How to take apart a toaster Bosch tat 6101

Bosch TAT 6101 reviews

Comment:great. Russian assembly of the product.

Advantages:Price, sound quality, picture

Comment:An excellent TV by all parameters! Watching TV through apps, no cable connection yet, so Wi-fi saves the day?

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Second TV like this, first one was a year ago, works flawlessly.

Disadvantages:Slightly sluggish, large remote

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:For the money it’s a great option

Comment:we use the model TAT 6101 since November 2012, though not every day, but still use, the model is satisfied in full, I think that will serve for a long time to complement the review: to date (21.06.19) product is good, it still works.

Advantages:Great TV for a great price

Comment:I advise everyone who is looking for a budget TV??

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:At first I had some doubts about the choice, but now all my doubts have dissipated. Great TV.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:For the money, everything is great

Comment:already took our second TV, only with a larger diameter. Very satisfied.

Comment:Generally speaking,for its price a good TV! Watching half a year, the kids cartoons, we watch movies.We are happy with our purchase!!

Disadvantages: Android (although not very friendly shell), a decent diagonal, not a bad picture (even compared to the top Sony 4K), price!

Disadvantages:Poor processor, the firmware is bad (streaming video sometimes runs in the background, saved MX player), terrible sound (very flat, there is an old Thompson, there is a sound much better)

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:The feet are weak (again, in comparison with the old Thompson, where a chic glass base), there is a feeling that will fall off, but in fact stands quite stable. The remote control is huge, but for me this is even a plus (it is not real to lose it)

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Many praise the remote control, but I think the plus side, will not get lost. The sorting of channels is pretty convenient. Not convenient that when you switch channels, information about the transfer pops up for a long time and hangs and takes a lot of space. I took for android, no sense because the TV is weak draws, better at this price to take another system that will work faster. When switching channels fast, it freezes. Stops responding to the remote control. Cheap and sulfuric.

Tosteris Bosch TAT 6101

Disadvantages:Smart stupid, remote control response with a delay!

Advantages:Very, very, very cool toaster. The loaf is evenly and evenly cooked, the degree of toasting can be adjusted in two steps, just a delight!

Disadvantages:About the noise. true-bouncing at first))))

Comment:Generally, I am not bothered by the jump-skip noise, so I am very happy with the toaster. Price=quality ratio

Advantages: (have not yet figured out the merits of it, maybe I do not do something wrong) after a few years. Normal toaster, works. Clean is not difficult.

Disadvantages:Weak, very weak, Black loaf hardly takes on 6, DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long, unrealistically long while cooking, the feeling that during this time you can finish your coffee and get ready for work while he will cook toast. 2018-05-07 more add that bakes loaf only one side (maybe gone out of order) takes up space, therefore rarely used rubber feet stick to the table and remain on it, have lost 2 of 4 rech

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:I expected more, to be honest, I was a little disappointed with the purchase.- 2018-05-07 it works, yes not perfect, but it works

Advantages:The design is top-notch, the build quality is excellent.

Disadvantages:Toast jumps out high, sometimes even out of the toaster. inconvenient to clean the inside from the crumbs.

Advantages:Unfortunately or fortunately there is nothing to compare especially with, Chinese toasters do not count. But I have been using it for about three years now and it works (whew, whew, whew) none of the heating elements have burned through (like in Chinese toasters), the loaf is frying just like it did the first time. So reliability. is probably the biggest plus.

Disadvantages:Very noisy. When the frying finishes, the loaf pops out with such a rattle that at first we shuddered, but then we got used to it and did not pay attention, although the guests sometimes pinch themselves from it :))) And it is probably not very convenient to wash it, even though there is a tray for crumbs, there is still a lot of them accumulated inside. I have not washed it myself, my wife does it. I also think it is not too deep. Or we have such a loaf do?

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Overall, a good model, as already said above compare except for cheap Chinese devices with nothing, I expected that after a year and a half, the unit will die, but it showed itself worthy and works up to now. We fry a loaf of bread every morning in two rounds (4 pieces), in the evening and during the day, we almost do not use it. In general, the machine is satisfied with their duties cope with excellent!

