How to start the STIHL 180 chain saw when cold

Getting the STIHL MS 211 C-BE started

The STIHL MS 211 C-BE chain saw has an additional manual fuel pump for easier cold starting.

In the STIHL Instruction Manual for starting the STIHL chain saw, you need to pump fuel into the carburettor before starting the machine in cold conditions. The instructions are the same as for starting the STIHL 180 and follow the same procedure.

What happens when you pump the primer and how it helps you start the saw more effectively?

When you start the saw without primer a few strokes of the starter motor are made just to pump fuel to the carburetor by the impulse from the crankcase of the saw.

A manual fuel pump installed in the fuel line pumps gasoline into the carburettor without lifting the starter motor. The effect of such an action is obvious, the saw will start much faster.

Many owners of gasoline tools, mistakenly believe that the hand pump can pump too much fuel into the carburetor and for this reason will flood the plug. This is fundamentally wrong, because. к. The system is able to circulate around. Excess gasoline from the carburetor is routed through a hose designed for it back into the carburetor.

It is not necessary to use primer on a hot chainsaw because. к. fuel in the carburetor is sufficient to start the STIHLA STIHLA STIHLA SERVICE HIPYPY.

STIHL chain saw starting

No running-in period with a new STIHL chain saw! STIHL fuel mix is precisely made to a 1:50 ratio, which means that for every 1 liter of AI-92 you need 20 ml of STIHL oil.

Step 1 of 15: Activate the chain brake

Activate the chain brake before starting the chain saw. To do that, push the chain brake forward (see Figure 15). illustration).

Always remove the guide bar cover before starting the chain saw.

Step 3 of 15: Pump up the gasoline with the fuel pump (if available)

If your chain saw is equipped with a decompression valve, press it. This makes it easier to start the chain saw.

Step 4 of 15: priming the gasoline with the fuel pump (if equipped)

If your chain saw is equipped with a fuel pump, pump gasoline into the carburetor. This makes it easier to start the engine.

Step 5 of 15: put the combination lever in the cold start position

Move the combination lever to the cold start position. To do so, first engage the throttle trigger lock and throttle trigger and then push the clutch lever all the way down.

Step 6 of 15: Get the chain saw on a flat surface

Before starting, set the chainsaw on a flat surface. The cutting attachment must not touch the ground, you could put yourself in too much danger and the attachment could get blunt during start-up.

Step 7 of 15: grasp the chain saw with both hands

Hold the chain saw lying on the ground with both hands. Keep your left hand on the handle and your right hand on the handle. on the starter rope. Step your right foot on the rear handle. that way you can stabilize the chain saw.

Step 8 of 15: pull the starter rope

Slowly pull the starter rope with your right hand until you feel resistance. Then pull the cord forcefully several times until the engine starts (if possible, pull upward so that the cord does not rub against the fan housing).

Step 9 of 15: The engine fires up. Move the lever to the half throttle position

The engine only fires for a short time and then shuts off again. Open the choke by moving the combination lever up one detent position (half throttle position).

Step 10 of 15: Re-activate the starter rope or pull

Pull the starter rope again until the engine fires again.

Step 11 of 15: Depress the throttle trigger with your index finger

As soon as the engine is running, push down on the throttle lever with your index finger. The master control lever will move into the idle position.

Step 12 of 15: Lift the chain saw off the ground

Slowly lift the chainsaw off the ground, being careful not to touch the throttle trigger.

Step 13 of 15: Release the chain brake

Then release the chain brake by pulling the chain brake handle toward you with your left hand. Keep your left hand on the lever. When you hear the “click” sound, this means the chain is unlocked and can move along the bar.

Step 14 of 15: Checking the chain lubrication system

And before you get started, be sure to check the chain lubrication system. To do this, place the saw against a light-colored background (for example, a stump or a piece of paper spread out on the ground) and give full throttle. If spots of oil appear on the light background, it means that the chain lubrication system is functioning properly and you can start working.

your chain saw is ready to start. For safety rules when working with a chainsaw see. See the owner’s manual for more information.

How to start the chain saw?

After the tool has been prepared for sawing and the fuel tank has been filled up it is possible to start it immediately. Remember that after buying a chain saw it is necessary to run it in. idle start, cutting wood (up to 10 cm in diameter) at medium rpm. Foreign models reach full power after 5-7 tanks, old domestic saws run-in with partial load during 24 hours (3-4 full refills). During this period it is strictly forbidden to heat the engine, to allow continuous idling and to give maximum loads when sawing.

