How to start your STIHL grass trimmer

STIHL grass trimmer repair with their own hands and instructions for use FS-38 and 55 (STIHL FS), adjustment of the carburetor

It’s very natural for a person to ennoble the place he spends the lion’s share of his time. Residents of cities resort to the services of designers or try to change something in their homes, buy new furniture, wallpaper, so that, coming home after a hard day, you can mentally relax and unwind in a comfortable environment. Residents of their own houses outside the city have very different concerns and requirements. It is necessary in time to mow bushes, grass, various dead wood, carefully monitor the condition of the garden and yard. It is clear that this requires somewhat different means of achieving comfort. And then a new brainchild of engineering comes to the fore. mowers.

The history of this German brand begins in 1926. The company’s early days were all about making and selling various parts for washing and steam generators. Like many companies, it started out as a small and narrowly focused operation, allowing you to focus on the quality of your products.

Early in the 1930s, the first STIHL chainsaw was launched, already at that time distinguished by its convenience and functionality. The company grew rapidly, constantly introducing new tools, enabling it to penetrate international markets. And already in 1931 the first regular deliveries of products to Russia were organized.

STIHL construction

Today the company is active in over 160 countries around the world with new production hubs and factories in Switzerland, China and numerous other countries. This is understandable, because the company’s range is impressive: power drills, gasoline sprayers, mowers, gasoline grass trimmers, chainsaws and more. I would like to note that Shtil chain saws are very popular thanks to their functionality and affordable price.

How to use your trimmer correctly?

Take care of safety first. Wear safety glasses, gloves and, if necessary, headphones. Be sure to protect your feet. wear sturdy boots or boots, long pants. It is especially important when mowing with a metal blade. stones, debris and other foreign objects that can cause damage will fly out from under it.

Before you start working with your trimmer make sure all components and moving parts are securely fastened. Match your mowing heads to the type of work to be done. This could be a trimmer line, disk, or saw. Check the oil level in the oil sump (on models with 4-stroke engines) and the gearbox lubrication. Fill with the proper fuel, start the machine and let it idle for about 3 minutes. It is also advisable to check the area to be mowed for foreign objects such as stones, glass, stumps, etc. д.

While mowing, avoid bringing the grass trimmer head close to hard objects (curbs, building walls, trees). Also remember that if the mowing head rotates counterclockwise, the grass cuttings will be on your left. Do not make quick and jerky sweeps along the whole length of the tool. it overloads the machine and can cause damage. Make smooth reciprocating movements from side to side, advancing 30-40 centimeters with each step. Refrain from mowing in rainy weather. most petrol mower manufacturers warn you about this in the manual. It is strictly forbidden to mow with electric trimmers in very damp conditions.

start, your, stihl, grass, trimmer

Gasoline trimmer care should include routine cleaning and lubrication of cutting and rotating parts, replacement or cleaning of air filters, radiator cleaning. Before storing the machine for the winter, drain the fuel and let it run for a few minutes (to allow all the gasoline in the fuel system to run out). It is also advisable to pour some 2-stroke oil into the cylinder and turn the crankshaft by hand (using the starter rope). It is also important to lubricate the brushcutter with a special rustproofing agent. Also take care of external and internal lubrication of the grass trimmer boom if it is disassembled.

Instruction and rules of thumb for your brushcutter

Before starting the gas grass trimmer, the gearbox should be checked regularly. Lack of oil or a small amount of oil increases friction in the gearbox, which operates at fairly high speeds. This causes the transmission to overheat. Gearbox mower fails. Prevents such damage during operation and helps regular inspection.

If insufficient or no grease is found in the gearbox before starting the gas trimmer, “LITOL” is inserted into the housing. To do this, unscrew the screw on the bend of the gear housing and syringe “LITOL” in an amount of 1-2 ml.

