How to turn a circular saw into a trimming saw

A guide on how to make a crosscut saw yourself

Circular saw, made with their own hands, is often not inferior to the factory. You can see the construction with drawings of such a unit below. The device of such saws is similar to circular saws. Their advantages are limited weight and size. That is why they are used not only in garages, but also on construction sites. The tool is needed for one purpose, to cut the ends of boards at different angles. Because the workpiece is clamped in place during operation, the cut comes out flat.

People who deal with woodworking, give preference to a homemade unit. Saws made by your own hands, according to your drawings, can be used for a long time. The unit is a circular saw, the device of which gives a better opportunity to make a cut at an angle of most materials, including metals. If you make the crosscutting saw yourself, you can save money.

Tools needed

In order to design a carriage for circular saw with your own hands and with the comfort of using it then in the conditions of the home workshop, first of all, you should prepare a set of materials and tools for its manufacture:

  • A stationary circular saw on a sawing table;
  • An electric screwdriver or drill, as well as a hand router;
  • Mounting glue. epoxy resin will do;
  • Hacksaw or angle grinder. you may need to saw off the protruding parts of the structure;
  • Self-tapping screws to secure parts of the product;
  • Metal nuts are smaller in diameter than the thickness of the profile hole. they will not last long in it;
  • 2 U-shaped prof-tubes, channels made of metal (for example: aluminum);
  • Two slats of plywood or wood. they will serve as guides. In terms of thickness, they must fit freely into the U-hole of the profile;
  • A square thin plywood strip for the base;
  • Two wooden walls. for making the thrust walls of the carriage.

Reference. In addition, it is recommended to keep a vacuum cleaner “at the ready” to blow the construction from chips and wood “dust” after sawing or drilling.

How to make a cutter from a circular saw?

If you do not have the opportunity or desire to buy a ready-made mitre saw, such a device can be made by yourself. But it is not possible to make it from scratch at all. The initial construction should be a hand-held circular saw and drawings.

So, in order to make a crosscut saw with your own hands at home, you need to make a box, which will serve as a base. As raw materials for the manufacture of the box, you can use wood chipboard (particle board).

In the process of knocking down and assembling the box, experts recommend the use of screws, consisting of 1 element. they are essentially ordinary ties to connect the wooden parts. The final box for the base for trimming must have the shape of the letter “U”.

turn, circular, trimming

When making the box it is important to ensure that it does not shift. Often it is fixed to the work table with special clamps (a tool used for fixation). Next, you need to screw the base made for the saw on top of the shelf.

Important: when attaching the base it is necessary to keep the angle of 90 degrees, otherwise you will not be able to level the sole of the saw.

On both sides, using self-tapping screws, it is necessary to fix small pieces of chipboard. Thanks to such a manipulation you will adjust the position of the tool sole. The next step of the conversion of the circular saw is its fixation. And you should do it with the same clamps, and you can also use wing clamps.

Next, you should move on to install the so-called table. It should be fixed near the base of the table. However, note that in the process of performing this activity, you reduce the depth of the cut by 1.5 centimeters, so try to put the profile as close as possible to the saw element.

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After performing the above manipulations, you can proceed with the test cut. you should get a line for the trimmer of the cut on the base of the stop. If this is the case, then you have done everything right.

As you can see, it is quite possible to make a trimming tool from a circular hand saw. The main thing in this case. to strictly follow the instructions and recommendations, as well as to make a little effort and show patience.

Step-by-step guide

The modern market offers the buyer a wide range of products, among which there are quality products and inexpensive analogues. But, sometimes, the cost of specialized tools is greatly overpriced. As for self-made, it is realistic to make a trimming saw from a hand circular saw with your own hands at home.

Exactly how to create a face saw with their own hands is described in detail below.

  • sheet of plywood;
  • galvanizing;
  • two furniture rails or pipe;
  • connecting elements;
  • electric drill;
  • wood jigsaw;
  • saw blade;
  • pliers;
  • knife, tape measure;
  • glue.

A window or door hinge can be used as a shelf support.

For reference! Some craftsmen install a motor from a washing machine. Such machines are used for cutting.

Preparation of the base

It is necessary to take a sheet of thick plywood and make a cut in it for the movement of the disk. The base must be massive to hold the shelf with the saw. The dimensions of the base depend on the purpose of the future construction.

It is better to perform the work according to a previously made drawing, the scheme. In the base a special groove is prepared, along which the saw blade will move.

Deformed sheets with compromised integrity are not allowed to take in the work.

Determine the height of the shelf for transverse movement

The location of the construction element can be on the right or left side of the table. Select the height of the flange so that the toothed disk does not cut the base.

