How to unscrew the disk on a trimmer. Choosing the best option for a cutting knife for a lawn mower

How to put a disc on a trimmer for Echo grass

For the best understanding, let’s look at the main types of disks for corner grinders and give a definition of their use:

  • circles. These are the most widely used consumables for corner grinding. Their main purpose is working with metal, stone and wood. A variety of cutting circles for corner grinders are diamond discs. This is an ultra.strength equipment for processing materials of increased strength, such as reinforced concrete, tile, porcelain tile, marble.
  • Grinding and pending circles. As it becomes clear from the name, this type of disc is used to polish various materials, for example, polishing products made of stone, or to eliminate (peeling) of the upper layer, for example, eliminating a layer of rust or old painting coating.

Classic method. replacing HDD

So, the battery is removed, the lid is unscrewed. It is time to pull out the Hard red: the disk is attached by several bolts, they must be unscrewed, and then carefully get the hard drive from the SATA slot. This place will need to install a solid.state carrier and fix the SSD using bolts. Final steps of installation: attach the lid, put the battery and turn on the laptop.

During the loading of the laptop (for example, HP 250 G5), the user will need to enter the BIOS. There he will see that the system has determined SSD. Now it is necessary to check in what mode the disk works in the tab called Advanced: if not in AHCI, switch the carrier to this mode and save.

The last stage is to install the operating system.

What types of forests I am

The most common type of fishing line, which is suitable for almost all types of coils. a round cross.sectional cord. This is a regular fishing line for a trimmer suitable for mowing of juicy grass, but it will be much more difficult to mowed with dry, and even more so it cannot cope with the shrub.

As a rule, the diameter that can mow young grass does not exceed 1.6 mm. The thicker the thread, the more rough grass it is able to overcome.

unscrew, disk, trimmer, best, option, cutting

There are fishing lines with sharp faces in the form of a sprocket or square, this option is more adapted to mowing dry grass just due to the existing sharp faces, but its lack of wear is more wear and it is inferior in strength to the round cord.

There are fishing lines with improved aerodynamics with characteristic dentes, scales and notches, a similar product makes less noise, but they use it only on benzos, since the output of such a thread from the coil is difficult, it is most often used with discs in which segments are inserted. The disadvantage of such a product is its fragility.

Most often in gasoline trimmers with an engine of more than 1.5 liters.with. Apply cords with a metal cable inside. This thread is ideal for mowing dry grass and small shrubs. The presence of a core, positively affects the wear resistance of this material. The disadvantage of such a cord is its price, which is significantly larger than the above opponents.

How to sharpen and put?

The lawn mower with constant use sooner or later will begin to need regular maintenance. One of the important points is the timely sharpening of the knives. A metal disk, of course, can work in a stupid state, but it cannot be used. This leads to a decrease in productivity, overheating of the engine, wear of the gearbox. Silent teeth or blades is completely simple, but if you wish, you can simply install new knives.

  • First of all, a knife is removed from the device. It is not recommended to make sharpening right on a motorcycle, as it is unsafe.
  • Next, you need to examine the cutting element for the presence of chips, cracks, damage. If they are, you will need to install a new disk.
  • For sharpening knives, you can use a file, sharpener or corner grinder. The safest tool is considered to be a file that even a newcomer can handle. For sharpening, the knife is placed in a vice, and then manually processed at an angle of 30 degrees. This method is considered the highest quality.
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When using a corner grinder, it is important not to overheat the metal, otherwise the disk will quickly become worthless. Corner grinder with a thin abrasive circle is suitable for sharpening disks, which have many teeth

At the end of sharpening, the disk can again be installed on a trimmer for grass and check how efficiently the tool works. You cannot take up the sharp parts of the knife to avoid injury.

Over time, the knife wear out and it should be changed. Installing a new drive on a trimmer for grass is completely easy. This procedure takes no more than 5 minutes of time if you adhere to a simple instruction.

First you need to remove the protective casing, but on some models it may remain. For example, metal casings with motorcycle are not removed. Next, take a key with six faces (hexagon) and use it to block the gearbox. The blocking hole must be sought from the side or from the end. After that, it is necessary to twist the mowing head with motorcycles. Then a disk will be installed in its place

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the inner diameter of the knife should be completely located in the groove reserved for this. The front side of the nozzle should be located upwards. Now you need to fix the disk with a special washer and screw the fastener counterclockwise

Before doing this, it is necessary to block the gear shaft. The last stage is the installation of a protective casing of plastic.

