How to start a Husqvarna chainsaw correctly. Review of popular Husqvarna chainsaw models

How to get a chausopila Husqvarna

A handle that controls the throttle damper, in a simple gas button, is placed on the back of the handle. In order to avoid randomly starting the engine, pressing the gas button, you need to squeeze the lever. the throttle lock located on top of the handle. At the bottom of the saw is a chain capture, in the event of a chain break, it captures it, protecting the operator from serious injuries.

Using the stop button, it is also called the ignition, you can quickly turn off the engine, it is in a convenient place. The lap of the backwall brake can be activated in two different ways. Method number one. manual, you just need to push the hilt of the brakes forward, the second method is inertial, in the case of a reverse impact when rebound. It will be necessary to make sure of the correct stretch of the chain, which is not much pulled, but does not hang from the tire. The newly relied chain needs to be pulled after some time of the chainsaw.

When starting the chainsaw engine, we install it on a flat surface, the place under the tire should be cleared of outsiders of small objects. Having set the circuit brake to the GL position, we move the handle of the inertial brake forward, squeeze the “smart start” button if this function is present. When starting an unhealthy cold engine, we always completely close the air damper, stretching the regulator to itself.

The right leg occurs to the toe on the bottom of the posterior handle. Holding the upper handle with your left hand, sharp, but moderately with strong movements we pull the starter’s lace by the handle, continue until the engine supplies the first signs of launch. Now the damper needs to be completely opened by pushing the regulator. We continue to pull the starter’s lace. It will be enough to make two or three jerks so that the saw starts. Click on the gas button once, after which the engine should stop working at idle.

To launch an enslaved and preheated engine, there is no need to use the air damper. All other points to launch the saw will be exactly the same. It happens that it is difficult to start the saw even on a well.heated engine, you need to pull out the regulator to the end, as you did it when you started the cold motor, but then push it back.

After starting the engine of the chainsaw, you do not need to remove the chain from the hand brake until the start of work

It will be important to check the chain for the presence of lubrication. It will be necessary to use some light plane, whether it be a stump, paper or a light rag. We increase the speed of the circuit revolutions slightly, the path of motor oil is formed, which will indicate a sufficient level of oil in the saw tank

We increase the speed of the circuit revolutions slightly, the path of motor oil is formed, which will indicate a sufficient level of oil in the saw tank.

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Try to hold the chainsaw with both hands, all fingers must fully cover both handles completely. To minimize the power of the reverse blow. the rebound, the left hand must completely cover the front handle, the thumb is strictly below. You never need to be afraid of a saw, the closer to the body you hold it, the less you will feel the real weight of the saw. The best equilibrium and control over the tool will remain.

When moving from one place of work to another, you need to be sure that the chain is in a stationary position. To do this, always turn on the brake of the circuit, and it is better to stop the engine. When moving at even more distant distances, put a protective casing onto the tire, this will protect you from random injuries and will help protect the chain itself. After completion of work, it is recommended to drain the gas mixture and store a chainsaw with a dry tank

It is important not to forget that the gas mixture is prepared based on 7 to 10 days of maximum use. The mixture has its expiration date and after 7 to 10 days loses its properties. The chainsaws are slightly different in structural features, but in most cases the assembly principle is carried out according to two standard schemes

Many devices contain information about the need to activate the emergency installation brake before starting the inclusion procedure

The chainsaws are slightly characterized by structural features, but in most cases the assembly principle is carried out according to two standard schemes. Many devices contain information about the need to activate the emergency installation brake before starting the inclusion procedure.

You should first master the installation of the plant and study the main methods of correcting breakdowns, then a person will have the opportunity to fully operate the device.

New chainsaw will not start

Often a completely new chainsaw cannot be launched the first time. With a cold launch of its engine, the switch is installed so that the damper is closed. Now you need to pump up the fuel into the carburetor, and then twist the launch hand well. It is considered normal, even if after 2-5 launches the tool starts up, but stalls. After that, you can transfer the switch to the position of half.gas, and then to the working position, and continue to start the chainsaw.

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The element responsible for ignition of the fuel mixture is the candle. It consists of a case and central electrode. A side electrode is welded to the “skirt” of the details, which has an electrical connection with the “mass” of the car. Due to the presence of a ceramic insulator, the electrodes do not have contact with each other. The high voltage attached to the contact output of the candle leads to a break in the air gap. The spark slides between them.

The main condition for sparking is the lack of an electric bridge between the electrodes. If the candle is wet, then a chain that has low resistance is created. This leads to a sharp failure of the tension due to the leakage to the case.

