How to sharpen a disc for a grass trimmer

Rules for replacing the blades on the grass trimmer

If the disc on the trimmer is used regularly, it needs to be removed and sharpened or replaced with a new one from time to time. This part can be made of metal or plastic, have a different number of blades, but the replacement process remains the same. over, this procedure is similar for equipment from different manufacturers, whether Carver or Huter, but there may be slight differences. Changing the blade on the trimmer is quite simple, if you follow the safety precautions and know the correct procedure, the description of which can be found in the user manual. The whole process of replacement step by step, as well as the method of independent sharpening of knives, will be described in this material.

When using a brushcutter on dacha plots, the most popular attachment is a line for the trimmer. It is inexpensive, suitable for different trimmer heads, safe when working. The disadvantage of using a fishing line is that it is only useful for mowing low growth. In other situations, the string is immediately clogged, regardless of whether the gasoline or electric grass trimmer model is used. In addition, vegetation gets wrapped around the spindle, creating considerable resistance on the shaft and causing it to break. This can also cause the piston system in chain saws to fail, or the motor in electric trimmers to burn out.

Therefore, for mowing tall or tough vegetation, different attachments are used. So, to clean high and rough grass, thin shoots of trees and shrubs, it is better to install and use a disc. This nozzle clogs much less often and therefore increases the wear resistance of the machine.

Side note! Due to the fact that the engine of electric and battery-powered models is less powerful than that of petrol mowers, so the use of discs is more relevant for petrol mowers.

What is the best knife?

Modern manufacturers offer the consumer a wide choice of disc varieties. Cutting parts are classified according to the following criteria:


The material for the blades is plastic or metal, which determines their purpose. the question naturally arises as to whether it is better to use a plastic or metal blade? The choice is determined by such factors:

Three-blade plastic blade for electric grass trimmer

Steel cutters are not recommended for electric lawn mowers because they are almost always equipped with plastic blades. The design features of the electric tool itself, its technical characteristics make the installation of metal cutting parts dangerous:

According to the rules of safe operation, plastic blades are used only on mowers with a flexible shaft. Plastic blades for mowing soft grass (e.g. burdock, nettles), dead wood. Metal disc mower is used for cutting dense, tall and rough grass, bushes and shoots of various trees, because its cutting ability and durability is higher than plastic analogues.

Grass trimmer cutter with tungsten carbide tips 40 teeth

The device, as well as the technical characteristics of gasoline scrapers cause the use of metal nozzles when working with them:

  • straight boom increases distance to the mower’s legs
  • comfortable handles with stops;
  • smooth speeds.

Gasoline units with metal discs are good for mowing large areas with a variety of grass or shrubs.

Number of blades

The shape of circular blades almost does not affect the quality and speed of work, what matters is their number. For haymaking, it is recommended to use cutters with more blades, for example, with 8 or 4 main and 4 auxiliary blades. If they are few (2, 3), such blades shred the grass very powerfully. Cutters with a large number of fine teeth are used when mowing young shoots of trees and bushes.

Patriot PT453 lawnmower with metal disc for mowing shrubs

Metal blades for lawnmowers are sharpened in different ways: on one side and on both sides. Dull or badly sharpened cutting edges of cutters reduce working efficiency and worsen the quality of work. The load on the tool and the fuel consumption increase in the same way.

Dangerous is the collision of blades with stones, as a result of which the tool bounces, which can cause injury to the mower.

Grass trimmer blades must be selected according to their material, size and construction based on the type of the tool and its engine power, the amount of work to be done and the type of plants to be mowed. Partly help in this from the manufacturer’s manual to the model used. there are written the recommended parameters of cutters.

How to properly sharpen electric razor blades at home?

You will need to replace the disc on your trimmer on a regular basis if you use the chain saw frequently. Even good blades get blunt over time and need to be resharpened or replaced with new ones. In practice, plastic and metal discs are used, which have a different number of blades, sharpened in different ways. This does not imply any difference in the procedure for replacing. In the process of work, an important point is the observance of safety precautions. If the material of the cutting part of the tool allows it, you can sharpen it yourself and save money.

