How to unscrew the pulley on the mower

Repair of starter gasoline drills, lawnmowers, trimmers for grass with their own hands

No matter how good quality gasoline tool you use, during the construction of the tool can happen to him, and at the most inopportune moment. Often problems arise due to the breakage of the starter. It happens, going to drill gasoline holes to install fence posts or mow trimmer grass, you start to run the unit, and only have time to pull the starter handle a couple of times, as the rope breaks, and the engine has already started, dashing winding cord remains on the flywheel, tears the sheave, the spring breaks. run to the store new buy. But of course these are extremes.

Today we will consider the most common case, when the breakage is not so serious, and will show how to make repairs of the starter with their own hands, if the cord broke without any devastating consequences or do not uncoil because the spring inside just came off, went out of the grip. At least, I want to believe this at first. But to find out whether it is true or not, you need to disassemble the starter.

When to remove the crankshaft pulley

Generally speaking, you will have to remove this part in two cases:

  • Dismantling the entire engine or making any repairs (e.g. replacing the crankshaft oil seals).
  • To replace the pulley itself. The reasons you need to perform this action are almost always due to wear and tear on the part itself.
unscrew, pulley, mower

Tractor-mounted rotary mower KRN-2,1: composition, repair and maintenance

Rotary mounted mower KRN-2,1 is designed for mowing grass and natural grass, KD-2,1 (road). for mowing roadsides with adjustable angle of mower blade up to 30° in aggregate with tractors MTZ (classes 0.9 and 1.4) at elevated forward speeds.

The mower is hinged at the back of the tractor linkage.

The mower blade has four working rotors, each fitted with two hinged blades that cut the grass. The rotors run in pairs and face each other. Mower drive via PTO shaft, overrunning clutch, V-belt drive, reduction gearbox and rotor gears. Idle running of rotors and gears at the moment of disconnecting the tractor PTO is ensured by overrunning clutch.

separation of the cut material from the uncut material is realised by the field divider. Mower is set in transport position via a hydraulic system and by installing the transport link in the working position, where it rigidly locks the mower bed raised at an angle. Mower is operated by a tractor driver.

Causes of Pulley Failure

The pulley is a tongue and groove ring that matches the profile of the belt being used. The outer end is connected to the hub by spokes reinforced with ribs. The part is cast from reinforced plastic or aluminum alloy, and then goes through the stage of dynamic balancing (to reduce equipment vibration during operation). The old style machines used a trapezoidal belt, the Indesit, LG or Bosch front-loading machines use a poly-V belt with increased strength.

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Common causes of failure of a part mounted on a motor:

  • the spokes or bead breakage due to material fatigue;
  • material buildup on the racetrack due to defects in the material, which can cause belt damage in operation;
  • damage to the bore due to misalignment or insufficient fixation of the pulley.

How to Remove the Pulley from the Electric Lawnmower Motor

How to remove a pulley from an electric motor


The way to remove the pulley often depends on the type of its fit and the type of mechanical mating. For the most part, it is sufficient to tap with a hammer in diametrically opposite ends of the pulley for it to come off the seat, but time and corrosion can play a cruel trick. In this case it is necessary to use appropriate methods and tools.

Pulley removal with mechanical fastening

Low horsepower engines often have a slotted pulley fit without a press fit. In these cases the pulley is held in place by a retaining ring, washer or threaded joint. In these cases it is quite enough to unscrew the retaining nuts and remove the circlip. Be also used reusable rings with serrated edge, which will have to be either cut or long smoothed at the workplace of installation with an awl and a screwdriver.

Removing pulley thermally

Occasionally for the removal of the pulley rather lightly heat it. The metal expands with increasing temperature, which weakens the fit. If the pulley was placed on the shaft by the method of preparatory heating, then you can not do without the designated procedure of removal: the cross-section of the shaft a fraction of a mm not just a hole in the pulley, for which reason the degree of compression is very high.

unscrew, pulley, mower

Pulley removal with puller

Often the pulley succeeds in remove using a simple puller. It is a thick iron plate, with a hole in the center. A large nut is welded in line with the hole in one of the plate planes. One strip through the center hole in the plate makes a small slit. A bolt to match the size of the nut welded to the puller and two smaller bolts with large washers will also be needed to use the puller.

