How to set up your Husqvarna chain saw

How to tune a Husqvarna saw

How to tune the carburetor on a chainsaw Husqvarna Adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw with three THL screws.

With the help of H and L screws the oil/air mixture ratio is adjusted, which is determined by the choke opening. When tightening the screws (clockwise) the mixture is depleted; when loosening the screws (counterclockwise) the mixture is enriched and the revs increase.

Screw T controls the idle speed. Turning it clockwise increases the RPM and anti-clockwise reduces it.

The basic carburetor adjustment is made at the factory when the saw is tested. Carburetor is adjusted for richer than optimal mixture. This adjustment should be maintained during the first hours of operation. The carburettor is then fine tuned.

When the chain is rotating at idle speed turn the screw T counterclockwise until the chain stops.

Accurate adjustment of the carburetor can only be performed in a warmed-up condition by specialists with special equipment (rev counter).

First adjust the L screw, then the H screw, and finally the T screw.

First find the highest idle speed by slowly turning the L screw clockwise (or counterclockwise). After having found the maximum rpm position, turn the L screw 1/4 turn anticlockwise. If the chain still rotates at idle speed, turn the screw T clockwise until the chain stops.

Tachometer RPM and power output affected by Hscrew adjustment. Adjusting the carburetor for leaner mixture will result in excessive RPM and damage to the saw.

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After warming up the engine at full throttle for 10 seconds turn the screw H by 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Let the engine work for about 10 seconds. Check maximum rpm with tachometer. Repeat the operation if the maximum rpm does not correspond to the rated one. The engine should sound like a four-stroke engine. Saw squeals if the mix is too lean. When adjusting the carburetor for too rich a mixture, the muffler starts to smoke.

For optimum adjustment have to be referred to a specialist who has access to a tachometer.

After adjusting the adjusting screws L and H the idle speed is fine tuned with the screw T.

if the idle speed has to be adjusted, with the engine running turn the screw T clockwise until the saw chain starts to rotate. Then turn the screw back anticlockwise until the chain stops turning. Idle speed is correct if the engine is running evenly in all positions and there is sufficient idle speed margin when the chain starts to rotate.

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The carburetor is adjusted correctly if the engine accelerates immediately and sounds like a four-stroke at full throttle. Adjusting the L screw to too lean a mixture results in difficult starting and poor engine acceleration.

A chainsaw is a great helper for any man living in his home. The device of a chainsaw is a complex system that needs careful maintenance and requires increased attention. Today you will learn how to adjust the carburetor of chain saw Husqvarna 137 with your own hands in the garage?

In order to properly carry out the adjustment of the carburetor chainsaw, it is necessary to have the appropriate tools in advance.

  • The most common screwdriver, with which to unscrew or tighten the adjusting screws;
  • Tachometer designed to count crankshaft revolutions. Needed when adjusting the idle speed, as it’s quite problematic to determine the number of revolutions per minute by ear;
  • Phillips screwdriver. It is needed to be able to unscrew the screw (T);
  • A compressor with a special gun connected to it. Blower helps get rid of excess dirt and debris, as the carburettor must always be clean.

Many Husqvarna chain saws use adjustment screws with a special cross section. Check your adjustment screws in advance and get the correct kit. This will help avoid a lot of difficulties at the initial stage.

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With the help of H and L screws the oil/air mixture ratio is adjusted, which is determined by the throttle opening. When tightening the screws (clockwise) the mixture is depleted. low revolutions, when loosening the screws (counterclockwise) the mixture is enriched, the revolutions increase.

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The T screw adjusts the idle speed. Turning clockwise increases RPM and counterclockwise decreases RPM.

The carburettor is properly adjusted if the engine accelerates immediately and makes a noise like a four-stroke at full throttle. Adjusting the L volume knob too lean leads to hard starting and poor acceleration.

the mixture is depleted by tightening the L or H screw, and by unscrewing the L or H screw the mixture is enriched by.

Modern chainsaws have a complex system and consist of several major components that occasionally require maintenance and adjustment. In this article, let’s talk about how to adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna chainsaw.

How to tune the carburetor on a chainsaw Husqvarna Adjusting the carburetor on a chainsaw with 3 THL screws.

The carburetor on a Husqvarna 142 chain saw should be adjusted while the engine is warm. Check the condition of the air filter, if necessary clean it and make sure it is not clogged. Adjusting the carburetor chain saw Husqvarna 142 with their own hands is made with 3 screws:

Turn clockwise the control screws for low and high RPM to the maximum and, after the peak is reached, turn them in the opposite direction, one and a half turns. When working at idle rpm the chain for the Husqvarna 142 chain saw should be stationary. Check at highest rpm.

