How to saw straight plywood with an electric jigsaw

The secrets and tricks of jigsaw work

Electric jigsaw is the most accessible tool for sawing wooden pieces, besides it is the most compact and lightweight. In this regard, it is used even in cases where, normally, to solve the problem would be better to use a circular saw, band saw or saber saw. Knowing about some tricks of working with it, many complex saws can be done with a jigsaw with a fairly high quality.

If it is necessary to make a cut with a jigsaw in a hard-to-reach place, where it is not possible to turn it, for example, in a corner, then it is possible to put its file backwards.

This will make it possible to make a cut, moving the tool in the opposite direction.

Cutting with a plastic overlay on the sole

One of the reasons of sawing with a jigsaw with chipping is its sole. It does not press the edge of kerf, so it makes it possible for it to break during the reciprocal movement of the file. This is solved by using a simple plastic escutcheon.

From a sheet of plastic is cut out on the bottom plate. It needs a kerf for the file. It is simply clamped to the board and sawed with it. The sawed-in overlay is glued to the sole with double-sided adhesive tape.

The jigsaw then makes an even cleaner cut than with masking tape.

How to properly mark a cut

To make a smooth cut with an electric jigsaw, you must mark the cut on the metal or wood. The step-by-step process is as follows:

  • On both sides of the workpiece measure the required distance using a ruler and mark.
  • Exactly connect the points with a line, drawing it with a dark marker or a pencil with a thick rod.
  • The shape markings are first drawn on paper, and then transferred to the material with a paper clip.
  • Turn on the jigsaw and begin to saw the workpiece smoothly and evenly, without pushing the tool and not seeking to increase pressure on the blade.

When making curvilinear cut it is important to be particularly careful. To saw the material evenly along the marking, you need to slowly pass small curves and move the blade forward without rushing.

Best jigsaws according to customer reviews

Makita 4329X1 450 W

saw blade frequency. 500-3100 strokes/min;

saw blade stroke. 18 mm;

pendulum stroke. 3 steps;

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inclination of the sole. 45°;

noise level. 85 dB;

weight. 1.9 kg.

Bosch PST 700 E 500 W

frequency of movement of a saw. 500-3100 strokes/min;

saw’s stroke. 20 mm;

soleplate inclination. 45°;

noise level. 88 dB;

mass. 1.7 kg.

DeWALT DWE349 650 W

frequency of saw movement. 800-3200 strokes/min;

Perfect Plywood cuts, Straight Cut Saw Guide | Stone Coat Epoxy

saw’s stroke. 20 mm;

pendulum stroke. 3 steps;

soleplate inclination. 45°;

mass. 2.5 kg.

straight, electric, jigsaw

Zubr L-400 400 W

frequency of saw blade movements. 3000 strokes/minute;

jigsaw stroke. 18 mm;

the tilt of the soleplate. 45 °;

weight. 1.4 kg.

The information provided will help you understand how to saw with an electric jigsaw without chipping at home. Compliance with these nuances of work will significantly improve the quality of the finished product.

Sawing in the standard traditional way

The first option we will consider is sawing in the standard, traditional way. Initially you have to decide on which side you have the workpiece and on which side you are sawing. The fact is that the jigsaw, like any cutting tool, has a thickness of kerf, if you drew a line for the trimmer, then you need to saw either to the right of the line, or to the left of the line, depending on where you have the workpiece. In our case we will place the jigsaw to the left of the line. If you are off the line you need to use your right hand to guide the back of the jigsaw, literally with one finger.

What not to do? You don’t need to push, it will ruin our clean saw, all we need to do is just press the jigsaw just a little bit against the workpiece. Also during the work you can use the pendulum key, in this case we specifically put on mode 3. the maximum pendulum, to demonstrate that will chip the wood. Now we reduce the pendulum, so as we work we correct the clarity of the saw with the pendulum. Once again I want to remind that the most important function of the operator is to hold the jigsaw in position over the saw with his thumbs, there is no need to press anywhere at all. If you have made a mistake, it is enough to take a bar, grind a few times so as not to drop the chamfer, and you will get a good quality saw. If you saw a thicker solid massif the shape-cutting saw will not fit, it is too small, thin and weak, therefore replace it with a longer, wider saw.