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Start-up steps

After all the checks, you can start the tool for the next step. To do this the saw must be placed on a stable surface so that the guide bar does not touch the ground. Step-by-step algorithm:

  • Disengage the chain brake with the knob on the chain saw body.
  • Switch on the ignition, push the button or switch (usually the left-most position).
  • Move the air supply flap to the closed position. Pull the throttle lever out and lock it in the intermediate position.
  • Hold the front handle with your left hand and press it lightly to the bottom. With your foot step on the safety guard of the right handle.
  • With your other free hand, pull the starter handle toward you until the dogs in the ratchet mechanism engage the drum clutch. Make a sharp jerk.
  • After the first flash in the ignition chamber, turn the air damper to its original position. Start the saw again.

Once the engine is running, throttle up fully and release the throttle lever. Normally the starter unit should automatically shut off.

Important! The saw’s starting position depends on the specific model, as well as your driving hand. Compact versions of this tool can be started from the weight.

How to fix a flooded STIHL Chainsaw Engine

Peculiarities of cold and hot engine starting

Several simultaneous processes are occurring in the machine to start the engine. Fuel mixture is fed to the engine piston, compressed and ignited by the spark plug. In this case, the quality of the air mixture differs when starting a cold and hot engine.

If the normal level of air is sufficient when the engine is hot, it is insufficient when it is cold. In such a situation, it is necessary to pull the starter many times, which leads to wear of its cable. There is a special choke in the carburetor to adjust the air mixture. In cold weather it needs to be fully opened, if necessary pump fuel directly into the carburetor with a primer. This will speed up starting the chainsaw and reduce the risk of breaking its major components.

How to Hold the Tool?

There are several methods of holding the chainsaw to start. The easiest option is to place the tool on a flat surface, grasp the top handle with your left hand and hold the guard with your foot. The second way is to hold the upper handle of the saw with your hand, and put the back part between your legs. This is a good starting position for small, compact chain saws only.

figure 4. how to hold the chain saw

Checking the oil flow

To achieve chain sliding on the headset, there is a special oil tank in the engine crankcase. it feeds oil to the bar. Its operation is controlled by a special pump that starts when the engine speed increases. To check the oil flow and operation of the lubrication process, you must remove the side rail guard, start the tool. If the oil is coming in on the headset and is reduced in the tank (check with the dipstick), no action is necessary. If the mixture is insufficient, it is recommended to clean or replace the filter and then adjust the feeding.

Distinctive features of starting different brands

Some models may have a slightly different starting system. The main difference in the location of the main elements on the body (presence or absence of primer, the number of bolts for tensioning the chain, and others), as well as the proportion of fuel mixture preparation. After purchasing the tool, you should carefully read the manual, which always specifies the algorithm of the first start, running-in and the frequency of preventive measures.

Important! Particularly often the design elements of Chinese chain saws differ. When choosing such a tool, you should check in advance if there are detailed instructions.

Peculiarities of starting in winter

Before starting the chainsaw in winter, it is recommended to first bring it into a warm room for 10-15 minutes. If not, run the machine idle by pulling the choke shutter to the intermediate position. Power up engine only after preheating. Some models have the ability to switch the air intake in summer and winter mode. this is the best solution if you often work in the woods at any time of year.

Is it possible to start without a starter motor??

You can’t start your chainsaw without a starter motor. If this element is missing, there will be disturbances in the engine cooling process, since it contains the so-called “snail, regulating the flow of cold air from the flywheel impeller to the internal combustion engine cylinder.

Starting the saw with a decompression valve

Users sometimes ask how to start if the tool has a decompression valve. Not available on the 250. As soon as the first “burst” occurs, the valve is in normal operating mode. The throttle trigger is in the position where the choke is open. Start the machine and press the throttle valve once again. It does not make a fast start, but it does make starting easier and more comfortable for the user, because less effort is needed when starting.

If you are not quite sure how to start a STIHL 180 chain saw, it should be remembered that machines with a valve, regardless of whether they have a hot or cold engine, should be started using the. This will make it easier to turn the engine. So you can extend the life of the starter and reduce the number of broken cords, because these chainsaws have a larger cylinder volume and compression.