Preparing the right fuel mixture

Before you start breaking a new hedge trimmer engine, it is also necessary to properly prepare the fuel mixture. As it is known for two-stroke engines, it is prepared from special two-stroke oil and gasoline, taken in certain proportions. You can find out the ratios in the instructions that come with the tool or on the oil label. From the instructions you will also learn the recommended type of fuel as well as the recommended type of engine oil.

If you are going to start a new brush, many people are faced with the problem of preparing the fuel mixture. And the reason for this discrepancy lies in the tool manufacturer’s instructions and in the engine oil manufacturer’s instructions. The former recommends a 1:25 ratio. I recommend 1:50 for a friend. Who to trust? How to proceed?

According to experts, if manufacturers write a ratio of 1:25 or 1:30 in the lawnmower manual, it is likely that it is either a cheap tool with poor cooling, or the manufacturer does not know what oil the consumer will add. But here you need to understand that excessive oil does not best affect the performance of the grass trimmer. Excess oil does not completely disappear when the engine is running. It cokes, clogs the cylinder and piston.

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What to do in this situation when starting a new tool? Ideal option. Buy exactly the oil recommended by the hedge trimmer manufacturer. As for running engines, when you can not buy the recommended oil, it is better to buy a good Husqvarna two-stroke oil for the same name gasoline tools. It’s not cheap, but it lasts a long time. You have to intervene in this, as it is written in the instruction manual of the can.

READ STIHL weed trimmer does not pump

Does not want to start the mower’s engine after the winter

Often with the onset of spring, most owners of gasoline mowers complain about the inability to start the motor of this grass-cutting tool. What this may be related to? For the grass trimmer to start up well in the spring after winter storage, it is necessary to learn how to take care of it properly. The correct way to store the lawnmower in winter is described in detail at the end of this article. Now let’s see why after the winter you can’t start the engine of your tool.

One of the main reasons why the lawnmower does not start after the winter is stagnant fuel in the gas tank. If you do not drain the fuel from the tank and leave the tool stored for a long time, of course it will be impossible to start the lawnmower. The properties of the mixture of petrol and oil fall, so the fact is that we get a malfunctioning tool. Even if there is leftover fuel mixture from last year in the trimmer, it is recommended to drain it and fill with freshly prepared fuel. After that start the tool.

Another reason may be the malfunction of the air damper. When you close it manually, the valve itself may not work, so you start the lawnmower with the air damper fully open. In this case, the tool will not start in cold conditions, because there is a large amount of air intake. The video below tells why the grass trimmer does not start in the cold.

In addition to these reasons for the inability to start the lawn trimmer engine, there are other reasons that are also important to mention:

  • Damping of spark plug electrodes. before starting the grass trimmer after winter, you should unscrew the spark plug, inspect it, clean, dry and adjust the gap
  • Damaged high-voltage wire. During the storage of the tool, the high-voltage wire could be cracked, damaged or it could be chewed up by mice. Check the integrity of the armature wire, if the grass trimmer does not start after winter
  • Oxidation of wire contacts. This usually occurs if the tool is stored in a damp or wet location
  • Check ignition coil for damage. Over the winter, this part may have malfunctioned and made the tool difficult to start
start, your, stihl, grass, trimmer

Carry out a diagnosis of the tool, and only after that resort to a more serious repair. cleaning the carburetor.

First Trigger

When everything is checked and the prepared fuel mixture is filled in the tank, it is time to start the grass trimmer for the first time before it starts. Perform the following manipulations to do this:

  • Place the brush on a flat, horizontal surface;
  • Move the throttle lever to the closed position;
  • We inject a few strokes of fuel for beginners into the carburetor;
  • Turn on the ignition;
  • Gently pull the starter cord until you feel resistance;
  • Then make the cord 3. 4 With sharp jerks until it begins to brush;
  • After starting, open the air damper.

