How to saw with an angle grinder wood smoothly

Is it possible to saw with an angle grinder wood? The secrets of experts, how to do it right

Greetings to you, my dear readers of Andrew Noack’s blog. Many people ask the question on the forums, whether it is possible to saw boards with an angle grinder? So I decided to fully understand this issue together with you.

Angle grinder. a versatile tool. the angle grinder is suitable for a whole spectra of work, replacing a number of metal tools, often doing the job even better and more accurately. This can boast all the processes produced by the disc for metal. But how are things with wood and particle board?? Is it safe?? I want today to figure out how to do it right at your own risk.

Using an angle grinder on wood


So, as mentioned above, the angle grinder is originally designed to grind. Therefore, polishing and grinding surfaces, including wooden, is its direct purpose.

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The following types of nozzles are used for these purposes:

  • Sanding plates. are discs consisting of several layers. The first layer is made, as a rule, of rubber or plastic, the second one is made of foam rubber, which ensures complete contact of the disk with the surface to be grind. The third layer is sandpaper or wool flannel.

These plates can be used for both rough sanding wood and polishing painted surfaces.

angle, grinder, wood
  • Petal discs. are hard discs, on the working side of which the sandpaper petals are glued. Such discs provide the most effective rough sanding.

Tip! If you need to remove paint from the wooden surface, you can use special roughing devices for wood angle grinder. They are a steel cup to which the wire brushes are attached.

Using the above-described attachments for woodworking on the angle grinder, you should remember that they can leave circles and irregularities on the wood, which appear after the application of lacquer or paint on the surface. To avoid this, it is advisable to additionally treat the surface with a vibrating machine.

I must say that grinding is one of the safest operations that can be performed with an angle grinder. However, in the process of this work it is still necessary to follow the safety rules, which we will familiarize ourselves with below.

Cutting wood

Often novice masters wonder whether it is possible to cut wood with an angle grinder? Of course, such an operation is possible, however, it should be noted at once that it is extremely dangerous.

The slightest violation of safety rules or the use of an inappropriate for this purpose disc is fraught with the saddest consequences.

angle, grinder, wood

Below we will consider the most common mistakes made by beginners:

The result is a huge number of shocking pictures on the Internet and sad stories on forums about bad experiences with wood cutting. The thing is that the angle grinder operates at a very high speed, which the circular saw’s discs are not designed for.

That’s why in the process of work they most often burst and fly apart, which in 99% of cases leads to serious injuries, amputations or even death. In addition, the tool is often pulled out of the hands, which also leads to injuries.

Now let’s consider how to cut wood with an angle grinder to prevent an accident:

  • A special wood saw for angle grinder must be used as an accessory. It should be noted that on sale such saws are very rare.
  • The protective hood must not be removed under any circumstances.
  • You should not perform this work with a powerful, large machine. If a small one simply jams in the wood, then the powerful device is torn out of his hands.

In the photo. a small angle grinder with a cutting disk on wood

  • It is necessary to work with gloves, but it is better to have a special device for rigid fixation of the tool.
  • Wood cutting wheel for angle grinder must have fine teeth.
  • Number of revolutions should be set to minimum. If the tool does not have the ability to regulate the speed, it is better to give up this operation.
  • Before working, make sure that there are no nails, self-tapping screws or other metal elements in the wood.
  • Hold the tool should be straight, avoiding misalignment.
  • In no case it is impossible to block the button in the switched on state, if such a possibility exists.

But, even compliance with all these rules does not guarantee one hundred percent safety. Therefore, it is up to everyone to decide whether it is possible to saw wood with an angle grinder.

However, many experts categorically do not recommend sawing wood with an angle grinder. After all, agree that it is not worth risking your life for the sake of those few hours of time that you can save working with the angle grinder. If you have a large amount of work, it is better to buy a circular saw or jigsaw, depending on the needs.

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Another operation that you can perform with an angle grinder is wood milling. Of course, the high accuracy of processing, as the cutter, do not achieve. However, it is possible to make a groove or cut a small piece of wood.

It should be noted that this operation is also quite dangerous. Therefore, it should be performed with the utmost care, observing the above recommendations. In addition, you need a high-quality and thick enough wood cutter for the angle grinder.

You should not use homemade nozzles for the angle grinder on wood. It is better to give preference to cutters from well-known manufacturers, for example, a well-proven carbide-tungsten cutter from Bosch, as well as a disc from LEMAN.

But, even with the use of quality tools should not take on their own hands for this work for beginners. However, it should be noted that accidents often occur with experienced craftsmen, because they eventually get confidence in the safety of the work they often do.

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Sawing wood with an angle grinder

Observance of safety rules is the most important rule and a properly labeled disc for working with wood will ensure your work an excellent result. When we are sawing wood with an angle grinder, for safe sawing it is necessary to fix the angle grinder on the principle of a circular saw, so that the angle grinder does not bounce under your feet. Such work is very unsafe, so if there is an alternative, namely a jigsaw, the same hand tool, or a circular saw, it is better to use them.

