How to start a STIHL gasoline lawnmower

STIHL grass mowing equipment

When choosing, you need to know about all popular models and types of gasoline trimmers. Here are the model designations in order:

  • Light Grass Brake. Models FS 38, FS 45 C-E, FS 50 C-E, FS 55, FS
  • Powerful grass brushcutter. FS 70 C-E, FS 94 RC-E, FS 100, FS 120, FS 130, FS
  • Cordless grass mower.
  • Electric grass brushcutter.
  • Grass cutter.
  • Electric grasshopper.

The three most popular lawn mower models among gardeners are. To choose the right tool for work in the garden, on the lawn or for landscape maintenance, it is necessary to get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Preparing to start the mower involves checking that all elements are securely fastened and preparing the fuel mixture. As for the first, special attention should be paid to the attachment of the cutting equipment. lawnmowers are generally very powerful and have a high blade or disc speed. An insufficiently secured blade can injure the user in the first place. it also adds vibration to the machine, which often leads to malfunctions.

most lawnmowers are often equipped with a two-stroke engine. It requires a special fuel mix.

In such motors, there is no crankcase and there is no separate system designed for oil lubrication. The role these components play is that of a freshly mixed fuel mixture. By the way, and this is important to consider: the components are mixed on the basis of one filling. Do not “brew with stock”, but use fresh line only.

How to Start Your STIHL Blower

The fuel consists of two components. This is oil and gasoline. Suitable fuel is AI-92, 93, 98. The ratios are 1:34 for mineral oil and 1:50 for synthetic. Read the lawn mower manufacturer’s recommendations for oil viscosity. There are special products for two-stroke engines and it is air-cooled. The use of untested or unsuitable additives could cause damage to the weed whacker.

This mixture must be poured into a separate, clean container. Do not do this directly in the tank of the lawnmower! Half the fuel volume and the entire oil volume are poured into the tank. Then everything is mixed. Then refill with the rest of the fuel. Re-mix. Now you can refuel!

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This should be done with the tool on the ground: that way there is a better chance that the liquid will not spill.

Adjusting the grass cutting height

To achieve the desired height of cutting the grass, there is a special lever on the lawnmower, which allows you to raise and lower the blades. Depending on the model there may be two levers also the number of steps is different. For example, the 7-step adjustment allows you to adjust the cutting height from 20 to 70 mm.

One should remember that it is easier to mow soft grass with a low blade. For stiffer grass, the blades have to be raised and the mower body has to be tilted forward. Changing the angle of the body compensates for the deflection of the lawnmower when you push hard on the handle. On front-wheel drive lawnmowers, they do not tilt the body forward, otherwise the machine will leave behind skips of uncut grass.

Why the lawnmower won’t start?

The answer to this question depends on what model you are working with: gasoline or electric.

The main points to consider when working with a gasoline model:

Before starting the lawnmower, you should first check that there is fuel. Note that you should not pour fuel to the brim. There is usually a maximum fill mark in the tank. Fill petrol gently, preferably through a funnel. If fuel gets on the engine, it can cause a fire or even an explosion if heated. Over time gasoline left in the unit will “blow out”. That is why it is recommended that it be drained in the winter.

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It is necessary to start the machine correctly. When starting the mower, set the lawnmower to maximum rpm and pump fuel with primer into the carburetor. Gently pull the starter cord out as far as possible and yank it sharply toward you.

Another reason why the lawnmower does not start is often a faulty spark plug. In this case it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Remove the spark plug from the machine. If there is a deposit on it, blow it out or replace it with a new one. After reinserting the spark plug, close the choke.

A clogged air filter can also cause starting problems. Turn the machine off and disconnect the cord from the spark plug. After taking out the filter, wash it thoroughly with gasoline and let it dry. The owner’s manual tells you to do this after about 25 hours of operation.

If the lawnmower stops when you start it, it’s probably because the piston or crankshaft is jammed. Gently move these parts and the problem may be resolved.

Also don’t forget to check the oil in the crankcase. It may be too small and cause the mower does not start.

For owners of electrical appliances

If you have an electric lawnmower it’s a good idea to make sure the cord is plugged in before you start. It’s also worth checking the electrical panel. Maybe the automatic has gone out or a fuse has blown.