Advantages:Simple, fulfills its functions

Disadvantages: the appearance (not compact), a lot of crumbs

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:The toaster works at 100 use every day, throws is not so loud does not strain, on the contrary, even being in another room hear the readiness, left a lot of crumbs, I think more often need to clean the tray) should accustomed to the mode, when loaded again, the loaf is toasted more, in the same mode, use more than a year, only positive emotions)

Advantages:Works perfectly with its functions

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Toaster is great, use it every day. The only thing is that I removed the top rack, I do not need it. The loaf roasts evenly, there are several heating and drying modes, which is very convenient. The only thing, well, a very big. Takes up a lot of space on the work surface.

Disadvantages:Just another Chinese garbage with a German name.The loaf after drying throws out as far as the floor.Before that was a pure Chinese and the spring was softer and this loaf hurls that it flies to the floor.

Advantages:3 years it works properly without problems. Cooks evenly Each step corresponds to the degree of frying, even at the last (6ka) does not give out charcoal

Comment:Has been working properly for 3 years without problems. Often have to pull out the loaf with a fork, but this is due to the fact that we use small pieces of loafa; not stressful. In general, this affects all toasters. The purchase was worth it.

Advantages:No advantages noted.

Disadvantages:Round shapes take up too much space. It has to be turned on at full power to make the toast just a little bit crispy. The mechanism for lowering the toast is not reliable. Due to the fact that it has to move in an arc uses a lot of hinge joints, over time, connections weaken, there is a backlash and the mechanism simply clinks. Repair prolongs the life of the toaster to a maximum of a month.

Advantages:Nice look Deep and wide grooves. Can fit any slice of loaf and is easy to clean

Disadvantages:The disadvantages include the size, but it’s not really huge. Just because of its semi-circular shape, it is a couple of inches longer than normal brick toasters.

Comment:Not the most powerful toaster, but it is felt only with a very dense black loaf. I practically don’t eat this kind of food, so the range is quite enough for me, I don’t set it to maximum. All in all a very good quality model, which is a pleasure to use. Makes my mornings kinder 🙂

Advantages:Works great, ours is already 6 years old

Disadvantages:Can’t rinse out the burned crumbs inside

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: With the purchase of the toaster, the loaf can lie in the fridge for 10 days and out of the toaster as freshly baked, on the maximum mode can burn, above there are Комментарии и мнения владельцев that it does not fry properly, we have no such problems, apparently marriage.

Advantages:I liked it all, it’s a bombastic toaster, some people wrote that it is very noisy, nonsense it all. We are very happy with the purchase, we get delicious crispy toast, we use it every day)

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Advantages:Easy to use

Disadvantages:Small crumb tray, snaps off very loudly

Comment:Bought this model 28.10.16, we use it every morning, of course it snaps back very loudly, but you can get used to it. No other complaints, my boys are satisfied.

Advantages:Simple, beautiful and easy to control model

Disadvantages:The only disadvantage for some people is the very large size.

Comment:Externally, the toaster is pretty, fits well into the kitchen interior. The controls are simple, even a child can cope (but be careful). Knob turns very freely, make sure that the heating mode is yours)There is a defrosting mode, which personally I will never use. But let it be. Includes a shelf for warming loaves over the toaster. Personally, I’ve put it away so as not to get in the way, but it is a useful thing (the toaster is really a lot of heat, right now I can imagine how we have to turn off the heating in winter and the whole family will be heated toaster and eat warmed loaves) 6 modes of heating, but personally I like to slightly heated, to crisp and flavor was, so I put on 2-2.5. Although very dependent on the consistency of the loaf, its humidity, freshness. You’re better off experimenting with your own favorite flavors.Once they’re done, the toast pops out by itself. Programmatically does not warn you that it is ready (which is good), the sound is purely mechanical, quite silent. There is more noise from the microwave or the kettle. In terms of time it takes a couple of minutes, you have time to heat something in the microwave and just start boiling the kettle =) So breakfast will be cooked evenly) The body, oddly enough, does not heat up. I wouldn’t cuddle with it, but you can touch it, you won’t get burned. Naturally read the manual, there you can see that the toaster has to heat up a couple of times at maximum idle mode. That’ll kill the plastic smells. Also don’t forget to take out the crumb tray more often and shake it out so that it doesn’t burn. Overall happy with the product. The good model for its money, I wish I had bought earlier, now because of the exchange rate fluctuations it is of course more expensive.UPD: The whole family liked the toaster, so we bought two more (!!) =) For the summer cottage and grandma. Has been working for over a year. no complaints. Nothing is broken, overheated, etc.д.

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How much power goes to the control board.

How to use the toaster properly?