Drill two holes in the pulley, located on the strip running through its center. Many of the holes are tapped with a single tap, which is used to match the screws to the puller’s cross section. The shafts of the electric motor have an alignment slot, in which you need to use thick grease to fix the ball from a bearing of suitable size. The central bolt puller will also have to treat: in its end to make a deepening of the spherical shape.

The puller is attached to the pulley with bolts through the slots and screwed into the threaded holes. The center bolt rests on a ball attached to the center slot of the shaft. The bolt will unlock the puller from the shaft while screwing it in and the pulley will be shifted from its mounting location. If the stroke of the bolt is not enough to move the pulley all the way out, there should be some large nuts tucked under the side bolts.


I went to mow the grass (Polish rotary mower) on the gear-back, where the platter with blades, all the teeth broke off.How to remove it, puller does not work?

Guys!Have a nice day! Please help (because already nemohrazvalo nemomoversano) The reason is this: I went to mow grass (mower Polish rotary) made one circle and in the rear where the “plates” with knives cracked (immediately thought the gear) Shattered all the teeth, please advise how to remove (photos, please) Remover any do not take or claws slip or skewed goes to all Thanks in advance!

How to remove the pinion to replace the bearings, PD 10 engine?

Hello! How to remove the pinion, to replace the bearings, the engine PD 10? Please advise.

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Can we remove the hydraulic tank without taking the cab off??

Hi there. Is it possible to remove the hydraulic tank without removing the cab??

unscrew, pulley, mower

race mower-how to remove rusted pulley

Possible mower Zarya 1 malfunctions and troubleshooting

1.General view of the mower is shown on Fig. 2. Construction of cutting discs and disc drive reducer is shown on Fig. 3.

Transmission of torque from the drive pulley 5 to the cutting discs is transmitted by spline torsion shafts 6 and bevel gears 9

To work with power tillers MB-1D1(2)M and its modifications the mower is completed with tensioning device. which is mounted on the mower.The mower is mounted on a pin 12 and secured with stopper 11 from the powerpack kit. The drive pulley of the power tiller 3 is connected to the mower drive pulley with a V-belt 6.When lever 2 is moved to the upper working position, tensioning roller 4 tension the belt, engaging the mower transmission. When moving the lever to the lower position the belt tension is released and the mower is switched off. Tension of the belt is ensured by a number of holes on the mower and the headstock of the machine.When working with the MB-1D1(2)M and its modifications the operator’s legs are protected by a curtain 1 (Fig. 4а).

To work with MB-90M the mower is equipped with a gearbox 4 which is mounted on the MB-90M. Mower is mounted on pin 13 and secured with stopper 12. Drive pulley 3 is connected to the mower drive pulley by V-belt 2. Tension of the belt is achieved by aligning the stopper holes on the headstock and the mower with the same spacing. The mower is switched on by engaging the PTO shaft on the power tiller.

Possible faults of Zarya mower and troubleshooting method.

Malfunction Probable cause Fixing method
The discs do not rotate Drive belt is loose Adjust belt tension
Mowing leaves overhangs Cutting blades are blunted. Resharpen knives
The drive belt is loose Adjust belt tension
Driving belt keeps slipping Belt tension is loose Adjust the correct tension
Pulley arms are in different planes Adjust the alignment of the pulley rollers with an adjustment washer

Front mower for power tiller

The machine is considered the perfect choice for time-consuming mowing jobs. It can handle grass in meadows, mountain regions, and floodplains. It is used to make the hay quickly and easily accessible for further use as forage.