Starting the STIHL 180

In order to start your STIHL 180 chain saw when it is cold, you should follow the algorithm specified by the manufacturer in the STIHL 180 chain saw manual, namely:

  • Turn the ignition on and set the engine control lever to its lowest position (in this position, the air damper of the STIHL 180 carburetor cuts off the air from the air filter and the throttle is fully open, thus enriching the fuel mixture);
  • Pull the starter grip several times until the first spark has gone off (a spark signals the fuel mixture has entered the cylinder and the saw is ready to start);
  • Move the throttle lever one position up from the fully down position (in this position the choke valve opens and the throttle valve stays in the same position as before);
  • Pull the starter grip and restart. The saw will start and work at higher rpm because the throttle is open as much as possible. To set the choke to no-load mode, pull the throttle trigger and immediately release it, the tool will immediately return to normal rpm.
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The STIHL MS 180 chain saw does not come standard with any additional features to facilitate starting.

Here’s how to start the STIHL 180. The video reflects in detail all the main points, and Комментарии и мнения владельцев by the author, allow you to understand the whole process to the smallest detail.

Launch problems

As a result, in order to start the saw reliably and not to stall you have to work with the starter motor for a long time, to catch the starting moment, to accelerate when starting, etc.д.

Common isues with Stihl MS 170 and MS 180 Chainsaws

How to run in a chainsaw: step by step instructions

Before the running-in period, the chainsaw has its first start. It is absolutely necessary to prepare and install the headset correctly. The fuel mixture should already be waiting for “its time”, the quality of the running-in depends on it to a greater extent.

Here you have a brand new, shiny tool in front of you. After looking at it the question appears: “What should be done now??”. After reading the instructions, you find out that a running-in period is needed and the first start should be special. How to start a new chainsaw is not yet clear, but now everything will become clear.

We do our first run-in with a headset. You should not start the engine without the bar and chain: the tool should work with them, so it will get the proper load. Do not make high revolutions, it will have a negative impact on the further work of the saw.

Getting the Stihl MS180 chainsaw up and running

After installing the headset, the following things must be done

Step by step instruction

When the brake is activated, the assembly process is much slower, so it is still safe and more comfortable to engage the mechanism without the use of brake equipment.

If one is not confident in one’s knowledge and accuracy, the brake should on the contrary be activated. If the sequence of actions is correct, the device will not start and the mechanism will not make dangerous actions for a person.

1 scheme of the standard mechanism

  • Before starting the benzoyla, it is necessary to move the flap, which acts as an adjustment lever, downward, compared to the optimum position. First the button responsible for the gas supply must be pressed. Only if this condition is met, it is possible to move the flap normally to the end stop from below. Move the choke and hold the gas button simultaneously. The gas is set in the standard position, and the flap closes the carburetor, preparing the device for proper operation.

In our chainsaw quality ranking you will find all chainsaws with an optimal price-quality-ratio.

Our other article will also help you make your choice in favor of this or that chainsaw brand.

Russian-made chainsaws have. low price and high quality.

2 The Standard Mechanism Diagram. How to start the saw correctly

  • The ignition is turned on. To do this, you need to move the toggle switch to the right place or move the switch.
  • The primer usually has to be pressed more than twice. It is filled with gasoline, after which you have to press the device more than three times. Sometimes the chainsaw is not equipped with a primer, then you can skip this step.

When the machine stops all the time, you need to start it up again systematically (cf. What to do when your chain saw cuts out when you press the gas). After a while, the engine will gain momentum and can maintain active operation without interruption.

STIHL chainsaw 250 Overview

To buy the model 250 you can at a price of 29 542 This equipment is a semi-professional model with a 40-cm bar. The power is equal to 3.1 liters. с. or 2.3 kW. The fuel tank capacity is 0.47 l.

Quite often consumers often wonder how to start a chain saw STIHL 250 before buying. This was discussed above. But this is not the only information you should become familiar with before starting a model. Other features include:

If you buy this model, you can have it refilled quickly. This feature is realized by the lid, which has a patented design. The operator will have reliable hand protection while working with the equipment. Consumers especially distinguish the toothed stop, as well as the chain, which guarantees a quality and fast sawing of the wood.

How to start a STIHL chain saw?

In cottage plots, in private homes when working in gardens and homestead areas often have to use special equipment, which requires the application of appropriate knowledge and skills on the part of the user.

start, stihl, chain, cold

STIHL chain saws are garden tools with engines for a wide range of applications: cutting firewood, sawing down old trees, seasonal pruning, etc.д. The equipment of the German company STIHL is known for such technical characteristics as:

This machine is one of the most dangerous machines. STIHL chainsaws are designed for professional and dependable use in all seasons. Getting the machine started correctly is an important and responsible step.

start, stihl, chain, cold

How to get your chainsaw ready for use. Cold start

STIHL chain saws are all about performance and reliability. in any season.