A toaster is an electric appliance with open heating elements. Glowing spirals are heated to very high temperatures and can cause injury and ignite flammable materials.

General rules of use

  • The toaster should be installed in an unobstructed space. The curtain should not overhang the slots. You should not place the appliance on the edge of the countertop to avoid accidentally dragging it down.
  • The toaster only cooks a dry loaf. Ready-made cheese or sausage sandwiches, a soaked loaf is unacceptable: it will fall, burn and clog the appliance.
  • Do not fry anything but loaves in the toaster. There’s a toaster for making hot sandwiches and a toaster for making sausages.
  • We recommend that the appliance be plugged in only while toast is being made. Do not cover a running toaster.
  • If water gets on the wire, the heater coil will burst with a fireworks display of red-hot particles.
  • Heating coils are hot and energized. Do not use a steel fork to test the loaf’s readiness. you could get an electric shock. If you really need to fix a piece, use wood tongs.

How to cook toast properly

  • Do not run the spirals at zero speed- they will overheat and burn. Fill all unused slots in the toaster with loaf.
  • choose the loaf correctly. Homemade slices are rarely the same, will protrude from the grate, may touch the spirals and burn. It is recommended to take slices sliced at the factory, they are always the same thickness, so they fry evenly.
  • A browned loaf generates lots of crumbs. Good toasters have a pull-out tray under the basket. After each cooking it is recommended to shake out the crumbs. Do a general cleaning and cleaning of the toaster at least once a month.

Bosch TAT 6101 toaster instruction manual

How to use our OnlineManuals manuals site.Our goal is to give you quick access to the manual for the Bosch TAT 6101 toaster. With the help of online browsing, you can quickly view the contents of the manual and find the solution to the problem with the Bosch TAT 6101 toaster.

For your convenience If leafing through the Bosch TAT 6101 toaster manual directly on the website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:

View in full screen mode. View the user manual easily (without downloading it to your computer), you can use full-screen viewing mode. To view the Bosch TAT 6101 toaster user manual in full screen, use the “Open in Pdf-viewer” button. Loading on your computer. You can also download Bosch TAT 6101 Toaster Instructions to your computer and save it in files.

Many people prefer to read documents in a printed version rather than on the screen. The ability to print the user manual has also been provided on our website, and you can use it by clicking on the “print” icon in Pdf-viewer. There is no need to print the entire manual of the toaster Bosch TAT 6101, you can select only the necessary pages of the instructions.

How to disassemble the toaster with your own hands

First of all, you must make sure that the device is unplugged from the mains. Then proceed step by step.

    Turn the toaster upside down, pull out the tray where crumbs accumulate.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that disassembling the toaster with your own hands is quite a simple job. In addition, you can find several videos on the given topic on the Internet. And to have fewer problems with this appliance, it is better to buy toasters from proven companies, such as Tefal or Bosch.

How to use the toaster oven correctly?

Toaster is an electric appliance with open heating elements. Glowing spirals are heated to very high temperatures and can injure and ignite combustible materials.

General rules for use

  • Place the toaster in an open space. Curtain should not overhang crevices. Do not place the appliance on the edge of the worktop to avoid accidentally dragging it down.
  • Only use the toaster to bake a dry loaf. Cooked cheese or sausage sandwiches, soaked loaf. not acceptable: will fall, burn and clog the appliance.
  • Do not fry anything but loaves of bread in the toaster. For making hot sandwiches there is a special toaster, for sausages the toaster is used.
  • It is recommended to plug the appliance into the socket, only for the time of toasting. Do not cover the toaster when it is in operation.
  • From water getting on the wire, the heater coil will burst with a fireworks display of red-hot particles.
  • Heating spirals are hot and live. Do not use a steel fork to check if the loaf is cooked. you could get an electric shock. If you really have to fix a piece, use wooden tongs.

How to cook toast properly

  • The spirals should not run idle. they will overheat and burn. Make sure all the slots in your toaster are filled with loaf.
  • Choose the right loaf. Homemade slices are rarely the same, will protrude from the grate, may touch the spirals and burn. Recommended to take slices cut at the factory, they are always the same thickness, so they fry evenly.
  • A browned loaf generates a lot of crumbs. Good toasters have a sliding tray under the basket. After each cooking it is recommended to shake out the crumbs. Give the toaster a general cleaning and cleaning at least once a month.

