How to start the Elmos professional gasoline grass trimmer

The result of a proper running-in of the petrol grass trimmer

After you have run the lawnmower according to the instructions, as a result we will get a ready to work tool. Of course it is better not only to read the steps, but also to see the running in on the video from the specialists. The result of correct actions will be obtained:

  • Keep your petrol tool working reliably for a long time;
  • Proper starting and consistent power output;
  • no unforeseen repairs of the grass trimmer after a quality run-in;
  • No overheating.

In this regard, the initial processing of the Chinese grass trimmer is an integral part of the quality work of the device, which can work flawlessly, using blades for gasoline scythes or cutting lines of different diameters when processing areas, available for purchase in the special store “Grass Mower”.

First start of the grass trimmer

When everything is checked and the prepared fuel mixture is poured into the tank, there comes the moment of the first start of the grass trimmer before its running-in. To do this, it is necessary to perform the following manipulations:

start, elmos, gasoline, grass
  • Position your brushcutter on a flat, horizontal surface;
  • Move the air damper control lever to the closed position;
  • Pump a few pumps of primer fuel into the carburetor;
  • Turn on the ignition switch;
  • Gently pull the starter cord until you feel resistance;
  • After making the cord 34 sharp jerks until the lawnmower starts;
  • After starting, we open the air damper.

In case the lawnmower does not start or stalls the first time, slightly open the choke on the carburetor and try again.

Pluses and minuses of trimmers Elmos (Elmos)

Here you can watch a video review of the Elmos EPT26. Learn the features, read reviews about Elmos EPT26.

Grass trimmer Elmos EET60 reviews, buy at an inexpensive price

Petr J. Advantages: Enough power for everything, not heavy, handy Disadvantages: Literally every minute of operation requires a 5 minute break. I bought this machine last year, mowed 15/15 minutes on three acres, then it kept going off in the same mode. This year it works for a minute and asks for a break for 5 minutes. It was a lawn grass, it hadn’t rained for a week, without watering. The grass is about 20 cm high. I think it’s not a very good trimmer for the grass. Comment: Do not spare money and buy expensive and high-quality equipment. It is not Elmos Jet 60.

reviews about Elmos EPT24 gasoline grass trimmer

AdvantagesUnicable start, separate adjustment of handles for the right and left hand, metal fishing line spool, metal clamp for handles, soft engine noise.

Advantages I have been using this model since 2007. Top of the line.Real German quality.Lightweight, powerful, quiet.Winds up without any problems.I always mow with a knife, only clean up with a fishing line.

DisadvantagesOne small disadvantage: the right handle with the control buttons is not conveniently located, you have to twist the hand.Easily fixed by re-drilling the mounting hole.

AdvantagesCompletely powerful, starts up quickly, easy to understand instructions, easy to mow on the whole

Gasoline Grass Trimmer and Bush Cutter. INGCO. GBC5434421

DisadvantagesWritten already about the right handle. I had a slight discomfort with the straight boom, it is a bit uncomfortable to direct the blade, although I may not have adjusted it well

CommentDelegantly made, lightweight, started up immediately, bought and the next day, with breaks between beer mowed half of the area of 25 acres, barely tired, broke the cover because the grass strongly pressed on it and the knife cut it. do not know where to get a replacement, let’s see how long it will work, while at 15-30 minutes without stopping no problem at all, for half a day burned 1l gasoline

CommentsI’ve been using this mower since 2007, no maintenance, took it out of the barn, mowed 16 acres and put it back in the barn. I’m the only one on our dacha street that’s had a grass mower this long. The only thing I had to buy was a semi-automatic spool.

AdvantagesVery reliable, starts after winter on the remaining gasoline in the tank from the second jerk. I use it since 2006 or 2005, the area of 30 acres, I burn about 30 liters of gasoline in a season. During all this time of useless exploitation, and practically without care since the first day of work, broke only the crown spring, put from haskvarovskoy chain saw and the whole deal. The disk easily cuts down small trees about a finger thick

DisadvantagesWeak for working with a fishing line, where the grass is dense, I mow only with a disc.

The commentaryIn general, I am amazed by the reliability, many acquaintances have lawn mowers Hoskvarna, so they break down for 2 years completely, plus more constant small repairs.

AdvantagesVery economical.Mows well.Starts well.Bought in 2006 for 7500.Hasn’t even unscrewed the plug once since

AdvantagesReliability. Service life. Ease of starting.

DisadvantagesThe weight. Only one service in St. Petersburg, and it is very far away (the industrial zone ‘Parnas’).

