How to start a trimmer for Oleo-Mac grass. Telescopic pen

Trimmers for Oleo-Mac Sparta grass (Oleo-Mac Sparta)

SPARTA gasoline braids from the famous OLEO-MAC brand are highlighted by high reliability, competent selection of components and excellent assembly quality. Each SPARTA model is characterized by stability when performing tasks in different operational conditions, as well as a high power supply. This makes it possible to use Oleo-Mac Sparta motorcycles to intensively combat large weeds in large territories in area.

The well-known Italian brand Oleo-Mac was founded in 1972 by Arielo Bartolly. From the very beginning of its existence, the enterprise began the active development of high.quality agricultural machinery. At the same time, the company not only set up the production of its own high.quality technology, but also took up the active expansion and popularization of its brand in the world. As a result of an effective policy, in just 20 years, the Italian manufacturer was able to redeem the control packages of shares of 30 smaller enterprises, and successfully combine them into one large industrial holding.

Today, Oleo-Mac is engaged in intensive production of cultivators, gasoline and electric chain saws, lawn mowers. Separate attention among all products of the company deserve gasoline trimmers for grass from the Sparta line. From their market analogues, they are stable when working under variables and constantly high loads, ease of maintenance and a long.term working resource. Another important advantage is the relatively low price of Oleo-Mac Sparta motorcycles. This makes it possible to purchase high.quality Italian technology to anyone who wants.

OLEO-MAC motorcycles-Review of the lineup

Designed in Italy, motorcycles. Oleo-Mac grass trimmers have all the characteristics inherent in Italian garden technique. What are these characteristics? First of all, a high degree of reliability. For the tool, it is extremely important. By purchasing Oleo-Mac motorcycles, the buyer is aimed at productive work, he receives it. The company’s specialists regularly work on the modernization of their products. The use of the latest technologies makes this process as effective as possible. One of the latest developments of the company is the introduction of a unique vibrut anti.vibration system. Thanks to it, it has become easier to manage the equipment, respectively, it became possible to work even better. Based on the fact that the lawn mower to many owners of the plots replaces the lawn mower, this characteristic is of paramount importance. The presence of anti.vibration system with prolonged operation is especially noticeable. In the Samsad online store you can buy a motorcycle, a trimmer for OLEO-MAC grass, which will become indispensable assistants to work both on an even area and areas with a complex relief.

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The design of these devices is such that for them there are practically no restrictions related to the characteristics of the landscape. Perhaps no other tool can cope with the slope of grass in places as the lawn mower or trimmer for grass will do. The line of this manufacturer is represented by electric trimmers and gasoline motorcycles. The Samsad online store sells motorcycles, OLEO-MAC trimmers of various capacities, which means for the buyer the ability to purchase a model that is ideally meets to its requirements. Along with other advantages of these products, one cannot fail to note that the for motorcycles, a trimmer for Oleo-Mac grass are quite democratic. The presence of several modifications in the line of several modifications is classified not only by the principle of energy used, but also by equipping the cutting element. As a rule, models that have the ability to replace fishing line with a knife are very popular.

start, trimmer, oleo-mac, grass

The Oleo-Mac lawn mower is widely used, both in the personal plot and in the garden. When using OLEO-MAC motorcycles, a very small amount of gases is ejected into the atmosphere, and the anti-vibration system, which is equipped with Oleo-Mac motorcycles, eliminates the operator from the influence of vibration.

Oleo-Mac lawn mower is a unique unit thanks to a balanced ergonomic structure. The connecting rod and shaft are made of special durable steel that prevents corrosion. In addition, the clutch clutch Oleo-Mac (price) is stable for a variety of loads, so the unit can be used for a long period of time. The filter and muffler, which equipped the Oleo-Mac lawn mower, greatly simplify the maintenance of the apparatus.

At the moment when the Oleo-Mac lawn mower was developed, representatives of the Italian company used advanced technologies and achievements. So, the device is equipped with an internal combustion engine, which is distinguished by a high moment even while working at small speeds.