Review: Bosch Toaster TAT 3A014. Simple, handy, reliable. best toaster! How to Clean a Toaster

In my opinion, the toaster is not the most necessary thing in the kitchen (the same sandwich maker can be more useful), but since this device came to my kitchen by accident, from time to time we use it.

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Toaster Bosch TAT3A014 is positioned as a compact model by the manufacturer. I do not know how it seems to be so, I take a photo next to a liter jar, so you can decide whether this size fits your kitchen.

Although the device is made in China, the plastic in this toaster is of very high quality: pleasant to the touch, strong, easy to clean, and most importantly. no unpleasant odor! Of course, the location right next to the stove is not the best. Droplets of grease from the plastic have to be cleaned with baking soda.

Maybe the red color will not suit every interior, but I like this “color” very much: pleasing to the eye, and not as starchy as the classic white.

Operating the toaster is simple and intuitive. On the right side is the frying intensity controller from 1 to 6 and the indicator light, which is also an emergency stop button (during the entire time I never used it, but it works. tested :-).

There is also a “key” that clamps the toast in the metal grill inside the appliance and gives the start of toasting. It can also be used to help yourself get the toast already toasted if you are not using a special toast loaf, but a regular one, for example.

Toasting holes are large and wide. all slices of loaf and loaf can fit here, which means that you don’t have to sliced them up too hard. For example, a regular loaf can be loaded with 4 slices at a time.

When you press the “button” the pieces of toast are pressed and centered inside the appliance, so that they toast better and more evenly.

Toasting time depends on the selected intensity of toasting. For example, for 1 it’s about 70 seconds, for 6. 2 minutes and 40 seconds. If you don’t make the first batch, the cooking time is reduced.

The picture shows toast at minimum and maximum heat settings.

I mostly use the 3-4 degree of toasting (I don’t like croutons :-).

At the end of the process the toast bounces out of the holes, at the same time there is a characteristic sound, to which the person next to the toast bounces most often :-).

Bosch instruction manual is printed, as usual, on a modest gray paper, but everything is clear from the pictures.

The plastic is almost not heated in the process, but the grates inside and the metal parts on top are hot and heated, so I advise to buy some tongs, if the toast will be used by children.

This is probably the only nuance in the operation of the toaster by children.

On the left side there is a lever for special shackles.

On the same side, a small tray can be removed where the crumbs from toasting should fall. In the photo the toaster is on the back side, so the tray is on the right.

Naturally, not all crumbs end up in the tray (I’d say about half). This is what it looks like inside.

How to clean the toaster? Turning the appliance upside down does nothing. Crumbs stay inside, so from time to time we have to clean the device with a brush, for example. We sweep the crumbs on the tray and the picture inside is much better.

There is another interesting feature of this toaster model. heating of buns or toast. To do this, you lift the metal bars above the grids (the lever is on the left, in the same place as the tray), place the buns on them and set the mode 1-2.

This is what it should look like in the process.

Honestly, I’ve never used this kind of heating, but maybe someone will find this function useful.

On the bottom of the toaster are the legs. Perhaps they were even rubberized once :-). Nevertheless, the appliance does not slide on the tabletop.

The cord has a length of about one meter. I guess it’s not always enough, but my toaster is right next to the outlet, so the feature of winding up the extra cord at the bottom comes in very handy.

The toaster fork looks impressive for such a small appliance.

I have the best impression of this toaster model: the device is simple and reliable. that’s why I love appliances from Bosch (vacuum cleaner, washing machine, meat grinder, blender and dishwasher have not disappointed so far). Even the warranty on the toaster is not 1 year, as usual, but two. Been using the device for almost 3 years. no complaints. I think this toaster will last a long time. The Bosch TAT3A014. The best toaster! If you are not confused by the involuntary shuddering at the end of cooking toast, I can safely recommend this model :-).

Review: Bosch Toaster TAT 6101. My breakfast buddy

Bosch TAT 6101 toaster. it is my first and favorite toaster, even though. I did not like the design the first time I saw it, but later I absolutely loved it.

Review of the toaster Bosch TAT model 6101 (white)

Material. plastic.Power. 900 W Control. MechanicalDimension of the device. 21.2x19cm

Has 2 compartments for toasting 2 toasts at the same time. There is a relay that controls the degree of frying, a total of 6 modes.It is possible to stop the heating.

Comes with a special rack for defrosting and heating up sandwiches and buns.

