How to unscrew the angle grinder without a wrench

Open-end wrench and socket head

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You can use a 17 wrench and a 24″ socket head to remove a tightened rotary clamp. However, they will have to be reworked before this non-standard use. Grind the open-end wrench to a thickness of 4 mm and tap the protrusions on the head for the holes in the angle grinder‘s locking mechanism.

Dismantle as follows. The wrench is inserted under the abrasive and the socket head is put on the flange. Next, the two tools must be turned in the opposite direction from each other. Afterward, the nut should unscrew without any effort.

These tools often replace a special tool or are used as an adjunct. It is several times easier to loosen the abrasive disk clamp than the standard version.


Here are some available ways to remove the disc:

  • Saw or break the disc. Do not even break it, but simply grind it down to a bushing. Then the nut should effortlessly unscrew with an ordinary universal wrench from an angle grinder;
  • Gas wrench. The physics works here, you just increase the lever and therefore the applied force will be greater. Work carefully and do not twist the rotation lock in any way;
  • Peorator. The tool is set in bumper mode, i.e., without rotation. Six-millimeter drill bit should be placed against the flange face. The power of the torch should be enough to move the nut. The angle grinder itself must be securely fastened and the spindle rotation must be locked;
  • Heating. The problem with this method is that you can ruin the tool. Use a gas torch or hair dryer to heat the nut. The metal will change volume. After that unscrew the nut with an Allen wrench. Open-end wrench
  • Use a 17-mm open-end wrench and grind the walls down to a thickness of 4 mm. 4 protrusions must be milled into the face of the socket head so they align with the holes in the flange. Place a wrench under the disc. The socket head must be slipped over the nut and turned in the direction of the disc rotation.

If all else fails, saw a nut, you can always buy it at a power tool store.

If the angle grinder disc is jammed: effective solutions to the problem

An abnormal situation can happen at any time while using a power tool (motor overheating, tool or disk breakage, jamming, etc.). п.). The most common problem when working with an angle grinder (angle grinder) or angle grinder is the clamping of the cutting or grinding disc. In today’s HouseChief overview, we show you how to unscrew the clamping nut if it becomes jammed.

Most often, the malfunction is manifested by contact with the material. There are no such problems in idling mode, because the number of revolutions of the tool remains stable. But when we start grinding or cutting metal, then the number of revolutions begins to increase, which is reflected in the work of the disc and angle grinder.

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The following are some of the signs of a jammed disc:

  • the number of revolutions decreases sharply at the tool wheel and can even be traced to braking, jamming;
  • The disk can succumb to deformation due to even greater clamping of the nut;
  • increase in diameter and depth of cut.

In this case you need to react in time to the situation and take action. In this case, be sure to remove the clamped disk from the angle grinder, try to solve the problem with the least amount of time and effort.

One of the most common causes of nut jamming is that you have not used the angle grinder for a long time, and the nut, bolt or washer is rusted. Consequently, this becomes the cause of the tool malfunction. If you are faced with such a situation, you need to perform a number of actions:

  • First, disconnect the angle grinder from the power supply.
  • Spray the components of the angle grinder with an anti-corrosion agent or a special dissolving fluid. The product must always get on the washer, nut and bolts.
  • After that you can proceed to the removal of the protective cover and the individual parts that can be unscrewed.

If the special tools do not help to cope with the problem, then you need to go to the second method. Its essence is to preheat the wax, after which you can use a wrench to unscrew the nut. Control the force so you don’t break the angle grinder.

Sometimes the wheel cannot be unscrewed because the nut is unscrewed in the wrong direction. Make sure that you unscrew in the right direction. If a nut does not unscrew with a simple spanner, it can be unscrewed with a hammer. But, in this case, it is important to carefully adjust the force, so as not to damage the parts of the angle grinder.

The way in which you can unscrew the nut and fix the problem depends largely on the type of grinder. The method of disk clamping on the angle grinder also plays a role. Most often, in order to remove the disc from the angle grinder, you need a wrench or screwdriver.

If you decide to remove or replace the disc from the angle grinder yourself, be sure to think about safety. Grinders and their cutting parts are very sharp, so you need to be extremely careful and do not forget about protective equipment. In addition to protective clothing, protective goggles will be required. If the wheel breaks, its particles can fly off and get in your face. If the wheel is stuck, and you can not solve the problem, you will have to resort to more labor-intensive methods.

Malfunctions most often occur when working with sturdy materials. When started, the angle grinder runs at 6,000 to 12,000 rpm. The blade is in contact with the workpiece surface and encounters strong resistance. Its work slows down slightly, while the motor continues to spin in the same mode.

