How to start a Makita chainsaw

Design of chainsaw and important rules of chain saw handling

Why a priming pump is needed? When you press the pumping part of the priming pump, the fuel mixture is primed and fills the carburettor. The cold engine will start quicker. (A fuel priming pump is included on Patriot Garden 2512; 3816; 3818; 5518).

What is the difference between a nylon and a felt air filter? Nylon filter is usually reusable and easy to clean and wash if dirty, but accidental ingestion of coarse sawdust can damage it. The felt filter is more resistant to mechanical damage, but cleaning it when dirty does not always produce the desired result. (All Patriot Garden models are equipped with a nylon air filter).

What the number of cams on the clutch affects? cams results in a more reliable clutch, minimizing clutch slippage. Load is applied more evenly to the clutch cup. (All Patriot Garden models except the 2512 have a 3-jaw clutch).

Why do you need vibration protection?? When sawing, there is a slight vibration that occurs when the engine is running and the saw chain is in contact with the wood. Vibration dampening system helps significantly reduce operator’s perception of these vibrations. (All Patriot Garden models are equipped with vibration protection).

Makita EA5600F first startup

What is an adjustable oil pump?? The oil pump setting affects how much lubricant is applied to the saw bar. When you use different saw bar sizes on your chainsaw you need to optimize and adjust the lubrication, i.e.the longer the bar is, the more lubrication is needed. When cutting different types of wood you may also need to adjust the amount of lubrication. (All Patriot Garden models except 5518 have an adjustable oil pump).

Why do you need a small hole in the tip of the bar?? Hole is for lubricating idler sprocket roller bearings. Т.к. Stresses on the bar are great during cutting, so it is a good idea to use a grease gun before you start sawing. Unlubricated roller bearings are more likely to seize. (All Patriot Garden saw bars have a grease hole).

Why do you need a chain brake?? There is a 90° sector at the top of the tip of the saw bar, which causes the saw to bounce back to the operator when sawing. In order to prevent injuries, a swing brake is provided, whose lever is automatically activated by the right hand wrist when rebounding. Mechanism comes off, saw chain stops instantly. (All Patriot Garden models have a chain inertia brake).

What are the benefits of a chromed engine?? The chrome coating serves to extend the life of the engine, t.Chromium is a very tough material, resistant to high temperatures, has good friction properties. Chrome plated cylinders commonly used on power tools for professional applications. (All Patriot Garden models have chrome cylinders).

What is the difference between one piston ring and two piston rings? Engines with a single piston ring have higher acceleration and provide better injectivity. Cylinder wear is slower due to the smaller contact area. But these engines are very sensitive to fuel quality. Engines with two piston rings have lower starting speed and acceleration than engines with one piston ring. Increased contact area and higher friction result in faster cylinder wear. Lower sensitivity to fuel quality. (All Patriot Garden models except 2512; 3816; 3818 are equipped with two piston rings).

What is “Easy start?? Chainsaws with “easy-start” starters have a special dual-spring mechanism. Significantly less force is required when pulling the trigger cord. The engine will be considerably easier to start. (Patriot Garden 3816; 3818; 4016; 4018 have “easy start” system).

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What is left for our customer to do chain saws have a two-stroke engine. Their cold start is carried out in a similar way. But there are models on the market with additional equipment, thanks to which it is possible to start the saw without much effort. Therefore the starting procedure may be different.

Starting the saw with the decompression valve

Users from time to time ask how to start, if the tool has a decompression valve. There is none on the 250 model. As the first spark occurs, the valve is in the normal operating mode. the throttle trigger is in the position where the choke is open. The starter will continue, but here the decompression valve needs to be pressed harder. it does not make the start up frisky, but it simplifies the process and makes it comfortable, because the operator will have to put in less effort during the start up.