The Bosch TAT toaster is equipped with useful features such as automatic toast centering and an appliance shutdown if the toast gets stuck.

Originally, still in the store, this model of toaster seemed to me too bulky. The idea of the designer of this device I still do not understand, but its appearance ceased to annoy me as soon as I tried what tasty loaf makes this toaster. Still, the taste of the finished product and the reliability of the device is much more important than its appearance.

I really trust the Bosch company, so I wanted to take this particular toaster manufacturer, at the time of purchase, the choice of toasters was small. Considering the price range, I chose the Bosch TAT 6101. the code matches the color scheme. I have a white toaster with a gray insert in the middle.

In the photo above. A wide handy lever, when you lower it, the loaf is centered inside the device and heating begins. If there is no loaf in the toaster, or if it is disconnected from the mains this lever will not work and returns to its original position.

The bottom of the toaster has a tray for crumbs, which is easy to take out and wash. Unfortunately the problem with crumbs it can not solve completely. Sometimes you have to shake the toaster upside down over the sink. Because not all crumbs fall on the tray, some may be attracted to the heating parts of the toaster.

This is what the toaster control panel looks like. Round relay with six heating modes, last item. The heating of bread rolls and sandwiches on a special stand. which I will describe below.

If the loaf is kept at room temperature, it’s enough to put it on number 4 for a golden crust, but if it’s in the fridge, it might need number 6 and even additional heating.

Green button. defrost, red. Toaster operation stop, shut off.

The defrosting function is unnecessary in my opinion. I’ve never used it myself and I’ve never heard of anyone using it. Maybe somewhere in Europe it’s customary to heat up a frozen loaf, but we always have fresh.

When the toaster is on and heats up, the red button is on:

The process of heating a loaf in a Bosch TAT toaster is very simple, here are the step-by-step instructions:

toaster, bosch, 6101

We put a loaf in both compartments of the toaster (it is not recommended to reheat only one piece, it is written in the instruction).


Set the relay to the desired mode of heating, I usually put on 5-6 points for a white loaf about 1 cm thick, so you get the most golden crust.

Waiting for the toaster to finish its work. When the Bosch TAT has finished heating, it will make a loud “click” and turn off. That is the red light goes out.


Unfortunately this toaster doesn’t have any devices to take the ready toast out of the appliance. This is often problematic. I usually use the lever to help me, if I pull it up, the toast lifts up a little and you can grab it with your hands. If the loaf was too thin, then sometimes you have to help with a knife or fork. The strange thing is that when the lever goes up, then the internal heating elements begin to compress, just as if the lever goes down, so if the lever to reach the highest point of the loaf you can not get it will be squeezed by the internal clamps.

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And now about the pan for heating the bread rolls. I don’t use it much, I use the standard toasted loaf function most of the time.

The last time I used a warming rack to defrost, the whole construction looked a little unusual.

The stand is very convenient, it has folding legs that are inserted into the special slots on the toaster. The construction is quite stable, nothing wobbles or slips. The toaster also turns on and off by a mode set with a relay.

The toaster body is not heated, but the possibility of burning is retained due to the fact that the mechanism for removing the finished toast from the device has not been thought of.

And now to summarize and briefly summarize my impression of five years of using the Bosch TAT toaster.

Pros:. the toaster fries loaves well evenly;. there is a shelf for heating loaves and sandwiches, it can also be used for cooling a freshly heated loaf;. automatic shutdown in case of. If the loaf is stuck and it does not jump out;. It is impossible to turn on the device if there is no loaf inside;. The body does not heat up;. The loaf capacity is very wide, even a non-standard large piece will fit in.

Disadvantages:- it is not convenient to take out ready toasts;- strange design, the cumbersome case;- very loud clap when completing work, many are frightened (but it can be heard even from the shower).

Not the naked eye can see. the advantages are incomparably greater. I am very happy with the toaster Bosch TAT 6101 and do not intend to change it for anything, especially it never once broke and not capricious. The toaster is easy to use and hard to care for. It has been in working order for 5 years on an almost daily basis.

I highly recommend this toaster. The price is quite reasonable, the manufacturer is reliable, the toast is very tasty.

Review: Bosch Toaster TAT 6901. Easy to use, hard to care for

The holiday of February 23 is still a week away, but it just so happens that in Eldorado discount came up today. We couldn’t refuse ourselves, and we bought the thing that seemed to be not really necessary. Toaster Bosch TAT6901. Whole, but discounted “Night.”. 10%, which is 310 for the last Eldochek purchase of 1000. In short, for the price of Chinese consumer goods we bought the brand thing (though made in China too).

