How to sharpen a metal drill bit with a lathe

Methods of sharpening

Now it’s time to get closer to the main question. how to properly sharpen a drill bit? It can be done in two available ways:

Performing the procedure with a file is more problematic and time-consuming, so many prefer an electric machine. But someone is a conservative and uses exclusively the manual method.

The disadvantage is that the tool will have to cool frequently (during sharpening it will be excessively hot, which can lead to deformation). With a file this problem will not arise, but, as mentioned above, the process will take much longer.

How to quickly and correctly sharpen a drill bit

In the household, the most popular power tool is a drill. Using a reliable helper you can not only drill almost any holes, but also cut out places for installation of electrical wiring devices, including outlets, switches.
But for this you will definitely need a set of drills. Bit bits are made for work with any material.
Drills blunt and need to be sharpened in the process of work.
Posted below material tells you how to properly sharpen a drill bit on metal, in addition, watch a video on the options for sharpening

How to sharpen with a sharpener

This “home” method has its own peculiarities. Manual sharpening is available only to experienced locksmiths, who have a lot of experience, allowing “by eye” to restore any blunt tools.

All other home craftsmen will have to buy or borrow “from a neighbor” a special holder. This device should be installed in the vicinity of the emery (about 1 mm.). In this case, you must ensure the stability of the bolt connection, in order to exclude the displacement of the fixture during the course of the work.

Only after that you can proceed directly to the sharpening of the tool:

  • fix the drill in the holder (the sharpening angle is set in advance);
  • turn on the sharpener;
  • remove damage from the cutting surface;
  • sharpen the cutting surface by short no more than 2 seconds contact with the sandpaper.

What tool can be used to sharpen a drill?

To sharpen a metal drill, you can use an ordinary abrasive wheel, but this method will require a lot of time and effort. It is much more convenient to use to restore the sharpness of cutting edges:

  • A deburring and sharpening machine (sharpener);
  • a grinder with a grinding wheel;
  • a drill with a special nozzle for sharpening drills;
  • other handmade tools for sharpening metal drills.

Purchased devices for sharpening drills

It is possible to buy an already created specialized machine, but its use always has a certain range of functions, that is, the tasks are always highly specialized. The use of a homemade device, in turn, has advantages:

  • economy. you can make it from the materials at hand;
  • gaining experience. you will begin to understand the specifics of each machine better if you make it yourself;
  • unique purpose. if you work with non-standard shapes, sizes, it is easier to make your own sharpener.

How to Sharpen the Drill Bits (for metal)

But if you want to buy a ready-made machine, let’s see how they differ.

Basic types of factory-made devices

The last one is much more functional, but also more expensive. It is made as a mechanism on the bed, static, made of steel, so it is not subject to transfer. The second is an attachment to the drill, so it is fully adjustable with this construction tool (the number of revolutions is created manually).

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Victor Leontev very cool! You can see the professional, no unnecessary words and movements!
thanks for the video!

And who knows how to drill with a 10 gauge so that the hole is at 11??

One side of the drill needs to be tucked in so it’s a little bit bigger.

For example, if you do not have a drill of the required diameter

I’ve seen similar ones somewhere.
Too bad, not acceptable for drills 0.6mm and thinner. You need a special tool, or just a new drill bit.

You take a watchmaker’s eye magnifying glass, and on a belt loom with fine sandpaper. You can even tuck such thin drill bits in on a hand grinder.

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I tried a knife-preparation bit. Realistically to 0.4 mm. 0.3 already failed. 0.2. I don’t say anything at all. The syringe needle is thicker.

Always fucking lazynothing to drill with anymore. Then I sharpen.

Very informative! Thank you for the video! Waiting for more =)

Moving on to the starting position. Three, four.

Too much abstruse, templates, angles the main thing is practice, different metal has its own angle and I turn so that my cutting edge is vertical to the grinder, it is not so rounded and the best teacher is life))

Your unit perfectly shows your superiority over the rest of the backward masses!

Naturally!)) No time for posts, I do not have time to wash my hands of the black slurry))) And there was no thought of backwardnessand the block, if you have free time.

Too much abstruse, templates, anglesthe main thing is practice, different metal has its own angleand I sharpen so that my cutting edge is vertical to the sharpener, at least it is not roundedand the best teacher is life))

agree.I sharpen drill bits often. I love sharp tools

Too much abstruse, templates, angles the main thing is practice, for different metal its angle and I turn so that my cutting edge is vertical to the sharpener, it’s so at least not rounded and the best teacher is life))

Spot on! The cutting edge of the drill bit should be vertical to the emery!

Looked up to the point of touching a finger on a running circle No need to be afraid, he says. )))) One touch and no skin!

THANK YOU. Repost and bookmark it for sure!

How to Hand Sharpen a Twist Drill

He has a lot of useful videos like this. Check it out.

If you bookmark this There is a small boarded-up door downstairs!