Universal motorcycles for domestic use

(Motokos is designed for garden work)

  • Reliable internal combustion engines are installed on them, with a high moment even at low speeds. Forged steel shaft and connecting rod provide a long service life and permanent. not changing characteristics over time.
  • They are convenient and easy to handle, vibrations on them are minimized, thanks to self.combatant bearings on the transmission and insulation of the engine from handles.
  • The centrifugal clutch with rolled blocks provides high wear resistance and long service life.
  • The engine is equipped with a suction device, which, supplying the fuel-air mixture to the carburetor, allows you to launch the engine from a fewer attempts.
  • Motokos are equipped with a mowing head “Tap’n Go”, which allows an automatic fishing line without the need to interrupt the work.
  • Simplified access to a filter without tools.
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OLEO-MAC SPARTA 25TR gasoline trimmer (derived from production)

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Lawn mowed Read more.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25d lawn mower (discontinued)

The key advantage of this model is collapsible, which provides convenience and simplicity during transportation and storage (fits into the trunk of a car).

Universal motorcycles for intensive household use

(Motokos intended for users seeking to get a combination of the highest possible efficiency with high comfort during operation.)

  • The transmission tube with a diameter of 24mm and a longer (total length of 150 cm) reduces the weight of the machine and increases its ergonomicity, allowing the operator to work in a less bent position and, therefore, with less effort.
  • The maximum wear resistance and the qualitative characteristics that do not change over time are provided due to a durable internal transmission rod with a diameter of 7mm.
  • Light conical pair of small sizes reduces the weight at the end of the motorcycle and makes it more controlled.
  • Ergonomic handles, the development of which innovative patented solutions were used, allow the operator to work in a more convenient position and guarantee constant control over the machine at all stages of work.
  • Devices “Sunny” and “Lift Starter” make the engine starting as much as possible.

OLEO-MAC 725T ERGO lawn mower (derived from production)

Motokos for intensive work of the Heavy Duty class

(Motokos designed to ensure high efficiency and unchanged quality with prolonged use, including those difficult to process areas.)

A few tips

It is impossible to launch in the room or in the same place where the equipment was refueled. The high concentration of exhaust gases that differ in toxicity has a negative effect on human health.

You can not smoke during the preparation or refueling of the combustible mixture. It is forbidden to carry out these actions near the open fire.

New equipment needs “”. Do not sharply burn on gas. At first it is necessary to work, making short stops, so that all the elements, as they say, are pulled and greased enough.

Oleo-mac Paddy harvester

Necessary tools:

If the motor motorcycles refuses to start, then first of all you need to check the candle. If it is completely dry, then this means that the fuel is not supplied to the combustion chamber and the reason is in the carburetor. Immediately it is worth checking the candle and for the subject of a spark in order to exclude it from the reasons on all fronts.

You can also make sure that the motor itself is serviceable. To do this, having twisted the candle, you need to pour a syringe into a combustion chamber of several milliliters of gasoline. After this, the candle is twisted and the lawn mower is started. If everything is in order with the motor, then it will work for a few seconds. This will once again confirm that it makes sense to disassemble the carburetor.

Next, a plastic protective cover is removed along with an air filter. After that, 2 screws are twisted with a cross.shaped screwdriver, holding the air damper and the carburetor on the engine. Fuel tubes immediately break down.

From the side of the cap of the suction, you need to twist 4 screws with a screwdriver, and divide it into 2 halves. We are interested in half with suction. There is a valve from its inside in the center.

He often sticks out, because after evaporation of gasoline, with a simple on it, a viscous oil works as glue. To check it, you need to put a short thin tube and try to blow the air through it. If he is stuck, he will not be able to blow out in any direction.

Caliping of the valve is eliminated by a conventional match. Toothpicks are better not to use, since they are sharp and can harm. A match must be slightly rested on the valve and stir it. After cleaning the match, it will be blown up.