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STIHL is tested for northern conditions. The most important thing is to study and understand the manual before operating the. It’s not as hard as you might think.

Believe me, the instruction to the chainsaw is a treasure trove of valuable information and years of experience of engineers. Before you listen to “the experienced neighbor” or watch “tips from YouTube”. Read the official manual.

In this article we have selected the most important points on how to start and use your saw for the first time, including during the cold season. If you buy it in a SAVA store, your STB-Technician will also explain the basics.

Testimonial: STIHL MS 180 chainsaw. An indispensable thing in the garden, forest and outdoors. How to start the STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw.

Buying a chain saw, what I paid attention to: the weight, ease of handling, the bar 40 cm, no problems with the purchase of chains and tires as consumables.

All STIHL chain saws have a special feature when starting from cold. To start a STIHL chain saw when cold you must move the choke lever down, but always do it with the throttle trigger pulled, otherwise the lever may snap or the carburettor rod may bend or come off. Then set the saw on a firm surface (the bar must not touch anything) and pull the starter grip until resistance is felt. Then pull sharply. Repeat the procedure several times until the first pop. When you hear the popping noise move the choke lever one position up. Do not be alarmed when the chain starts to turn at the next step. Important! check that the chain is not blocked by the chain brake, so as not to put the saw out of order (although the instructions suggest to start the engine on the brake, but I do not recommend it, so as not to damage the clutch and other parts of the chain saw)

Then after you move the choke up, repeat pulling the starter grip as described above. Repeat until you start (usually 1 to 3 pulls). The saw is running and the chain is turning, then pull the throttle trigger once. The chain saw goes into idle rpm and the chain stops. The saw is ready for use. Do not allow the saw to idle for more than 1 minute, otherwise the engine could overheat. The engine cools down at high rpm. If you want to stop the chain saw, move the choke lever to the highest position. If you want to start a recently shutdown chain saw, you start it with the choke open (don’t pull the choke lever down like you do with a cold start).

Now for the technical fluids. with every fueling, add a full tank of chain oil (I use original STIHL oil to avoid the risk of costly oil pump repairs). It is absolutely essential to mix and use the right fuel mix in your chainsaw. It is a good idea to mix it in a short period of time before sawing, because it is not recommended to keep it in storage or use for more than 2 weeks. The reason is that after two weeks the oil starts to lose its lubrication properties, which is not admissible for a long life of a two-stroke engine (STIHL recommends a life expectancy of up to 30 years)

Only use 92 octane gasoline since other octane grades can cause detonation and premature engine failure. I use STIHL 2-stroke mineral oil. You can also use synthetic from the same manufacturer, just on a new machine. If your chain saw is not new and was operated with mineral oil, do not use synthetic oil (it can eat away the soot and cause burrs on the cylinder).

Gasoline and 2-stroke oil must be mixed in a separate container, not in the gas tank of the chainsaw. This saw has a 1:50 ratio, which means you need 20 ml of oil for every 1 liter of gasoline.

When preparing the saw for storage certain requirements must be followed. If you have unused fuel mixture left over and plan to take more than 2 weeks off work, this mixture should not be used. It is recommended to produce a full-range fuel mixture. It is also recommended that you drain little chain lubricant back into the container for extended storage so it does not leak out of the chain saw.

I’ve had to work in both heat and freezing temperatures, and I’ve never had a bad day. If through inexperience chain saw MS180 does not start, then do not panic, you need to unscrew the spark plug turn the saw with the combustion chamber hole down and pull the starter rope 20 times. Wipe the spark plug dry and screw it back into the cylinder, put on the spark plug cover and try to start with the choke open (do not put it down). This procedure is often helpful if the chain saw is in working order, but for some reason you don’t hear the first “pop”. I recommend.

STIHL STIHL 250 chainsaw Overview

You can buy the 250 model at a price of 29,542 This equipment is a semi-professional model with a 40-cm bar. Capacities of 3.1 liters. с. or 2.3 kW. Fuel tank capacity of 0.47 liters.

Consumers often ask how to start a STIHL 250 chain saw before buying it. We talked about it above. However, this is not the only information you should be familiar with before starting a model. Other features include:

By purchasing this model you will be able to refill it quickly. This feature is realized by the cover, which has a patented design. The operator working with the equipment will have reliable hand protection. Consumers especially highlight the toothed stop and the chain, which guarantees a quality and fast sawing of the wood.

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