Construction of the shelf

A piece of thick plywood or chipboard, which is installed along the kerf under the toothed disk. Fastening is carried out on the corners of the self-drilling screws to a certain height. The shelf can be reinforced with a second layer of plywood.

Setting the stops

After fixing the shelf, you should start to mount the saw. It must be fixed so that it fits into the kerf and does not catch on anything. Stops are used for this. The material is the same plywood. The limiters are fixed with glue.

Alignment of guides for workpieces

Made of a piece of plywood or chipboard not less than 10 centimeters wide. Its length is 15-20% longer than the table. Fasten the strip with clamps in two places. The guide changes position at the desired angle.

How to make an electric mitre saw with your own hands

The mitre saw can be made in many ways. Consider the options with an angle grinder and a manual circular saw.

From an angle grinder

Remove from the angle grinder disc and extra handle. Cut out the sheet for the bed from wood or metal sheeting. Metal is best for an angle grinder. Weld on both sides a 3030mm tube. Make an extension for the base of the machine frame of the same width. Weld a 2525 mm tube to it and insert it into the first tube.Sliding frameGet the legs for the washing machine. Screw two nuts to each of them. One small, the other extended. To adjust the height of the feet. Weld on the legs at the corners of the base.Feet with nutsMake metal fasteners for angle grinder gearbox housing.Grinding machine mountAssemble the swivel assembly from bicycle scrap metal.Swivel blockWeld it to the base and the other end to the angle grinder.Welded assembliesPlace a spring on the swivel assembly that pulls the pads down. And a stopper to keep the angle grinder from falling backwards.Spring and stopAllow the angle grinder to install the pipe angle and extra handle.Trimmer handle Make a slit in the frame for the circular saw blade.Slot for disk in the bed

For the sake of beauty you can paint the table and the swivel unit.

From a hand-held circular saw

For the base, use a 10-mm-thick piece of chipboard. Make the stands. Calculate the height depending on the circular saw blade.Screw on the rails from the aluminum angle.Make the bed from the same wood chipboard in a semi-circle. Radius from the length of the base. The pivoting frame allows you to saw at an angle.Circular saw cut-off sawSit the base and base on the table so that the base turns.

Circular saw workbench: drawing out the blueprint, setting up the mitre saw

Construct a stable table out of metal frame with 40-50mm thick tabletop.Mark out the space in the middle or at the edge which you want the saw to take up. In the free space create a platform as high as the saw’s base.Saw tableMake a fixture on the table and screw it to the saw. On the platform, draw a fishing line for the trimmer that will continue the side stop of the saw.On this line install and screw the square profile.Square profileFit a ruler on the profile.The ruler on the profile

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Buy a crosscut saw to suit your needs. Do not neglect its adjustment. This process is very precise and delicate. Treat it responsibly. Then you get a functional and durable tool.

turn, circular, trimming

How to choose a mitre saw

Circular saws differ in their technical features and can be of the simple (conventional) or compound type, which extends their functionality to some extent.

The difference between combined models and conventional models is that their design involves the possibility of transforming an end saw into a circular saw by performing uncomplicated movements of the main elements of the saw.

In addition, an important functional feature is the presence of the broach, which also expands the capabilities of the used equipment. Trimming saw with broach.In a special publication of our portal we will tell in detail about end saws. You will learn the scheme of the device and the principle of operation, the basic and additional functions, the features of combined face saws and the rating of the best models of crosscut saws with wood broaching 2019

You will learn the scheme of the device and the principle of operation, the basic and additional functions, the features of combined crosscut saws and the rating of the best models of crosscut saws with a broach on wood 2019

For stationary installation, it is better to use models that have a broaching function, allowing you to handle wide wooden workpieces.

Tips for Choosing Conventional and Combination Models

In order to make the right choice and take into account all the nuances associated with the peculiarities of using such equipment, it is necessary to listen to the advice of experienced users, which can be formulated as follows:

  • The tool must fit its purpose. do not buy expensive and powerful model if you intend to use it occasionally and for personal use.
  • In a similar vein it is necessary to consider the presence of additional options that increase the cost of the model, but are not used for small amounts of work.
  • Availability of safety equipment is an important consideration when choosing a crosscut saw, because.к. if used incorrectly, it is easy to get injured working with such equipment.
  • Because power and weight are directly related, it is better to choose a less powerful model, but with less weight, if you need to perform work of a traveling nature.
  • The size of the saw blade and the availability of the broach determine the technical capabilities of the tool to handle the material used.
  • The frame should be heavy enough to fix the saw in the place of work, and the rotary table and the stops should ensure a reliable fixation of the material to be processed.