Pruning trees with an angle grinder also requires special care, and it is worth remembering that small branches can be sawn off with the appropriate disc for aesthetic purposes, but thicker volumes of work are categorically forbidden, especially on the weight.

How to cut with an angle grinder without chipping tiles and porcelain tiles

To do without chipping while cutting tiles, it is necessary to wet them in water. This will in time reduce the temperature, which is the cause of destruction. In this way you can not only cut tiles, but also cut the necessary fragments. Another method is to use a cutting wheel for stone. Such a circle does not crack or chip.

It is a little more complicated with porcelain tiles. Porcelain tile is somewhat thicker than standard tile and is more durable. The handheld tile cutter blunts very quickly without achieving a result. That’s why you can cut porcelain stoneware with a circular saw.

We make a contour cut along the outlined cutting line. Then another, then a third. As long as the uncut thickness of the material is less than the cut. We slide the porcelain tile on the edge of the table and with a sharp, but not very strong movement nabrevayut.

Peculiarities of wood disc usage

In contrast to discs for circular saw, wood saw blade for angle grinder is more docile and easy to use. There is very little chance of it jamming when cutting wood. If you use circular saw blades, the chance of injury is very high.

When cutting wood or wooden workpieces with the angle grinder saw blade, you must necessarily use the most basic means of protection: gloves and a mask (or goggles).

Also in some situations it makes sense to reduce the speed, if the model used an angle grinder allows you to do it. A detailed review of what disc for the angle grinder is better to cut wood, you can see in the video on our website.

Can the angle grinder to saw wood, experience and theory

The angle grinder is a tool that is sure to be found in the stock of every diligent owner. However, not everything is simple with this equipment. The device easily cuts metal, but it is completely unsuitable for sawing wood. And the salvation will not become even special discs, which are sold in the store. They are very dangerous and can cost a craftsman his life.

After all, we are talking about a universal tool for machining solid types of materials, but due to the combination of excellent functionality, ergonomics and performance most craftsmen try to use it even for work with soft workpieces in the form of wood. Let’s talk about how such a use of angle grinder justifies itself.

The advantages of using an angle grinder for woodworking

This electric device has a powerful motor, which makes it possible to easily cope with different species that are commonly used in manufacturing and domestic housebuilding. Usually we are talking about working with beams, boards, and even particle boards. Believe me, even the minimum power at 0.5-0.7 kW is sufficient for processing standard lumber. But then another question immediately arises: “Can an angle grinder cut wood or logs??”.

Much will depend on the typical size of the attachment, but for such a task, a chain saw is the best choice. angle grinder, in addition to its performance, was able to justify itself perfectly in terms of functionality. Today’s smaller models weigh very little, but have a wide range of adjustment, technique control and safety systems. The operator can even set the machine individually to a certain depth of cut, the number of revolutions, as well as the use of soft start and other features.

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Disadvantages of woodworking with an angle grinder

But the main argument against the use of angle grinders when working with a material such as wood is safety. There are some ergonomic nuances associated with the inconvenience of the cutting direction, but it is the risk of injury that often stops specialists from such sawing tactics. Why is it dangerous to cut wood with an angle grinder?? Compared with the same circular saw or electric jigsaw, angle grinder is not equipped with a stopper, or rather a device that will physically stop the sawing when passing a critical point.

In other words, when the landing area or the center of the cutting disc will be close to the surface of the workpiece, the probability of catching and flying out of the hands will increase. Believe me, such things happen unexpectedly, as well as the direction of throwing angle grinder. The second nuance, for the most part, is related to the nozzle itself. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use discs with soldered segments, because they can start to break right during the work. But at the moment, manufacturers have taken care of the release of special equipment for the maintenance of soft building materials.

The eternal question: what to do

And indeed, what to do when you need to grind not just one wooden handle file or hammer, and wooden bars for the entire perimeter of the site, and it can be 100 meters or more only the perimeter, not including the height of the fence. Do not buy because of one manipulation band-polishing machine, which you do not know when you need it, if at all useful.

In this case, we recall the possibility of using the available tools, in particular the angle grinder. As practice shows, the angle grinder for grinding wood is perfect, not for nothing it is called the angle grinder.

In total, thanks to this tool with wood, the following manipulations can be carried out:

All these manipulations are subject to careful disassembly.

To saw or not to saw

The angle grinder accessory for wood.

Let’s say at once that it is possible to saw wood with an angle grinder, but whether it is necessary, there are nuances. In considering this question, just ask yourself at the outset what sort of sawing you need. And take a look at our table.

Practical observation! We advise you once again to read the last column on the additional possibilities of angle grinder, or rather, their absence. Wood is a rather hard material, but it has a fibrous structure that only accepts one sawing direction.

The slightest change in angle leads to the fact that the fibers “explode”, there are chips, roughness and other defects. In addition, there can be peeling and flying chips, so a reminder of safety precautions will not be superfluous.

Sanding: with what and how

Grinding wood with an angle grinder. a process that has several possible scenarios. Therefore, this section is an attempt to combine the various options, it is a universal sanding instructions, you just have to choose what you need.

