How to start a lawn mower when it’s cold

How to fix a lawn mower that starts but then stalls right away

Running in the engine of a brushcutter. Gasoline lawnmower running-in features

It should be noted that the gasoline grass grinder is very simple to control. It is enough to see how other users use this machine to start using it to its full potential. The basic technical functions are intuitive to operate, and do not require any difficulty in practice. Correctly running in the gasoline grass trimmer is also not difficult. Not only that, there is almost no difference between the devices of the household and professional categories.

The key difference is the type of motor. On machines for professionals it is more powerful and produces more rpm. The two-stroke engine is more often used in domestic models. Four-stroke units are more reliable and give more power, so they are suitable for special conditions, difficult and overgrown areas.

In addition, you must take into account whether the cutting attachment is included.


The cause of the grass trimmer failure can be:

  • Overfilling the tank;
  • Excess fuel in manual supercharger engines;
  • Wear in engine valves, cylinders, injectors, cam tappets and other moving parts;
  • Gasoline and/or oil runs out in the tanks;
  • The spark plugs are out of order;
  • Clogged fuel or air filters;
  • Wrongly prescribed or burnt valves in the engine.

The first thing is to check the availability and quality of fuel

Don’t understand why the lawn mower won’t start, then first make sure there is fuel in the tank. Beginners often forget that it is necessary to pause periodically to refill the tool with gasoline and oil mixture. If the lawnmower’s tank is empty, of course it won’t start, no matter how many times you try.

If there is fuel in the tank, but you can not start the engine of the tool, then do not hurry to disassemble the carburetor. Make sure that the grass trimmer engine is started correctly, as specified in the manual. If the start-up is carried out according to the instructions, then it is important to consider the following points:

  • Do not just use high-quality gasoline with the highest octane rating but exactly the brand recommended by the manufacturer. And not always this brand is gasoline AI-95. If you do not know what gasoline to use for the lawnmower, then choose AI-92
  • Oil must be special. for two-stroke engines. If the lawnmower has a four-stroke motor, then it must be filled with pure gasoline without stirring with oil. Do not skimp on the quality of oil for the grass trimmer engine, as well as on gasoline. Because the quality of fuel depends on the service life of the motor
  • Correctly preparing the fuel mixture in the gasoline trimmer. Observations show that most mowers only first control the process of making oil with gasoline for the grass trimmer. The more experience the mower has, the less attention is paid to the process of mixing gasoline and oil for a two-stroke engine. The ratio between petrol and oil should be the manufacturer’s recommendation. Normally the ratio is 25:1, i.e. 40 ml of two-stroke oil per 1 liter of petrol (car engine oil and especially waste oil must not be used)
  • Correct storage of fuel mixture. It often happens that after a fuel mixture has been made it stands for a long time. for more than 2 weeks. Do not store the ready mix of petrol and oil for a long time, because it causes the oil to precipitate, and thereby the properties of both oil products are lost. Even careful stirring after long storage of the ready mixture is not a reason for its further use. That is why it is not recommended to mix more than 2 liters of oil at a time

Make sure that all the above items have been completed, and only then can you proceed to check the condition of the spark plug. Lawn trimmer does not start for a variety of reasons, and most of them can be identified by yourself. To resort to disassembly of the carburetor, if it is impossible to start the engine, it is simply irrational. The next step on the way to troubleshooting is to check the condition of the spark plug.

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How to start a gasoline trimmer for grass: an algorithm of actions for the proper start of the device

After buying a gasoline grass trimmer, the owner usually checks whether all the parts of the machine specified in the instructions are in the box.

After all, without this, proper assembly is impossible. After the purchase is assembled, there comes a time when the device must be tested in action.

start, lawn, mower, cold

Proper starting is one of the prerequisites for effective operation and long service life of lawn trimmers (lawn mowers, gasoline trimmers).