You need to grind dozens of drills to the shank to learn how to drive a decent one. useful video

And I want to say to all critics: Not everyone is as smart as you are. Post posted for those who do not know how to drill!

You do not need intelligence here, it is enough to look at a new drill bit and copy it, and then the angles are selected depending on the material that you drill

Great lesson! My mentor at the factory gave me less information. But we didn’t draw any lines, either. But it’s right, it’s perfect and it’s simple! Angles, methodology. The author needs to teach students, then we will give such a standard and the country will benefit.

support the critics.this post is suitable for a personal blog.but against the rules of the community.I’ve never looked for a video on this kind of stuff.There’s nothing clever about it.but there are subtleties that are not in the video

it’s nice when you have it all at hand, but as a rule you don’t have it and you sharpen it with a grinder

You can also sharpen with a bolt cutter. It takes a long time, and the main thing is not to burn the drill.

For me, 3mm is more difficult to sharpen than 13mm

First lesson for me on sharpening drill bits. Before that, I sharpened my own, guided by common sense. Thank you!
П.С. Who thinks they’re. “super pro”. Fuck, yeah.You weren’t always like this! The lesson is really very useful, many thanks to the author of the video, before he had not posted anything like this here.
But there were posts on how to build a birdhouse and a doghouse!

the alphabet for kindergarten ” Goose”, I sharpen without any kind of templates, a pro on!

Sasha, it’s embarrassing to see your handiwork on your blog. The author of these videos is a professional, of which there are few “One-of-a-kind item”! And the number of grammatical errors is off the charts, check your text!

There are people who are useless to talk and show, for example, my neighbor’s yard full of machinery, my son brings packs of drills and burnt, and there are people who are literally the first attempts to successfully sharpen any stone, and about the mistakes I do not give a damn

just suffered in the garage today on this issue!))

I haven’t heard the story about drills for wood and metal, the angles are different, maybe I didn’t listen good enough =)

The steel is different, the angle of sharpening two, the softer the metal, the sharper the angle And for wood, in general, drills with trimmers are made.

i know that the cones are different=) but for wood specifically with undercutters will know=)

i haven’t heard the story about the drill bits for wood and metal, angles seem to be different, maybe i didn’t listen well=)

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It’s not a matter of principle About 120 degrees and everything drills.

at night in silence, sharpening pencils.
п.с. Only after this video I learned how to sharpen drills, though I stumbled upon it 3 years ago.
it’s a big waste of time, it doesn’t work in production.

used to sharpen about the same on a grinder.but the circle on it goes the other way, not like grandpa’s “♪ against the wool ♪”

For snot-nosed beginners it is probably a useful thing.

Not everyone is like you 10-15-18 bam! and 47, I know everything, I know everything!

And no one’s arguing, I’m stating a fact, for salazhat.

I’m sure there’s just as many boorish on the road as you are?

Not everyone is like you 10-15-18 bam! and 47, I know everything, I know everything!

They know how to do everything here, and a drill sharpened with their hands and a piece of aluminum would not cut it))))

For snot-nosed beginners, it’s probably useful.

I was born an ace with a sharpened drill ?What kind of arrogance is that to someone who doesn’t know something??

Do I have arrogance towards someone in particular, or do you have complexes dear? I’ll tell you, you can’t drink your own experience when you’re born an ace. So chill out or I’ll think you don’t get laid.

You can think what you want but the pluses under my Комментарии и мнения владельцев speak for themselves.Not under yours

The topic is interesting and most importantly useful! I first knew a turner showed me how to sharpen, all alike)))

good lesson! It will be useful, who uses a drill. I was taught the same way in my youth, but there were no templates then, everything was done by eye, and it worked. Eh, there was a time.

What’s the problem? Я “The wife of a bolgarin” sharpening! And as he shows, without skill, you can round off the cutting edge.

Exactly, that’s why I sharpen my drill bit with the cutting edge along the sharpener.

Bookmarked of course and thanks to the author!)So sharing with everyone!))

Thank you very much for the video clip is very instructive, I always wanted to see how to sharpen drill bits properly, I will diligently learn I just need it for my work.

to sharpen it that way you need to train all day, I bought myself a gift and Fsjo…ametr_ot_3mm_do_20mm.html

Nothing to do, for 2000 buy. Take a broken drill bit and there you go))

chuby so sharpen it should train all day long, I bought myself a gift and Fsyo…ametr_ot_3mm_do_20mm.html

Looks more like an advertisement. Pampering.

Sharpening a drill bit using s lathe

I was doing myself this summer forged wicket, overlap-strip 40×4, it was necessary for rivets (I used furniture bolts) 33 holes to 10 drill.(It turned out that out of 40 pieces the most productive were drills brought by my father 30 years ago from the hobby shop. When you drill a critical design can not allow the drill bit to move sideways, the edges must be ground perfectly. That’s why your “childish” I take your nonsense to mean that you’re not in the know and you’re drilling “Holes”. What’s with the commercial? My lyrics. You’re not much of a psychic

You’re on a roll. Don’t speed up and don’t overheat the drill bit, it’ll take a long time to drill. You need to develop your sight, not buy 2,000 worth of gadgets.