Typically, the process of replacing fishing line on a trimmer of a particular model is popularly described by accompanying documentation. Another question is that this documentation is often supplied in a foreign language, since the notorious lawn mowers for the most part are imported products.

Meanwhile, there is a much simpler, more economical and healthy way for human health and nature. putting the lawns of an ordinary peasant oblique in order. Blory of braids for grass:

How To: Install a Brush Cutting Blade on your Grass Trimmer

which is subsequently accompanied by abundantly growing greens, and not by the formation of dryness as a result of the work of a trimmer for grass.

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How to remove a fishing line for a trimmer from the coils of different types

In the operating instructions for each trimmer for the grass there is a detailed description of the standard replacement of fishing line, which involves the removal of the old cord. If you have a regular trimmer head or other model of the same type, then follow the instructions set forth in the instructions for the instructions.

If you have a coil of a different type or a fishing line for a trimmer broke off inside the trimmer head, then you can’t do without disassembling or removing this part (depending on the type of coil), so we will share the recommendations that will help you pull the fishing line for a trimmer from the reel any type.

Mechanical non.devastated

In such coils, the fixation of the fishing line occurs due to its wiring through curved channels of various shapes, that is, the cord, due to its rigidity, holds itself. The only problem is that the cutting string is located on both sides of the head, so it is comfortable to remove it without dismantling the part from the trimmer for the grass.

To unwind it, remove the coil from a trimmer for the grass, using a full.time key and any suitable latch, for example, a nail or hairpin, and getting access to both sides of the part, pull out the cord.

Mechanical collapsible

To extract the remaining cord from a collapsible mechanical coil, the key that is delivered with it, unscrew the clamping bolt, then pull the material out of the holes.

If the bolt hat is clogged with scraps of grass and dirt (this happens with mowing after rain or watering) and it doesn’t work out a hexagonal key into the hat, carry the device home, where either wash your head directly on the trimmer, or remove it using the gas key, and then Wash separately. When the coil is washed, you easily unscrew the bolt and remove the remaining strings.

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Automatic and semi.automatic

The fishing system is united by these trimmer heads-when clicking on the button, it is enough to pull a piece of cord sticking out of the case and it will come out for some length. By pressing the button and gradually pulling the string, you can completely unwind the coil.

How to sharpen your lawn mower blades for your lawn care business

If the fishing line for the trimmer was cut off inside the case, this method will not work, because there is nothing to grab onto, and even if it turns out to be pulled on one side, then on the other, the string will fall into the case and unwind it will not work.

If a simple way does not help, then squeeze your fingers a couple of latches on the sides of the case next to the lid and remove the latter to get access to the spool. Then pull out the spool with the remains of the fishing line and not only remove the string, but also look for the reason why the standard feed did not work.

If you can’t remove the lid, do not have enough fingers or for some other reasons, then twist the coil from the trimmer for the grass entirely. If you have a lawn mower or an electric cos with a straight rod, then twist the coil clockwise, if the bar is curved, then against the sentry.

The electric cos with the lower motor location of this method does not work because there is no thread on the shaft. Instead of it, the slots, and the trimmer head is planted “on hot”, that is, if you couldn’t disassemble the head on the spot, you will have to carry the device in the workshop or come up with something at home.

If jammed because of too thick fishing line

Trimmer owners often neglect the information indicated in the manual about the maximum thickness of the fishing line and put a larger cord, because this increases the efficiency of the mowing.

The result of such an attitude is the jamming of the string inside the coil, which is why the automatic supply stops working, because the cord stucks in the holes of the case and is too tense inside the spool.

The most unpleasant thing in this situation is the inability to pull out the squire normally, because the fishing line stuck in the body for a trimmer blocks it. In the field, you can (if there is a suitable tool at hand) cut the string along the edge of the case, and then press the crushing with a cross.plate, which is included in the supply of most trimmers.

Когда такой способ не дал нужного результата, поставьте на место крышку и скрутите катушку в сборе, как описано выше, затем разберите ее на столе.