This toaster is part of the Bosch Private Collection series, which differs from the rest of the appliances with a washed-out rounded design. In addition to toasters of two kinds, there is also a kettle and a drip coffee maker. All this pampering comes not only in stainless steel finish (as in our review), but also in other colors without metal. The design is the same, but dressed in cheaper plastic.

I usually buy Bosch appliances exclusively in white, but this time there was no white toaster on sale, so I had to settle for the brutal steel. And that turned out to be my main mistake with this purchase, you’ll see why later.

The toaster packaging is small and in the traditional Bosch understated style. It shows our toaster in full size. Also depicts all the components of this series.

Here is an indication that the body is made of durable stainless steel.

On the bottom there is a label with the technical data, where you can see that our gadget is made in China. The heating power of 900 watts, which is big enough for this device. The toaster complies with the requirements of the Customs Union and is legally imported.

The cord is small, about one meter, with a grounding plug. On the bottom there is a possibility to roll up the cord like in a kettle, so it won’t get in the way while working. Feet with rubber bands so it won’t slip on smooth surfaces. Many vents for cooling the plastic from overheating.

So it looks set of this toaster: a box, the toaster itself, a grid for heating buns, and instructions with a warranty card. No need to assemble and twist anything. Everything is compact and conveniently packed in shrink wrap.

The look reminded me of the Pope’s hat, only in a different color. The design is to your liking, but the stainless steel gives more solidity.

Few knobs, but in fact there is nothing to control, because only the degree of toasting, and then changes only the exposure time over a spiral. There are 6 degrees of toasting: 1-3 for white loaf, 4-6 for black loaf. In addition there is a mode of heating of the cooled loaf. Here is also the button to activate the defrosting mode, and a STOP indicator which tells you that the toaster has stopped working.

The toaster looks rather plump because the loaf slices are inserted parallel to one another. For those who like it too wide, there’s a narrower model that puts the loaf in a single line. Handle for lowering the loaf slices inward is visible. By the way, it will only lock when the toaster is on. You can’t lock the knob without turning it on.(From this angle, the toaster resembles a black cat with narrow eyes, and on the back side of the Iron Man from the comics showing his tongue)))) see. photo in 1 pc.)

The internal complexities of the toaster, nothing new. The size of the holes tells you how wide a loaf can be sliced for frying, at least 2 centimeters.

This is what the crumb tray looks like on the back side. Since the width of the top with holes is much larger than the tray, crumbs will not always fall into the tray. Usually toasters get dirty very quickly from the inside and this one is no exception. It is possible to disassemble it for cleaning, but this is not an easy process, since it is not provided by the design.

And this is a reminder on the box for those who do not understand what this technique is.

The basic function of the toaster performs well, but somewhat slowly. There are cheaper models, but they fry faster by leaps and bounds. But apparently Bosch makes sure that you do not get a burnt loaf in principle. housing practically does not heat up, although it is metal, because metal is not a monolithic structure, but just covers the thick plastic for beauty.

Speaking of beauty. Indeed, the metal in appliances looks very solid, but the main disadvantage of it is the fingerprints on the surface, which can never be wiped off. No time to get the device out of the bag, and it has already formed a trail of my fingerprints ( Why did I not just take the red or beige?). It’s for life. If this problem was solved amicably with the refrigerator in the form of a car polish on the front panel of stainless steel, such a trick will not work with the toaster, after all the open foods and the heated surface. I have to rub it every day now.

Be sure to heat the toaster at least 4 times at maximum power to burn off the remaining grease on the parts at the first start. And that’s all, you can use. For example, included a special nozzle for heating dried loaf, which should be installed on the toaster. buns are placed on the rack, heating should not exceed 2. A couple of minutes and it’s done!

When just heating a cold loaf, you have to put the switch in the Reheat position (very left with an icon) and press the on button.To toast the frozen loaf, press the on button, then the Defrost button.

toaster, bosch, 6101

Never wash the unit under water, wipe only with a cloth with liquid detergent. Do not rub the surface with abrasive materials,

, Of plastic-2100. Big difference! If you get a discount, it’s even better.

Summary: A great appliance for delicious sandwiches. I advise, but if you don’t like to wash the toaster every day, consider the plastic model.

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