Getting started on the gasoline brushes

After starting, don’t rush to start the weed trimmer right away. Let the engine idle for 5 minutes. Adjust the air damper lever with the air damper lever to keep the spool of fishing line or knife from spinning when the machine heats up. Once the tool is hot, we open the air supply fully by putting the appropriate lever in the “ON” position, pulling the gas trigger 1/2 and holding for 2030 seconds. Then we release the gas, let the trimmer run XX for 30, 40 seconds. In this mode, we continue for 10. 15 minutes. Then turn off and leave it for 15. 20 minutes.

After the hedge trimmer cools down, we continue to work with the engine according to the previous scheme. Start hot, the grass trimmer should already have an outside damper. Try not to hold the gas for a long time, because the moving parts of the tool only rub against each other. And don’t let the engine stand for long, as it may overheat.

How to start a gasoline trimmer for grass: an algorithm of actions for the proper start of the device

After buying a gasoline grass trimmer, the owner usually checks to see if all the parts of the machine listed in the manual are in the box.

After all, proper assembly is impossible without this. After the acquisition is assembled, there comes a time when the device must be tested in action.

To get the lawn mower (lawn trimmer) working efficiently and for a long life, it is absolutely essential to start it correctly.

There are 3 types of starting the gasoline grass trimmer:

How to start the lawnmower correctly?

Regardless of the type of this action, there is a strict order that must be followed, that is:

Inspection and Checking

Any malfunction of a grass trimmer can be a serious hazard.

Poorly tightened bolts securing the clutch bell to the engine can lead to rapid abrasion of the clutch shoes, and any leakage in the fuel system often leads to ignition and burns or fire.

Loose gear bolts can cause the drive shaft rod to pop out and the grass trimmer to stop working. Loose bolts securing the handles can cause involuntary lowering of the shaft and damage to the cutting tool.

Therefore, before any start-up, you should at least briefly inspect the machine for defects. This is especially important for the first startup, whether it is after purchase or storage. Only the fuel system may be inspected for leaks during operational starts.

One of the most important steps in checking before any initial start-up is to determine how much grease is in the gears and drive shaft, this will require disassembling the trimmer and removing both gears from the shaft.

In this way, you will not only notice the amount and condition of the lubricant on the filling hole side but also in the area where the shaft pinion and the gearwheel contact each other.

Also, every 2-3 weeks, check the amount and condition of oil in the crankcase four-stroke engines, if the unit will work for a long time with a low oil level, there is a high probability of jamming the crankshaft.

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Filling the tank with fuel

this operation has to be done after purchase and winter storage, as well as during stoppage of operation, caused by depletion of gasoline. Four-stroke engines are filled with pure gasoline AI-92, and two-stroke engines with a mixture of fuel and special oil, which we told here.

Remember, if you refuel a two-stroke grass trimmer after winter storage, be sure to drain the old fuel from it, because it has already lost its lubricity, so the crankshaft bearing and cylinder piston group will work without lubrication.

Start the petrol-trimmer

Regardless of the type of starting, there are 6 actions that you always have to do:

start, your, stihl, grass, trimmer
  • pumping up the fuel;
  • putting the choke in the “start” position (“off”, “closed”);
  • setting the switch to the “on” position (“on”, “on”);
  • pressing and locking the throttle button;
  • jerking the starter rope with the selection of the free stroke;
  • Setting the choke shutter in the “operation” position (“open”, “on”).

The first 3 items on this list can be done in any order, but pulling the air starter rope only after them. Neglecting pumping fuel will lead to the fact that pull the cable manual starter will have more than a dozen times to the moving engine piston pumped enough air, which sucks fuel from the carburetor.

Stihl FS 55. cold start and some grass cutting

Neglecting the air damper will lead to severe overpricing of the mixture, which is good for the running engine and very bad for startup, because such a mixture is well ignited only inside the warmed up cylinder.

After moving the air damper to the closed position the incoming air is not enough to run the engine at idle speed, so press and fix the throttle key (gas pedal, engine speed regulator). The motor on/off button blocks the ignition system, so turn it to the “on” position before starting.