Fuel will be able to act, so it will work. Cleaning the valve is not a panacea for all motorcycles that do not start after downtime, but this helps in 8 cases out of 10. The remaining 20%, as a rule, are also associated with a carburetor, usually with a needle.

trimmer for the grass “Sparta” Model 44

The unit belongs to the category of professional equipment. It is she who is produced by the brand for the longest. This fact is caused by the fact that the trimmer for the grass is distinguished by the following advantages:

  • high performance (transmission made of Aluminium withstands heavy loads);
  • high power (2.1 horsepower);
  • performs both mowing grass, weeds, and a cut of the bush (there is the ability to install a special knife);
  • The economy of the engine (a flooded tank is enough for work for 45 minutes).

The model is not whimsical and does not require frequent repair. Today, such an unit is not a luxury (luxe), but the need for many private owners and communal prems.

Basic configuration of Basos Oleo-Mac Sparta

The basic equipment of the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 can vary, it depends on the year of production of the model. Classical equipment includes:

  • trimmer for grass;
  • a container for mixing fuel fluid;
  • instructions for use;
  • keys for the assembly and repair of the tool;
  • warranty coupon;
  • safety shield;
  • a nylon fishing coil;
  • Metal knife.

Before purchasing goods, pay attention to its manufacturer. The best option for buying a trimmer for grass OLEO-MAC SPARTA 25 is the official store of the manufacturer, online store or official dealerships. By purchasing goods from an official representative, you avoid low.quality products and fakes.

Trimmers for Oleo-Mac Sparta grass

The Italian company Oleo-Mac is one of the leaders in the production of garden instruments. SPARTA motorcycles are characterized by reliability and durability, excellent technical characteristics. It is convenient to operate and maintain them.

Features of the Oleo-Mac technique

The Italian company has been presenting its products for more than a year, therefore it offers only high-quality and productive garden-park equipment with excellent indicators.

The main structural parameters of the motorcosa OLEO-MAC:

  • The vibration dumping system provides comfortable work. The handle is isolated from the power plant, the shock absorbers are rubberized;
  • A 2-stroke motor has a high torque even at low speeds;
  • Aluminum rod that reduces the mass of the tool. Inside the bar with bronze sliding bearings, which reduce the level of vibration. The bar does not rust;
  • Forged steel shaft provides mowing not only fresh vegetation. When using a knife, you can mow hard vegetation and weeds;
  • Steel crankshaft and cylinder with Nikosilov ensure the durability of technology. If you perform maintenance of the unit competently and follow the user’s instructions, all elements will last much longer;
  • Aerofilters are easy to get and clean without using special tools;
  • The centrifugal clutch protects the motor in the event of a sharp termination of rotation of the cutting headset;
  • The handle with all control elements simplifies the operation of the equipment.
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Бензотриммер Oleo-Mac Multimate с насадками бензокоса, высоторез, воздуходувка и кусторез

Italian trimmers for grass have numerous advantages:

  • Ergonomicity is provided by a verified balance, wide shoulder straps, comfortable long handles with all control details;
  • Democratic price for all products;
  • Engines are characterized by low noise and environmental friendliness, a high motor resource provides low fuel consumption;
  • The main nodes are made of forged steel, therefore reliable and high.quality;
  • A spacious fuel tank allows you to work for a long time without refueling stops;
  • They require minimal, they are easy to use, repair work can be done with your own hands.

Trimmer for grass Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

The model allows you to perform complex prolonged work in large areas, therefore in the Luxe class. Copes with young shoots, hard shoots and small shrubs. The entire design of the braids for the grass is thought out and compact.

Advantages of the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 lawn mower:

  • The semi.automatic system of pumping the fuel mixture and lubrication of the gearbox greatly simplifies the launch of the tool;
  • When working, a minimum of noise and vibration is issued;
  • The foam airfilter allows you to work without problems, even if the site is saw and dirty;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is enough for continuous operation for half an hour;
  • The user’s detailed instruction simplifies operation, reduces the need for repair and, accordingly, in the purchase of new spare parts.

