minutes. It is believed that the corner grinder is ready to work if there are no reaping the case with a disk, vibration and extraneous noises during idle rotation.

Protective closed glasses with direct ventilation of ROSZZ ZP2 Panorama Super PC 30130. Photos all tools.RU

It is very important to fill out a number of strict prohibitions:

  • You can not work with a bracelet on your hand or any other jewelry. they can be wrapped in a nozzle when working.
  • You can not begin to work in a state of ailment or intoxication.
  • It is forbidden to mount circular wheels for a wood sawing corner grinder for a corner grinder.
  • You can not lead a corner grinder along the surface towards yourself.
  • The corner grinder should not be released until the disk is completely stopped.
  • The equipment is not removed until it is cooling.
  • Can not be placed next to the work site of a canister with fuel and other ignorant items.
  • Cannot be neglected by the presence of PPE, first.aid kit and knowledge of safety rules.

Another important condition is to fix the processed surface or part. For this, vice, tripods and clamps are used. Only those objects that have a large mass and in themselves remain immobility during processing can be an exception. You can also use the help of a partner who will hold the part in compliance with the safety rules by the divorce key.

Using personal protective equipment

The operator of the corner grinder must also prepare its own safety, since the casing of the corner grinder protects only from sparks and the smallest abrasive fragments. The preparation of the operator implies the use of PPE. personal products are sewn up:

corner, grinding, sharpen, circle
  • Plastic glasses.
  • Jacket or shirt with dense sleeves without lapels.
  • Gloves.
  • Mask or respirator.
  • The respirator will protect the respiratory system from falling into light dust from grinding surfaces, and glasses repeatedly protected the eyes of workers from bounced disk fragments or processed surface.

Protective open securefit 201 with transparent 3m lenses. Photos all tools.RU

Place of work

The following mandatory rules are presented to the place of work:

  • Lack of clutter, freedom of employee movements.
  • The possibility of fast fire extinguishing.
  • I ventilation.
  • The presence of power supply.
  • Lighting.

These requirements relate directly to the workplace for use by a corner grinder, since dust, sparking occurs during operation, and the corner grinder itself requires connection to the electric network.

Fixing the processed parts

The corner grinder interacts on the working surface with disks and other nozzles that rotate at a very high speed. The rotational movement of the nozzle is transmitted to light blanks, which are at rest, they receive a progressive vector and move in space themselves. If easier, then the untouched part will fly out of the workbench if its mass is small and it is not fixed. That is why the details are attached in a vice or under clamps.

Blacksmith Wa1-100 clamp. Photos all tools.RU

Operation of good tools, primary launch, breaks, where sparks should fly

For the body, you should choose a stable position so that the sparks do not fly under the feet during the cut. The cord should be strictly behind the body and not touch the working surface so that there is no danger of winding it on a circle. When working on the next part or when moving from place to place, the corner grinder is unable to turn off. The same should be performed during interruptions in the supply of electricity.

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Important! Experts unambiguously recommend that one important rule: the direction of movement of the corner grinder should be the same as the direction of rotation of the disk. But in this case, the sparks will fly to the part, which can violate the survey of the markings. But this rule almost completely covers the ability of the disk to get stuck in the processed surface.

Rules for the use of corner grinder:

  • It is necessary to stand not in front of the corner grinder, but a little from the side. This will protect itself with the reactive movement of the corner grinder in the case of a reverse impact.
  • The protective casing in 90% of cases protects the employee from injuries, holding the scattering disk.
  • It is not necessary to crush the corner grinder, it must process the surface under its own weight. Pressure can distort or destroy the disk.
  • The corner grinder does not turn on if the disk is placed in the cut.
  • If the corner grinder is used for cutting a metal profile, then the cut begins in the thinnest place.
  • If stone or ceramics are cut to form dust, it is better to choose a model with a vacuum cleaner that connects to the casing. Dangerous to find hidden cables or other communications. When they touched, a reverse blow may occur, so you need to strictly stand on the side of the cutting line.

Sparks on yourself

When cutting the metal with a corner grinding with sparks, the risk of injury is much less, since in the case of a click of the disk, a tool, if you do not hold it in your hands, will fly in the opposite side of you.

But here it is important that there is no one on the cut line ahead. The disadvantage of this method is that the sparks fly towards the operator and can burn clothes.

Of course, this is better than getting an injury, but still. unpleasant. Today, both of these methods are used in practice, and at the end we want to give general recommendations where it is better to use what method of cutting corner grinders.

Polish Glass Bottle Edges After Cutting

Recommendations of specialists for some types of work

Next, we will tell you how to work with an angle grinding machine with various metal products.

Sharpening of the chain of the chainsaw

Photo 2: Sharpening the chain of the chain of a corner grinder

The chain is pulled on the arrow of the chainsaw. For work, use a sharpening disk 2.5 mm thick. It should be noted the first tooth that you will process. With competent actions, you can update the chain 4–7 times before it finally fails.

Cutting pipes

Start cutting thick metal with a corner grinder is better from the edges. If you start from the middle part, the disk can jam and bend. In the process of processing, make an effort on the lower part of the cutting tool, which ensures the efficiency of the saw.

Cutting moldings

Photo 4: cutting corners of corner grind

How to use the Corner Rounding End Mill

For the sawing of the metal corners, you can use wovered wheels or a small.diameter tool. It is important to remember that the work is phased: at first they cut one part of the molding, then the second.

Sharpening of a circle of circular saw

Photo 5: sharpening a circle of circular saw with corner grinders

Start by fixing the angle grinding machine with clamps, leaving access to the rotating part of the tool. Then bring the saw disk to the sharpened circle without applying much effort. The circle should go through the product on the tangent. When working, follow the observance of the sharpening plane.

Polishing is a comprehensive operation to finish the workpiece. With its help, minor defects are eliminated in the form of scuffs, chips and scratches. The surface acquires a noble shine, and the product. the presentation.

Frases with interchangeable plates are an composite metal.cutting tool containing removable working components fixed on the case. Products are used to form grooves, inclined surfaces and ledges. With its help, holes are prepared, complex technological cuts are created.

Milling grooves and ledges involves the performing of complex operations for simultaneously processing several surfaces. Actions are carried out using specialized mills, ensure the preparation of technological protrusions and openings for the subsequent connection of parts.

Cutting of cutters. a comprehensive phenomenon that occurs as a result of the operation of the tool. Due to wear, the severity of the cutting edges decreases, the weight, geometry and mechanical stability of the product changes.

Calculation of cutting modes is carried out with mechanized and manual metal processing. Based on the results of the calculations, the equipment is selected, the optimal method of work and the size of production costs are determined.

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