How to unscrew the angle grinder without a key

What are the ways to unscrew a tightened nut on the angle grinder?

It is difficult to encounter this problem when rotating at idle speed. Particularly when working with lightweight wheels and soft-start tools. However, after increasing the RPM and coming into contact with the surface to be cut, the following happens:

  • If there is material resistance, the wheel’s rotational angular velocity is drastically reduced and the wheel is braked.
  • The motor continues to run for a few moments at the previous speed due to inertia, dragging the gearbox and spindle along with it.
  • The retaining nut is tightened more by inertia on the thread of the spindle head, thus pressing the cutting disc in.

That’s it, the process of tightening the retaining flange is complete. the abnormal situation is in your face. The following factors influence its occurrence:

  • Large wheel size.
  • High tool capacity.
  • Massiveness of the rotor.
  • A sudden increase in cutting depth, t.е. increase in resistance.

In this case, it is very difficult to remove the disc from the angle grinder. Additional measures have to be taken.

What to do if the nut is jammed?

A frequent problem with the angle grinder is a jammed nut. The first thing to do is to determine the direction of rotation of the disk. In the same direction and it is recommended to unscrew the jammed nut. There are several most effective ways to solve this problem.

But don’t apply too much force, because you can crush the flange and damage the spindle lock.

angle grinder, or angle grinder. a versatile tool, with which you can perform a wide range of activities. It has a simple operating mechanism, based on rotation of the shaft with an electric motor. Needed for cutting metal parts, polishing surfaces and grinding various materials. One of the most common problems when using an angle grinder is jamming the nut that holds the disc. It doesn’t allow you to replace the nozzle, and if you hit it hard, you can damage its threads, break the wrench, or break the body.

To understand how to remove a grinding wheel quickly and without damage, read the tips from the experts. Take note of the following important knowledge to help you get the job done

  • Place a cloth or cloth in the hole of the grinding wheel so that it doesn’t twist when you loosen the nut on the angle grinder;
  • Do not overtighten the nut and control the force with which you work. The spinning wheel should hold the nut nice and tight;
  • Use oil to lubricate the shaft to make it easier to replace the wheel;
  • if the nut is too tight, use a hammer with which you can apply some force and unscrew the nut;
  • Check the condition of the grinding wheel. Experts recommend simply tapping it with a metal tool. If there is a thud, it is a sign of failure. A ringing sound is an indication of a faulty disc;
  • Always check that the angle grinder is working correctly from the side after replacing the grinding disks. Eliminate possible injuries;
  • carefully read the operating instructions. It contains a lot of useful information to help you use your table grinder properly, including changing the wheel;
  • the way of unscrewing the nut largely depends on the type of angle grinder, the peculiarities of its design.
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How to remove the disk from the angle grinder: methods, expert recommendations

Angle grinder (angle grinder) or angle grinder has proven to be a very effective tool, with which you can perform a wide range of works.

However, safety precautions must be observed when operating the angle grinder, because the speed of the discs is very high and could cause personal injury. Judging by numerous reviews, many do-it-yourselfers have problems with the discs, they often split and the nuts with which they are clamped get jammed.

The reason for this may be a human factor or just a defect. As a result you can not use such a nozzle for its intended purpose.

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in replacing the disk with a new one. Nevertheless, at this stage the master encounters a problem: the cap is tightly fixed by the fixing nut, which does not want to unscrew.

unscrew, angle, grinder

How to remove the jammed disk from the angle grinder? What methods are used for this purpose? What improvised means can be used if the original key is lost? You will learn how to remove a jammed disc from an angle grinder in this article.

What is the cause of failure?

Before you wonder how to remove the disk with an angle grinder, experts recommend to understand why the angle grinder bites the nut. It has been observed that this problem is mainly observed in angular grinders, which have a large disc size. than 18 cm is considered a big disk. A torque is produced during operation.

Then, when the master begins to cut, there is a small blow. In other words, force is applied to the disc. If the bit size is 12 cm or less, the force is negligible. If the disk is big, the nut is tightened more by inertia. As a result, it cannot be removed in the usual way.

Read more about how to remove the disk with an angle grinder, below.

How to remove the disc from an angle grinder if it is broken and jammed by the jam nut? Of course, you can try to use a special wrench for angle grinder or gas.

However, judging by the reviews, after making enormous efforts and spending time, the master may not get the expected result. It is easier and quicker to disassemble. To do this, use pliers to completely break the disk.

Due to the fact that during the work will fly small splinters, the master will need protective goggles (mask) and gloves.

Then take a metal plate that is thinner than the disk. With the help of this plate will be grind its remains. To do this, turn on the angle grinder, and the metal piece should be securely clamped with pliers. After these steps, the nut can be unscrewed even by hand.

If the special key that came with the angle grinder is not lost, then cope with the task will be easier. Those who are interested in how to remove the disk from the angle grinder, experts advise to first fix the spindle.

That’s where the disk is located and is pressed with the flange. It is disassembled with a wrench. To make it technically possible, the flanges are equipped with special holes into which the pins of the wrench are inserted.