Recommendations for the selection of wood trimming machines

When choosing a model that involves stationary installation and intensive work, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • power and weight in this case are not the fundamental selection criteria, but the most important indicator will be the spindle speed, which determines the purity of the cut;
  • The permanently installed tool must have all kinds of protections against short-circuit currents and overheating of the electric motor;
  • the saw blade should be as big as possible in order to extend the possibilities of the machine;
  • A pulling mechanism is optional but strongly recommended because.к. it also affects the functionality and performance of the tool;
  • the additional options are only to be welcomed, t.к. it has a positive impact on the work capacity of the machine.

Metal mitre saw recommendations

The basic selection criteria for saws designed to cut metal are the same as those for analogues that involve working with wooden workpieces, but, in addition, it should be remembered that

Different types of blades are used for different kinds of metal, so special attention must be paid to their purpose and the size of the seating, as well as the outside diameter. the wider the metal workpieces to be cut, the larger the saw blade diameter should be

Circular Saw Miter Cutting Station. Daire Testere Kesim İstasyonu

the blade guard must completely enclose the blade during operation. Cutting depth limiter enhances capabilities of the machine. powerful electric motor has a higher performance and less heat during operation.

Professional Equipment

Now let’s talk about professional equipment. Consider the circular saw Zubr ZPTP-255-1800. The tool is used for cutting wooden parts and thin-walled metal. Why Combination Saw? All because it can be used both to end the workpiece, and work like a circular machine.

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This machine combines the trimmer and circular at the same time. Setting the adjustable head allows to perform high quality cuts. The machine allows you to perform sawing longitudinally at any angle. The equipment has a locking mechanism that locks the drive and raises the guard. This model has the ability to connect an industrial vacuum cleaner to maintain cleanliness in the workplace.

Trimming machine can be bought for about 15. 20 thousand.

Another good option of all the gray mass of the equipment is a table saw Makita MLT100.

Used both at home and in professional production in shops, workshops. The design of the machine allows you to move it on a special cart and can easily be mounted in a designated place on the workbench. Sliding table allows you to work with oversized blanks. Table can be turned both to the side and forward. The long service life of this equipment is increased due to the high quality of parts and materials used during assembly.

Allows you to make cuts both vertically and at a given inclination. High precision of details sawing due to the presence of clamps, guides, scales with degrees and ruler. Equipment combines slicer and circular saw.

A separate advantage is the presence of the engine speed stabilization system, which in turn plays an important role when starting the equipment.

The kit includes an electric brake. There is a socket for connecting a dust extraction device, which is important for large amounts of work.

How to make a sliding compound mitre saw from a hand circular saw

A crosscut saw is a very handy thing, and definitely necessary for everyone who is engaged in sawing workpieces made of wood.

In today’s article we will tell you how to make this tool with your own hands. Let’s take the idea of the author of the DIY YouTube channel as the base.

Homemade construction is a base (or work table), above which there are guides on which the hand-held circular saw moves.

There are mitre saws that cut material by lowering the saw blade. In this case, however, the material is cut due to the longitudinal movement of the circular saw.

Before we proceed to the manufacture of the main elements of the homemade design, with the drawing below.

turn, circular, trimming

From 18-20 mm thick plywood cut out the base of the crosscut saw to the required size.

Let’s fasten to it the parallel stop (for sawing workpieces at an angle of 90 degrees), and supporting pillars to which rails will be fastened.

Use aluminum angles as guides. Cut blanks to the right length, and attach them to the support legs.

In the next step, it will be necessary to attach a tape measure blade with divisions to the parallel stop (you can use both metal and fiberglass blade).

Further we make the end stop from plywood or other available saw-timbers, which together with the parallel stop will be used for right angle sawing of blanks.

And here to saw plywood, boards and other sawn wood at an angle of 45 degrees, you need to attach another fence to the base (at a given angle). It is possible to make it adjustable.

A variety of mitre saws

There are several types of crosscut saws (also commonly called “trimmers”). Let’s get acquainted with these varieties.

Pendulum saw

The base part of such saw is the frame. On the bed is mounted table, which must have a swivel mechanism equipped with a ruler. It is this mechanism that allows the sawing process to be performed at a certain angle, adjusting it to the specific individual needs of each user. And this angle can be changed by moving the working table directly in relation to the frame.

As for the saw itself, it is fixed in this device by means of a lever and also spring-loaded by means of a pivot. The pendulum, which gave its name to this type of mitre saw, allows the saw to be swung up or down.

Combination saw

Sawing angle of the combination saw can be changed in 2 directions. Similarly to the previous version, the device also has an additional swivel joint. In order to change the angle of cut, it must be adjusted and moved to the side opposite to where the drive is installed.

With a broach

This device is considered the most versatile, because the saw can be shifted not only around the axis, but also along the kerf in a straight line.

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