How to turn off the booster pump on the Husqvarna 236

When adjustment is necessary

The need to adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw rarely arises. fuel and air supply or component wear are more common. But sometimes an adjustment is still necessary:

  • after a few seconds, the engine will choke or will not start. the cause is too rich mixture;
  • excessive exhaust, high rpm, increased consumption. in this case, on the contrary, the mixture is too lean, t. е. Not enough air;
  • revolutions are held at the same level after their reduction or increase by the operator. the reason may be a stuck needle valve.

Factors contributing to these changes may be the following

  • Strong vibration damages the protective cap and the adjustment jets unscrew, changing the setting. In this case, it is possible to adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw.
  • Wear and tear of the piston system elements. Adjusting the carburetor in this situation may provide temporary relief. Replacement of worn components is recommended.
  • Poor-quality fuel, faulty filter or long storage can cause clogs. In such a situation it is necessary to remove the carburetor, wash it with a special fluid or pure gasoline, reassemble and re-adjust.

It is best to start adjusting the saw’s operation by checking the jets, fuel and air supply. After that, move on to dismantling the carburetor, and then to checking the piston system.

When the carburetor on your Husqvarna chain saw needs adjustment

There are many problems that can be solved by adjusting the carburetor. Adjusting the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw is necessary when malfunctions such as:

  • Increased idle speed;
  • Heavy fumes when working with the tool;
  • Difficulty starting a cold or hot engine;
  • Lack of traction and low maximum rpm.

This is by no means a complete list of problems that can be solved by tuning a Husqvarna carburetor. In some cases adjustment of the quality and quantity of the fuel mixture is performed after engine overhaul or during regular service maintenance of the chain saw.

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Adjusting the carburetor. Husqvarna 137-142 Anti-Reg!

Stop feeding the Chinese and the cheapskates. Disassemble and clean the carburetor, change the dried out diaphragms, twist and

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Indispensable helper

Outdoors and in the countryside it is not often necessary to use a chain saw. Husqvarna specialists have developed a new technology that helps if the saw has trouble starting up, so the Husqvarna 137 starts with a jolt.

There’s a special spring in the chainsaw that turns the crankshaft at the right moment. It makes it possible to start the saw without forcing the starter rope.

In addition, the Husqvarna 137 has an improved ignition mechanism that produces a spark. The manufacturer has taken care to equip this “amateur” chainsaw with the same device that is used in professional saws.

Husqvarna 137 chainsaw has a design as close as possible to that of professional equipment. Nevertheless, amateurs also appreciate the ergonomic design. The model is equipped with an air injection system called “Air Injection”.

Husqvarna 236 x torq oil pump & air filter replacement

  • Fuel tank capacity. 0,41l.
  • Weight without fuel and without bar. 4600 g.
  • Busbar length. 220-380 mm.
  • Vibration on the front handle. 4,9 m/s.kv.
  • Rear handle vibration. 7.7 m/s.kv.
  • Chainsaw power. 2,2 liters.с.
  • Engine displacement. 36.3 cubic inches. cm.

Husqvarna 137 chainsaw

The chain saw “Husqvarna 137″, like other models of this brand, is equipped with an inertia automatic chain brake. Engineers at Husqvarna invented this detail. Today most manufacturers still make chain saws with a contact brake. That is, the brake is triggered by hand-activated backfire.

Auto-vibration system

The autovibration system of this model works according to the “two masses” principle. Other systems are not available from the manufacturer.

“The Husqvarna 137 is equipped with a high-profile professional chain (like the STIHL chainsaw). Yet another difference from low-profile chainsaws. Chainsaws with high-profile chainsaws have forty percent more. This is especially noticeable with large quantities of work. In addition, such chainsaws retain high performance even when working with contaminated wood.

One of the most common errors when starting a Husqvarna 137. closing the choke without turning on the ignition.

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It turns out that the fuel mixture enters the cylinder. No spark, no ignition. After that, you have to unscrew the spark plug, wipe it clean and put it back in. That is why it is worth remembering that all “Husqvarna” chain saws have a combined flap, and the ignition will be turned on automatically at the moment when the flap lever is pulled. There should not be any faults.

Why the gasoline does not flow into the engine: the main reasons

To avoid an accident, read these instructions carefully.

    Spark plug wire must be disconnected when transporting, cleaning. Important: Make sure it is not in contact with the spark plug so as to prevent the chain from being suddenly switched on.

Protective clothing for chain saw operation

“The Husqvarna 137. Is an indispensable helper in your countryside or cottage. It features a modern design, high power, compact size and low fuel consumption. This is probably one of the best chainsaws for amateurs. With proper operation and observance of all safety rules, it will serve its owner faithfully for decades. Read about possible malfunctions of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw in our other article.

The chainsaw parameters compare favorably with similar products of the lighter class.

Technical characteristics of the tool:

  • type. gasoline, carburetor;
  • engine power. 1.64 kW (2,2 l.с.);
  • volume of the fuel tank. 0,41 l;
  • oil tank volume. 0.20 l;
  • engine volume. 36.3 cm³;
  • number of chain links. 55;
  • dimensions. 250x420x260 mm;
  • noise level at full speed. 107 dB;
  • weight without fuel. 4,9 kg;
  • bar length. 40 cm;

The chain saw comes complete with spare spark plugs and brand-name oil for chain lubrication.

To make minor repairs or replace worn parts, use the repair tools that come with the product.

So, if the saw won’t start, the problem is in the fuel system. When the tool stalls during operation, repairing the Husqvarna 137 chain saw may be limited to cleaning the muffler from the fouling.

Husqvarna 236 construction and features

A schematic diagram of a chainsaw is shown in the picture below:

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The Husqvarna 236 chain saw is designed to keep the operator comfortable and safe. Emergency brake with quick-stop mechanism. There is also a system of catching the chain, which prevents accidental injuries at work. The air purification system is centrifugal and helps ensure effective cooling. Protection from vibration reduces the strain on the operator, allowing long periods of uninterrupted work. Fuel system is equipped with environmental standards, additionally cleans exhaust gases from harmful compounds. Husqvarna 236 X-torq has improved fuel economy by equipping it with an innovative system that cuts fuel consumption by up to 20%.

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The first signs of a carburetor malfunction

A chainsaw may have difficulty working from time to time because of untimely or unprofessional periodic maintenance or heavy use. For professionals, such breakdowns can reduce their efficiency and spoil their mood for the rest of the day.

Carburetor malfunctions, in turn, have specific signs. According to them, you can immediately determine the cause of the breakdown.

An improper carburetor adjustment is indicated by these signs:

  • The tool has trouble starting and then immediately stops.
  • Your chain saw stops when you squeeze the throttle.
  • A large quantity of gasoline is consumed and is not completely burned out in the cylinders, and the exhaust is excessively thick.
  • The carburetor settings, set at the manufacturer’s factory, are disrupted by improper use or self-adjustment.
  • Debris in the air intake system. That’s why it’s out of order.
  • Engine pistons used up. Adjusting the carburetor in this case only temporarily solves the problem.

If there is dirt in the carburettor, you can not do without adjustment only. Here you just need to clean it. When the pistons are used up, an engine overhaul is required.

But after that, of course, you need to adjust the carburetor jets, as well as blowing and cleaning them.

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