How to Maintain and Service Your Chainsaw | Husqvarna

Adjusting and tuning the carburetor Husqvarna 137

In the picture above you see three screws to adjust. Each one has a purpose: screw T is needed to adjust rpm at idle. The L screw is for adjusting the RPM. Screw H adjusts for highest idle speed.

First turn the L screw for the highest rpm at idle. Once we have found them, we need to turn this screw a quarter turn against the clock hand. If the chain keeps turning in this position, turn screw T to stop the chain. Then warm up the engine at full throttle for about 10-15 seconds and turn the H screw a quarter counterclockwise. Wait 10 seconds and listen. the engine should sound like a 4-stroke. If you can hear a squeal, the mixture is lean (unscrew the screw), if there is smoke, the mixture is enriched (tighten the screw).

After adjusting the low and high revolutions, set the idle speed with the screw T. It is done as follows: 1.The engine should run 2.Turn the screw T clockwise until the chain starts to turn. 3.Turn the screw the other way until the chain stops.

With a properly adjusted carburetor, your chainsaw picks up speed quickly and sounds like a 4-stroke engine.

Remember that a tachometer and experience are needed to properly adjust your chainsaw carburetor. That’s why it’s better to apply to a specialized service!

Video about adjusting the chainsaw at idle:

Here is another video in English to repair your Husqvarna carburetor.

Adjusting the carburetor on a Husqvarna 5200 chain saw

Repair work is often necessary due to improper handling of the saw.

The most common signs of breakdowns:

  • The motor runs erratically;
  • The amount of exhaust has increased;
  • The power of the tool has decreased significantly;
  • The amount of fuel mixture consumed has increased.
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The problems described above can be corrected by adjusting the carburetor on the power tool.

The algorithm of this procedure:

How to work with a chainsaw. Tutorial from Husqvarna

  • Turn the adjustment screws to the factory settings as shown in the manual;
  • The engine starts and warms up for ten minutes;
  • The saw’s operation is set at a low rpm. Turn the “L” screw counterclockwise to maximum. Then turn it the other way until the engine is stable;
  • Screw “H” is turned counterclockwise as far as it will go. Then it is unscrewed to the other side by a quarter turn;
  • If the chain moves over the bar, you have to turn the screw “T” until the chain stops moving;
  • The tachometer is connected to the saw, the tool is started, it is necessary to hold the gas until the maximum number of revolutions is reached. If the tachometer reading is higher than normal (as checked in the instruction manual), turn the “H” screw counterclockwise.

And if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, troubleshooting is as easy as it gets. All repairs can be done on your own.

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Husqvarna 359 chainsaw

The product manages large trees and is well suited for woodcutting. It can also be used for garden maintenance.

  • the tool has a capacity of 3.9 liters. с;
  • chain size is 40 cm;
  • Fuel and oil tanks: 680 ml and 380 ml respectively;
  • the machine weighs 5.8 kilograms.

Every chainsaw is the benchmark for reliability, highest quality and performance. These models have proven themselves in the toughest tasks.

Husqvarna 365 chain saw doesn’t start. Reasons & Repair

The main cause of problems with starting the chainsaw Husqvarna 365 is a bad condition of the spark plug. It can be dry. in this case you will need to check the fuel system. If necessary, the fuel pump should be replaced with a new one. If the spark plug is wet and a thick layer of soot has accumulated on its ceramic walls, clean and dry it. You will also need to blow out the chainsaw cylinder. To do this, pull the starter rope several times sharply, it will dry the cylinder walls from the fuel remnants. If after that the Husqvarna 365 still will not start, then the spark plug needs to be replaced.

Another cause of the failure is bad contact between the tip of the spark plug and the high-voltage wire. If this is the case, only an authorized repair shop employee can rectify the problem.

It is not uncommon for the lack of spark to be a fault in the electronic ignition unit. This element of the Swedish chainsaw cannot be repaired, so it must be immediately replaced with a new unit.

If the spark plug and ignition unit are good, you will need to check the air and fuel filters. If there is a lot of debris in them, air and fuel cannot get to the carburettor. As a result, the engine of the tool will not receive the fuel it needs to start. If the filter structure is intact, you can clean the parts with clean gasoline. If there are holes and abrasions in the filters, they must be immediately replaced with new elements.

In order to avoid problems with starting the engine of Husqvarna 365 one should use only good quality fuel with an octane number not less than 90. Engine oil for the tool also plays a big role. It is best to dilute Husqvarna brand 2-stroke engine oil in gasoline.

How to adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna 365 chain saw

There are three screws on the carburetor body for adjusting the Walbro HD 6B:

Tuning the carburetor of the Husqvarna 365 chain saw can be conditionally divided into two stages: preliminary tuning, fine tuning.