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CommentaryBought it in 2005 for 300. I had to change the spools a couple of times. They just cut from hole to hole with a fishing line. In 2014 I bought a metal one (350r.) with four holes for fishing line. reliable thing. Besides, I`m saving on fishing line now by filling up the pieces of line which are torn now and then. From the beginning of exploitation worked only on 95 gasoline and Husqvarna oil (1:50). After 10 seasons of mowing (20-25 acres) the grass trimmer started overheating, losing power and shutting down. Filter flushing, replacement of spark plugs (120r.), replacement of piston rings (600r.) had no effect. Just would not start. As a result, I sent the same repairman I bought the coils from to the service. After 2 months, because of the waiting for the right parts grass trimmer was repaired. Piston rings needed to be replaced (600r.), a cylinder (1850r.), piston (500r.), gaskets and worn out clutch (1000r.). I burned half the tank at idle. everything is fine, does not choke, runs smoothly, the sound is softer. I took it to the countryside, filled it with 92 gasoline (as advised by the masters), after 5 minutes of full throttle, it overheated again and refused to start. That’s how I used it. Cooled down, mowed, heated up, stalled. Frustrated. Wasted money on repairs. The area is already waist-deep in vegetation in these 2 months of repair. I decided not to save oil (as advised by service technician). Dosed it to 40 grams per liter of 92 and the weed trimmer blows back to life. Started running on full throttle for up to 15 minutes instead of 5. Then overheat. I took off the trim cover and never installed it again. I added more oil: 35-40 grams per tank of fuel (600 ml). Mixture turned blue. The grass trimmer is at full power. I mowed the whole day with constant pumping, because. к. I was afraid of overheating. In the evening, my arms got tired, I decided not to mow, and started mowing away at full throttle. The feeling immediately recalled 2005 when I mowed with a new trimmer. Power is up again, no more overheating. Never figured out what that was about. May be due to aging oil or wrong running-in period. But now I’m satisfied! I hope it lasts as long as it did before.

AdvantagesReliability, unpretentiousness, durability.

DisadvantagesThe line head is inconvenient and impractical, because of that it uses a lot of line and wastes time on reloading.

CommentaryBought in the spring of 2007. I mostly use a knife. I hope it will serve as long as it used to. 25 acres 3 times a year. From maintenance. Only gearbox lubrication. I use 92 unleaded and oil Oregon or Husqvarna. For some reason does not break)

AdvantagesReal, comfortable, economical, noise level at 4.

CommentI have been using since August 2015, the first 3 days of running-in worked for 10 minutes, with little rest, not let overheat, 10 grams of oil per liter.From May to September every 10 days I mow 10 acres with a fishing line (sprocket), but knives if thistles, a barrel of gasoline for 10 acres enough, gasoline 92 Lukoil, of the maintenance only spritz gearbox 1,2 times a month. Start good, even after winter, gasoline suction, 2 times idle, and 3 start, like the idle runs smoothly, 1.2min warm up before mowing.Assembling germany engine MITSUBISHI, STIHL I did not like.It’s similar to Husqvarna, but cheaper. The most important thing is properly run-in and do not overheat in hot weather.

Your feedback will help someone make a choice. Thank you for sharing your experience!

Best buying options at a low price

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reviews on Elmos EPT26 gasoline grass trimmer

AdvantagesSlightweight, always easy to start, metal blade included, undestroyable, very convenient and easy to charge the line (unlike coils).

The commentaryI do not know how this model is now, and where it is collected, but I bought it 3 years ago in Leroy-m and I want to say that this is a great trimmer! (Especially compared to our neighbor’s Stihl, which weighs twice as much, is louder and the spare parts are expensive for STIHL like disks spools, etc.).п. ) Runs great all this time, for the winter, I do not use it as written in the instructions, in the spring, starting immediately, the quality of assemly and metal good, no screws are not torn as the Chinese technology is always easy to start, no hard mode of operation, no breaks))), bushes F1-2 cm. Chops down without any problems, and if you buy a disk toothed to it even can cut down trees, in general, it is. unkillable machine beast) the only problem that has been with it all this time is that I have never cleaned the air filter and I noticed it only when too much oil to gasoline mix, it began not work steadily, the problem was solved simply. I mixed new fuel, cleaned the filter and everything was fine again ))))

Disadvantages3 years ago I bought an Elmos 24 and was satisfied with the purchase Recently I bought an Elmos 26.just the opposite. 1 did not put the screws to fix the hood 2 ring for attaching the belt made of plastic, not metal 3 quality plastic leaves much to be desired 4 as soon as put a fishing line 3mm and ran the trimmer for grass cracked hood 5 nozzle on the left handle turns, had to glue.