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To fix the spindle, you need to press the button, which is located on the housing on the back side of the disk. Do not release the ratchet when using the open-end wrench or the spindle will continue to turn.

unscrew, angle, grinder

If the disk in the angle grinder turns clockwise, turn the horn wrench counterclockwise and vice versa. It is important that the flange gives way and moves out of the way. Now it can be unscrewed completely and put aside.

Then the old disc is removed and replaced with a new one.

How to remove without a wrench?

Angle grinder disc, judging by numerous reviews, can be dismantled with a large pipe wrench, which is popularly more often called a gas wrench. The first step is for the handyman to extend the wrench far enough so that it can completely encircle the flange.

When you turn the gas wrench with the flange clamped in it, the spindle is held in place by some metal object. According to feedback from home craftsmen, this method is considered very effective. If it did not help, then the experts advise to “knock out” the nut with a metal rod or a thin chisel.

The spindle is also locked. The nut will move if you tap lightly on the flange near the edge. The blows should be performed in the direction in which the disk rotates. As experienced craftsmen say, this method can not be called safe.

The point is that it is possible to damage the flange, namely, the holes into which the pins of the horn wrench are inserted.

Dismantling with a nail

It will not be difficult to remove the damaged disc with the help of a wrench made of a nail. According to experts, its optimal size is at least 100 mm. First the nail must be bent into a U-shape. It is important that the distance between the ends corresponds to the two holes in the flange.

Then, with a hacksaw from the “honeycomb” need to carefully cut off the head and the tip. Now you can insert the homemade wrench into the flange, fix the spindle and unscrew the fastener. If it happens that the nut is too tight, a bigger lever is needed.

It is necessary to insert between the two vertical ends another “honeycomb”.

What else you can do?

If the above methods have not worked, it is necessary to heat the nut with a gas torch. Under the influence of high temperature, the nut will expand and begin to turn.

You can also use a rather barbaric method, namely to saw the nut with a hacksaw. Then you need to buy a new one. Some craftsmen use a penetrating lubricant WD-40. It is used to treat threaded joints.

Judging by the reviews, the nut can be turned after a few minutes.

Despite the fact that there are many ways to solve the problem with a jammed nut, the best way to prevent the breakage. Many craftsmen equip their own angle grinder with washers. Cardboard or tin can be used to make these gaskets.


Unscrew and remove unnecessary remains of the consumable

unscrew, angle, grinder

The obstacle is removed, now we can unscrew the nut and remove what is left of the saw blade. Unscrewing the nut is easy, in most cases it can be done by hand, without the use of tools.

How to avoid replacing the disc on an angle grinder

You want to avoid costly repairs? Then you must initially take care of a safe and problem-free operation of the device:

  • Put a washer of cardboard or plastic between the disk, flange nut and spindle head. This provides you with protection against jamming;
  • Correctly install the abrasive disc. the front side of the component is mounted on the supporting flange. Avoid contact between the component and the nut. This method involves using the original metal ring as a fuse;
  • Weld a nut to the clamping flange. The latter will ensure that the consumable can be clamped without the use of special tools. A standard wrench will be sufficient.
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How To Remove Stuck NUT Of An Angle Grinder. Very Simple

In addition to the above recommendations, you must carefully check the tightening. When installing the disc on the angle grinder, do not apply too much force. Otherwise, it will provoke jamming of the consumable and breakage of expensive angle grinder in 100% cases.

The first method

How to remove the disk from the angle grinder, if it is broken and firmly clamped by the clamping nut? Of course, you can try to use a special wrench for angle grinder or a gas grinder. However, judging by the reviews, after making enormous efforts and spending time, the master may not get the expected result. Dismantling can be easier and faster. To do this, you need to use pliers to completely break the disk. Due to the fact that during the work will fly small splinters, the master will need protective goggles (mask) and gloves.

Then take a metal plate that is thinner than the disk. This plate will be used to grind its remnants. To do this, you need to turn on the angle grinder, and the metal piece firmly clamped with pliers. After performing these operations, the nut can be unscrewed even by hand.

How to correctly put the disk on the angle grinder

Buy a wheel that strictly fits the dimensions of the angle grinder. When installing a new bit, remove the protective cap and clean it thoroughly.

If the disk rotates clockwise, unscrew the nut in that direction. Tightening will be performed counterclockwise.

There are universal nuts on the market that can be easily unscrewed without a special tool. If you have no desire to use additional wrenches, buy one.

Otherwise, the main thing is to observe safety precautions. Work only with the tool turned off and de-energized, follow the instructions.

How to Replace Angle Grinder Disc Without Tool in Urdu/Hindi /BY MR.PERFECT ELECTRONIC

Circle replacement with opposite rotation

The following method has several positive aspects: it is possible without a wrench, it is possible even with a broken stopper. Most sawmill users believe that if the disk retainer is broken, it is almost impossible to unscrew the disk retainer nut.

Imagine their surprise when they find out that they don’t even need a wrench to remove the wheel.

The secret is to rotate the wheel in different directions. Hands are protected by gloves, and the palm of the hand touches the disk, alternating rotation to one side and vice versa.

A few sharp changes in the direction of rotation are enough to make the nut come undone by itself.

The video clearly demonstrates the above method of removing a cutting wheel from an angle grinder without a wrench or stopper:

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