It is possible to adjust the carburetor of Husqvarna 365 chain saw through special holes in the body of the saw (the location is marked on the photo above).

Pre-adjustment. The basic carburetor settings are made in the factory during the test. The basic settings are as follows: H. 1 revolution, L. 1 revolution.

After buying the chain saw it is necessary to do a complete running-in of the engine. To do this you need to run the engine for the first 4 hours on a rich mixture. For this mode it is necessary to adjust maximum rpm 600-700 rpm below maximum, it is about 11800 rpm.

As a side note! The maximum speed of the chain saw Husqvarna 365 must not exceed 12500 rpm, failure to comply with this requirement will lead to increased wear of the cylinder. piston group and even its failure.

Fine tuning. After running in the chainsaw it is necessary to fine tune the carburetor. First adjust the L screw, then the T screw and only then the H screw. Before adjusting, start the engine and let it warm up for about 10 minutes.

The algorithm for fine tuning of carburetor is as follows:

  • adjust the L nozzle. Try to find the maximum engine RPM by turning the L turn clockwise or counterclockwise (for a more accurate determination it is necessary to use the electronic tachometer). When the desired rpm is found, unscrew the screw L by 1/4 turn.
  • Adjust engine idle speed with screw T. turn the screw T to find recommended by the engine manufacturer idle RPM. 2700 rpm. when the revolutions are found, unscrew the screw T until the chain stops rotating. It is necessary to achieve such a mode, when the engine from any position begins to run smoothly, and when you release the throttle, the chain stops rotating.
  • Adjusting the nozzle H. Turn the screw H up to the stop and unscrew it by 1/4 turn. Let the saw work at maximal rpm for 10 seconds. Observe the character of the sound. If the saw whistles at full throttle. the mixture is too lean. In this case turn the screw H a further 1/4 turn. If it is tuned right, it sounds a little like a four-stroke engine at high rpm. But if it has a strong “foursweep” and produces a heavy smoke, it means that the mix is too rich. In this case the H screw should be tightened a little. Turn the H screw until the engine sounds right.
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When the carburetor is set up correctly, the chain saw runs smoothly and has a slight “fret” at full throttle. The chain will not turn at idle speed. If you open the throttle suddenly the saw revs up smoothly without dips.

Reason why the Husqvarna 142 chain saw will not start

If the Husqvarna 142 chain saw does not start, there can be several reasons. Of the more common ones, the following can be identified:

  • Spark plug damage. to see if the spark plug is intact, unscrew it and check. If you see a crack in the headlight insulator or a frayed or crushed electrode it is worth replacing the spark plug. Also, after a few seasons of use, your Husqvarna 142 chain saw needs its parts inspected. The spark plugs have reached the end of their service life and should be replaced with new spark plugs to keep the saw in good working order.
  • Clogging of the carburetor. while working, evenly, the fumes of fuel settle on the inner walls, forming a sticky consistency that can clog the carburetor, preventing the start of the motor. It will be necessary to clean it with a special detergent. When repairing the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw, carburetor adjustment is always performed with the engine warmed up and the systems cleaned.
  • Faulty ignition coil. before you decide to replace this part, make sure that the spark plugs meet the required technical condition.

Poor and Rich Mixture

A little more about “poor” and “rich” mixtures.

“Rich Mixture.”

“Rich” mixture is a fuel mixture in which the amount of fuel supplied to the carburetor is more than the norm. In this case, the fuel does not have time to burn completely and less energy is produced than at an optimal fuel-air ratio. Part of the unused fuel ends up in the muffler, and then the chainsaw emits a lot of smoke.

“Poor mixture.”

Excessive air in the “lean” mixture, which is not good either, because it has its own disadvantages. Namely: insufficient blast energy (and consequently a loss of power as a result), excessive heating of a cylinder due to insufficient lubrication and high rpm which leads to burrs and then engine seizure.

Evaluating the condition of the cylinder-piston group

Often the engine does not start or runs at full power due to low cylinder pressure. It can be caused by a worn piston or cylinder, sunk piston rings, worn bearings. It is possible to partially examine the condition of the cylinder-piston group (CPG) by removing the muffler and looking through the opening.

A compression gauge placed in the spark plug hole will help measure compression in the engine. the results of the measurement can also tell you about the condition of the cylinder head. Accurate data is obtained only after complete disassembly of the mechanism. If there are chips or scratches on the piston, it must be replaced. The piston ring must be clean, free of carbon deposits, and must be in exactly the right place.

Piston and crank mechanism wear is considered to be a serious problem

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