How to trim shoelaces on sneakers. What to do with the ends of the cords?

What is the plastic tip of a shoelace called. Good luck

Piston (also a knob). A special metal or plastic shoelace tip to make it easier to thread the laces into shoes and protect the ends of the laces from unraveling. Among the archaeological finds dating back to the 18th century, there are several objects very similar to shoelace tips. Before buttons were invented, they were used on the ends of ribbons that fastened clothing.

The answer is an eglet. Well, now when shoe lacing will slip into the holes eglites, instead of shoelaces. There are also eglets made of glass, stone, or silver. Each has its own name, the tip is named EGLET. You can piston, it’s funnier.

How to lace up your sneakers with long laces

Very long laces can be shortened by making a beautiful weave out of them. There is a universal lacing method that fits round and flat cords. It’s called the world’s web.

  • Thread the cord through the second pair of holes, inserting the ends on the inside.
  • Thread the ends through the bottom eyelets.
  • Cross the ends, pull through the bottom and out through the 3 eyelets at the top.
  • Return the cord.
  • Thread its ends through the loop that you get between the 1st and 2nd hole from the bottom.
  • Cross the ends of the cord, pulling them out of the top 4 eyelets.
  • Return the cord, put it through the loop between 2 and 3 eyelets from the bottom.
  • Cross the ends and lead through the 5 holes at the top.

Weave of cords resembles a spider’s web. This way you can lace up sneakers with 6 and 8 holes. Lacing method for sneakers with 4 or 5 holes is called “railroad.

  • Pull the cord through the lowest eyelets, on the wrong side.
  • From the front side, run the cord through the 2 eyelets at the top. Each cord should come out, on its own side.
  • Cross the ends, insert them from the wrong side into the bottom 2 eyelets.
  • Run the laces through the sides again, insert them into the 3 bottom holes, cross over again and insert them into the same eyelets, but on the other side.
trim, shoelaces, sneakers, ends, cords

This lacing option can be used for long walks and hikes.

Popular ways

  • The shoes should be put on and fixed so that the foot is as comfortable as possible;
  • the fittings need to be marked. You can do this by using a felt-tip pen. It is necessary to draw lines on both ends of the fixture, marking the length to be cut.
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After that, you should choose the most convenient option for shortening.

The easiest

The option is suitable for ordinary laces. They are found in sneakers and sneakers. You will need duct tape or scotch tape for this one. With this method, the ends of the fittings should be wrapped tightly with tape.

The “beautiful” method

This is the neatest version. It needs scissors, tubes, and a lighter.

  • The laces should be cut according to the drawn markings;
  • from the straws it is necessary to make tips. Two pieces of about 2 cm in length should be cut;
  • the ends of the fittings should be slipped into the tubes;
  • Using a lighter or match, the straw pieces need to be heated. It should be done carefully so as not to spoil anything;
  • when the plastic tips have cooled down, the finished fittings can be put back on.


The ends of the cords can be further treated with polyurethane adhesive. This will protect them from getting wet.

“Sticky toes.”

You will also need glue for this variant. In this case, superglue is not suitable, as it will quickly glue the toes. Apply a small amount of glue to the tips of the fittings, and then give them a tapered shape.

To give the product the necessary length is simple enough. In addition to these ways you can learn how to fix them beautifully. Some ways also make them shorter. If you do not have time to shorten, you can buy new fittings in the right length.

In sewing these shoes is used mainly leather, but there are variants of suede and textile. The height of the sole of topsiders can be quite thin, or vice versa, quite thick.

trim, shoelaces, sneakers, ends, cords

Topsiders differ from other shoes by the white sole, obligatory lacing in the upper, edging part along the whole circumference. The number of holes for the lace depends on the designer’s idea, there can be only 2 on each shoe, or there can be 6.

It is the lace-up that distinguishes topsiders from classic loafers. To lace up topsiders

, You need a certain knack. Watch the instructional video and you’re sure to learn how to do it. Unfortunately, all videos are in English. Apparently, in our country these shoes didn’t find such a wide demand.

Regular cross lacing with a hidden bow

  • Cross lacing is the most common type of lacing. In most cases, the shoes you buy in a store are laced up this way. Check how the shoes you bought are laced up before you take the laces out of them. If the lacing is cross laced, you don’t need to redo it.
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Lace up your shoes crosswise. Move the right end of the lace to the left and thread it from the inside out into the second hole from the bottom on the left. Then thread the left end of the shoelace through the second hole from the bottom on the right, so that the stitches are crosswise. Continue lacing from left to right and right to left, moving from bottom to top, until you reach the top of the shoe.

Thread the laces through the top holes from the outside to the inside. When you have one free hole left at the top of the shoe, extend the ends of the lace not from the inside out, but from the outside in. The free ends of the laces will be on the inside of the shoe.

  • Try not to over tighten the shoelaces when tying the knot, so the knot remains on the ends of the laces at toe level of your shoe. Tie the shoelaces this way inside the shoe so that the knot is in the toe of the shoe, in front of the toes.

Tuck the knot as far inside the shoe as possible. Push the knot as far as possible into the toe of your shoe to keep it from interfering when you walk. Every time you put on your shoe, check that the knot is in place.

How to Shorten a Gaithan?

To shorten the knot with a buckle, you must carefully remove the clasp on one side and trim off the excess length. Then screw the clasp back on, put the nut on the neck and fasten the clasp.

  • Pull the lace from both sides through the bottom two holes
  • Wrap the ends under the stitches by looping.
  • Overlap the right side of the shoelace with the second row hole, mirror the left side of the shoelace.
  • Bring your shoelace upstairs.
  • Wrap the ends of the lacing under the stitching by looping.



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The essence of the second tiphook is to shorten the laces of your shoes beautifully without cutting off the caps. It is still necessary to work with scissors, but not on the edges, but on the middle part of the cords. This is how it is done:

  • Measure the length of the section you need to trim;
  • Fold the shoelace in half and from the middle part cut off the desired piece of shoelace (if you need to cut 10 cm, then in the folded version it will be 5 cm);
  • The trimmed parts of one lace, burn the edges with a lighter, so that the weaving does not begin to unravel;
  • Sew them tightly with thread in the tone of the shoelace.

The seam will be noticeable, that’s just it will be inside the sneaker or hood. no one will see it, and outwardly everything will look very neat.

trim, shoelaces, sneakers, ends, cords

Lacing that shortens the length of long shoelaces

A variation of the Crooked Path Lacing on the inside, which discreetly consumes large laces, effectively shortens the ends.

On the left, select the number of pairs of holes in your shoes. Under the diagram, click the Start button. To see the visualization.

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