There are 3 types of starting a gasoline grass trimmer:

Lawn Mower starts and then dies, turned out to be an easy cheap fix.Loctite!

How to start the lawnmower correctly?

Regardless of the type of this action, there is a strict order that must be followed, that is:

Inspection and Checking

Any malfunction of the grass trimmer can be dangerous.

Loose bolts securing the clutch housing to the engine can cause rapid clutch block wear, and any leaks in the fuel system can lead to ignition and burns or fire.

Loose gearbox bolts can cause the drive shaft rod to pop out and the grass trimmer to stop working. Loose bolts securing the handles can lead to involuntary lowering of the shaft and damage to the cutting tool.

So before any start-up you should at least briefly inspect the machine for defects. This is especially true for any first start-up, whether it is after purchase or after storage. During service starts it is only permissible to inspect the fuel system for leaks.

One of the most important steps in checking before any first start-up is to determine the amount of lubricant in the gearboxes and drive shaft, which will require disassembling the grass trimmer and removing both gearboxes from the shaft.

This way you will assess the amount and condition of lubricant not only on the side of the filling hole, but also in the area of contact of the shaft boom with the gear pinion.

The same every 2-3 weeks, check the amount and condition of oil in the crankcase four-stroke engines, if the unit will work long with low oil level, there is a high probability of jamming the crankshaft.

Filling the tank with fuel

You have to do this operation after the purchase and winter storage, as well as during the termination of work caused by gasoline depletion. Four-stroke engines are filled with pure gasoline AI-92, and two-stroke engines with a mixture of fuel and special oil, which we told here.

Remember, if you refuel a two-stroke grass trimmer after winter storage, be sure to drain the old fuel from it, because it has already lost its lubricity, so the crankshaft bearing and cylinder-piston group will work without lubrication.

start, lawn, mower, cold

starting of petrol-trimmer

Regardless of the type of starting, there are 6 actions that must always be performed:

  • fuel pumping;
  • setting the air damper to “start” position (“closed”, “off”);
  • setting the switch to the “on” position (“on”);
  • pressing and fixation of gas key;
  • Pulling the recoil starter rope with a loose choke;
  • putting the choke in the “operating” position (“open,” “on”).

You can do the first 3 things in any sequence, but pull the starter rope only after them. Failure to pump fuel will result in pulling the recoil starter rope dozens of times so that the moving engine piston pumps enough air to suck the fuel out of the carburetor.

Neglecting the choke will cause the mixture to become very rich, which is good for a running engine and very bad for starting, because this mixture is only ignited well inside a warmed cylinder.

After moving the air damper to the closed position, the incoming air is not sufficient to run the engine at idle speed, so press and lock the gas pedal (gas pedal, engine speed regulator) key. The engine on/off button blocks the ignition system, so move it to the “on” position before starting.

If you do not move the switch to the right position, the voltage will not come to the spark plug, and therefore there will be no spark, which ignites the mixture in the cylinder.

After the engine starts, move the air damper to the open position, because the greatly over-enriched mixture is good for starting, because it ignites even in a cold cylinder, but because of the lack of air the fuel does not burn completely.

An attempt to mow grass with a closed air damper will lead to a sharp drop in motor power and a strong heating of the valves, so long work (dozens of hours) leads to burnout of the valves or damage to the cylinder head gasket.

If the motor won’t start or doesn’t run properly

The reasons for the fact that the motor does not start with two or four jerks of the cable of the hand starter, can be:

start, lawn, mower, cold

Most often this happens because of the wrong start of the grass trimmer, when the order of operations is broken or some important point is not performed, so it is enough to properly perform the start and the motor will work. If the mower does not start well after storage, it is likely that the old gasoline has run out, so just change it.

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If the grass trimmer has not been serviced for several seasons, poor starting may be due to a dirty air or fuel filter, so it is sufficient to wash or replace it.

If all the actions are performed correctly, but there is no positive result, go to a workshop or make your own diagnosis or repair.