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This leads to a sharp screwing of the retainer nut into the threads of the spindle. It is no longer possible to unscrew it with the usual wrench.

Remove a grinder disc without the wrench. very dangerous

How to eliminate the clamping

There are several simple methods that are used first:

How to remove stuck grinder disc nut without tool

  • Insert a metal rod in the holes and try to twist it with light hammer blows. The main thing is not to tear the holes and not to break the button.
  • Heat the fastener. When the temperature changes, the technical parameters slightly change, and there is an expansion.
  • Grind the disk with another angle grinder, until the nut is unscrewed.

These methods are effective, but not always. Therefore, there are more faithful options for getting rid of the angle grinder clamping mount.

A simple way to twist the nut

With the help of a thick piece of board, a stump or a piece of wood, you can warm up the nut. To do this, the angle grinder is pressed firmly against the wood so that the nut continuously rubs against the surface. We turn on the tool and hold it for 2-3 minutes. That’s enough time for the fastener to glow.

Then clamp it with an ordinary wrench and unscrew it easily and freely. This is due to the physical properties of metals to expand when heated. The method is very good, it works almost without fail.

How not to unscrew the nut

When the disc is clamped, the operator spends a lot of time releasing it. This leads to irritation of the person, resulting in inappropriate ways to fix the problem.

We will tell you how not to act in case of jamming:

  • metal studs in the holes can lead to loose clamping, but more often they lead to a huge load on the gearbox, resulting in damage to one of the structural parts of the angle grinder;
  • welded on top of a larger diameter nut, ripped off with a huge wrench, will cause damage to the gear teeth and tear the threads;
  • heating with a gas torch. not the best option, this method is unlikely to help, but the physical properties of the metal will certainly violate.

It is much easier and safer to cut the clamped disk from both sides with another angle grinder and unscrew the loosened nut without any problems.

How not to jam

It is always better to prevent problems with the working tool. To do this, work with extreme care, making sure that the disc does not jam or tear. We also advise using special nuts. They are more expensive than usual, but unhindered unscrewing in case of jamming.

Also special spacers are considered a bestseller. They are perfectly protected against jamming. You can make it with your own hands at home by cutting it out of paronite.

It’s not that there is no spanner at all

And here’s another option: got a set of keys, all sizes are there, except the one you need. No big deal, the main thing is to have a wrench more than necessary. Let’s do it this way. between a nut and a horn of the key we put a coin (or two. as many as necessary to eliminate the gap) of any denomination. After that we begin to unscrew either a nut or a bolt head (having previously performed the above described procedure with a coin), depending on what will be more convenient.

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Spindle-type: to tighten the spindle of a slicing machine (drill). Also spindle is a double-headed stock, for tightening the nut of the spindle of an angle grinder (angle grinder). Previously similar wrenches were used to assemble/disassemble the working cone of the milk separator for cream and return.

The cause of jamming of the disk serve deviations in the choice of modes of operation of the angle grinder. If, for example, you dramatically increase the pressure on the angle grinder during operation, the working tool will experience increased torque.

How to unscrew the disk on an angle grinder without a nail wrench

It is worth noting that a damaged disk can be removed with an elementary wrench made of an ordinary nail. Such tool should be at least 100 mm.

How to make a nail wrench with your own hands:

  • the workpiece must be bent into a U-shape. The distance between the legs should be equal to the holes in the flange itself;
  • Cut the nail head and nail shank with a hacksaw.

Only two operations and the self-made wrench is ready for use. To unscrew the disk on an angle grinder with such a tool, you need

It happens that due to inertia, the nut is tightened very much. This problem can also be easily solved. It is necessary to use a larger lever. to insert another “hundredth”. And then the disk can be easily removed.

Как открутить диск болгарки (УШМ) без ключа / How to unscrew angle grinder disc without a wrench

Measures to avoid jamming

By taking care in advance about the safe operation of the angle grinder, you will save yourself the need to take measures to eliminate the emergency situation. Such measures include:

  • Placing cardboard or plastic washers between the disc, flange and spindle head. They do not allow the tool to jam, but even in the case of corkscrewing, they can be removed/melted down and the element can be easily unscrewed.
  • The abrasive wheel must be installed properly. To do this, put the face of the wheel on the supporting flange (with the picture to the gearbox). It should not be in contact with the clamping nut. In this case, the role of the washer, which protects against jamming, will be the regular metal ring in the center.
  • An ordinary nut should be welded onto the clamping flange so that the mounted disc can be clamped with an ordinary wrench.
  • Control the tightening torque. You do not need excessive force to install the cutting element. Otherwise it will jam under intensive loads.

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