If you are not convinced that you understand how to start a chain saw “STIHL 180”, then remember that in fact, that the equipment with a valve, and no matter whether it has a hot or cold engine, you need to start using the valve. This will ease the effort of turning the motor. So it’s not hard to extend the starter motor and reduce the number of broken cords, these chainsaws have a larger cylinder volume and compression.


The Makita 4610 is a semi-professional chainsaw. it successfully copes with a wide range of garden, home and farm chores. Tidying up a garden, pruning limbs, sawing down trees, cutting firewood, sawing off parts in construction. the capabilities of the saw are truly endless.

Not only that, but with special bits and attachments the function of the saw can be modified. It is simply converted into a winch, ice drill, wood cutter and a number of other necessary tools.

The use of unlicensed attachments is not recommended.


The STIHL MS 211 C-BE is fitted with an additional manual fuel pump for easy starting in cold conditions.

The instructions for starting this STIHL chain saw have one more additional feature: Before starting the chain saw in the cold you must pump fuel into the carburettor with the fuel pump. The instructions are no different from starting the STIHL 180 and follow the same algorithm.

What happens when the primer is primed and how it helps to make the saw more efficient?

When starting the saw without primer, several starter strokes are performed only to allow the fuel pump to pump fuel into the carburetor through the impulse from the saw’s crankcase.

A pump mounted on the fuel line allows you to load gasoline into the carburetor manually without excessive movements of the starter. The effect of this action is obvious, the saw starts up much faster.

You do not need to use primer on a hot chainsaw, because the fuel in the carburetor is enough to start.


The manufacturer delivers the product in the following package:

The required minimum of accessories is listed.

In addition, for comfortable and safe work it is necessary to separately purchase PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

In addition, if you need to expand the capabilities of the saw, you can additionally buy a number of special attachments, mentioned earlier.

Is it necessary to load the chainsaw during the running-in period?

Some tool retailers recommend that customers perform a lapping process with a complete load-free process after purchasing a chainsaw. It even goes so far as to remove the chain and guide bar and let the engine run at zero load. Is this the right approach for the procedure?? This approach is not recommended, and there are the following reasons for this:

That’s why before you start running the chainsaw, you need to install the bar and chain on the tool, and ensure proper tension. There are some other important prerequisites you must meet next:

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The correct process for felling large and small trees

Thin (up to 15 cm).) and small plants can be cut in one go. However, if the tree has a substantial height and a large trunk volume, this felling method is not appropriate. The following steps and rules should be followed when correctly sawing large trees:

  • The first cut is made at a 45° angle and a quarter of the tree diameter on the side where the tree is to fall;
  • The second felling cut is horizontal, lower than the first before they meet;
  • The third felling cut is on the opposite side, parallel to the second notch, and about 5 cm higher.

The following picture shows the arrangement of the kerf:

Sawing technique

After the third cut it is necessary to take out the saw blade and move away to a safe distance.

Getting your Makita chain saw ready for work

The semi-professional machine is suitable for a wide range of applications in landscaping, farming and private households. The saw’s functionality can be significantly expanded by using special attachments. It can become a winch, ice axe and other useful tools.

With an upgraded, thoughtful kit, the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw copes with domestic tasks of varying complexity.

  • Sawing down trees up to 40 cm thick;
  • Trimming of bushes and dried wood;
  • Sawing logs and boards for repair and construction work;
  • Making firewood for the winter season.

The chainsaw is factory-fitted with a saw, guide bar, cutting attachments, protective boot, universal key, and instructions for use. The functionality of the machine can be extended considerably with special attachments.

To work with the tool comfortably and safely, it is recommended to have personal protective equipment:

  • Two-stroke motor. Runs on gasoline and motor oil. Easy to start in plus or minus temperatures thanks to electric ignition;
  • Inertia brake. Comes in automatic and manual mode for safe working with your tool;
  • Anti-vibration system and ergonomic handles provide less fatigue;
  • The chain catcher stops the movement of the chain if it breaks. Prevents equipment failure and injury to the operator;
  • Tire and chain are consumables. Parts that fail can be replaced by hand according to manufacturer’s instructions. When buying, it is necessary to ensure that the parts match the dimensions;
  • Automatic chain lubrication. The oil is supplied while the saw chain is rotating, which has a positive effect on oil consumption.