If you don’t flip the switch to the right position, the voltage won’t come to the spark plug, which means there’s no spark to ignite the mixture in the cylinder.

After the engine starts, move the air damper to the open position, because greatly over-enriched mixture is good for startup, because it ignites even in the cold cylinder, but because of the lack of air the fuel does not burn completely.

An attempt to cut grass with a closed choke valve leads to a sharp decrease of engine power and considerable heating of valves, that is why long operation (tens of hours) leads to burnt-out valves or damage of the cylinder head gasket.

If the engine does not start or does not run properly

Reasons for the engine not starting with two or four pulls of the recoil starter rope may be:

Most often this happens because of the wrong start of the grass trimmer, when the order of actions is violated or some important point is not performed, so it is enough to properly conduct the start and the motor will work. If the mower does not start well after storage, then most likely the old gasoline is exhausted, so it is enough to change it.

If the grass trimmer has not been serviced for several seasons, poor starting may be due to a dirty air or fuel filter, so it is sufficient to rinse or replace it.

If all the steps are performed correctly, but there is no positive result, go to a workshop or do the diagnosis or repair yourself.

STIHL FS 250 lawn mower (grass trimmer) with cold start and hot start

Fuel mix in the tank. the line for the trimmer is tucked into the mowing head (or knife) and installed on the lawnmower.

Starting the lawnmower (cold start)

Using a manual fuel pump (primer), pump fuel into the carburetor. 5-6 pushes.

Move the air damper lever to the closed position.

Depress the throttle trigger lock and throttle lever on the handle. Keeping pressed, move the switch to the START position (ignition on, the engine is ready to start).

try to lay the mower down so that the position is stable. The lawnmower only needs to be pressed to the ground when starting. Never put your foot on the rod. You just need to take the rod with your hand closer to the motor and press it slightly to the ground.

Pull the starter lever to the first stop and pull sharply toward you, pulling the rope to the very end is not necessary to tear.

Start before the first flare. With the filter slide closed, the engine should start and stop (bang).

Then move the filter slide to the open position.

As soon as the engine starts, on the control handle, squeeze the throttle lever lock and the throttle lever and it (the switch) will automatically go to position I (middle position, engine running or ready to start). And release the throttle lever stopper and the throttle lever. Let the engine idle for 1 to 2 minutes.

Next, squeezing the throttle lever stopper and throttle lever, mow all the grass, for which you did all these manipulations.

You can stop the lawnmower engine by switching the switch (sorry for the oil) to position 0.

STIHL FS 38 Trimmer- How to Start

Starting the lawnmower with the engine warmed up

The filter damper must be in the open position. Flip the switch to START. Start. And switch to position I for no-load operation. Depress the throttle lever stop and throttle lever and mow the grass.


Grass trimmers are reliable and durable (provided, of course, that they are properly maintained). The most common cause of malfunctions is impurities in the components of the mower.

If your lawn mower motor won’t start, won’t pick up speed, won’t reach the power you need, or suddenly shuts off, the cause could be

  • Poor-quality fuel (fuel mixture), the matter may be due to long-term storage or failure to comply with the mixture preparation formulation;
  • There is grass wrapped around the line/blade head shaft;
  • The air filter/muffler is clogged;
  • unbalancing the carburetor.
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Removing the handle

Disassembling the STIHL 180 begins with removing the handle, which is attached to the body of the chain saw by three rubber buffers. To remove it, you must remove the plastic plugs from the inside cavity of the shock absorbers, then using a strong screwdriver, first squeeze the upper shock absorber, then the one closest to the rear handle.

At the back of the handle is installed throttle trigger, which is connected to the carburetor through a wire rod, in order to disconnect the rod from the throttle trigger, it is necessary to unscrew two screws and disassemble the handle.

When you have one rubber buffer left on the handle you need to unscrew the body of the chain saw from the inside of the handle and pull it aside to remove the last rubber buffer.