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AdvantagesSmooth, powerful engine, starts well, light weight, makes it easy to mow and not too tired, compared to the Oleo. Mac Sparta 25. There is no vibration at all.

CommentThought about the gasoline trimmer under 9 thsd. I stopped at 3 models of Echo SRM. 2305SI, Oleo Mac Sparta 25, Elmos EPT26. Echo lightweight, compact engine, but underpowered 0.8l.C and this grass trimmer will work well and for a long time on the lawn, most grass is not for him, Oleo. Mac good trimmer for the grass has a forged shaft and a 3-year warranty, unlike competitors that have a 1-year warranty, but he heavier, the engine 1 liter.с. And it works louder than his opponents. That is why I chose the Elmos EPT26, works quietly, the engine 1.5l.с., It is lighter than competitors and overgrown weeds are not an obstacle for it.I was quite satisfied with the device.

AdvantagesWhich is easy to start, as they say “with half a bang”. Pretty powerful. Crushes bush easily. Old burdocks and bushes are easy to cut with the knife. Compared to my last petrol mower (I rented it temporarily) this one is 1.5 times more powerful. Accordingly, I mowed 1.5-2 times more and more easily for the same time.

Disadvantages1. The protective cover is made of soft flexible plastic. And in old tall weeds it was easy to cut with a knife. A couple of pulls on the grass and the blade guard is almost cut off and ruined. So in the old high bush, when installing the knife, this cover is better to remove, although not according to the instructions. 2. The inability to buy original parts. The cover could not be found and ordered over the Internet. No service center in Ufa. Contacted through the “service” section of the official Elmos website.The product has been left without any answer.

The commentThe price-quality ratio would be very good, if all opinion were not spoiled by the protective cover. The cover I found after all. That’s why I gave it a score of 4, not less. The hood is already made of hard plastic. From Champion gasoline trimmer in the same yellow color. Mounted on bar. Saw the same “universal” casing in black and orange at the construction market for 400-500

Advantageswithdrawal, convenience, fuel consumption, no vibration, price, weight, reliability. durability.

CommentaryI have been in use since 2006. didn’t change anything. even a spark plug. Stuffing the knife as a scythe for weeds and burdocks. hogweed. than once I’ve hit rocks, iron, gearbox, or anything else. bricks, concrete. iron, gearbox, whatever. Engine does not need repair. Power like new, I wonder. Same age as the older models, but they have long been scrapped or overhauled, even though they worked for the same amount of time. I didn’t even clean the air filter, unlike others, my mowing consumption is less than that of the Stihl 130, not to speak of the 80, which simply gobbles up. on a par with the 130. 80 wouldn’t even touch it. Of course, you can’t compare it to the Stihl 450 hedge trimmer with twice the power. but look at the price of 450 wow. Took my Elmos for 6000 in 2006. Now it works as before. Three days ago I was mowing a young bush with a knife. whatever. chops down to a centimeter thick. Bought as soon as available for sale. The passport was on the color booklet. German assembly, like Hamburg, good job Germans.

AdvantagesDrive!1.5hp is much nicer than the old 1hp shtil fs 55.Less noise and vibration.Very high feed and speed.Consumption liter of 6 acres of 50cm grass fishing line.The engine has Mitsubishi written on it.and it’s almost true. Weight.Very comfortable in terms of waving and do not get tired.

DisadvantagesAssembly. Assembling leaves a lot to be desired; but with straight hands it is possible to defeat this as well. 1. lack of screws to mount the line trimmer. 2.left handle pops off (put on duct tape) 3.The right hand was not tightened, and after installing it in the bracket rotated relative to the shaft (put a piece of sandpaper). 4.The protruding terminals were also bunched up with duct tape and secured to the housing. 5.The rest of the screws were also tightened.

CommentsBought to replace the stolen Stihl. took a long time to choose.I wanted a Makita 4-stroke, but there’s not much power, and I have a weed.and the service life is twice as long ( theoretically).STIHL price and now there is no American, only China ((Husqvarna theme, but my friends do not have any. My uncle has had an Elmos 26 for six years, beating 20 acres a week.

reviews on Elmos EPT36F gasoline grass trimmer

AdvantagesFour-stroke Honda GX35 engine. I wanted a Makita 4-stroke, but it has too little power, and I have to work with weeds. it’s awesome: quiet, powerful and downright stuck to the ground. Ease of maintenance. 10 out of 10: easy to fill up with oil, easy to change the spark plug. The engine needed only 1 bolt to remove (unlike the MTD-990, which has 6 screws and the gas tank is out of the way). Information support for the engine by the manufacturer (Honda Power Products). above all, each nut has a catalog number by which everything can be ordered through auto parts stores. High engine speeds (up to 10,000 RPM) provide cutting everything under the knife, up to and including bushes and small trees. Shoulder suspension. Very handy, I mowed a lot of overgrown 30 acres in 4 hours. I did not feel any fatigue. The price-quality ratio is amazing, grass trimmers with a similar motor from other manufacturers are one and a half to two times more expensive.

