How to saw laminate without chipping

Circular saw. requires experience

You can also saw laminate laminate with a circular saw that is equipped with a disk for working on metal. At the same time we put the board, prepared and marked for sawing, on some flat plane. The laminated film should not be on the bottom, as with a jigsaw, but on the top. Slowly and smoothly moving the disc of the “circular saw” along the mowing line of the cut, we get an even and high-quality surface of the cut. During the work the disk does not get stuck in the laminate.

But those who have never picked up a tool like this will be unused to the task. It should make a lot of effort and effort to achieve the desired result. After some time you will be able to saw laminate quickly and accurately. But this process requires patience.

Cut Melamine With No Chips

If you have not previously used this tool to cut other materials, it is better to give preference to an electric jigsaw.

How to cut laminate with a jigsaw

Despite the relative simplicity of the process, it is necessary to know some of the nuances of how to correctly saw laminate with an electric jigsaw.

High power jigsaw power is a must in order to cut the material and make a good cut.

In order to cut and saw laminate, getting a good result, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements:

  • Make the cut by putting the jigsaw on maximum rpm.
  • Try to make the full cut in one go: various slowdowns can lead to unevenness, chipping and other damage to the laminate flooring.
  • Press the material along the mowing line: holding the panel firmly in place will help prevent the formation of various defects on the cut.
  • The pendulum mechanism on the jigsaw must be switched off.
  • Only use saws that are designed for laminate: if these are not available, then choose a saw with fine teeth, etc. п.
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As a jigsaw can evenly saw, if there is no special saws? Blade with backward-toothed teeth will be suitable.

Important! Often the manufacturer indicates exactly how to cut the laminate flooring on the packaging.

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Saw for laminate for jigsaw: what saw is needed, tips, how to choose the right one, peculiarities of work with other tools

Repair work is often associated with laying laminate, which has gained popularity due to its attractive appearance, easy installation and maintenance. During the flooring process, it is inevitably necessary to trim the lamellae. That’s where an electric jigsaw comes in handy. Any experienced craftsman working with this tool knows that the laminate saw for the jigsaw should be chosen carefully.

The elimination of laminate bloat

Blistering is one of the most common problems with laminate flooring, caused by improper installation. A similar problem occurs when the laminate boards “push” against each other, causing the joint to form a V-shape.

You can see in the picture how unaesthetic the swollen floor looks. It also squeaks every time you step on it.

There are many reasons that can cause the laminate flooring to swell. The main reason is that when installing the laminate flooring there is no gap left between the flooring and the wall, and as a result the boards do not have enough room to expand. Repair the laminate flooring in this case is simple: you need to remove the board that is adjacent to the wall and saw it in the longitudinal direction (1-5 cm depending on the height of the expansion). If the swelling does not go away, place heavy objects on the surface and leave them there for 24 hours.

The laminate flooring can not expand and in the case if the fastening of the baseboard to the floor. Remember that laminate flooring is a floating floor, so it should not be fixed to the subfloor or skirting boards.

laminate, chipping

To avoid this problem, you should place spacers along all walls when installing the laminate flooring. These spacers will keep a gap between the walls and the laminate flooring as you install it. Laminate can expand over time, and a gap left in all directions is necessary to avoid bloating.

Tip: If you do not have professional spacers, you can take a few pieces of laminate and place them along the walls.

Features of cutting laminate

The panels consist of three layers: polyurethane film, paper, and pressed wood fibers. Each tier is different in structure. The film peels off when you cut it, the paper leaves a fringe, and the wood panel forms dust, clogging the joints. Before cutting laminate at home, folk craftsmen study video or photo instructions on how to work with different tools when sawing the panels.

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Manufacturers produce boards that are 6-12 mm thick. Depending on the size, the following tools are used. Thin items are cut with a construction knife or cutter. Blades are sharp, so as not to chip off the decorative layer of the material. The laminate is laid on an 8-10 mm thick board and cut.

Flooring thicknesses above 8 mm are difficult to cut with a knife, so experts advise the use of power tools. For trimming use:

Metal hacksaw

It is very convenient to perform small undercuts with a metal saw because of the fact that:

  • Laminate is easy to cut by hand;
  • The fine tooth of a hacksaw ensures that there are no chips;
  • If you do damage the edge, you can easily cover the deficiencies with a baseboard.

No fuss way to cut laminate sheeting without chipping.

Sawing should be carried out according to the following instructions:

  • First make a clear marking on the laminate, remembering that it must be bright, because it will be covered with a thin layer of dust when sawing.
  • To get a quality edge, saw the sheet, turning it face up.
  • Do not apply too much force to the tool so as not to damage the edge to be finished.

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How to choose a hacksaw?

It is not uncommon to resort to such a popular tool as a hacksaw when carrying out work on laminate flooring. But to effectively and quickly saw panels it is necessary to choose the right model. Of course, if you do not have others, you can use a wood saw. But in this case the process will be time consuming, because the wood saw has a large teeth. Due to these features, the hacksaw will not neatly cut the blade, and dig into it.

The best option will be the choice of a hacksaw for metal. It has fine teeth and can cut a panel evenly.

However, it is worth remembering that the help of a hacksaw on metal should be resorted to only for small amounts of work. Unlike power tools, this one takes more time for sawing and requires more effort, so professional builders do not use a hacksaw for this purpose.

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Electric jigsaw

Electric jigsaw is a fairly common tool of the home handyman. It can quickly and accurately cut through different materials: wood, plastic and even metal. The jigsaw is cheaper and easier to handle than an electric circular saw. However, there are some nuances to be aware of when using a jigsaw to cut the laminate flooring:

  • When sawing, the laminate is laid with the back side up and the front side down.
  • The jigsaw blade should have the so-called reverse direction of the teeth.
  • Before starting the sawing process, mark the cut with a pencil and then cut the protective film with a knife at the place of the marking.

In order to avoid chips, some masters advise to glue on the place of cuts masking tape. Some also advise making a special additional pad of fiberboard or plywood 45 mm thick. Then fasten it to the sole of the jigsaw so that the saw goes through the notch previously sawed in this pad.

Sawing with a circular saw

Using a portable machine for cutting panels can quickly and accurately make the required amount of laminate of the required length. Having the skills to work with a portable circular saw will help in the longitudinal processing of workpieces. If faced with such a professional tool for the first time, you need to make several rough cuts, even in the usual cross-cutting of panels.

To cut the workpiece, it is marked on the front side. Then install a disk with fine teeth, start the equipment and, pressing the panel against the horizontal bed, push the laminate along the planned mowing line.

WARNING! Making the longitudinal cut requires setting the width on the circular machine!

Circular saw is a handy tool for sawing, but the size and weight will require special transportation of the device to the place of work. The installer himself determines the advisability of using such equipment.

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