If a chainsaw is not started after a long rotation of a manual starter, then there is a high probability of a candle bay. The wet candle is wiped with a clean rag and blown with air. It is not recommended to pump it on fire, This leads to the formation of microcracks on the insulator. After cleaning, the element performance is tested. If there is a spark, then it is installed in place and the engine is being started. In the event that there is no spark on the candle, then it is replaced with a working.

How to run a chainsaw: Instructions

We will see the main stages that you need to adhere to in order to correctly have a Stihl chainsaw.

  • Before you start the launch, you need to drive the chain brake. It is activated when pressing it in the direction of forward (as shown in the photo).
  • Remove the protective cover from the tire.
  • If the model has a decompression valve, it should be brought to the inclusion position, which will allow the tool to facilitate the tool plant.
  • Press on the fuel pump to reduce the number of pumping and facilitate the start.
  • The combined lever should be included in the cool launch mode. To do this, you need to block the gas lever, and press the combined lever to the stop.
  • Before starting the system, you need to provide an even surface. With all this, the cutting part should be at a distance from the ground, in another way when starting it will be dull.
  • Take the tool with both hands, with all this it should be on the ground. The left hand should be on the handle of the chainsaw, and the right. at the starting cable. With your right foot, fix the tool stepping on the back handle.
  • Gently pull the trigger cable with the right hand until that time, until you feel strong resistance. By putting an effort, pull the starting cable a couple of times, starting the engine for a short time. With all this, in order to avoid abrasion, it is recommended to pull the cable in the direction from the body.
  • After short.term startup, the motor stalls. Now move the combined lever up one click. The lever should take the position of the half.gas.
  • Pull the trigger again to start the chainsaw engine.
  • When the motor is launched by a small press of the finger, bring the gas lever to the work. The combined lever automatically will be transferred to the idle state.
  • Without touching the gas lever, move the chainsaw.
  • Pulling the handle over yourself, remove the chain brake. The position of the left hand remains unchanged, the hand is on the handle. The chain will be unlocked after the corresponding click.
start, husqvarna, chainsaw, correctly

About how to make a chainsaw correctly, on the video you can see a detailed description. Using this detailed instruction, you can get skills of how to start a chainsaw.

What to do if the chainsaw does not start?

But what to do in the case when all the stages specified in the instruction manual are observed, and the chainsaw is still not started? Regardless of the manufacturer of the chainsaw. STIHL, Husqvarna, Partner, Urals, Friendship. we can distinguish a number of general events in the tool factory.

Below are practical advice from professionals who have been tested in practice and have a proven effectiveness:

  • Do not be nervous, do not try to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw.
  • Set aside the tool to the side and let him “relax”. The reason may just be that the candles are flooded. Give them the opportunity to dry.
  • Take the instruction manual. Repeat the attempt to start a saw again. The saw brake does not need to turn on.
  • If this did not help, try to remove the lid from the chainsaw housing and remove the air filter. So you can check the cleanliness of the filter and at the same time facilitate the launch process.
  • Replace the candles. If there is no way to install new candles, you can use the old ones, having previously removed and cooled them.
  • In the event that an extraneous pungent smell appears, it means that excess fuel came into the chainsaw engine. To correct this situation, it is necessary to remove the candle and, turning the saw with a hole down, drain the excess. Without returning the saw to normal, sharply pull the starter several times. So you will achieve that combustion products will leave the camera. The candle must be wiped and reached dry, and then screw it up and start again without installing the filter.
  • It is necessary to check the surface of the piston for the presence of fuel in it. If you twisted the candle and noticed through the hole that it is dry inside, you must enter a little fuel into the chamber with a syringe. The cause of problems in this case may be a blockage that interferes with the supply of fuel to the engine. If the engine can be launched using a small amount of fuel, then the thrust will allow the blockage to eliminate and the problem will be solved.
  • The last two actions can only be performed if the dry candle.
  • Check the staff of the starter. It is impossible to start a chainsaw without a starter.
  • Check the ignition unit for the presence of a spark.
  • Try to carefully remove the muffler of the tool and get it without it.
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Each saw has its own characteristics of the plant. How to get a Husqvarna chainsaw, you can watch on the video. Follow the instructions thoroughly and the saw will last you for a long time.

How and when to adjust the ignition on the Husqvarna saw

Husqvarna chainsaw users often arises: how and when to regulate the ignition. Answer it just. The Husqvarna chainsaws have an electronic ignition coil and a flywheel that does not provide for the possibility of adjusting. The only thing that can be adjusted is the gap between the coil and the flywheel.