The tool itself consists of the cutting unit and a bar. PTO is placed in the pipe that connects to the side struts and is connected to the power tool. Such a handy mower for a power tiller is equipped with support wheels and a special function of folding the grass into compact rolls. At the moment, manufacturers have presented mowers in the form of disc, rotary, hammer, segmented-finger, drum and barrier models. Much depends on the specific design and operation of the hitch. Work with a mower of this type is very comfortable and without negative consequences for the mechanism itself. over, the operator saves time, effort and satisfaction by observing the results of the process.

Often the front versions are relevant to work on large areas, because in the case of using a special device (strip capture. 3.5 m) for an hour you can “clear the grass” about 10 hectares. The mower perfectly copes with its task even when passing near curbs, recreational areas, drainage ditches and other.

Front disc mowers of front-mounted type are equipped with a special device that allows you to cut the grass at a height of 15 cm from the surface of the mowing bar. Frontal arrangement of the blades enables the mechanism to adapt to terrain conditions.

Due to the sealed, welded cutter bar, the knife lock renewal procedure is quite quick and simple. The deflector will protect internal mechanisms from unnecessary debris, and the shear key acts as a protector of cutting elements from unidentified obstacles.

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Rotary mower on single axle tractor

To make the above type of attachment you will need:

To begin with, using a hard drill bit on the disc, you must drill holes with a diameter of no more than 6 mm. Then, using a bar, the cutting parts should be attached to the discs themselves. The resulting gap between the bar and the blade should be 2 mm larger than the thickness of the blade. Tighten the axle with the disc to the stop and complete the drive with the tread housing. After these procedures you can put the headstock on and try out the new headstock for tending your fields and harvesting your livestock.

Adapter for rotary mower to power tiller

To mechanize grass mowing with a power tiller, a rotary mower is used. The most popular mowers are those that are connected to the front trailer. These products are designed for heavy-duty tractors with a PTO on the side of the gearbox. These machines are often equipped with water-cooled engines. Although there are models with a side PTO also among the light class.

However, on the most common air-cooled power tillers, the PTO is located on the rear of the gearbox. Although industry makes special mower models for these applications, these products are not widely used. over, they are not very convenient to use, because they have to work in reverse, which creates a number of difficulties:

  • A smaller range of gears is available for reversing.
  • The shift knob is hard to reach after you turn the handlebar.
  • Unbalanced, additional effort is required to maintain the working position.

To solve this problem our company, PE Kryuchkov, produces the “adapter for rotary mower. In this article you can read how to install the adapter on a single axle tractor. Below the article we place a video.

  • adapter bracket.
  • kickstand.
  • swivel roller assembly.
  • drive pulley.
  • drive belt.
  • First of all, we need to get access to the PTO. To do this you need to remove the PTO protection cap and the sleeve-holder of the key.
  • Unscrew the bolt of the secondary shaft.
  • Install the “swivel pulley assembly”, securing it with the secondary shaft bolt.
  • Putting the “drive pulley” on the PTO shaft. The pulley is held on the shaft by a mounting bolt.
  • Remove the front bumper with footplate. In its place, we install the “angle bracket” and the “adapter roller bracket”.
  • Put the “drive belt” on the “transition pulley”, “swivel pulley” and “drive pulley.

Finishing tightening of bolt joints.

Installation of the rotary mower adapter is finished!

Modernization of the KCF-2.1 mower. Changing the pulley

At the beginning of the video is a snippet of the 2015 hayride. Before we replaced the driving pulley our mowing went like this. And this summer I finally realized my long-time ambition. increased the rpm on the mower and now it mows exceptionally even at idle engine speed. And before you had to put the pedal to the floor, thereby saving precious nowadays fuel and time. Also at the end of mowing (when a wedge is left) I don’t have to clean up the grass clippings from the neighboring rows, they don’t clog the mower, but mow everything in their path. To say I’m satisfied with the rework. it means nothing)))) I advise everyone who has problems with this mower

Stuck On PTO Pulley Removal Easiest Way

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