There is a chance that the lawn mower won’t start because the thermal protector has tripped. Check ventilation grills: see if grass is clogged? Clean them if necessary and let the engine cool down.

Another reason why the lawnmower may not start is a broken switch. If this is the case, you need to take the machine to a service center.

As you can see, in many cases you can fix the problem without the help of a specialist. The main thing is not to replace parts yourself. In such cases, it is better to trust professionals.

Your first start

When the petrol is installed and the rest of the fuel mix is ready, the crucial moment is the first start of the petrol grass mower. To get your mower running for the first time without incident, you need to follow the start-up instructions correctly.

  • Lay the brushcutter on level ground and start it.
  • The choke control lever has to be in the closed position.
  • Do a few pumps of the primer, so that the gasoline fuel enters the carburetor.
  • Turn on the ignition button.
  • Pull the starter cord out gently, until you feel a slight resistance.
  • Then you can do some thrusts 3,4 and your lawn mower should start.
  • After that you can open the choke fully.

The first run-in of the mower

Once you have started your machine, do not rush to operate it immediately. Give it time to run in for a while. It takes 5 minutes to idle the engine for the first start. While the engine is warming up well, you can adjust the air damper so that the cutting element does not rotate with the bobbin. As soon as the machine is warmed up, you can open the airflow fully and start mowing.

  • Push down the throttle grip with a little force, and operate it for up to 30 seconds. Then you can release the gas and let your mower run again for a longer time, up to about 50 seconds. In this mode you can work up to 15 minutes without resting. Then turn off our mower and give it about 20 minutes of rest.
  • After our equipment has cooled down, you can continue to run-in the motor, according to the same scheme as described above. Start the grass trimmer when it is hot, with the air shutter open. Try not to hold it for a long time, because the moving parts inside the engine will certainly rub against each other. At idle, also the engine should not run, because it can overheat.

The next step is a proper running-in of the gearbox of our grass trimmer. To do this, you need to determine the area of grass, it must necessarily be not high and young. Mow the grass for about 10 minutes, with staged rests of the device as written above. The cycle should be repeated at least 4.5 times.

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Important! In general, the run-in gasoline mower on the above described algorithm should be carried out by you on a full tank of gasoline, but the last production of a drop of fuel mixture. After such a running-in, the tool will be ready for further, continuous work. While mowing the grass, be sure to make sure the motor and gearbox temperatures are not exceeded. Both machines should not overheat.


It is a good idea to clean the mower after it is no longer needed. Because all dried grass can strongly adhere to it and it is very difficult to get it off. On top of that, the grass will start to rot and smell bad on the body of the mower. That is why it is recommended to clean the mower clean of dirt and leaves after each mowing.

  • You should not leave gasoline in the tank during the winter either. Gasoline can get really thick during storage and cause your carburetor to malfunction.
  • A petrol mower should not be started without proper lubrication after use, unless you don’t want to buy a new one all the time.


There are not only situations when gasoline grass trimmers do not start, but the cases when, after starting, they work for a couple of seconds and then turn off. mtd petrol grass trimmer instruction manual. Kraftsman gasoline lawnmowers description. Inspect the spark plug again: if it is “covered”, and this situation is repeated even after wiping and drying it, proceed to the “revision” of the air filter.

Most likely, it is completely oily and needs to be replaced. Lawn mower trimmer for grass the best models. If everything is normal with the filter, it may be that the ignition coil has failed.

In the case where the grass trimmers gasoline does not turn on, and you have done all of the above, may be clogged muffler. It should be dismantled, burned on a burner, after which all the soot can be easily shaken out.

Possible breakdowns

Despite the difference in the characteristics and appearance of different models of devices, they still have the same causes of failure, so they do not differ practically the way to eliminate.

The most common problem with the unit is that it won’t start or stalls when you press the gas. The causes lie in the improper functioning of the carburetor or ignition, as well as problems with the filtration system.

If the causes lie in the ignition system, then proceed as follows.

  • Make sure you are using fully serviceable spark plugs and that there are no traces of fuel on them. If the spark plug is flooded, it is recommended to clean it thoroughly, because otherwise the operation of the device will not be possible.
  • If the threaded connection is too dry, you may have problems when starting, because without gasoline lubrication, the spark will not be able to appear or its power will not be enough to work.
  • If the ignition system is broken, you should also check the contact between the spark plug and the high-voltage wire, because if it is missing, the spark will not be possible, as well as further operation.