Firmly press the unscrewed spark plug with the ignition cable onto the cylinder with pliers.

Put the combination switch in the ON position.

If the spark plug is serviceable, you will see the ignition spark next to the electrodes.

Chainsaw ea3202s40b chain saw starter cable replacement

Unscrew the three screws. Remove the fan housing. Remove cable guide from fan housing. Do not undo screw if return spring is under pressure.

If the starter cable needs to be replaced even though it is undamaged, first loosen the return spring in the cable barrel. To do this, pull the handle to release the entire cable from the fan housing.

start, makita, chainsaw

Hold the cable reel with one hand and push the cable out with the other. Gently crank the drum until the return spring is no longer under pressure. Unscrew the screw and remove the transmission gear and spring.

Carefully remove the cable drum. Run a new cable. Pull the assembly to the cable drum. Pull the assembly up to the starter grip. Place the drum on the axle and rotate slightly until the return spring engages.

Position the spring in the transmission mechanism and place them together in the cable drum, turning slightly counterclockwise. Insert the screw and tighten.

Reverse the cable into the slot on the cable drum and turn the cable drum three times clockwise.

Hold the cable drum with your left hand and unscrew the cable with your right hand, pulling tightly and holding it. Carefully release the cable drum. The spring will wind the cable around the drum.

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Repeat the procedure one more time. The starter handle should now be directly on the fan housing. With the cable pulled all the way out, you can return the pulley another 1/4 turn against the return spring.

Preparing for operation includes the following steps:

  • assembling the chain saw;
  • chain tension;
  • fuel mixture preparation;
  • Filling your Makita chain saw with fuel and oil to lubricate the chain;
  • carburetor adjustment is made in idle and operating mode;
  • the oil flow to the chain is adjusted;
  • brake system is checked for proper operation.

Fuel mixture is prepared from gasoline AI-92 and original Makita oil for 2-stroke engines in the ratio 1/50.

  • no fuel;
  • primer is not pumping;
  • The carburetor settings are out of tune;
  • magneto is out of order;
  • wire breakage;
  • problems with spark plugs;
  • the oil seal is worn out.
  • carburettor is not adjusted;
  • filters are clogged.
  • RPMs have dropped:
  • the filter must be cleaned;
  • carburetor needs adjustment.

The design of the Makita DCS4610 branded chainsaw stands out for its high density and stability. internal parts and operating mechanisms of the model are seated as close to each other as possible. At the same time, they are not in contact with each other, which eliminates the risk of friction and overheating of the individual elements.

The Makita DCS4610 chainsaw is factory-fitted with a 2-stroke power unit that runs on a mixture of 92-grade gasoline and synthetic motor oil. The engine consists of an all-metal unassembled crankshaft, a forged piston with one standard and one optional ring, and a 45.1-cm3 chrome-plated factory cylinder.

The Makita DCS4610 chain saw includes a Zama brand diaphragm carburetor. The saw is equipped with an enlarged float chamber and a powerful nozzle that draws in compressed air to continuously enrich the fuel mixture. The fuel unit can be dismantled for easy flushing and self-repair.

  • For successful subsequent work with the machine it is simply necessary to prepare the chainsaw for work. Without proper attention, the unit will begin to break down quickly and will not last you long.
  • The most important thing is the first start, because it can already damage the saw. The headset requires as much attention as the engine, and a common mistake is to ignore it.
  • Despite the widespread belief that the longevity of a saw depends only on its manufacturer and the quality. That’s not quite right. In addition to a good manufacturer, you need to properly prepare it.

How to start a MAKITA chainsaw. Instruction for beginners.

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