Replacement unit or repair

The easiest solution to the problem of blunt knives is to buy a replacement unit for your grass trimmer. But it is also the most expensive option.

sharpen, disc, grass, trimmer

For example, such a block with a Remington blade costs 1 to 2 ths. р. For such money it is easier and more profitable to buy a new device with more modern features and functions.

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But not all shaving machines are so easy to find and order replacement blocks. For small trimmers this is only possible through online stores, and sometimes only on foreign sites.

If your beard grass trimmer is dear to you and you don’t want to replace it, then contacting a repair service will be salvation. If you are the lucky owner of an expensive and high-quality device, only qualified and experienced professionals can extend its life and not spoil the blades. The cost of such services is about 200 p.

Based on the price of replacement blocks and the difficulty in finding them, the preferred option looks like repair.

Best BRUSH CUTTER Blade for a Weed Wacker! Chainsaw Blade. Chainblade


Dull grass trimmer can be sharpened by yourself at home. Consider two ways to sharpen the grass trimmer for the beard:

Instructions for sharpening blades for your hair clipper

While creating hairstyles, the blades in the hair clipper gradually wear out. For this reason, the speed, quality and productivity of work falls. Effective operation of the equipment is restored by sharpening parts.

The best sharpening of hair clippers is done on professional equipment. However, there are ways to perform these works and at home. Consider the most common of them.

How to quickly sharpen the knives on any hair clipper

There are several ways of sharpening hair clippers. A variety of equipment and materials are used. These include:

  • Professional sharpening kit.
  • Lathe.
  • Sharpening machine.
  • Kitchen sharpening stone.
  • Sandpaper.

Procedure for sharpening your blades

Sharpening the knives of hairdressing machines perform in several steps:

sharpen, disc, grass, trimmer

DIY Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening

  • Removing and preparing blades for sharpening.
  • Sharpening and grinding knives.
  • Sharpening parts.
  • Assembly of the blade assembly.
  • Test shearing.
  • Final adjustment of blade operation.

Before starting work, prepare the work area carefully. Ensure the required level of comfort and illumination. Put all tools and materials needed on the table.

Clean and lubricate knife blades after each cut. This will help to ensure a long service life of the appliance.

Use a screwdriver or an electric screwdriver to remove the fastening screws of the knife block. Set the removed parts aside or put them in a separate box. Carefully remove the upper (moving) and lower (fixed) blades.

Bottom blade remains in the stationary position during operation. It is attached to the machine housing with the fastening screws.

The upper knife slides on the working surface of the lower knife. Movements are made to the right and left of the knife sliding axis.

A plastic cushioning strip is placed between the blades.

Removing and preparing blades for sharpening

Clean dirt and dust off the blades with a brush and damp cloth. Use improvised means or special solutions to remove rust. These products are widely available in household detergent stores. You can also purchase these at auto parts and plumbing supply stores.

To remove rust, the blades are dipped for several minutes in a container with a special solution. Use a cotton swab or brush to treat the surface of the blades. If necessary, the procedure is repeated.

Use only specialized oil to lubricate blades and other moving parts. In some cases it is allowed to use machine or spindle oil. Do not use vegetable oil!

Using a dry cloth, wipe the blades dry and dry in a warm place. After treating and lubricating rotating surfaces the machine is assembled in the reverse order.

Careful cleaning of blades from dust and debris promotes partial restoration of machine functions. Performance of these procedures is quite enough to continue the work of the device with self-sharpening blades. If the measures that have been taken are insufficient, the next step is to be taken.

Blade sharpening

Professionally sharpening blades of grass knives and trimmer is quite a challenge. Sharpening is a demanding and time-consuming process. The quality of further work with the device depends on the accuracy of work at this stage.

Sharpening blades with a blade sharpening kit

Professional sharpening kits are available from specialty stores.