  • Step 1. preparing the surface for sanding. Very often, barns and garages remain old boards that contain traces of previous staining, or the old paint from an outwardly digestible wooden fence has lost its marketable appearance. You need to remove the old paint.

An angle grinder is just perfect for this task. You need a deburring bit, which is a bowl with twisted wires around its perimeter.

Take note! There are several types of such nozzles, if the wires form thick harnesses. scrapers, then they are designed to work with metal or concrete bases and when applied to wood can significantly damage the outer fibers. It is clear that their use is undesirable.

  • Step 2. rough sanding. The purpose of this step is to remove small fragments from the surface of the wood in the form of protruding fibers, remnants of old paint, lower layers of bark. For this purpose, there are special grinding and polishing discs for rotary grinders.

But it is better to take universal bases, to which are attached sanding discs of different grit abrasive with inner bases. Velcro. These circles at maximum speed angle grinder able to quickly eliminate all those defects that may be on the tree.

This step is universal for all kinds of preparatory work for painting: sanding wooden floor angle grinder, sanding wooden planks and partitions terraces, all made under a single template.

  • Step 3. fine sanding. This step is more suitable for wooden articles, which have both aesthetic and functional load. When using the attachments already mentioned above, it is enough to install a circle from nullovki, and here you have a fine sanding.

A little more practice! How to grind wood with an angle grinder has already been described. Do not try to use metal cutting wheels for grinding wood. Despite the fact that the wheel itself is an abrasive, there is a high probability of its uncontrolled fracture with fragments flying out and injuring the employee.

This is the result of improper use.

Polishing. as a separate type

Polishing and grinding. twin sisters, the only difference is that the grinding is carried out with abrasives at high speed, and for polishing need fabric circles and low engine speed.

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Tip! At high speeds the cloth heats up quite strongly when rubbing against the surface, the price of such application is the thermal destruction of the lacquer layer, which is clearly not desirable.

The main thing is to choose the right nozzle and the revolutions.

angle, grinder, wood

And in everything else, it’s exactly the same. Both processes are done by hand, with an angle grinder and a universal base.

angle, grinder, wood

How to saw wood with an angle grinder

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But nevertheless, at the beginning I would like to warn, what categorically not to saw wood with. This is an angle grinder wood saw blade, similar to the one on a circular saw. Here’s a look at

When we cut wood with a handheld circular saw, we rest the tool against the workpiece and push it forward along the intended line. How do we fix the handheld circular saw?? We put it on the workpiece, rest it with his hand, and so that to control the shoulder.

Usually, manual circular saws are not very powerful, and even if the disk jams in the wood, the hard man’s shoulder is enough to hold the tool. The disk of the tool itself does not go to the right or to the left, because the support does not allow the disk to be tilted.

And even if there is a hard piece of wood, it is unlikely that the disk will be jammed.

But the angle grinder, unlike the circular saw, has no support, and it completely changes the mechanism of work.

  • As you see in the photo we are not fixating the tool with the shoulder, once the disk is jammed with the material, it is just physically almost impossible to hold it.
  • From the above it becomes clear that the main danger in the case of such saw blade is a clamping of the disk with material (wood).
  • Alternatively, you can use a chain wheel for an angle grinder,a kind of mini chainsaw.

If we will use such a disc, then in principle we are not afraid if it jams, because in this case the chain will simply rotate and the tool will not pluck it out of your hands.

But with this disk there is another danger. chain breakage. If it happens by accident, the chain will fly not much weaker than a bullet fired from a combat weapon. After all, we do not forget that the 115th angle grinder spins at fantastic speeds of 11.000-13.000 rpm.

The safest option is three toothed disc for wood.

Even nails can be cut with this saw blade without any problem. Safety when working with a circular saw blade is achieved by the radius shape of the teeth, and it is probably the only relatively safe saw blade for wood that can be installed on an angle grinder.

Why relatively safe? Because, after all, angle grinder is not designed for cutting wood, and it should be done well in the most extreme cases, but it would be ideal instead to use a circular saw, which is designed for cutting wood.

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P. S. any power tool requires in-depth knowledge of safety procedures. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for your particular model before starting. In this article I do not make any recommendations, but merely share my subjective experience. That’s it, I’m out of =)

Grinding: implements and process

Grinding plates are discs that are made by layering several different covers. To improve the abrasion characteristics of the machined surface, the initial layer make a rubber, sometimes replacing it with hard plastic. The second level layer nozzle, allows the adherence of the working part of the plane to the ground surface, it is made of foam rubber. The main, working layer is a sheet of sandpaper.

The use of sanding plates allows high-quality work with already painted surfaces. Rough polishing is also possible.

Blade-type discs, suitable for the same purpose, but you can grind faster during roughing. This type of disc is made of sandpaper petals attached to the working surface of the disc.

For paint removal, it is better to use special devices with roughing functions. The steel cup, with fixed steel fibers made of stiff wire, grinds perfectly, additionally sanding the wood.

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