To adjust the gap at home, it is necessary to cut a probe from a plastic bottle, and then loosen the screws of the reel mounting. Next, the probe is installed between the coil contacts and the flywheel. The screws are delayed.

It is necessary to regulate the gap when conducting whether they are detected by cutters on the surface of the flywheel. Such bullying indicate that the gap is completely absent.

If, after the gap between the coil and the flywheel is exhibited, and the details continue to come into contact, then it is necessary to check for wear of the crankshaft bearings. Perhaps they are very worn out and require replacement.

The procedure for setting up the carburetor

First of all, it is necessary to “find” the highest turnover in the absence of a load (at idle). Next, counterclockwise we turn it by a quarter of turn.

If in this position the chain on the tire continues to move, you need to achieve a stop by means of a screw T.

To adjust the Husqvarna carburetor at maximum speeds after pressing the accelerator key, we fully wait 10-15 seconds. The screw “h” we wrap clockwise ¼ turn clockwise and listen to the work of the internal combustion engine. If during the operation of the motor there is an extraneous sonorous “screech”, gradually, we unscrew the bolt until it disappears. On the contrary, with excessive sinking of smoke, it is necessary to impoverish the mixture, gradually twisting the screw.

After setting up the minimum and maximum revolutions, we set up the idle speed of the saw. To do this, we tighten the “T” screw clockwise until the chain starts moving along the bus.

Proper setting up the fuel supply system requires the presence of a tachometer (device for measuring revolutions per minute), as well as the owner’s experience.

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Features of the Husqvarna chain: design, tension

The cutting circuit of the saw of this manufacturer consists of working teeth, limiters of the depth of cutting, fixing the pins. The most loaded in the process of the file are cutting links made of highly alloyed structural steel. By design, they are divided into left- and right-handed. The width of the cut determines the distance from the side edges of the left and right links.

DIY chain tension with your own hands

start, husqvarna, chainsaw, correctly

The main characteristic of the Husqvarna chain for the chainsaw is a step, which can be measured from the first to the third rivet, dividing the result by two. Due to the fact that in the Western calculus system, an inch, manufacturers in passports with the tool indicate a step in the inches (25.4 mm). 3/8 inches chains are used for medium power chainsaws, and 4 for more loaded. 4.

One of the most important indicators of the chain is the thickness of the shank, which in most models is 1.3 mm. They are often used on specialized and ordinary amateur tools. The thickness of the links must certainly be agreed with the groove of the tire, since excessive thickness can lead to a break or decline of the chain.

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When relaxing the chain, it is necessary to tighten it through the side of the mechanism unit. Having removed the previously left side cover (2 bolts), weaken the Husqvarna chainsaw tire. Next, unscrew the longitudinally twisted bolt, thereby move the guide from the power unit. With proper adjustment, the circuit should easily scroll, but do not hang out on the tire.


The starter is located on the right side of the Khuskvarna and holds on several screws. By promoting which, you can easily remove the starter and thereby gain access to the flywheel and ignition coil.

The question of how to start a chainsaw can be divided into two parts:

Information from the first part will be useful to those who have lost the annotation, or to those who have an uninformative annotation.

The 2nd part will say what needs to be done if you did everything right by annotation, but the chainsaws still do not start. How to properly start a Husqvarna chainsaw. Recommendations for the launch of a chainsaw. Buy on the website It will also be useful to those who have a bad chainsaw start.

one.Start a chainsaw according to the instructions

In various chainsaws, the factory can be carried out in different ways. We will analyze two more favorites that are used in order to start a chainsaw available today. For example, take the Stihl MS 180 and Echo CS-352ES chainsaw. If you have a different brand, then just try to start by analogy, because most likely you have the same or similar mechanism.

Before starting a description of the factory process, you will like to see that some chainsaws have written in the annotation that before you start a chainsaw, it is necessary to turn on the brake of a critical stop. Like it is safer. But with a fixed brake, it is more difficult to start a chainsaw, so it is better to correct it. If everything is done in the brain, then the chainsaws will do nothing for you during the start. If you are afraid that without fixing the brake of the chainsaw, when you are trying to get it, it will be able to harm you, then it is better not to take on this tool at all.