The set includes the following accessories:

  • sharpening machine
  • protective machine guard;
  • double-sided aluminum disk (flat washer);
  • special compound for cleaning disc and blades;
  • A special composition for the lubrication of the disc and blades;
  • a bar for even distribution of the abrasive;
  • magnetic holder;
  • abrasive powder
  • laser pointer;
  • Brush or brush.

Proceed as follows with the sharpening machine.

Clean dust and debris off the washer-deck with a sponge. Spray or sponge the disc surface with a lubricant.

For your own safety do not use machines with broken power cable, damaged housing elements, etc.п. Have all identified damage repaired at an authorized service center.

Use a cloth to rub the oil all over the disc surface. Any irregularities on the faceplate surface are filled in this way. Spread a thin coat of abrasive powder evenly over the disc surface with a soft brush. Use circular movements to rub the abrasive into the disc surface.

After applying the lubricant and abrasive powder proceed to sharpening the blades. Position a magnetic laser pointer for this purpose. Clamp the blade with the magnetic holder. Turn the machine on and get to work.

Use a reciprocating motion from the edge of the disc to the center to sharpen the working surfaces of the blades. After sharpening wash blades in special solution. Use a brush to remove abrasive powder particles between the teeth of the plates. Carefully wipe the parts with a dry soft cloth, rinse and dry.

After processing the sharpened parts proceed to the assembly of the knife block. Apply lubricant to the rubbing surfaces of the blades before assembly.

Sharpening blades with a sharpening stone

Use a double-sided block to sharpen the blades of the clipper blade. One surface of such a stone is designed for rough sharpening of knives. The other surface is used for grinding the pre-sharpened surfaces. The width of the bar is taken equal or greater than the width of the cutting elements.

How to install the saw blade on the grass trimmer

The main working bodies of any grass trimmer is a spool with a fishing line or a special disk (plastic or metal). A plastic blade, like a fishing line, can mow green herbaceous plants, while a metal blade can cut dry grass, reeds and even bushes. Is it possible to increase the functionality of the grass trimmer by mounting a saw blade on it??

Installing the diamond disc

This operation does not differ much from a typical disc, just that more care, attention and control is required. Remove the spool with fishing line by blocking the reducer shaft with a pin or screwdriver of suitable diameter, turn the line container counterclockwise. Try on the diamond disc on the lower groove of the washer, making sure that its seating hole is larger than the diameter of the seating ring on the washer. At high revolutions the saw blade can shift and unbalance, which will inevitably lead to tool breakage and even injury of the operator or people nearby. Let’s try on compensating washers one by one and choose the one that fits in width and completely chooses a gap between saw blade landing place and centering belt of the lower washer. Put the lower washer with the wear ring, the diamond disc, the upper washer and the cover plate on the gearbox shaft one after the other, which also serves to redistribute the pressing force over a larger area. The entire resulting package on the gear shaft tighten the nut with a left-hand thread, first by hand, and then with a socket wrench, blocking the bottom of the gear shaft with a suitable screwdriver. Remove the protective cut plastic tube from the teeth and check again that the saw blade is firmly connected to the gearbox shaft. If it turned out to be reliable, the grass trimmer, with the diamond disc installed, is fully ready, both for traditional and not intended for this tool, work.

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Testing in action

For safety it is necessary to wear a protective helmet with a transparent visor to protect the face, gloves on the hands. At first we try to remove thin dry branches, gradually moving on to larger ones, and finish testing by sawing off dry and semi-dry tree trunks 7-8 cm in diameter. Make sure that the grass trimmer with a diamond disc works quite effectively, reliably and safely. Both transverse and oblique cuts are very smooth. No crumpled or torn wood fibers are visible. Cutting the grass with a diamond disc is also quite comfortable, efficient and productive, regardless of its height, density and degree of dryness. So, the grass trimmer with a circular saw blade not only perfectly performs its direct function (mowing the grass), but also expands the field of application (removing knots and branches from trees, and sawing down not thick trunks). Attention! It is not a good idea to mount discs of large diameters and thickness on grass trimmers as this will cause increased stress on the gearbox and engine and possible premature breakdown. Also safety of work with such a tool will be reduced, which should not be allowed in any case.