First impression and start of Stihl Rm 448 tx petrol lawn mower.( Masina de tuns gazon si iarba. )

If the device stops working after 5-10 minutes of operation when loaded at high speeds, the reasons may lie in problems with the air and fuel filtration system:

  • filter can get clogged, so when it gets hot, the system stops cleaning properly and shuts down;
  • the reason may also lie in the fact that the part responsible for regulating the pressure in the fuel tank is dirty and blocks the fuel supply.

There are also more serious breakages, which can be quite difficult to cope with.

Starting a Stihl Chainsaw the correct way. NEVER flood it Again!

  • The channels and jets of the device can be seriously clogged, so without a capital cleaning can’t be avoided. And in order to properly clean them, it is necessary to use professional tools and blow the parts with a powerful air stream.
  • Often the gaskets, which are an integral part of the system, wear out and also fail in the working system. They cannot be repaired, so you must simply replace them.
  • Worn pistons in service can lead to failure. That’s why the parts need to be monitored and replaced if necessary.
  • In addition, the cause of the failure may be a breach in the sealing space of the carburetor.
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Because of depressurization, there can be a drop in pressure and the device will not work.

Why the mower won’t start, reasons

You can find out the cause of the failure of the device by disassembling it. This must be done with care and caution as there are many small parts inside that can easily be broken. There are 2 types of damage: mechanical, electrical. Consider the most popular Causes why the mower does not start and does not linger:

  • The carburetor is out of order;
  • Bolt connections are loose;
  • Engine failure;
  • Jamming of moving components of the mechanism (crankshaft, piston);
  • Cutting tool (cylinder) is blocked by an object. This should be done carefully and carefully with many small parts inside that are easily broken by branches, sticks, hard grass, stones, etc.Д.;
  • The oil and fuel supply system is broken;
  • The spark plug has failed to work;
  • Tensioned, torn belt;
  • Small or too much clearance between the parts inside the structure;
  • Mower does not work Faulty on/off switch on the machine;
  • Dirty fuel hose, ventilation grills;
  • Clogged air filter.

When used for extended periods of time, gasoline lawn mowers do not interfere. kiosk device. Why a mower won’t stand up and start hot? Overvoltage motor. It is better to postpone mowing, let the lawnmower stand, after it has stopped, the most likely cause is overheating the device.

Lawn mower does not work. How to start it? How to start a gasoline grass trimmer Start a gasoline lawn mower

However, like any complex mechanical device, gasoline lawn mowers occasionally malfunction or simply malfunction. Below we look at the most common breakdowns of lawn mowers powered by four-stroke internal combustion engines.

How to start the lawnmower when the engine has stalled at home

It is especially difficult to start the lawnmower after a long period of inactivity. So what should the user do when the lawn mower fails to start:

  • If it has not been cleaned for a long time. the air motor should be flushed and cleaned with gasoline (preferably every 24 hours of operation). You can remove the filter from the unit and start the machine, if the mower works, this is the reason.
  • After the winter, old gasoline residue in the tank may interfere with the unit’s operation. The problem can be easily solved by replacing the fuel with a new one.
  • Not enough oil in the crankcase can also be the reason why the petrol lawnmower does not start. Check its availability, whether there is fuel in the tank.
  • Incorrect positioning of the choke during first start up. When the temperature is ≥ 30 C. it should be in the middle position or closed. When restarting. it should be open.
  • Jammed crankshaft, piston. can be eliminated by a little movement of these parts. The main thing is to do it carefully so as not to break the mechanism.
  • Contamination of the breather plug. the fuel supply is stopped, you need to clean the detail.
  • Dry threaded connection. in this factor there is no spark ignition, you should lubricate the connection with gasoline.
  • Failure of spark plug. accumulation of oil, deposits on it. The candle is unscrewed, dried well, cleaned with a file. Excess fuel must be drained and dried for at least 30 min. spark plug hole. The part may have to be replaced if it cannot be cleaned.
  • Also check the contact of the high-voltage wire and the spark plug, for a spark. If the latter does not occur, the ignition system malfunction will be determined and eliminated only in the service center.

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