    The 1st that must be done before you start this chainsaw is to translate the lever of adjustment of the damper to the lower position ( Keep in mind that this lever moves on a chainsaw to the bottom of the bottom only if the gas button is pressed. Therefore, clamp the gas button and translate the lever down. Thus, we close the damper in the carburetor and fix the gas in the pressed position in the chainsaw.
start, husqvarna, chainsaw, correctly

How to start Stihl 180 videos correctly

,Stihl chainsaw launch. How to correctly start a chainsawi 180 1st start video.

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STIHL MS 180 Video

Wholesale and retail sales, service center, spare parts for STIHL products

2.Why the chainsaw is not started?

If you did everything according to the annotation, and the chainsaws do not start, it means something wrong with it. This may be the fault of several frequently encountered circumstances: there is no spark; fuel is not served; Air filter is closed. So, below we want to offer the procedure that help to identify the reason why the chainsaw is not started.

How to start a saw after prolonged downtime

I can not have a chainsaw, after prolonged downtime. Such Комментарии и мнения владельцев can be found on forums on the repair and operation of the saw. Let’s figure out how to start a chainsaw after prolonged downtime.

The fact is that about successful launch after downtime, you need to take care in advance and correctly prepare the saw for storage. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, before storing storage, it is necessary to drain the fuel from the tank, and then start the engine and make the fuel in the fuel system.

Preparation is necessary so that in the process of storage, the membranes of the carburetor do not stick together. Performing this simple operation will successfully start a saw after long storage.

It is much easier to start a chainsaw six months after downtime, if immediately before starting, through a candle hole, add 1. 2 ml of fuel mixture to the cylinder. You can do this with a syringe.

Causes and methods of elimination

Undoubtedly, after reading this title, you continue to read this item and this is not surprising.

Since most of the owners of the chainsaws, you can even say with a certain degree of confidence that almost every owner has faced the fact that the device is either not to start at all, or there are “signs of life”, but it immediately stalls.

In fact, there are many reasons for this kind of failures in the work of the tool, and now we will try to deal with the main of them. So, let’s start:

The chainsaw is started and immediately stalls

The reason for this kind of malfunction may be to fill the direct candle at the moment when you are trying to start a chainsaw. Since a significant amount of gasoline is collected between the electrodes of the candle, therefore, the spark cannot be created. You can eliminate this kind of breakdown yourself, and you will not have to contact specialized services.

To do this, simply turn the candle itself and dry it. You can also try to incur, it will not be superfluous, but remember that this kind of manipulation must be carried out exclusively through a gas burner.

Otherwise, on the very surface of the direct electrodes, a specific felility may occur. Meanwhile, while your candle dries, you need to drain excess fuel directly by using the hole and leave to dry for about half an hour.

Badly starts on cold

The answer on this question is unequivocal. there is no compression. This happens. rings, most likely through long operation, simply worn out, therefore, when you are trying to start the device directly in the cold state, then there is not enough compression for direct starting.

But given the fact that most people of the “literate” begin to systematically pull the pen, at that time the rings are friction about the sleeve, therefore, they get oil with gasoline, the degree of compression increases and the engine is launched. And when the chainsaw was already heated, of course she will begin to start.

How to set up a chainsaw

In the process of repairing the Husqvarna chainsaws with their own hands, they reveal some malfunctions that appeared as a result of incorrect ignition adjustments and carburetor settings.

The mechanism is responsible for the power of the motor and is set up for operation, taking into account the necessary conditions:

By default for productive work, the factory settings of the Husqvarna chainsaw carburetor are installed during the tests.

The device has 3 tuned areas:

To configure the chainsaw, after the, they adjust the carburetor: first they are engaged in a “L”, then the screws of XX “T” and “X”. With the rotation of “l” and “x” clockwise the quality of the working mixture “air. fuel” worsens, when rotation against. is enriched. Rotation of the screw “t” clockwise increases the speed of xx.


Husqvarna 240 has two modifications, this is Husqvarna 240 E Series and Husqvarna 240 E Series Triobrake.

In the E Series configuration, the Smart Start system is additionally installed at the saw, which is designed to facilitate the launch of the chainsaw, as well as the folding covers of the fuel and oil tanks, and the chain tension system without the help of an additional key. In fact, Husqvarna 240 E-Series, this is a luxury version of the base model of the chainsaw.

Husqvarna E-Series Triobrake is also a luxury model of the 240th, only additionally equipped with the innovative technology Triobrake, which protects the operator when a reverse strike occurs. On external inspection, determine a chainsaw equipped with this system is very simple. to. It has an additional lever in the area of ​​the handle under the right hand, which is responsible for turning on the brake of the saw chain during the rebound.

In the video below, a description of how the system works and why it is needed.

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