How to start the Champion chain saw

Adjusting Champion chain saw. How to start a modern chainsaw correctly

Champion chain saw carburetors have three screws for adjustment: L. nozzle screw for low speed adjustment H. nozzle screw for high speed adjustment. T at Champion and Husqvarna (Stihl LA). chain saw idle speed adjustment

The modern chainsaw successfully combines such qualities as mobility, safety and convenience at work, durability, has become a valuable assistant in the homestead. In this article we will give advice on the right choice of a chainsaw and teach how to use it productively for your own purposes, while ensuring your own safety.

The modern market offers a wide variety of tools, but it can not be said that their quality is always at an appropriate level. Low for Chinese-made tools are the reason of their popularity among buyers, ensuring a high demand. However, you should always remember that a chainsaw is source of increased danger. And the problem is not only, or rather, not so much that it can break down while working, but a much more serious consequence of such a breakdown can be injury to people. We hope that a reasonable consumer understands the absurdity of the situation when the price of such a complex tool is equivalent to the price of a few kilos of sausage. That is why we will not even discuss low-priced chainsaw models. Well-known brands SOLO, STIHL, Makita, Husqvarna, DOLMAR. SHINDAIWA, ZENOAH. JONSERED, HITACHI, Oleo-Mac and others, producing tools for both professional and domestic use. These are the brands that make a good chainsaw for your home or country house. Well-known brands STIHL, Husqvarna and JONSERED are rightfully considered as leaders in this list. The latter is a division of Husqvarna, which specializes in the production of professional chainsaws. All these companies have a long history and many years of experience in the production of high-quality chainsaws.

STIHL was founded in 1929 by the German engineer Andreas Stihl and was the first two-hand chain saw with a 6-horsepower engine that was in great demand at the time. In the years that have elapsed since then the company has carried out numerous developments, the results of which have been applied in production (chainsaws, automatic saw lubrication system, centrifugal clutch etc.).). They are also the inventors of the hand chainsaw with gasoline engine drive.

Swedish power tool manufacturer Husqvarna, the closest competitor of the STIHL company, is currently an established manufacturer of power tools, including. An interesting fact of the company’s history: it was founded in 1689 and at that time was known as a weapons manufacturer. Nowadays professionals when choosing gasolineoline tools prefer products of Husqvarna company. Let’s also note another Swedish manufacturer, JONSERED, which has been producing quality gasoline tools for over half a century. The production of the Japanese company SHINDAIWA is little known to our consumers, because it does not have such a long history as STIHL and Husqvarna. But professionals respect this trademark for high quality, reliability, practicality and longevity of the tools it produces.

Confronted with such a wide variety of brands and having a wide range of choices, the potential customer is often at a loss. And even if, before making a purchase, he received information from books, magazines, the Internet, or simply by listening to the advice of friends, then getting into a modern supermarket, he usually hears only praise. So how to choose the right tool for such conditions? Choosing a gasoline chain saw

start, champion, chain

When choosing a tool in the upper price segment of the market, we can afford to slightly disregard brand names, focusing on the functions and advantages of specific models. First you need to decide what you need the saw for. The amount of work to be done is very important. If you need a saw for home use and you will not use it more than once a week (e.g. for cutting firewood in the bathhouse or pruning branches in the garden), it is worth choosing among smaller saws. If you use such a saw very often and intensively the result might be a bad impression of the manufacturer, but in fact it might be a wrong choice of saw model. They have a limited lifespan and are not designed for big jobs.

Always be sure to hold the saw in your hands when selecting it. You should not make a purchase based only on the manufacturer’s advertising and the standard characteristics of the product. You may be familiar with the phrase “just sat in your hand. When selecting a saw it comes at the right time. Every chainsaw model has different ergonomic characteristics for the same power output. And people differ in their anatomical structure. It is therefore important to choose the chainsaw which you feel comfortable with, paying attention to the position and shape of the control levers. The chain saw has a very important handle for the chain brake. Using inertia brake even a chainsaw working at high rpm can be stopped almost instantly, which prevents injury to the operator in any emergency situation. All chainsaws, regardless of model and manufacturer, have inertia brake lever in the same place. in front of the front handle, but the shape and size of the lever, the force at which the brake is triggered. are different. That’s why it’s worth choosing a chainsaw that suits your anatomy. It is not only the quality and speed of your work that is dependent on your tool being properly selected and tuned, but also your safety.

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Getting ready to start the chainsaw for the first time.

The first startup of a chain saw before the break-in procedure should be with the guide bar and chain in place. It is not advisable to start the engine without the chain-saw, because the engine will not be properly loaded. The high RPM of the power unit will accelerate its premature wear and tear and its failure.

High engine speeds without a guide bar, chain and clutch cover in place when starting can injure the operator with a loose clutch.