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DisadvantagesFirst of all. build quality. Reminds me of a Moskvich-2141 with the Renault engine: everything, except the engine, needs to be tightened and checked after the purchase. The bolts fixing the shaft to the engine had to be put on threadlocker on the first day, t.к. When working, they began to unscrew from vibration. The plastic protective cover is oddly shaped. It has to be driven on the ground with its heel, providing the minimum height of stubble, I am afraid it will not live long. over, because of the large distance between the blade and the blade guard on the left side, sometimes the thick grass (sedge, weeds) gets wrapped around the blade. i compare it with the hood of MTD-990, which is metal and much more comfortable to work with. Т.н. “Vibration protection” in the form of a rubber bushing between the handles and the shaft. It is not a defective spark plug, because for its effectiveness it is necessary to release the lower fixing bolts, which, due to the engine torque, leads to the rotation of the shaft relative to the handles. Reel for the fishing line. strange thing, i somehow got used to semi-automatic ones that feed the line when reducing the length of the whisker. I bought it because of the blade, the line is secondary for me. There is no mention of gearbox maintenance in the manual. I recommend to check the lubricant just in case, by unscrewing the bolt.

The commentAn instance with a defective spark plug. broke the first day. I advise you to buy a spare. There is no such thing in the car-motor stores.к. CMR5H is only available on Honda engines for units. Despite some tendency to “do-it-yourself” principles, on the whole the grasshopper is quite handy. Also, I really hope that the Honda engine will run with the inherent reliability of the brand.

Advantages1) it works very quietly. 2) Powerful Honda four-stroke motor 3) “Coil” of alloy. practically eternal. Even a 10 year old kid can start it up (no effort at all) 5. no hassle with mixing. 6) Convenient shoulder strap, but those who bought a satchel are even more pleased. 7) practically no vibration (here is a very useful 4-stroke engine)

Disadvantages1) Heavy for women 2) No semi-automatic spool for fishing line in the kit.

CommentVery happy with the purchase! Price / quality ratio on high. Do not agree with the author of the previous review. In my instance, the assembly on high, nothing twisted off and nothing tightened, with a spark plug everything is normal (although I bought a spare just in case) Over the summer, mowed 20 liters of 95 gasoline, broke only the knife and that through my fault, in the dense grass have not noticed a ball of barbed wire and one blade “zadralo” appeared imbalanced. I only use 4 mm fishing line (my spool allows it and the manual says 4 mm can be put in), I am very pleased with it, what cannot be said about the 3 mm fishing line. Tears just touch a bush or fence. Tried to put two pieces of 2 mm. Super, but it takes longer to put it in the bobbin. In general, if you have the strength to carry a 6 kg all recommend.

The advantages of the European assembly, all parts look quality, the engine started with half a turn. Honda.Started mowing with the disc. beautiful.Meter-long grass is laid on the HEAVEN.

Disadvantages I’m 196 cm tall, the strap is too small, I’ll think of something. Backpack will probably be more convenient (ordered) line 4 mm to me seems to cut worse than the 2 mm on ALPINE 1000 (electric)

StrengthsIt gives the impression of a 100% Honda with Elmos written on it by accident. It works flawlessly. Easiest to start. No vibration (thanks for that from my banged up limbs). Mows everything from lawns to thorns and thorns as thick as a hand. Worked this summer in the countryside, getting great pleasure from the competent technique.

DisadvantagesIn adjusting the height of the handles, the tension of the cable is loose, which is responsible for the fuel supply. That’s why it doesn’t always reach maximum rpm. I should pull it up, but I can not get my hands on it. Which, however, has little to do with the disadvantages.

The commentaryWhen using it, put on a helmet with headphones and metal mesh visor and chase everyone away from the site. Grass trimmer is powerful, throws not only grass, but pretty weighty pebbles. If there is a desire to overpay in 1,5 times buy the Honda and then on the engine you will have a noble red plastic color (and the complete set will be useless plastic glasses). If you don’t feel like it, go for the Elmos. All the same but the plastic is blue and the price is lower.

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