How to Install a Blade on the trimmer for grass Video

Many users of such a beautiful device as a trimmer for grass, probably thought about how to correctly pick up the “expendables” for him. This of course line for trimmer (special for trimmers) and special disks / blades (call differently), which, as well as line for trimmer, do the function of cutting as grass, and small bushes.

But because the options in the market nemereno, then the step of choice may appear so mismatch that you can just pick up the wrong line for the trimmer or drive, when the cross section of the forest will not suit your model brushcuts or generally, the drive will be on the other landing across the cross section. So at this step we must be careful and attentive.

And that this has not come out, you need in his garage or wherever or else (where is your trimmer for grass) to review its specifications. This is to be able to immediately determine the thickness of the line or the shape of the blade.

Also, when choosing a fishing line or trimmer for grass, you should pay attention not only to the characteristics of your trimmer for grass, but also on what exactly you’re going to mow.

For example: for small bushes it is necessary to buy a disk, as a line for a trimmer will simply crumble on the branches and it will not lead to anything good.

And for normal mowing of low young grass, a line for the trimmer with a small diameter is suitable, as it is best to cope with such a situation, as a rule it is size 1.2, 1.6 or 2 mm.

Now let’s see what types of lines and discs are available in stores or markets.

discs are available in many forms, from the usual circle to three or four-pointed star, which are made directly from special steel (and most often coated with diamond chips on top) to ensure that the disc lasts as long as possible.

For example, discs company Klettfix suitable for absolutely any type of trimmer (electro-petrol trimmer) and cost in the range of 500 a piece. How to install the 2-blade knife on STIHL brushcutter fs 55. Video instruction on how to change mowing heads benz.

How to install the correct mowing head and blade on the grass trimmer How to install the correct blade on the grass trimmer. There are different shapes and configurations. for every taste.

Many people may notice that sometimes grass trimmer blades are very soft, when they hit a rock they flatten. You should not run straight to the service center and shout about low-quality products.

No, this is done on purpose to reduce the shock load on the engine and its transmission, that is, a part of the force of the blow takes over the disk, crumpling.

Just like in car crash-tests. cool foreign cars in case of collision are flattened like aluminum ones to save driver and passengers, damping impact force due to crushing.

Fishing lines-the assortment of fishing lines is much larger than discs, because a disc can be used many times, and one skein of fishing line is only enough for a small clearing. Lines differ from each other in several factors.

One of these factors is diameter. Information on what kind of blade to use and how to install the blade on the brushcutter. The diameter is different, it all depends on what kind of grass you’re going to mow. On the market, diameters from 1.2 to 4 mm.

Thin line for the trimmer is for low-power trimmers, most often this is the bottom-mounted motor. The classic variant. 2 mm is suitable for most gasoline and electric models. 2.4 mm is for the more powerful. You can find out which diameter is right for you from the data sheet of the tool.

Also, brand manufacturers have different line diameters with different colors. Take STIHL, for example, the blue 1.6 mm, green 2 mm, orange 2.4 mm. So it’s easier for the user to see which line to buy. Well, he mowed, for example, green. so in the store and said, and the seller is thinking that it should be 2 mm.

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And the sale goes on. We cut 5, 10, 15 and more meters from such “reels”.

How to install a mowing head and knife on a grass trimmer

How to install the mowing head and the blade on the grass trimmer ? How to buy a trimmer head: ? Buy.

sharpen, disc, grass, trimmer

How to correctly place the blade on the grass trimmer (lawnmower)

How to correctly install the blades on a grass trimmer. Who knows if you can put a knife on this grass trimmer bought at the off.STIHL dealer, trimmer line as on. In this video you will learn in all the details, how to get it right.

And most importantly. on sale line trimmer is as in banners (small and large), and you can buy “on a piece”- so it turns out noticeably cheaper. I bought it in our store, for example, whereas if you buy it in a reel of 15 meters, it’s always better to ask if you can buy it by the cut.