How to use a Makita chain saw

lawnmower (or gasoline grass trimmer). one of the most useful tools for owners of cottages or country houses. Using these attachments saves time and effort when tending to your lawn. In order to operate the lawnmower effectively and safely, it is necessary to follow some simple rules.

Getting ready to go to work.

If the tool is stored disassembled, it must be assembled. The assembly process is described in detail in the instruction manual supplied with the machine. In general, the preparation of the device for operation is as follows:

  • Attaching the boom to the motor;
  • Attachment of handle;
  • Attachment of the blade guard to the boom;
  • Attaching the cutting attachment (which can be a blade or spool of fishing line) and shoulder strap.

Refueling and starting the Makita lawnmower.

Immediately before starting, check the oil level and top up if necessary. If, however, the oil gets dirty or its color changes noticeably, it needs to be completely replaced. When filling it is important not to exceed the maximum level: this may cause white smoke or contamination of the lubricant and subsequent engine damage. Refueling must be carried out with extreme care, following a few rules:

  • Only operate outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. The unleaded gasoline recommended for use is considered to be vaporous and could ignite.
  • Never smoke while refueling. You should also make sure there are no naked flames nearby.
  • Using a petrol-oil mix is not permitted, unless otherwise specified in the instruction manual for your brushcutter. Doing so may cause fouling and subsequent mechanical damage to the engine.
  • Do not allow fuel to come into contact with clothing, exposed parts of the body, or the soil. it can adversely affect the environment.

Taking care of your petrol trimmer

Proper care of the tool is the guarantee of its longevity and reliability. Thus it is recommended to periodically clean the gearbox, fuel and air filters. The oil should be changed after every 50 hours of work, the spark plugs. after 100 hours. It is recommended to clean the air filter and sharpen the cutting assembly after every three working hours. If the machine is out of operation for a long time (more than 30 days), you must empty the gasoline or fuel mixture from the tank and then dry the container. This also occurs before winter storage. Also at the end of the season it is useful to clean the filters, remove the cutting element (by the way, the knife is better placed in oily paper to prevent corrosion), lubricate the shaft. During winter time you need to store the mower in a dry, ventilated place. Do not put the machine in a film. moisture will condense on it, which will eventually lead to the appearance of rust on the metal elements of the construction of the device. It is much better to use a thick cloth.


The most frequently replaced elements of a gasoline grass trimmer are, of course, the blades and cutting heads. When selecting an item, follow the instructions for use and do not purchase an accessory with an outside diameter that exceeds the maximum allowable for the specific model. Buying such an accessory is justified if you have to deal with tough weeds or large volumes of mowing (eg, when preparing fodder for livestock). If you intend to use your mower mainly for occasional lawn care with low, soft grass, then it makes sense to pay attention to the lines. Makita reels can be divided into three main categories according to the type of feed:

  • manual. if the fishing line is significantly worn out, the operation of the motor stops, and the length of the ends is increased manually.
  • semi-automatic. the extension of the working part is made by pressing the coil to the ground. A special button located on the bottom of the accessory, opens the anchor mechanism and the line for the trimmer due to the centrifugal force is extended to the sides. There is no need to stop the engine.
  • automatic. the line feed is carried out with the increase of the revolutions. The most convenient, but also the most expensive type of coils.

Safety precautions

In order to ensure that the care of a garden plot does not lead to injuries, it is necessary to follow some rules:

Advantages of a gasoline lawn mower

Which lawn mower is better. petrol or electric??