First start of the grass trimmer

When everything is checked and the prepared fuel mixture is poured into the tank, it is time to start the grass trimmer for the first time before its running-in. To do this, it is necessary to perform the following manipulations:

  • Position the brushcutter on a flat, level surface;
  • Move the air damper control lever to the closed position;
  • Pump a few pumps of primer fuel into the carburetor;
  • Switch on the ignition switch;
  • Smoothly pull the starter cord until you feel resistance;
  • After that make 34 jerks with the cord until the lawnmower starts;
  • After starting, open the choke.

If the lawnmower does not start or stalls the first time, open the choke on the carburetor slightly and try to start again.

Problems and Solutions. Do-It-Yourself Repair

But what to do if you suddenly could not avoid the failure of the mechanism? We will not get into the causes of this, but it will not be superfluous to consider possible problems that may arise with the mower, as well as methods of their elimination by your own forces.

The engine won’t start. If you are faced with this problem, then initially you need to assess the amount of fuel in the fuel tank, maybe the problem as such does not exist, and it is only necessary to add fuel and continue working. By the way, the fuel used is worth special attention, because the life and quality of the mower depends on its quality. Experts recommend gasoline AI-92, not lower.

Stiga robotic lawnmowers are an innovation in the agricultural industry that has managed to win the hearts of many farmers and gardeners.

Makeshift circular sawmill. easy and simple, thanks to the detailed instructions you will find on this site.

Asked the question: “How to choose a professional saw, not having experience with this tool?”If you have a problem with your fuel tank, first of all check the amount of fuel you have in your

start, your, stihl, grass, trimmer

Another likely cause of unstable engine performance could be a dirty fuel filter. It should be inspected carefully and cleaned if necessary. If the filter cannot be repaired by oneself, it must be replaced with a new one.

Do not forget about the air filter, clogging which can also lead to the failure of the tool. To avoid this, the part is removed and washed in water with detergents, or in gasoline if there is no access to water supply.

Then the filter should be carefully rinsed and dried, paying close attention to its intactness. Before mounting the part in the mower, grease it with a small amount of oil. However, if you do not want to bother with cleaning the machine, then we suggest you familiarize yourself with a lawn mower with mulching function, because it will not only mow the lawn, but also prepare a further fertilizer.

The spark plug can also affect the performance of the engine. You need to unscrew it and check its condition, if needed, replace it with a new one.

If the engine still fails to start after all the adjustments, you can fall back on the tips of experienced masters.

Adjust the rpm with the carburetor screw. Place the mower in such a way that the fuel hits the bottom of the carburetor. To do this, the tool is placed so that the air filter is on top.

Next you need to remove it and pour some fuel into the carburetor, then put all the parts back in place. The engine should start.

You can pull the starter handle, while closing the choke of the carburetor. Then open it and pull the starter a couple more times. This is a fairly universal method, proven over many years.

These tips are not a panacea, but they are quite effective and useful.

Mower stops immediately after starting. The main cause of such a malfunction is improper adjustment of the carburetor. It is quite simple to identify this problem. you will feel a strong vibration during mower operation. You can fix it yourself by looking at the manual, which explains the problem and how to fix it in detail.

Particular attention should be paid to the fuel line, it is often the cause of the tool stalling. Check and clean regularly.

Smaller parts like the cable or the fuel intake hose can affect the stability of your power tool. That’s why it is necessary to check their condition and look for cracks or small punctures.

Many might be put off by the relatively high price of STIHL, but when you think about it, which is more important. reliability and good results or economy against quality?? But if you set a goal to save money, then we offer you the option of lawn mower with their own hands, collecting the device with their own efforts, you will know all the nuances and structure of the tool.

Of course, you can choose cheaper Chinese analogues, but then no one can guarantee the result of the final work and the durability of these models, which are very short. That’s why it makes sense to buy a quality mower from a reputable company, like STIHL, once and enjoy many years of stable operation.

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