Technical parameters of Motokos Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium:

  • A two.stroke engine on gasoline with a power of 1.1 liters. with. / 800 W;
  • Motor volume. 25 cm3;
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 750 milliliters;
  • Fishing width. 38 centimeters;
  • The diameter of the bar. 2.6 centimeters;
  • Noise level. 97 dB;
  • Mass. 6.2 kilograms.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 37 lawn mower

The model can be used in neglected areas for a long time without fear of overheating and the need for frequent refueling. An enlarged flywheel ensures rapid cooling of the tool. Aluminum transmission is able to withstand high loads, muffle vibration, transfer the power of the motor without losses.

  • A two.stroke engine on gasoline with a power of 1.8 liters. with.;
  • Motor volume. 40.2 cm3;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 870 milliliters;
  • The diameter of the bar. 2.6 centimeters;
  • Mass. 7.1 kilograms.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 38 lawn mower

The grass for grass is convenient to control, economical, reliable and hardy. The tool is close in parameters with a previous model with a large flywheel, a foam airphilter. But the Oleo-Mac Sparta 38 lawn mower with an enlarged diameter rod, which positively affects the strength of the product.

  • Two.stroke gasoline engine with a power of 1.8 liters. with. / 1300 W;
  • Motor volume. 36 cm3;
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 870 milliliters;
  • The width of the capture of the fishing line is 42 centimeters;
  • The diameter of the bar. 2.8 centimeters;
  • Noise level. 99 dB;
  • Mass. 7.3 kilograms.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 44 lawn mower

SPARTA lawn mower with a more powerful engine and elongated bar, therefore is a universal tool. It can be used by owners of small summer cottages and communal services.

  • 2-stroke gasoline engine with a power of 2.1 liters. with. / 1600 W;
  • Engine volume. 40 cm3;
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 870 milliliters;
  • The width of the capture of the fishing line is 42 centimeters;
  • The diameter of the bar. 2.8 centimeters;
  • Noise level. 100 dB;
  • Mass. 7.4 kilograms.

In the configuration of almost all Motokos OLEO-MAC models, several cutting elements, a container for mixing the fuel mixture, keys for then repair, user instructions and warranty coupon.

The lawn mowing engine does not want to start after winter

Often, with the onset of spring, most owners of benzos complain about the inability to launch the motor of this grass.shocked tool. With what it can be connected? So that the trimmer for grass in the spring after winter storage is well started, you must learn to care for it correctly. How to properly store the lawn mower in winter is described in detail at the very end of the material. Now we will figure out why it is impossible to start the tool engine after winter.

One of the main reasons that after winter the lawn mower is not started. stagnation of fuel in a gas tank. If you do not drain the fuel from the tank, and leave the tool to store for a long time, then it will naturally be impossible to start the lawn mower. The properties of a mixture of gasoline with oil fall, so as a fact we get a tool malfunction. Even if the fuel mixture has remained in the trimmer last year, it is recommended to drain it, and pour freshly prepared. After that, start the tool.

Another cause may be a malfunction of the air damper. When closing it manually, the valve itself may not work, so you start the lawn mower with a completely open air damper. In this case, the tool will not start the cold, as there is a large air leak. The video below tells why a trimmer does not start for grass for cold.

In addition to these reasons for the impossibility of starting the gas mowing engine, there are others, which are also important to mention:

  • Disciplings of the Electrodes of the candle. before starting the trimmer for the grass after winter, you should twist the spark plug, inspect it, clean, dry and set the gap
  • Damage to the high.voltage wire. During the storage of the tool, the high.voltage wire could crack, damage or could gnaw the mice. Make sure the integrity of the armored pipeline if the trimmer for the grass does not start after winter
  • Oxidation of wire contacts. This usually happens if the tool is stored in a room with high humidity
  • Check the serviceability of the ignition coil. During the winter, this detail could fail, and cause a difficult to launch the tool
  • Carburetor adjustment. it is recommended to configure the carburetor after the winter. To implement this, the tool should start, therefore, if it is impossible to start, it is recommended to pour 20 grams of fuel mixture into the candle hole, and launch the motor
  • To perform all the above actions, since during a long.term storage the hole of the saapoon, filters, as well as corrosion on the walls of the exhaust system could form
start, trimmer, oleo-mac, grass

Diagnose the tool, and only after that resort to a more serious repair. cleaning the carburetor.