Comparing the characteristics of the electric mower, brushcutter and gasoline unit, you can notice that the latter has the following advantages

  • costs during the operation of the equipment are significantly reduced due to the use of gasoline AI-92 and AI-95 in the process of engine operation;
  • A high degree of mobility, maneuverability of gasoline lawnmowers;
  • long working time;
  • Adjustable cutting height and grass cutting level;
  • high performance indicators;
  • sustainability;
  • compactness and simplicity in operation;
  • the tank can hold up to 70 liters;
  • unpretentious maintenance;
  • low gasoline consumption;
  • high reliability;
  • the same height of grass is maintained on the entire area of the lawn, you can get a perfectly flat lawn;
  • complete autonomy. independence from external power supply;
  • handles uneven areas;
  • no exhaust gases are released into the atmosphere during fuel combustion
  • support for mulching, collecting, and grass disposal functions;
  • the mulching unit operates without excessive noise.
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muffler its clogging and inability to start the gasoline trimmer

What else can be the reason for not being able to start the gasoline trimmer engine? Even before resorting to more drastic actions, you should check the condition of the muffler or exhaust duct. This does not apply to new trimmers, which have almost no particular wear and tear. If the trimmer is many years old and the tool has not been subjected to diagnostic measures, you should check the clogging of the muffler.

If the lawn mower‘s muffler is clogged, the exhaust gases have nowhere to escape and therefore the engine cannot be started. In the blink of an eye, the exhaust can not clog, so the day before must have shown such signs:

  • Increased sound of engine operation, which is associated with overcoming a large resistance of exhaust gases for their release
  • Black smoke from the muffler. soot, which is deposited on the walls of the exhaust system
  • Unstable engine operation
  • The engine stops on its own when idling

You can exclude or confirm this factor by examining the exhaust system. If the anti-sparking mesh is heavily clogged, then there is no doubt that the cause of the inability to start the engine is in the exhaust duct. The mesh should be cleaned, but do it with care, because black carbon residue is a very dangerous carcinogen that can provoke serious respiratory diseases of the person. To clean the anti-spark nets and muffler walls trimmer for grass should use special agents, and work with the use of protective equipment.

Inspection of the lawnmower gearbox and its lubrication

Checking the gearbox before starting a petrol grass trimmer should be done on a regular basis. Lack of lubricant or a small amount of it increases friction in the gear reducer, which operates at a fairly high speed. This causes the gears and gears to overheat. Gearbox of the brushcutter fails. To prevent the occurrence of such a failure during operation and helps regular inspection.

If you find, before starting the gasoline grass mower, insufficient lubrication in the gearbox or its absence in the housing is laid “LITOL”. To do this, unscrew the screw on the bend of the gear housing and fill with “LITOL” in an amount of 1-2ml.

Working with the gasoline trimmer for a long time, every 8-10 hours add grease to the gearbox boom.

Rules of lawn mower operation and storage

To ensure that the lawnmower continues to run well, it must be stored and operated in good conditions:

  • During operation, carefully monitor the cooling system, carefully and timely clean the channels in the housing, as well as the starter ribs;
  • If necessary, use solvents, kerosene and other detergents for cleaning;
  • Do not clean the tool when it is hot. allow it to cool down;
  • Always follow the operating instructions, otherwise you may overheat the engine;
  • if you do not plan to use the mower in the next month, the fuel mixture from it must be drained, t. к. Over time, it disintegrates into heavy fractions that will definitely clog the carburetor passages;
  • after draining the fuel, allow the trimmer to run at idle speed until it stops, this will help remove the remaining mixture completely.

Do the following steps before winter storage:

  • Completely disassemble the machine and wash and clean as many parts as you can;
  • Inspect the parts for damage, and if necessary, repair misalignments, rips, bends, and any other malfunctions;
  • Fill the gearbox with sufficient oil and clean the air filter;
  • you can partially disassemble the motor, flush, purge and lubricate all moving parts;
  • to grease the piston, you need to unscrew the spark plug, lift the starter piston to its dead center, pour a little oil into the spark plug hole and twist the crankshaft a couple of times;
  • If you are storing the mower out of the house, wrap the engine with an oiled rag.

Remember, careful adherence to the rules, will allow you to forget about the fact that bad start the lawnmower for several seasons.

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