The cheapest one is made out of plastic. The range of lines for trimmers grows daily because of the great demand. ARNETOLI MOTOR, for example, adds new lines to its line assortment literally every day. One reel of medium-diameter line costs about 60.

steep line for trimmer has all sorts of additives for durability, in particular they add aluminum particles. All of these features combine to extend the life of your trimmer cord. expensive lines are made of high-quality polypropylene, it is flexible and at the same time strong.

How to install the 2-blade blade on a STIHL fs 38 brushcutter correctly (grass trimmer) STIHL fs 38. A cord that lasts several times longer than cheap replacement parts.

The cross section of the line is one of the most important points. Most often you can see a classic round line for trimmer in stores, it is suitable for most works, the main thing is to choose the right diameter. For the most difficult sections it is better to get lines for trimmer with sharp edges, they are either 5-pointed star or square.

According to reviews of “mowerers”, trimmer fishing line with facets chops steeper, but also tears faster. On a gasoline grass trimmer. The video shows how to install a mower instead of a fishing line on the. Most often such a line for the trimmer is taken by owners of trimmers without a knife for mowing the area with thick weeds. burdocks and other nastiness.

Disc selection criteria

Choose a plastic or metal blade should be chosen, taking into account the area of the plot, which is planned to be processed, as well as the type of trimmer for grass. electric or gasoline. The number of blades will depend on what kind of growth you need to remove with the tool. You can find the right disc shape, number of blades, and material from the instruction manual. It usually prescribes which cutters are recommended for certain tasks.


It is not recommended to put metal blades on electric mowers, as the design features make them dangerous for the user. This is due to the curved shape of the boom, the lack of stops on the handles and the high rotation speed.

Important! Straight bar ensures safe use of the grass trimmer at such moments when the disc, rotating, bumps into an obstacle. In this situation it bounces back. toward the person, so the curved design can cause injury.

Plastic blades should be used on trimmers with a flexible boom for safety reasons. Their function is to mow soft grass, dead wood. Whereas metal blades are great for tall, dense, hard undergrowth, shrubs, and tree shoots.


The number of blades is important for many applications. For example, two to three blades of grass are enough for shredding. Four to eight blades on the disc are necessary for haymaking. To shred smaller tree and bush shoots, the discs must have a large number of small teeth instead of blades.

Features of brushcutter discs

Blade discs are available in plastic and metal, as well as in a variety of shapes to perform a variety of tasks.

  • Two, three and four-blade blades with distinctive blades for cutting grass and brushwood. However, they are not suitable for making hay, because they shred the shoots by cutting them several times.
  • Massive four-blade discs are designed not only for clearing the ground from grass, but also for mowing hay. They prevent the shoots from being cut too many times, making them suitable for harvesting in the winter.
  • Discs with cutting edges on the circumference are useful for beveling reeds and rushes. These blades are very heavy. a necessary quality for cutting thick stems.
  • Professional saw blades for brushcutters and brushcutters allow you to cut down small trees and bushes.

Plastic blades are used as an alternative to metal discs. They do not need to be fastened tightly in the head, and they rotate as a result of centrifugal force. The strength of plastic knives is high, so the service life is long enough.

On the professional machine

This variant is more suitable for hairdressers, whose working tools need to be sharpened regularly. at least 4 times a year. and with high precision. The high quality of this process can only be ensured by a special machine, which significantly reduces the time for this procedure.

The algorithm of actions in this case looks like this

  • remove the blades from the grass trimmer;
  • cover the grinding disk, cleaned of dust and dirt, with an even layer of abrasive paste;
  • Fix the knife on the magnetic holder with the cutting edge downwards;
  • start the machine at a certain speed (specified in the manual);
  • bring the knife to the wheel and begin the sharpening process, with smooth movements of the blade, the teeth of which should be directed against the movement of the grinding disk, from the edge to the central part.

The main disadvantage of this method is the high cost of a professional machine and consumables.

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