In addition to installing and adjusting the headset, before starting the gasoline engine of a chainsaw, each owner must make two important preparations:

As a rule, in new or repaired chainsaws, moving parts are lapped during the running-in period, when the tool is subjected to light loads. It takes about 7 to 10 gallons of fuel mixture for the tool to reach its rated power.

How to start the chainsaw?

Most European models have a similar starting system and starter mechanism. Exception. old chainsaws of domestic manufacture (Ural, Lesnik). On the body there is a handle through which a cord is passed. If it is lifted, the cable is meshed with the ratchet drum, several revolutions of the crankshaft take place. At the same time, the fuel is ejected and ignited by the spark plug, after which the chainsaw starts. The following mechanisms can be implemented in high-quality chainsaw models to simplify starting:

start, champion, chain
  • Installing a choke in the carburetor to pre-enrich the fuel mixture;
  • decompression valve, which reduces the working pressure in the engine cylinder;
  • a spring that makes it easier to unwind the crankshaft while the cable is moving;
  • an extra pump for fuel priming (usually found on American builders).

The starter is subjected to dynamic loads all the time. Because of this, it can fail at any time right during the start-up. If the saw is used frequently, maintenance is recommended at least once a year. It is recommended that only two people replace the cord in the starter, because it is necessary to fix the spring reliably.

How to turn on the chainsaw?

After preparing the tool for sawing and filling the fuel tank you can start the engine directly. Remember that after buying a chain saw you need to run it in. start it idle, cut wood (up to 10 cm in diameter) at medium rpm. Foreign models reach full power after 5-7 tanks, the old domestic saws run in with partial load for 24 hours (3-4 full refills). During this period it is strictly forbidden to heat the engine, to let it run idle for a longer period of time or to overload it during sawing.

Champion chainsaw after 4 months of ownership

Startup steps

After all the checks, you can put the machine into operation for the next step. To do this, place the saw on a stable surface so that the bar does not touch the ground. Step by step algorithm:

  • Disengage the chain brake with the handle on the chain saw body.
  • Switch on ignition, push button or switch (usually the leftmost position).
  • Move choke shutter to the closed position. Pull out throttle valve lever, fix it in intermediate position.
  • Hold the front handle with your left hand and press it lightly to the bottom. Then put your foot down on the right handle’s deflector.
  • With your other free hand pull the starter grip toward you until the pawls in the ratchet mechanism engage the clutch drum. Making a sharp jerk.
  • After the first spark in the ignition chamber, turn the choke shutter to its original position. Start the saw again.

After the engine starts, give full throttle and release the throttle lever completely. Normally the starter unit should automatically shut off.

Important! The saw’s starting position depends on the specific model as well as your driving hand. Compact versions of this tool can be started from the weight.

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Peculiarities of cold and hot start

To start the engine, several processes occur simultaneously in the unit. The fuel mixture begins to flow into the engine piston, it is compressed and ignited by the spark plug. The quality of the air mix is different when starting a cold and hot engine.

If the normal amount of air is sufficient when hot, it is not enough when cold. In such a situation it is necessary to pull the starter motor many times, which leads to wear of its cable. There is a special choke in the carburetor to adjust the air supply. In cold weather it should be fully opened, if necessary, pump fuel directly into the carburetor with a primer. This will speed up starting the chainsaw and reduce the risk of breaking its major components.

How to hold the tool?

There are several methods of holding the chain saw in order to start it. The easiest option is to place the tool on a flat surface, grasp the top handle with your left hand while holding the guard with your foot. The second way is to hold the top handle of the saw with your hand, while the back part is fastened between your legs. This approach is appropriate only for smaller, more compact chain saws.

Figure 4. How you can hold a chainsaw

Checking the oil supply

There is a special oil tank in the engine crankcase. it supplies oil to the bar to achieve chain sliding. Its work is controlled by a special pump, which starts with the increase of the engine rpm. To check the oil flow and operation of the lubrication system, remove the side deflector, start the tool. If the oil flows to the headset and is reduced in the tank (check with the dipstick), no action is necessary. If the mixture is insufficient, it is recommended to clean or replace the filter, and then adjust the supply.

Distinctive features of winding different brands

The starting system for some models may be slightly different. The main difference in the location of the main elements on the body (the presence or absence of primer, the number of bolts for tensioning the chain, and others), as well as the proportion of fuel mixture. After purchasing the tool, you should carefully read the manual, which always specifies the algorithm of the first start, running-in and the frequency of preventive measures.

Important! Particularly often there are differences in the design elements of Chinese chainsaws. When choosing such a tool, you should check in advance if there are detailed instructions.

Peculiarities of starting in winter

Before you start working in the winter, it is advisable to warm up the chain saw for about 10-15 minutes. If this is not possible, start the tool at idle by moving the air damper to the middle position. Do not increase engine power until it has been warmed up first. Some models have the ability to switch the air intake in summer and winter mode. this is the best solution if you often work in the woods at any time of year.