If you want to use it with a thicker fishing line, which is allowed for your electric shoes or lawn mower, then install new plates with the corresponding calibration holes (not on all trimmer heads).

If the cord is twisted inside the coil

This happens if the cutting string is wound incorrectly or it is stained with something sticky, in this case, remove the lid and pull the coil out.

Even a strongly twisted cord easily passes through the holes in the case, so there will be no difficulties with extracting the spray.

Then soak the fishing line for the trimmer and either rewind it correctly, or wrap a new, not smeared with a sticky substance.

Replacing fishing line

The method of replacing the fishing line on mechanical models directly depends on their design, if they are collapsible, for example, such a “spider”, then do this: do this:

If you have a non.vegetable mechanical coil, for example, such, then a fishing line for a trimmer on it is more convenient to change after dismantling, because the gearbox washer will interfere.

If you have an automatic or semi.automatic coil, then carefully read this article, because there we talked about how to refuel these devices with a fishing line.

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Types of coils

There are 3 types of the most popular trimmer heads:


A mechanical coil is a plastic or metal disk, in which one or more small cuts of the fishing line are fixed in various ways, which is why it has to be manually constantly changed for a trimmer.

Here are the most popular models of such heads:

Semi.automatic (collapsible)

Despite the variety of models and differences in appearance, the coils of this type are arranged and work according to one principle.

unscrew, disk, trimmer, best, option, cutting

The base connects the remaining elements of the trimmer head with a motorcycle or electric shock through the threaded sleeve paid in it, so each coil is only suitable for that trimmer, the diameter of the gearbox shaft or lower engine corresponds to the diameter of the sleeve.

A spring is installed inside the base, which supports the spool, squeezing the pressing part outward through the removable case.

There are fixers on the rogue and the case that prevent the turn of the first, however, when the operator hit the pressure on the ground, the spool comes out of the clutch with the lattice of the removable case and rotates freely.

Holes for the string are made in the removable case, and they are located so that the output of the fishing line from the spray is noticeably higher, this provides reliable fixation of the fishing line in working condition.

When the operator beats the pressure on the ground, the spool enters the case and all the holes through which the fishing line for the trimmer passes is combined. Then the centrifugal force pulls part of the wound string outward, and when the pressure on the pressure disappears, the spool leaves the body and again occupies the working position.

Automatic (indifferent)

Regardless of the model and manufacturer, all automatic coils are arranged and work according to one principle.

They consist of the following details:

A threaded sleeve is soldered into the foundation of the base, and a ratchet clamp is installed on the inner surface, which allows the spool to rotate in only one direction. There is a through canal intended for the fishing wire inside the spray. The cap is rigidly put on the spool, and the curly faces facilitate its rotation to wind the fishing line.

Lawn mowers of the brand STIHL

The history of Stihl has more than 90 years. It all began, like many, now well.known brands, with a small family production. At first, it was the release of components for washing and steam machines. Then, the famous STIHL saws appeared. at first I drank an electric, a little later a gasoline model. Annually, a unique novelty was developed in the design bureau, which occupied a worthy place in the market.

Today’s assortment of the company is diverse: chainsaws and gas stations, vacuum cleaners and cleaning equipment, altitude and motorized vehicles, air vents and motorcycle boards, Stihl gas mowers and gas mowers, grass trimmers and sprayers. Unique multi-and combi systems, original tools and multifunctional headset have been developed.

How to correct the trimmer motor for grass with fuel?

Automated garden braid for grass promises good durability, subject to proper operation, including refueling with fuel. The gasoline engine of such a device is not allowed to operate on clean gasoline. Previously, before refueling, it is necessary to prepare a working mixture of fuel. namely, mix unlimited gasoline with machine oil.

The working fuel capacity included in the kit, as a rule, has marks on the case for the correct mixture: 1. the level of unhealthy gasoline; 2. machine oil levels depending on the ratio

Mixing unhealthy gasoline with machine oil is required in the correct ratio. Therefore, many manufacturers of string and other gasoline trimmers mark working capacities.

The user will only have to fill the container for mixing with fresh unhealthy gasoline in accordance with the fuel marker line. Then machine oil is added to the moment when the fuel mixture reaches the border of the ratio of 40: 1 (optimal for two.stroke engines).

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