I’m here is a summer forged gate did, perekhlyst-shelf 40h4, had to rivets (I used furniture bolts) 33 holes to 10 drill.(8mm thick) it turned out, that out of 40 pieces the most useful were drills, brought by my grandfather from SHT about 30 years ago. When you drill responsible construction, you can not allow the drill bit to go sideways, the edges must be sharpened perfectly. So your “baby” I perceive it as nonsense, like a person who is not in the know and drills “holes”. What’s advertising my text. You’re not much of a psychic

I have here myself in the summer made a forged gate, overlap-strip 40×4, it was necessary for rivets (I used furniture bolts) 33 holes to 10 drill.(Consider the thickness of 8mm) it turned out that out of the 40 pieces, the most working were drills brought 30 years ago by my father from SHT. When you drill a critical design can not be allowed to take the drill sideways, the edges must be ground perfectly. That’s why yours “children’s” I take it for granted that a man who is not in the know drills “holes”. What’s the advert? My text. You’re not much of a psychic

On the TV tricolor appeared channel “BOBER”( I’m number 142) All about crafts, alterations, repairs. A lot of muck, like everywhere else, but there are some good things. Yesterday the topic of drilling glass and hardening a drill bit for that purpose passed. The bottom line is this: the drill (cutting part) is heated red-hot on a gas burner and lowered into SOLIDOL. On the glass (mirror) in the right place of the plasticine is constructed “volcano” with a crater diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the hole and filled with vinegar. Drill the hole at high speed with light pressure. The idea is interesting, and the main thing is that you can harden any Chinese drill bit and at least it will be good for something. And sharpening a drill bit. no kidding art, in front of such craftsmen take off my hat!

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What you need for sharpening a drill

Ideally, for sharpening the drill will need a sharpening machine. But you can also use a single wheel from it. The wheel can be mounted on an electric drill. Also, you can use an angle grinder. However, it is not quite right to sharpen drills with a grinder.

Attention! Drill sharpening involves various risks. Therefore, before performing this work, you should always protect your eyes. You will also need a container with a coolant so as not to overheat the drill bits. During sharpening the drill bit, it must be constantly cooled, and it is better to do it in machine oil or, in an extreme case, in water.

How to sharpen a step drill in metal?

There are three answers to the question of how to sharpen a stepped taper drill bit:

Each option has its own characteristics, requires a separate consideration.

How to sharpen a step drill with a file?

To sharpen a drill with a file, a number of steps must be followed:

The file must be applied with sufficient pressure, otherwise the surface finish will be poor.

Finally, a finishing pass around the entire circumference of the hole is made. This ensures the correct contour and eliminates angular deviations.

Rice. 3 Sharpening a tapered step drill with a file

How to sharpen a step-metal taper drill with a drill

When working with a boron drill is used grinding attachment. The operations are performed in a certain sequence:

  • the drill is clamped in a vice;
  • The drill bit nozzle is placed at an appropriate angle to the step to be sharpened;
  • the cutter is started, after which the abrasive element is moved smoothly along the step.

When working, it is important to grind the edges of the steps, and then correct the middle. This approach will avoid defects, ensure the formation of even edges of a given size.

Figure. 4 Stepped taper drill bit sharpening with a drill bit

How to sharpen a stepped metal drill bit using an angle grinder wheel?

Stepped drills can also be sharpened using a cut-off wheel on a wheel-type lathe. This requires a number of operations:

  • the drill is clamped in the drill chuck;
  • the power tool starts reversing;
  • The disc is pressed against the step to be sharpened;
  • the chuck rotates backwards to sharpen and straighten the tip.

These methods require a master’s skill. The first attempts at sharpening drills can be unsuccessful.

Fig. 5 Grinding a tapered stepped drill bit with a grinder

Prolonged use of the drill bit causes it to become blunt. This makes it necessary to know how to sharpen it correctly. Although this is not an easy procedure, with the right information and skills, it will work.

The procedure for sharpening a taper drill bit requires the following sequence of actions:

  • to secure the tapered boring block by means of a vice;
  • set up a sharpening wheel on the grinder;
  • with care, sharpen the cutting edges that have been damaged.

There are several ways of sharpening the step drill. For example:

  • Single-plane. By means of this type of sharpening, tools with a thickness not exceeding 3 mm can be sharpened. During sharpening, it is recommended that the tool is held against the grinding wheel, moving the drill along the wheel. It is worth noting that using this type of sharpening may cause slight damage to the cutting edge of the drill bit.
  • Conical. Recommended for sharpening drills with a length of 3 mm or more. While working, it is recommended to press the drill bit lightly against the wheel and gently move it over the working surface.
  • Resharpening. Used to correct small errors and inaccuracies after sharpening. Use a soft sharpening stone.

Sharpening step drills by yourself requires excellent lighting, vision, and care.

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