Mistakes when working with a jigsaw

Not always the result of sawing turns out the way you would like to see. The reason may be the lack of practice, the inability to work with the jigsaw. If you do not hold the material tightly before sawing, the workpiece can move out of position and the cut will be crooked. Bad sawing will come out if you move the jigsaw too quickly.

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Using a homemade device leads to negative consequences. It is not a good idea to cut with these tools. It is not necessary to take a heavy electric jigsaw for work, it is observed that the saw blade moves sideways. Faulty tool will cause crooked cuts.

Main steps of the work

The first thing to do is to cut a piece of Plexiglas to size. We make a marking, and then drill four holes on a drilling machine for the fastening screws. Each hole must be countersunk for the heads of the screws.

Next, in the front part of the landing you need to make a cut for the saw blade. Please note: the clearance between the saw blade and the walls of the kerf must be minimal.

In the next step it will be necessary to fix the sole of the jigsaw on the base plate.

Screws, metal washers and wing nuts are used for fastening. Under the washers we will put wooden dowels.

We set the wood saw blade and you can start sawing workpieces.

Let’s do a little test to compare. Let’s make a single cut with the jigsaw without the support platform.

As can be seen in the photo, there are a lot of scratches. The Plexiglas fence produces a clean cut.

Features of sawing round and oval elements

In this section we will talk about how to correctly saw round or oval elements with the jigsaw. First you need to draw a marking on the material. In most cases a hole is drilled in the workpiece, from which the product will be sawed. Diameter of drill bit should be slightly bigger than width of saw blade. To saw curved elements it is necessary to take a narrow saw designed for such works.

On the desired path the jigsaw is slowly moved. If you want to cut a circle of the right shape, you can use an additional device. a circular cutter. For this purpose it is necessary to define the center of a circle and having fixed there the stop-circle, to make sawing.

For this kind of work it is better to choose a narrow blade. When sawing, you must be guided by the position of the blade, i.e. к. The elements that help in making a straight cut (guide “flies”, lasers), in this case will only throw off the direction.

In some cases it is possible to do without drilling a hole into the workpiece. To do this, the tool is positioned with the edge of the sole behind the marking line. Turn the jigsaw on and tilt it carefully until it makes contact with the work surface. The angle is increased until the workpiece is sawn through. After that the tool is stopped, the saw is taken out and set in a standard working position. Exit to the marking is carried out by the method of gradual rounding of the cutting line. Any force on the tool should be avoided.

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For sawing non-standard shapes or patterns, the jigsaw is installed with a special fixture or saw table in a stationary state, with the saw upwards. In this case, you will have to wield not the jigsaw, but the workpiece itself, moving it in accordance with the marking. This sawing method gives the best view of the sawing process, the cutting line and control over the workpiece. Tool settings are set according to the material to be cut.

How to saw evenly Particleboard or Laminated Particleboard with a jigsaw

To saw cleanly Laminated chipboard with a jigsaw, it is necessary to follow a clear algorithm. It looks as follows:

  • The chipboard is firmly clamped on the worktable. The sheet must not wobble or jerk when cutting, otherwise the cut cannot be made straight.
  • The surface of the material is marked. If lines must be drawn on the face, it is better to use a pencil instead of a marker, traces of which can be erased later.
  • In an electric jigsaw insert the selected nozzle, preference is given to brand new and quality blades from well-known brands. If the workpiece is to be sawn cleanly, old and cheap tooling should be avoided.
  • Set the stroke frequency of the tool to its maximum. Do not change saw’s angle of inclination. The pendulum mechanism should be turned off. It makes a fast cut easier, but often does not cut the laminated chipboard accurately and evenly.
  • Place the jigsaw firmly against the markings, press it firmly against the material, and then start working.
  • Slowly and accurately guide the blade along a pencil or marker line, using the light and laser pointer if possible.

If you saw laminated chipboard without chips and imperfections, it is better to put the material face down, even with a reversible jigsaw head.

When cutting chipboard with the electric jigsaw it is recommended to use the splinterguard. It is a small piece with a kerf, which is set in special guides on the bottom of the tool. Ideal results are achieved by an insert in which the hole corresponds exactly to the thickness of the leaf. The part can be delivered with the tool in a few pieces, the hole in the insert is usually made by oneself.

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Attention! To make a clean cut with the jigsaw for chipboard, you must not overheat the jigsaw head.

Chips from the cutting line must be removed in time, otherwise it will not be possible to saw Laminated chipboard evenly

straight, electric, jigsaw

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