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Trimmer for grass Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 TR

Greetings all visitors to the blog “Our garden technique and tool”.So. I have a house and a plot of 25 acres, which must be processed and careful, and it is difficult and time.consuming to do it without technology. And I am a little lazy in life, and from here I had 10 units of benzoelectrical engineering with a life of 14 years to 2 months on my farm and which can be attributed to the group of garden. Each copy, from this dozens, I initially studied before buying on different Internet resources. In order to have more information about a particular copy, I had to consult with sellers, to a greater extent liars. With masters from repair shops, they can share the statistics of breakdowns by models. Talk with the owners, that is also difficulties, t.To not everyone wants to admit that he bought g oh. Well, today I’ll write about my first acquisition and this is a trimmer for the grass of Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 TR, which is probably the easiest compared to similar benzotrimmers, and I have something to compare with. T.I own another trimmer, and sometimes friends bring to repair. So, Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 TR, this is a household trimmer for herbs for mowing grass and weed in areas with a total area of ​​up to 12 acres, having a 2-stroke engine, is equipped with a semi-automatic reel. Cutting element- fishing line for trimmer 2.0 mm, max 2.4 and shoulder belt. Build it in 2004 Assembly Italy. Of course, the sellers of the calls claimed that this trimmer for the grass was developed for difficult Russian conditions, but this is a fairy tale for a gullible buyer and hardly in Italy they think about us. And so back to the trimmer. As I wrote above, a trimmer for the grass is leaf and easy to handle, its weight is about 4.5 kg. Personally, I do not end with gasoline and does not seem to be tired, although there are problems with the back. Throughout the entire service life, the maintenance of braids for grass is reduced to the preparation of gas mixtures and seasonal services. Service process.This is a lubricant of the drive shaft in the bar, the lubrication of the reel and replacement of the air filter. At the end of the season, I recommend that Motokos prepare for winter “hibernation”, t.E Conduct conservation. I do so. The surface of the braid braid is washed from adhering residues of vegetation. I blow out with a compressor, an internal combustion engine and coils. I remove the old grease from the drive shaft and coil and apply a new one. Next, unscrew the candle and in the hole lies, a little butter, approximately drops of 10-15, and then slowly 5-6 times pull the rope of the starter, so that the walls of the cylinder are covered with an oil film and then screw the candle back. The oil film will protect the walls of the cylinder and piston from oxidation. Well, then I will send her to “sleep” until the next season.(Photo 10 they sleep like that) and I have been doing this procedure for 14 years. During the period of operation, a braid for grass showed itself very reliable equipment. Not a single breakdown.In the future, some elements of braids for the grass a little modified a little. Namely, I was tired of flying from under the protective casing of the grass and I took the old tire from the garden cart and made a booth on the code (see.a photo). And all, herbs began to fly much smaller. Although now all kinds of covers are being sold in stores.The next element to what I had a hand, it was a coil from under the fishing line. A weak place, this is a plastic loop that is designed to hold the fishing line in the coil when winding up (photo 5). So during operation, this loop is torn and no longer holds the fishing line for the trimmer. I took the lid from the coil and drilled two holes and passed through their fishing line for a trimmer (6-7 photos). So this problem is eliminated. a braid for grass continues to work. Friends, if anyone is going to purchase a trimmer for grass, then pay attention to this model. Unless of course you find it on sale, then buy, you will not regret. Good luck to all.

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