Is it possible to start without a starter motor?

It is not possible to start the chainsaw without a starter motor. In the absence of this element will be violations in the engine cooling process, as it is the so-called “snail, regulating the flow of cold air from the flywheel impeller to the internal combustion engine cylinder.

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The answer to a popular question about starting a chainsaw

On the Internet, very often you can find questions about how you can start the chainsaw without the help of the starter. The answer is simple. You can’t start a chainsaw without a starter motor. Manufacturers do not provide any alternative starting methods, t. к. even if you take it off and somehow start the saw, it won’t work because the cooling system is broken. In it, a snail is installed, which transmits the flow of cold air from the flywheel impeller, to the cylinder.

If it is removed, the engine will overheat and most likely jam.

Champion 137 chainsaw. model device

Champion chainsaw in the 137th modification is distinguished by a good reserve of traction and torque. The basis of the complete set of garden tools consists of a 2-stroke gasoline 1-cylinder engine with a forged piston that has received increased range, as well as a chrome-plated cylinder volume of 37.2 cm3. To quickly start the engine, the model has a manual starter and a durable clutch. The fuel tank has a capacity of 310 ml and has a wide neck for emptying the tank of small debris.

The Champion 137 features an oversized Japanese Walbro carburetor with metal jets and advanced float, which lets you precisely adjust the amount of fuel delivered to the motor. For easy starting of the built-in cold engine, the model is equipped with a clear plastic pump to pump fuel into the cylinder.

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Champion has included a revised anti-vibration system consisting of 6 metal springs in the basic equipment of the 137th model. When the engine is running at maximum rpm, the springs absorb the vibrations of the crankshaft. Thanks to this there is practically no vibration on the handles of the model.

To protect internal parts from dust, chips, and shocks, Champion equipped the 137th with a durable reinforced plastic enclosure. Some of its parts can be removed, which allows you to make independent repairs and quickly replace consumable parts.

In the back of the body of the saw the manufacturer has all the necessary controls for the work. This allows the operator to adjust the operation of the garden tool directly while cutting wood without having to turn off the chainsaw engine.

Champion 137 operating instructions

For those who have never dealt with chainsaws and do not know how to properly prepare the saw for work, tension the chain, start it, a manual is supplied with every Champion 137. After reading the recommendations, you can get basic knowledge that will not spoil the tool, as well as protect yourself from injury.

You can download the official instruction manual for your chain saw from our catalog.

How to start chain saw correctly

Before starting the tool, you should carefully study the work area and safety rules. The algorithm for starting the chainsaw consists of the following steps:

  • Push the chain brake forward by activating it. Remove the guide bar from the guide bar.
  • If there is a decompression valve or fuel pump, press it.
  • Move the control lever to the cold-start (throttle position).
  • Position the saw on level ground so that the cutting edge does not touch the ground.
  • Grasp the handle with your left hand and the starter rope with your right. Put the toe of your right foot on the back of the handle for stability.
  • Pull the starter rope gently until you feel resistance and then pull it hard several times to get the engine running.
  • Open the throttle by moving the Master Control lever one detent position to the half throttle position.
  • Pull the throttle cable once again and then pull the throttle trigger when the engine starts. The master control lever will move to the normal idle position.
  • Lift the saw carefully without touching the throttle trigger.
  • Pull the chain brake handle toward you until you hear a distinct click, which signals that the chain is unlocked and can move over the bar.

It is also possible to start the chain saw by clamping it between your knees. Regardless of which starting method you choose, the chain brake is always engaged.

Sometimes a gasoline saw that is not equipped with a manual priming pump will not start after an extended period of idle time. In such a case, you must remove the air filter cover, take out the filter element and use a syringe to pour a few drops of gasoline directly into the carburetor. After about 30 seconds a vapor will form and you can pull the starter handle. In an extreme case, you can apply a more radical method. remove the spark plug, pour a few drops of gasoline inside the cylinder and screw the plug back in.

How users’ reviews

For this article we would like to offer you some feedback from a user who left a testimonial after using the Champion 142 chain saw for a long time.

I bought the Champion 142 more than three years ago and I still use it almost every month. It helps me out when I need to cut firewood for the winter, and I take it on fishing trips and to the cottage. I have only good impressions of this saw, because I’m very happy with the way it operates. к. It hasn’t let me down yet. Yes, it broke down, but I was able to fix it myself, which I am even glad. Now I have experience in fixing it, and I’m not afraid of overpaying and taking it to the service center, where I’m sure they’ll charge me a pretty penny.

start, champion, chain

The power of this saw is enough for me, it easily cuts trunks with a diameter of over 30 cm, I even tried to cut a tree over 70 cm, the saw is heavy, but she did it. Of course, I won’t try that again, why should I rape the tool?

start, champion, chain

In general, it is a good saw and not expensive. I recommend to those who are looking for and want a good saw for household chores.

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